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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sorry maybe I should be more specific... I am looking for a 2011 328i sedan and interested in getting a 36 month lease for the lowest possible amount. What are the current numbers for the residual and money factor for the car on a 36 mo lease for 10k/yr or 12k/yr?

    Do you think that waiting until mid-November at least will help with these as they might be more aggressive with the end of the year and the holidays coming up?

  • mpmkmpmk Posts: 1
    The current incentives (as listed on the BMW site):

    $3,500 ECO Credit
    $1,500 Allowance

    TOTAL is $5k off MSRP
  • What are the current lease numbers for a 2012 335i convertible? I am looking at a 36 month lease with 12k miles per year? Thanks so much. Also, are the numbers considerably better or worse if I were to lease a 2011? There seem to be more of these around than the 2012s at the moment. Also, if anybody has a Los Angeles dealer that is willing to go lower than $500 above invoice, I would love their info. Thanks so much!
  • 2011 Sedan 335xi:
    MSRP: 52565
    Selling: 46805
    Premium pkg
    Sports pkg
    Paddle shifters
    Heated seats, wheel
    Sat Radio

    36 month/10K miles
    They are paying my last Audi payment of $516
    (They are changing me an extra $15 a month for this, can I have them eat the payment easily?)

    Bank fee+1smt month pymt+taxes/titles/fees= $3471 (down)
    0 cap cost

    Total monthly pymt= $569

    I don't think I got the $1500 allowance either...

    Please let me know what you guys think, anything would be appreciated.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter is interested in talking with someone who has bought a car, or intends to buy one in November 2011. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Friday, November 18, 2011 and include your contact information.


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  • What do you think about this price?

    2011 335d
    Saphire Black/Black Leather
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package

    MSRP: $52,225

    Negotiated Price: $42,825

    Anyone think its worth waiting a few more weeks more off than this? Lots of 335d's in the area...

    Is it right that the current lease money factor is .0018 and the residual on 10k miles is 60%?

    Feedback would be appreciated.
  • It is so nice of you, and very thanks for the link. I am interested in purchasing a model of 335d. For this special offer, it also includes a 0.9% APR for 24 months. What does the $42.09 per $1000 mean?
  • Check thismodel from, there is a special offer for 2011 335d
    $3500 ECO credit
    $1500 allowance

    You should be able to get it at a lower price.

    What does the "current lease money factor is .0018 and the residual on 10k miles is 60%" mean?


  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,817
    For this special offer, it also includes a 0.9% APR for 24 months. What does the $42.09 per $1000 mean?

    If you borrow $40K at 0.9% for 24 months, the payment will be 40 X $42.09

    (or, $1683.60 per month for 24 months)


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  • How much if a discount off the list price could you expect on a CPO 2008 335i?
  • Black/Beige
    31k miles
    Premium Package
    Sport Package with Paddle Shifters
    Split Rear Seats
    Heated Front Seats
    iPod/USB Adapter

    Listed for $30,000 even. The same car (minus split rear seats but with the comfort access system) is going for similar prices at CPO inventory search. Been listed for sale for a few weeks.

    Carfax says it is a lease return and was purchased in Newport Beach, CA. A few months before the current dealer put it up for sale it was serviced by Valencia BMW (computer reprogrammed, fuel injector replaced, recommended maintenance performed, oil & filter changed) ... not sure if that was the lease end inspection or not.

    About a year ago my friend purchased the same car (minus the split seats but with the comfort access system) but year 2007, for $28k at Berkeley BMW. I offered $27k and the salesman said they wouldn't budge, said they were only making $500 profit, but that he'd look into what could be done and would call me tomorrow. I won't buy it for $30k as there are a few other CPO's without the split & heated seats going for $28k (that have black or grey interior, which I prefer). Think I should stick to my $27k?
  • White 2011 328xiT
    6400 miles (loaner fleet for 10 months)
    Premium, cold weather, value pkgs.
    Sirius w/ 1 year sub
    black roof rails
    Heated steering

    Before any negotiating, the dealer offered a selling price of $41,500 (KBB has the suggested retail from a dealer at $43,285 with these options and miles). I asked for him to put in the security deposits that I have read about on this forum which would total $3,500. At 10k miles per year and an adjusted residual amount of $28,730, my monthly payment would be $483.62 + tax.

    -Does anyone have experience leasing a loaner? Is it just a bad idea to start with?
    -Does this being a loaner have any impact on whether or not I should go with the security deposits?
    -How does this deal sound and where should I look to negotiate if much room at all?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,817
    I'm not really familiar with the market for that car, but leasing a service loaner can be a very good deal, if the price is low enough...

    Forget what the retail number from KBB is... Find out the original MSRP, and see what sort of discount you are receiving, relative to a brand-new car..

    Service loaner has no impact on MSDs... No reason not to use that program.


