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2013 and earlier BMW 3-Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • nypayznypayz Posts: 8

    can't find mention of that on line.....any more details?

  • 1bmwguy1bmwguy Posts: 11
    On my post for 335 coupe
    Total with tax should be $496.00
  • ls1_01ls1_01 Posts: 1
    Hi all! I'm looking at a 2012 BMW 328i that has been sitting at a BMW dealership since August 2012 with only 500 miles from test drives. It has never been titled or owned by anyone other than the dealership.

    The MSRP back in 2012 for this with the options (premium package + technology package + enhanced bluetooth w/ BMW assist) was $43,145. Today they are tagging it for sale at $37,900 which I'm guessing is basically one year deprecation without any added miles?

    If I can get it for $36,700 plus taxes, tag, dealer fees, etc out the door for around $40,275 is this a good deal?

    I really don't need the technology package on this car and was thinking if I got a 2013 with the premium package + enhanced Bluetooth which has an MSRP of ~$41,500 that I could get a better deal especially with the $1000 ultimate driving event rebate this year.

    Your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,082
    Different dates for different dealerships. But, contact your nearest dealer and ask them to sign you up for the "ULTIMATE DRIVING EXPERIENCE". Once you participate in the test drive, you get a $1,000 certificate good for any BMW.
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  • ahdannaahdanna Posts: 50
    Hi all - we were in the dealership yesterday for service and we saw a "new" 2012 (yes 12) convertible in the showroom. Sticker price is $54,600. I didn't want to engage the sales person until I got some feedback from the board. What do you think is a reasonable offer? I'm thinking $45 is realistic, but any feedback if we can get down to the $40K level? Are there any other incentives going on that we can take advantage of?

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    Go to Kelly Blue Book and ask them, That will give you a better understanding of what the car is worth. You can start at $45K but I doubt the dealer will bite at it.
  • toothguytoothguy Posts: 1
    Here's what my dealer is offering on an ordered car:

    The costco offer I was quoted is: $500 over invoice (invoice = $42,075; MSRP = $45,745). With $1000 new grad and $750 loyalty cash the total comes to: $40,825

    Now, I just came across BMWUSA's lease offer for the 328i sedan: $349*/month for 36 months. $750 Loyalty Cash included in payment. 10k mi/yr. $0.20 extra/mile.
    • $349 First months payment
    • $2,750 Down payment
    • $0 Security Deposit
    • $725 Acquisition fee
    • $3,824 Cash due at signing
    • $350 disposition fee


    I would like to get a similar lease deal on the vehicle I want to order by factoring another $700 ($40125 - 40825) to the lease equation to make up for the difference in purchase price between the BMWUSA example and my configuration.

    Would this be a shrewd lease? How do I know what money factor is being used so I can make changes?

  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,082
    ahdanna....I agree with flightniurse. See what KBB says. See if there are any used '12 'verts in your area and check what they're asking for them.

    That said, you can offer anything you want. The worst that can happen is the dealer says no.

    There are a couple advertised in my area (albeit used) for $43K-$45K. Don't know the equipment levels, though.

    So, you may be in the ball park.

    Good luck!
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • escortownerescortowner Posts: 132
    I also agree and I have to say I was going to suggest the same thing. In fact in a quick KBB SEARCH it seemed to come back around 45 k but I don't know the options so it could be different. I did pick CPO ON KBB because its new seems like a fair comparison.
  • dm1982dm1982 Posts: 1
    I just got the following offer for a loaner 2013 328i x drive. I think it is a good deal but wanted to run it by the group.


    Selling price - $39,800
    MSRP - $46,645 (car went in service in Dec 2012)
    Mileage - 5,250
    $0 down
    Money factor - 0.00127
    Up-Front Fees, 1st month payment and Taxes - $2,600; breakdown below

    DMV - $350
    Acq Fees - $725
    Title - $75
    NY 4 Tires - $10
    NJ Sales Tax - $1,060

    Monthly Payment - $379

    Is this a good deal? should I wait for the BMW Ultimate driving experience and get the $1000 off?
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    How long is the lease for and mileage, if you wait you might not get the same deal....
  • jiawajiawa Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I just started my first real job and am thinking about getting myself a car. I came across this deal on internet that seems pretty good to me, though I don't really know if it really is a good deal. And one major concerns that I have is it was in an accident as shown in CARFAX.

