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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    OK Gardis, that settles it. Black on Black. I strongly veto the auburn color from what you're saying if I am a voting member. I just don't get why BMW would ever put that color in a 5 series. I think marketability and resale appeal would be affected. Plus I think you would get sick of it.
    Have you found these cars locally?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,772
    Go figure... I like it!


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • 70scarnut70scarnut Posts: 1
    Dealer in central FL has 7 new leftover 08' 535i sitting around getting sunburn.
    Any thoughts on what a reasonable discount would be off of MSRP?

    I'll want to lease but want to get net cap cost as low as possible because 36 mos residual is only 55%.
  • 11taylor11taylor Posts: 2
    recently purchased 2008 535xi with 15,000 miles for 40K I am sure that a new 535i has to start somewhere above that. I am amazed that a dealer has so many new 08 cars. Could not find any in Pennsylvania
  • bmw25rhbmw25rh Posts: 1
    I bought 2009 528 xi over the weekend for 46400 + tax and other fees. It has cold weather package, ipod and bluetooth and leatherette.

    Total suggested retail price is 49675.

    Hope this info works for you. I am not sure I got a good deal, but some stat that you can refer too.
  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    70s, so for that price you did not get a premium package with real leather? How offensive is BMW to give less than leather in a $50,000 car?
    I think you could have done better on price but so could I have.
  • pipiolopipiolo Posts: 1
    Hi everybody,
    I need some help here. I want to buy a 528xi. I got a quote from a dealer in kansas for this model:
    -Black sapphire/brown leather
    -Steptronic transmission
    -Premium package
    -Cold weather package
    -Comfort access
    -Xenon lights
    -Satellite radio
    MSRP: 54070
    Asking price is 50300.
    Now, I live in Texas so I need to flight there and bring it back driving 12hrs. Also I was thinking about the 2010 and the value package that include almost everything I want except for the xenon lights. So dont know what to do. Since this will be my first BMW I want to have the peace of mind of making a good deal.

  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I need some advice. I found on the BMWUSA website, an ideal car. it's a 2007 CPO 530i, Alpine/Black, with Premium, Cold, SPORTS, prem. sound, and NAV. Car has 24K miles on it, it's off lease, one owner, clean Carfax, and dealer wants $36,999 for it. I called and got so excited, it's exactly the car I'm looking for, I walked away from one in January because of the stock market, but I'm reluctant to pass on this one. I called the dealer, and right away put a $500 deposit on it to hold it. The salesman, very nice guy, said they "owned the car at $36,000" and maybe there's few hundred in there, and then asked me what I thought I wanted for mine. I have a 328i, 1996 with 109K miles on it, with some issues (moon roof doesn't work, some other minor stuff that I had priced at the BMW dealer I dont' want to bother fixing yet). He's willing to drive the car to me (dealer is 60 miles from my house), then he called me back and said that he would take mine back with him, and the dealership gave him authorization to appraise mine on the spot.

    I'm thinking that the price is a little high for that vehicle, and I don't want to move so fast. Should I drive out there, take the day off, and see what happens. I mean I haven't even driven the car, let alone seen it, except for pictures on the dealer website. The car is evverything I"m looking for but I"m more comfortable at $34,000 not the $36,999. Plus they're going to add dealer fees ($500, right). I"ve seen other similar vehicles with the XI that supposedly is supposed to be a higher priced model, in the same price range if not a little less. I just think that's high for that vehicle, given it has NAV.

    What do you guys think? I'm going to call him on Tuesday morning and say, not so fast. Let's talk about price, or walk away. Anybody have any feelings about it.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,328
    If the asking price is $36,999 and he told you they own the car for $36K, then he is LYING to you. My guess is they paid around $31K for the car, + add $1500 to add the CPO warranty + I believe the dealer has to fix any issues with the car at his cost (tires, brakes, worn seats...ETC). I think $34K is more than a fair offer($33K is better) for that car. But if you really love it, don't let $2K stand in your way, especially since you seem to hold on to your cars for a long time.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • mdx2008mdx2008 Posts: 13
    I thought about the 2009 vs 2010 issue and I went with buying the 2009. The Value Package does save you a ton of money but the 2010 did not provide the 2 free car payments, I brought my payment right down to 749.00.