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  • Here's the particulars:

    2011 328xiT
    Black sapphire
    Premium, value pkgs
    Heated steering wheel and seats
    Black roof rail
    Harmon Kardon

    MSRP: $46,090
    Invoice: $42,615

    Negotiated sales price: $43,704
    Doc fee: $399 (big I know)
    7 security deposits

    Pmt: $558 (tax included)

    Ideally I wanted to get my payment down around $530, how does this deal sound to you all and can I feasibly get that payment down out of the money over invoice and or doc fee.

  • swadwaniswadwani Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    Hi - so here is what I am getting offered for a 328i sedan (automatic with premium package):

    MSRP: $38,255
    selling price: $32,345
    36 months
    10,000 miles a year
    Money factor: 1.8
    Residual: 63% ($24,018)
    Monthly payment: $360.10 (before tax; $389.81 after tax)
    $0 down; drive off $787.52 (includes license/registration of $349, doc fee of $45, first payment of $389.81).

    Thanks in advance
  • in NJ MSRP $43.5k

    10k miles/yr 36 month lease

    $800 Total OOP, $440/mo including 7% sales tax

    happy hunting, two dealers committed at this price. residual a whopping 72% !!!
  • Hi Guys,

    I know its a wrong place to post but i dont see much activity on 1 Series Thread.

    We just bought the executive used vehicle 2011 128i with 7200mi on it. We bought it for 25200 + TTL=26500 OTD.Guys do you think Is this a Good deal or we spent more?

    The Car has below options.

    1) Front Heated seats.
    2) Auto Triptronic Transmission.
    3) BMW Assistance With Bluetooth.
    4) Sun/Moon Roof.
    5) Rain Sensor and Auto Head lights.
    6) Black Letherrette.
    7) BMW Teleservices.
    8) ANTI THEFT Systesm.
    9) Multifunction Steering wheel.

    Thank you in Advance. :confuse:
  • Just got my first new 328xi.

    2011, auto
    Jet black on black dakota leather
    prem package
    conve package

    MSRP 40957.00
    Final 36890.00 ($4000 discount: invoice was $37,756.00)

    Added PM extended warranty to 6/75K with refund if I don't use.
    Maintenance free 6/100k for 2099.00

    PenFed is offering 48-72 month 2.49% auto loan; When I brought this to the dealer, they found better rate 2.39% for 60 month with Suntrust.

    It's great time to buy 2011 328xi (even though new one's out in a few months, but prob that's is the reason why price is so low.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,103
    sounds like a fantastic deal to me.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • First, thanks to you all in these excellent forums. Now time to give back-

    numbers just got better again, even better than November on the 328's

    328i xDrive with Navi, Premium, Heated Steering, Satallite, Value Pkg $43.5K - 3200 discount
    27 mo lease 10k miles/yr $411/mo incl CT Taxes, $725 total driveaway. Happy Hunting
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,332
    Hey - congrats on your new 3er. Where in CT are you & which dealer did you buy from?

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • I am hearing there are new factory to dealer incentives in December. Anyone know details?
  • ajs122ajs122 Posts: 10
    edited December 2011
    just leased a 328i sedan in LA as follows;

    premium package, automatic, list was 38550, sales price was 33620, residual was 62%, 820 at closing including 1st payment for 36mo, 12K/yr. monthly ended up $445 including LA tax, AAA credit.

    I was told that BMW did not change incentives for Dec. I have no idea if thats true but I'm a happy camper anyway.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    You did well, the incentives would't of help you. I buy a new 3 series every 3 years only because the wife won't let me lease.That's because her brother leased a Fives series and he died and she claims her sister got stuck with the lease or had to buy car outright. If it's true I'll keep on buying and write my part #'s down.
  • Does anyone have lease rates and discounts for December for 328i Xd Wagon? Thank you, would really appreciate it.
  • I personally think this is a good deal. Above average, 2008 BMW 335I's with this mileage, sell for about 27K at the Manheim Auctions. It's definitely a bonus having a 335 with a CPO. They are known for having issues. I would say go for it.

    PS Don't forget to check the Carfax and Autocheck Report! It's not worth 30k if it's been in an accident or has uni-body damage! (Uni-body damage only shows up on Autocheck!)
  • Hi swadwani, is $32,345 a special lease price? Can you get the same price if you buy the car out right? Thanks.
  • coolbizcoolbiz Posts: 18
    edited December 2011
    Looking to lease 2011 328i base model, 15,000 miles, excellent credit, 36 months, 0 money down (just 1st money and tag and title) price I got so far is 430 a month including tax? Wanted to know if its a good deal or can I find something lower? what am I looking for as far as residual and money factor right now?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    A reporter is looking to interview car shoppers who are weighing a BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C-Class this month because of the incredible incentives/lease deals that are available. If you are tempted, please email by Monday, December 19, 2011 with your daytime contact information and a few words about your thought process so far.


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  • Hi - What state are you in? I'll be making my first trip into a dealership on Thursday.
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