Help. Car Won't Start. Any Ideas/Suggestions Are Seriously Needed/Appreciated

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i have a 2004 honda civic ex thats mostly stock, its got some issues but its always started easily and drove. the idle will randomly drop really low, when stopped the whole car will sometimes vibrate pretty hard but stops when i hit the gas, and it misfires. those were the only problems i noticed and i didnt really worry about them cause it always started right up, it never died or stalled on me and the low idle and vibrating only happen sometimes when i'm stopped and and they stop the second i tap the gas. a few nights ago i drove about 30 miles to get home, it ran fine the whole drive and didnt show signs of any problems as i pulled into my driveway and shut it off. the next morning i got in it to go to work and it wouldnt start, right when i first turn the ignition it sputters and tries to start for the first 2 or 3 cranks but then it stops trying, no matter how long i keep it cranking it wont even try to fire again. if i stop and click the ignition completely off for a few seconds then try to start it again, it'll attempt to fire again for the first few cranks then nothing. on really cold mornings i had to crank it for a while, over twice as long as i normally do and it seemed to start really hard. its just recently gotten so cold that its below freezing at night, could that have done something to it? my brother and i have checked everything we could think of with no luck, any suggestions on what could cause it to stop working overnight like that would be greatly appreciated cause we're out of ideas
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