  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    Hey Gardis, I am thinking that you have found your vehicle. I know what you're looking for and this, for sure, sounds like it. I agree with NYC that the deal most likely isn't what it seems but there has got to be room to move here. I would play hard ball (OK, maybe soft ball) with pricing. You know my belief that cream puff CPOs tend to sell quickly for top dollar; both of us have had cars ripped from under us in the past few months. That said, I do think that you should see and drive the car before any final deals, especially since you keep your cars for a while.
    But it looks like you have a good nibble.
    Let us know how it works out.
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    IMO, price is too high. In Feb I got a 2007 550i LOADED, 38k miles CPO for $35k. they were asking $39.5k Car is mint. $70k retail new.

    I would like $33k max for that 530i given the lower miles.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Listen to this. The salesman wanted to deliver the car to me in CT, and take mine away. He was going to give me a price on the spot for the trade in. Just like that. I said no dice. And no negotiating on the 530i.
    Anyway..I have been working with a nice gal at one of my local BMW dealers for awhile on finding me a car. She had an identical Alpine Wht 2007 530i last December that I passed, because I was too new to it, price was starting $34,679, and then came down to $30350 three months later. Had 31K miles on it.

    I mentioned to her about this car in the far dealership that I was interested in, and she told me "I can get the car for you." meaning, bring the car to her local dealership and sell it to me!! She seems very willing to negotiate, and always says "it's negotiable." Unlike the former dealer.

    Have you ever heard of a dealer bringing in a car from another dealer because one of their customers wants it?? I guess it's like the real estate agents, who co-share the listings? I never heard of that. Anyway, I'm going to let her get the car after I tell her what I want to pay, which is: $34,000 OUT THE DOOR (OTD), including the trade in.
    what do you think of that price? Or should I wait for her to tell me what she's willing to do?
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    hiya smithsonga, that's exactly where I am on that vehicle. I'm thinking $33.5 to $34 is about right, given the NAV, sports, and low miles. I didn' t fall for the salesman's baloney. I'm hoping my lady friend salesgirl at the other dealership can do something for me............I'll keep you posted.....thanks for responding.
  • smopartsmopart Posts: 5
    Looking to buy a 528 premium package with Nav. and i had a few questions.

    Are the 2010 models out and is the value package an added benefit?

    What is a good price. I was thinking $45,000. Priced out to 48,000 on the BMW website

    I want to lease. What do I need to be looking for? Mf, etc.

    Finally, do you think this car is superior to the E class, A-6 etc.

  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    Pipiolo, I think you should rethink the 528 model altogether. I think it is very underpowered at 215HP for the size of the 5 Series. I have 255HP in my 530 and it is adequate but not excessive by any means. Highway acceleration and passing and start up in general are inadequate IMHO with the 528 and long term you might be annoyed by this. Gas mileage is not that different with more HP to make a difference.
  • georgeh5georgeh5 Posts: 7
    Looking to buy 535i soon.

    Switching from LEXUS, I know sport package would be overdone for me.

    What are the packages/options must have? Color? 2009 vs 2010?

    Quoted from BMWUSA

    Base MSRP $51,100
    Titanium Silver Metallic $0
    Black Dakota Leather $0
    Dark Poplar Wood $0
    Value Package $0
    STEPTRONIC automatic transmission $0
    Premium hi-fi system $1,200
    Park Distance Control $750
    Rear side-impact airbags $385
    Destination & Handling: $825
    Total MSRP as Built $54,260

  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    George, I am thinking that as long as you're buying new, you should probably get navigation if you travel (and also good for resale I think). Much sexier to have the map on the in-dash screen rather than a Garmin hanging from the windshield. It is a 535 after all.
    Good luck. Bargain hard. Deals are plentiful.
    You will love it.
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 152
    I have the ipod connector which I love. You are right, I had a Lexus after my first BMW and before my current BMW. Yes, I cursed the Lexus after awhile and the sport package would drive you insane.... :D I know I'll get flammed for this, but a non-sport package BMW is a nice balance and still is a drivers car.