    Here is the link to that car on the internet:
    Used 2010 BMW 328i convertible link

    If you guys think I should go ahead and get this one, could you tell me how much should I go about negotiation? I am in no rush in buying a car so I can spend a long time playing the negotiation game if that's better. Also, which direction should I negotiate? Price, finance, or something else? Thanks a lot!

    I do have the cash to pay for the car in full, but I think I will prefer to finance it.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,263
    First & Foremost, congratulations on getting your 1st job. As they say, cash is king. If you have cash for a car, then pay for it. Why waste money on finance charges & interest? I'd kill to not have any car payments. Pay for the car, then pay yourself every month as if it were a car payment, then this way if you want a new car in a few years, you will have the title in hand & be able to buy the next car either in cash or via a small loan that you can pay off in less than 2 years.

    Now as far as this particular car goes. I don't like what the carfax says: "Damage reported in multiple areas." Now obviously there wasn't enough damage to total the car, but you have got to figure it wasn't just a "love tap" on the front & rear bumpers. Either the car got sideswiped or he rear ended someone & got rear ended. You just don't know. Also, are you in Seattle, WA? That's car made itself a long way from where I'm from (CT). My advice is to keep looking. Good luck!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    I wouldn't touch it. "damage in multiple areas" and "vehicle towed" are not very good signs. It was towed for a reason and who knows if it will cause any problems for you down the road. Plus when you go to get rid of it, you will get hit for it again on trade in or trying to sell it
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    Check out they are have some excellent deals on 3 series convertibles, if the car you life is in another city or state the post the transportation price on the website and the car is transported via truck, so no extra miles are added.

    Like others have stated, stay away from the car if it has been in an accident. There is a reason why the dealer is selling it as low as they are...
  • jiawajiawa Posts: 2
    Thanks guys for the advice. Looks like this car is a no go.

    The reason that I prefer loan to cash is that 1) I can diversity my credit profile (currently I only have credit cards) and 2) financing only costs a couple thousand more over a few years so maybe I can get it back, if not more, by investing the cash.

    If I plan to drive for 3-5 years and then sell it, what's the mileage and year I should look for on this car so that I can sell it for a good price later? I probably will drive less than 10k miles per year.

    I'm going to search for more cars online, and post what I find back to here later for advice. Thanks!
  • 1bmwguy1bmwguy Posts: 11
    edited June 2013

    I have a chance to order a 2013 335 coupe but it has to be done in the next day or two
    Could you please let me know if you think it is worth doing?
    This is how i would build it.
    MSRP $51.975
    36 Months 10k
    $1000 Total drive off
    Lease payment is $496.00 with tax
    I have a 328 coupe now with two payments to go so the timing works
    I know this will be a out dated body soon, but is still a fun car

    If anyone else has any comments please let me know.

  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    Are you sure you can "order" this car, I was under the impression that the 3 series coupes are out of production and that BMW is ramping up production of the 4 series.

    In regards to payment, what is your purchase price? What is BMW giving you for your car? what is your money factor? Lots of data missing to say if this is a good deal or not.
  • 1bmwguy1bmwguy Posts: 11
    edited June 2013
    This is the last 335 coupe that this dealer can order. The 4 series is not in production yet. The production on this car would start this week .As for my car it is also a lease, my turn in date is Aug. 28th. There is about $2500 in incentives
    on top of how much they are discounting the car. The payment on this car is a little bit less than what i am paying now on a 328 with the same packages. My main thing is do i want to driving the same car for three more years? Only change is the motor. I believe money factor is 0.00127. not sure of the selling price. As for the 4 series i'm sure there won't be any dealing on them for a long time.

  • ahdannaahdanna Posts: 50
    Thanks all. They said they could do high 40's, so not really playing much. Still on the lot though, so we'll keep trying. Are there any other incentives going on? Does anyone know if the USAA cash (we are USAA members) is just for 2013's or would apply to new 2012's as well?

