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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • tdbrphtdbrph Posts: 32

    ever thought about selling the 328i? Is it manual or auto. Send pics to
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    You live in Florida and you have to go all the way to California to find a 3-series convertible? Are you buying a 6-yr-old car, sight unseen? Seems dicey..


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  • shaanashaana Posts: 6
    Your sales price is $32,690.. sounds great deal.. whats you final price with TTL and the interest rate you got
    I was offered for 2010 328 with automatic transmission and premium package + floor mats .. for $35,912 including TTL... + 0.9 % financing for 24 months

    what do you think for the price.

    I also want opinions for re-sale of 3 series.. How much do you think this will sell in 1.5-2 years with 12-15K miles on it

    Most of you may know 3 series is changing in 2013 and new model will be available in summer 2102

    Your opinions and comments are appreciated
  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    My 328 is on a lease so I'm not selling it and its an Auto. The dealer where i live is going to buy it from BMW financial services and turn it in to a CPO. Its been babied since the day I got it and had no problems what so ever with very low millage on it. I'm sure the car will be available in my dealers lot as soon as I turn it in because they pretty much dont need to do anything to it to get it turned in to a CPO. If you are interested in it I can send you some pictures to take a look. On the other hand I do have the option of buying it out right now from BMWFS. I'll send you the details to your email.
  • shaanashaana Posts: 6
    328i 4dr Sedan (3.0L 6cyl 6M)
    ZPP Premium Package
    205 6-Speed STEPTRONIC Automatic Transmission
    Floor mats

    where did you get the internet quote from. Can you please give the website link or email me a copy of quote ..

  • 1inov8r1inov8r Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    I am looking into buying a private party 330 ci Conv. I live in Fl and the car is in California. It has 53,000 mi. All records, zhp pkg. navi, prem sound, new tires, very clean. $22,000 plus shipping. first of all is that good deal?
    2 more questions: 1. What is the ptotocol with the payment, shipping, and avoiding a potential scammer. 2. Is there any way to get buyer protection, similar to an eBay purchase?

    Has anyone out there gone through this experience successfully? If so, please give
    me a tip or two. Many thanks in advance !
  • smagnetsmagnet Posts: 5
    Was offered $1845 (MSRP 2095) for the 6yr/100K Maintenance Program Upgrade. I know with certainty that I'll drive the my new car (2010 328i coupe) for at least 6 years, but the price still seems too steep. Should I take it?? Has anyone here received better offer? Thanks.
  • Two weeks ago I got a phenomenal deal on a bmw 335 coupe and just wanted to share it with everyone.

    Here are the specs on the car:
    2010 335 coupe
    color-space gray/gray interior
    M sport package
    antitheft alarm
    comfort access
    heated seats
    ipod adapter
    satellite radio

    total was 55,150

    Here are the numbers:

    2500/spring drive off credit
    .9 money factor/bmw loyalty program
    12k miles per year/ 36 month lease


    Just wanted to share this with anyone if they were looking for the same car

  • ykangykang Posts: 88
    I think the price is pretty good. The best offer I got was $2095 and they usually add couple of hundred dollar mark-up. I live in Southern california. :)
  • I'm looking for a 2010 328xi with the following options:

    -value package
    -premium package
    -sat radio
    -keyless entry

    What is the max amount I should pay with these options. 2500 spring drive credit is about to end so I need to act quickly. Any and all opinions are much appreciated!
  • hukhukhukhuk Posts: 6
    You may want to contact 'Autonation Direct' first. No haggling. No wasting time.
  • apdspiderapdspider Posts: 60
    Hi guys,

    My father is looking to lease or buy the 2010 M3 Convertible, automatic, Navi, etc...

    What have been some deals you all have gotten?

    Anyone know the MF and RV?
  • drmhfdrmhf Posts: 29
    edited April 2010
    Today I received the following offer on a 2010 328 ix 4 dr sedan

    •value package

    •premium package

    •6-speed steptronic automatic transmission

    •black, dakota leather seat trim

    •jet black

    •satellite radio

    •heated steering wheel

    $38,425 (-$2500 spring drive credit)

    did anyone do better?

    I do not really want the heated steering wheel, but was told that they all have it,
    I did want the split folding seats, but was told it was not available. Also, on cars they have the spring drive credit extended to May 2.
  • shaanashaana Posts: 6
    2010 328i BLACK
    Premium Package, Automatic
    Phantom footprint, mats, tint
    $ 33758 +TTL = 35950 OTD
    0.9 % APR for 24 mnths
    Other offer I got for white car at $35,750 OTD
    Black same car at $35,600 OTD
    2011 Car at 39,700 OTD - no special rates
  • smf1smf1 Posts: 2
    here are the details
    2010 335i..convertible...basically fully loaded...MRP..$64,100
    can do 36 month lease with 15K...for $799.00
    includes 6% tax..
    total of $1,500 at drive out which included 1st pmt
  • xeyexeye Posts: 168
    It sounds like this is a Canadian deal from the metric measurements and the cost.