    Good Luck!
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Are you against the sport pkg in the BMW, or are you talking about the Lexus sport pkg (didn't know they had one)..........what is to not like about it?
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    you say deals are plentiful, but my dealer is holding tight to the $36,999 price, maybe come down a few hundred. Yet, the car is pretty well appointed with prem, cold, prem sound, SPORTS and NAV, low miles 24K miles. Alpine with black leath. Real creampuff. I'm talking numbers tomorrow, i'll let you know tomorrow night what I find out.
  • weno2weno2 Posts: 38
    George, w/the Sport package you'll get the comfort seats w/lumbar support ($1.2K option).
  • kevin530kevin530 Posts: 25
    I think deals can be had, Gardis, like the two free payments BMW was offering up to $1,500 and the 0.9% financing. Also, depending on the model and the options, dealers don't want them sitting on the lot. My dealer dropped $6,000 from list (which was inflated somewhat). But you and I are very particular, we want certain things in cars, and we may not get the best deals because of it. For example, I think if you want the color black or a gray interior, that deals can be had. Black 5's are all over the place. I didn't want that.
    Your possible seems to be just what the doctor ordered and you are buying at the same time I did, END OF THE MONTH.
    After your extensive research and your patience, I fully expect you to get a good deal. Try (difficult as it is) to keep the emotion and desire out of it. Easier said than done.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Well guys, after all these months of gut wrenching emotion, I finally made a nice deal today at the BMW dealer in Greenwich CT. Remember I had seen a beautiful Alpine White 2007 530i with Sports pkg, which is just what I was looking for, with low miles.

    My sales girl, who's been working with me since November, was able to work with the other dealer because they are all owned by the same BMW parent company apparently. So one of the Greenwich manager's who lives in NJ, is going to pick up the car next week, and drive it over to Greenwich.

    Meanwhile, the asking price was $36,999 (premium, cold, SPORTS, NAV, prem sound, comfort access, etc) 24K miles, Warranty expiration June 26, 2012. I got the car for $36,200. My heart was in my mouth over my trade in (1996 328i, 109K miles)
    and somehow, they had the impression I wanted $2500 for it. Well the manager reviewed the car while I was talking to the saleswoman. He came in, and started with "well, I know you wanted $2500 for it (I never said that, I actually thought they'd offer me about $1200), but it has a few issues, and I could do $1500, maybe $2000 since you really want the car." I accepted the $2000 right on the spot, and that ended the negotiation part of it. I'm satisfied with it. Look the car has low treads in the rear set, sunroof inoperational, and ABS light comes on which the Darien dealer told me is a wheel sensor ($275).

    So I'm giving them a large down payment, and financing only about 30% of it at 3.9%, she said maybe they'd do a little better. we'll see. The car is a cream puff, Alpine White, with black leather, and I am so excited I fnally found a car. I know I paid maybe a little more, but you know something, I keep my vehicles a long time, so that extra money will be amortized over the life of the vehicle.

    Also - I bought the extended service warranty for $1695, which extended the service warranty until the end of the main warranty, which is June 2012. I felt it was worth the $800 per year extra for that. Peace of mind. Otherwise the 4 year warranty was running out in June 2010. I want to make sure my 30K mile servicing is FREE. Now it will be. I thought this was well worth it, I know they probably took me, but since the BMW dealer sold it to me, I have no doubt about it. It went onto the amount to financce, and yes, I realize it's a gimmick, but still it's there if I need it.

    Well what do you think guys!!!
  • smopartsmopart Posts: 5
    Leased a 2009 535 with Space Grey exterior and Dakota grey interior. It was a demo with 4000 miles. Bought it in Dallas, Texas. It had the following upgrades


    Paid only $500 down and lease price is $719/month for 3 years with 12,000 miles/year

    2009 models are scarce but great deals can be had.

    The dealer in Arlington was great. Experience in Plano at Classic BMW was awful Manager was a jerk
  • dulnevdulnev Posts: 652
    Please, let me know if you believe any particular BMW dealer in the Washington DC are is offering better pricing. I'm looking to buy a 2009 535i. Thank you.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,328
    Congrats! In the end as long as YOU are happy with the car (and it sounds like you are down right exctatic) that's all that matters! Enjoy your car!

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • sondu51sondu51 Posts: 6
    Automatic, Premium Pkg, Cold Weather Pkg, Xenon lights, 11k miles for 37k

    any advice
  • Dulnev,

    Vob bmw has the most in their inventory and the people are laid back but if you want a dealership with better service, tischer is better although they don't seem to give the best prices. the passport experience with my dad was like pulling teeth but they were desperate to sell the car.
  • Hey All,
    Need advice on PRICE!
    Was originally going to buy a CPO 2006 330x but realized that it was smaller inside than my 2000 Saab 95.
    That said, I am upgrading to a CPO 2006 525xi OR 530xi buying with the current BMW 2006 financing incentive of 0.9% for 60 months.
    The two I am considering are:
    2006 525xi w/15989 miles MSRP of $33,995
    2006 530xi w/19997 miles MSRP of $34,995
    Both are titanium silver, black leather
    Premium Package, Cold Weather Package
    Any advice on how low they can go on price? Never bought a used car before and never bought a BMW before, so your experienced insights would be very helpful to my hard ball negotiations.
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