  • I have 4 months left on my mini cooper. BMW will take it back now.
    328XI 2013
    MSRP 42750

    10k miles per year.
    $600 due at signing
    $499 per month everything rolled in.
  • joelk01joelk01 Posts: 44
    Bamboo Anthracite Wood trim
    Navigation system
    BMW Assist with Bluetooth
    BMW Apps
    Convenience Package
    Cold Weather Package
    M Sport Package
    Manual Transmission
    Premium Package
    Premium Sound Package

    $0 down
    36 Months
  • david1022david1022 Posts: 3
    edited June 2013
    I just stopped by dealer and took a test drive today. first time on 335is.

    On top of basic model of 335is coupe(with M sports pkg), it has
    premium pkg, Navigation pkg, premium sound pkg,
    19" double-spoke wheels, 7-speed double clutch trans,
    heated front seats, BMW apps
    MSRP is $60,295

    dealer offered 36 months lease :
    $2400 total drive off
    $689(with tax) per month for 36 months
    Residential value is 39,593

    Is this a good deal? down pay maybe too high. any monthly payment is also high.
    My credit score is very good.

    How can I argue with them?
  • david1022david1022 Posts: 3
    Yesterday I stopped by dealer and took a test drive today. first time on 335is.

    On top of basic model of 335is coupe(with M sports pkg), it has
    premium pkg, Navigation pkg, premium sound pkg,
    19" double-spoke wheels, 7-speed double clutch trans,
    heated front seats, BMW apps
    MSRP is $60,295

    dealer offered 36 months lease :
    $2400 total drive off
    $689(with tax) per month for 36 months
    Residential value is 39,593

    Is this a good deal?
    down pay maybe too high. any monthly payment is also high.
    My credit score is very good.

    This could be my first BMW, but not sure yet...
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    First do not argue with them, What is the money factor they are offering you?

    What is the sale price of the car? You listed MSRP but not the sales price minue tax and fees.
  • david1022david1022 Posts: 3
    edited June 2013
    I don't know the money factor.

    here is what the dealer offered:
    The sale price before tax and fee is: $53,435
    MSRP is $60,295; Residential value is 39,192

    $5000 total drive off
    $610 per month for 3 years lease.
    sale tax here is 8%.

    Is this a reasonable price and lease?
  • escortownerescortowner Posts: 132
    Find out the money factor. Also check what the money factor is on here and compare. When I leased a vehicle a few years ago the money factor they offered at the syart was twice what I ended up negotiating.

    It could save you $30 a month. Or maybe not but you should know.

    Also with the info you provided you can figure it out. There is a formula.

    Can't remember it right now though.
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 306
    edited June 2013
    Using the residual you apparently have (65%) and the true money factor, .00127, I get a payment of $513 w tax and fees up front and $596 with absolutely nothing down. :mad:
  • flightnurseflightnurse 35K feetPosts: 2,061
    you need to know the money factor, if this is your first lease which it sounds like read up on what a lease is and the lingo that goes with it. not knowing the money factor and putting 5k down shows you really dont understand it. edmunds had a great article series on leases and how to understand them.
  • leoblueleoblue Posts: 19
    edited June 2013
    I negotiated the price of my new 328 over the phone and came to terms on selling price, initial money due and monthly payment with the salesman. He said he located the car but it'd take a week to get it and asked me to come to the dealership to put down a deposit.

    I went to the dealership thinking that I'd be signing a contract with all the terms as agreed on the phone and put down a deposit, but it's not to be. Instead he asked me to sign the Purchase order on which he noted the MSRP, lease terms: 15Kmiles/36months, initial payment of $1600 and monthly payment of $550 (which were what we agreed to on the phone). I gave him a check of $500 for deposit, of which he gave me back a receipt. He said the contract is to be done with the Finance guy who will explain details when I come to pick up the car.

    I wonder if it's normal or there's anything I should be concerned of here?

    By putting down the deposit and signing the purchase order, I feel like I'm signing a contract but all the terms are not fully fleshed out so I'm not totally comfortable about it.
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