    15K = ~9000 miles. Are you only going to drive it during the non-winter months? Otherwise, that's only 750 miles a month, and the extra mileage over the limit can be very expensive at lease end.
  • smf1smf1 Posts: 2
    15,000 miles per year
    $799 per month - 36 months
    $1,500 down...includes 1st payment
    MSRP of car $64,100...335i convertible
    USA deal
  • carrie2010carrie2010 Posts: 1
    ok, I was reviewing my BMW finance paper and this is how it reads:

    Sales price of vehicle as described: 41,170.00
    Allowance 10,500.00
    Trade difference or sale price 30,670.00
    State sales tax 1,916.88
    Documentary fee 50.00
    License Fee 71.30
    Title Fee 34.00
    State inspection fee 23.75
    Dealer inventory tax 106.59
    Deputy fee 5.00
    Subtotal (they left blank-but) 32,877.52, I added the above together
    Trade-in-pay off (if any) 7,909.60
    Total Cash Price (they left blank)
    Cash deposit 1,000.00
    Cash down payment 1,500.00
    Unpaid balance due at delivery 38,287.12

    Ok so this is my beef (again I may not understand and I might be the stupid one). I need someone to explain the above.
    They gave me $10,500 for my trade and I owed $7,909.60. If they gave me more than I owed (the payoff on my trade in), then why did they add back the $7909.60? I only thought that was added back into a new car finance if a person was upside down. I also put the deposit and the cash down payment.
    Am I missing understand this? Can someone please help explain in detail.

    It would be greatly appreciated, THANK YOU!!!!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    They paid you $10,500 for your trade-in (subtracted from your total)

    They paid off the $7909.60 that you owe on the trade-in (added to your total)

    Net benefit to you: $10500 minus $7909.60 = $2590.40 (equity in your trade).

    Looks right to me... Unless you were expecting $10,500 more than what you owed on your trade?



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  • nw0anw0a Posts: 7

    They did the calculations correctly. You benefited by only paying sales tax on the $30,670 sales price. Think about it this way: your trade-in is worth $10,500 to the dealership only if it was paid off. By adding the pay-off amount into the financing, they are letting you roll over what you owed into the new loan and decreasing the cost of the new car by the full trade-in amount as if the trade was paid off.

    Hope this helps.
  • ursamajorursamajor Posts: 127
    Does anyone have the May money factor, residual and incentives for a 328i or x-drive yet?
  • murradmurrad Posts: 2
    I recently got quoted $2000 at signing and $617/mo (with taxes included) for a 36mo, 15K/yr lease on a 2010 BMW 328i coupe with the following:

    - titanium silver with black interior
    - sports package
    - premium
    - navi
    - ipod/usb adaptor
    - automatic transmission

    Is this a good deal or no?

  • battguybattguy Posts: 2
    This was $500 better then I could get at any of the other 4 dealerships in my area due to the fact that sales are good for BMW in South Florida. There may be additional discount incentives when it arrives next month.

    Any comments?

    2011 White ext/Grey int 328i Sedan
    Base 33,150.00
    Trans 1,375.00
    folding seats 475.00
    Premium pk 2,650.00
    sport pk 2,050.00
    Wheel shifters 100.00
    Keyless entry 500.00
    Park distance Control 750.00
    Xenon headlights 900.00
    Value Pack 0.00
    Floor Mats
    Delivery 875.00
    MSRP 42,825.00

    Discount -3,000.00
  • reindhar7reindhar7 Posts: 4
    Just purchased my new and first BMW last week before the spring credit promo ends.

    2010 BMW 328xi AWD
    Black with Beige leather
    Automatic Transmission
    Premium package
    Value package
    Heated steering wheel
    Dark walnut wood trim
    Navigation package
    All weather floor mat
    MSRP: 42340
    Price: 39400 (not including 2500 spring credit) + TTL

    Good deal ?
  • battguybattguy Posts: 2
    I found that 2010 328i's are routinely discounted $3,000 off MSRP and an additional $2500 Spring incentive taken off the bottom line. However, the $2500 incentive is less than the depreciation hit for buying the 2010 over a 2011 received in mid 2010 when compared 3 years down the road. The principal advantage of a 2010 328i purchase is it is right now and not 8 weeks away.

    I'm just sayin'. :surprise:

  • aniluckyanilucky Posts: 13
    I am debating whether to lease or buy. This is the offer I got


    BMWi - 3 series Premium Value Package
    $5461 down
    2.9 % @ 72 months

    = $507/month.

    Pls reply. She gave me time till tomorrow. I asked her for x-Drive if any. But she said I might have to shell down lil more.

    Is this really a STEAL? PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

  • aniluckyanilucky Posts: 13
    Do you mean we should buy or lease? and what do you think is a decent deal. Pls respond to my other message if you can.

  • drmhfdrmhf Posts: 29
    edited May 2010
    Is this a good deal?
    328 ix
    split fold down rear seat
    sat radio
    heated steering wheel

    38,500 - 2500 dealer incentive = $36,000

    Dealer told me he can't do better on the price since he has to truck the car in from a out of state dealer to get the split fold down seat. This is the best price I was able to get from 2 dealers.
  • toddr3toddr3 Posts: 19
    What city and state did you get that deal? I'm looking for the same car, only in sedan.
  • aniluckyanilucky Posts: 13
    option 1 -
    $36299 + Tax With 5500 down - $517 /month @ 2.9% APR for 72 months

    Option 2
    0 Down - $471.38 for 60 months - $15000 due at end of 60 months

    Both include Prem + Value Pac

    Option 3
    Valu + Nav
    $548 /month for 72 months @ 2.9 % APR.

    Response is appreciated.
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