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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    Yes, our first used car is a 2008 BMW 535i with 26,000 miles on the clock: NAV, Cold Weather and Premium Packages, those wonderful adjustable seats, etc. Certified. Paid $39,800. The dealer put on a brand new set of Goodyear Eagle tires, paid for a year of Sirius radio, provided new mats (carpet and heavy duty), did superb detailing, and also threw in several other nice things. Good buying experience overall.

    One tip -- the dealership tried to sell us a tire protection, road hazard package. Passed on that, went to a chain tire store, and bought their tire protection plan for $79. (We passed on the extended maintenace, which was offered at $2,100.)

    I have a question about the driver assist features. -- Has anyone purchased the optional $199 BMW concierge service? Do you find it worthwhile?
  • hithit Posts: 34
    how much did you pay for it?? leasing, financing?? I'm considering getting the same car also in the NY area
  • Well, I have a bunch of options on it. I have the paperwork (e-mailed to me by my dealer) in front of me but haven't signed/returned it.

    As I say, $500 over invoice (or at least what KBB, Edmunds, etc. SAY is invoice) + $180 training (listed on the price sheets) and $300 MACO (which every post I've read says is legitimate, varies by region). Then there's tire tax, a fee for getting the registration, title, tax (of course), etc. Details are: 2010 535XI 6-speed with PP, Sport Pack, Value Pack, Nav, PDC, Sat Radio, Split Folding Rear, Heated Rear, Ventilated Seats, Nasca Leather and Anthracite Header, $59,675 + tax, title, $45 doc fee, tire, reg (includes training and MACO).

    Again, I'm TERRIBLE at negotiating with dealers and I didn't have to do ANYTHING to get $500 over invoice. Unless there's trunk cash I know nothing about, the economy must have these dealers desperate, especially at the end of the month and with the current 5 coming to end of production. I might be able to push for a few hundred less but, frankly, I like this dealer a lot and it's worth it to me to just do the $500.

    As to your leasing or financing question: I don't want to finance, although I understand there's 2.9% financing available from BMW. Might affect the quote though. I MIGHT want to lease but I won't know what the programs are until the car is delivered in about two months. At that time I'll see what I want to do and what deal I can strike with my dealer, but if I need to I'll just pay cash.

  • stay away, unless you want to keep going back to the dealer for constant repairs. obviously this car has this ongoing issue for at least 4 times. too many people are having problems with HPFP i would recommend that you stay away.
    read this.....
  • Prior to the mishap - did you not explore having the dealer simply activate satellite radio and comfort access for you - is this NOT possible? I'd like anyones feedback on this - as there is a car that I am interested in which has everything except these two items and I was hoping there may be a way to have them activated/installed via dealer?
  • I did investigate and was told that comfort access is factory install only. Sat radio and ipod integration can be installed by dealer. I now have comfort access and the car is much more convenient to drive. The act of putting a key into slot and then having to push button is a waste of motion.
  • My lease for a 2007 BMW 525xi is coming up shortly. I am interested in the 2011 5 series understand it will not be available for another 6 months or so. The residual value on my lease is 31700, based on 30k miles, luxury package, cold weather package. Edmunds' dealer trade in value is 25000, one dealer offered to sell it back for 29500 straight up with no extended warranties or CPO, claiming they cannot go lower because BMW charges them more money for the car if they were to sell it to the current customers. It seems to me that BMW will actually loose more money if they had to take the car back and sell it at auction.

    Some friends have indicated that the dealer will not seriously negotiate pricing until the day I go to return the car. I would appreciate if anyone can share their experience with the end of lease for 5 series and if they were successful in negotiating a price closer to the Edmunds dealer trade in value.

    Many Thanks
  • I have a 2007 530i with 36 month lease ending soon. The car is equipped with Steptronic, Premium, Sport, Cold Weather, Navigation, Logic 7, Sat Radio, Split Rear Seats. Ski Bag (which I never even looked at). MSRP in 12/06 was $58,990. Residual on the car is $35,394. It has 40,000 miles on 45,000 mile lease. I just put $1,300 worth of 18" Michelin Sport A/S ZP tires on the car in August.

    I can turn the car in and the Dealer will "re-sell" me this car "Certified" with 100,000 mile warranty for $33,900 and finance for up to 60 months @ 0.9%.

    This seems to be a decent deal to me. I would appreciate any comments.

  • so I know this new model coming next year, will this really worth the wait?
    by looking at the current 528i , I like it a lot, and my wife force me to buy a new one because she dont like anything that used. I did the search from spy photos, really can't see anything. so my question is, if the new generation will not have that much change, I will just go ahead buy now. However, if new deign are far different exterior and interior than current model. that will makes me think I really bought a older model by next year and I am pretty sure I wont be able to change it for another 3-4 years.
    so is it really worth the wait?
  • NOTE - comfort access cannot be installed by dealer . . . sorry for mistake
  • I appreciate any perspective on this...

    My local dealer has black/black 535Xi sedan pretty loaded up (m-pkg, etc)(however, it does NOT have Sirius or Comfort Access) which I really wanted. I'm pretty sure I can have the sirius installed via dealer - but Comfort Access needs to be installed by factory (I can prob live w/out this, if the deal is right).

    Was told that w/ the upcoming redesign of 5 series - current in-stock inventory vehicles would be HEAVILY discounted. So I requested a quote on a specific vehicle and here is response from dealer:

    >>Thank you for your inquiry in the 535ix we have instock. You are correct, with the upcoming redesign and the BMW Holiday bonus you can get a very aggressive price now on this car!
    The list is $60,350 and after all discounts and promotions we can offer it for $54,334<<

    I'm not sure if this is a 'deep' discount w/ all things considered. I guess I was expecting at least a ~$5k discount from dealer alone due to redesign, PLUS $2500 BMW cash - but dont know if im being unrealistic?

    So..I figured I'd post the situation for all of you to weigh in on before I respond to the dealer.

    Appreciate any perspective you might have - thanks in advance for your help!!

  • I am thinking about buying a 2002 540i for $12000.00 It has 43000 miles. There is problem with the a/c compressor. Can anyone give me some feedback? Good, bad, or ok deal?
  • bornoborno Posts: 77
    fyi-dealers are selling at invoice, they should be willing to show you actual invoice docs. The holiday cash should be in addition. So, you are not getting a great deal!
    Also, 2011 redesign will be out early next year, and since the economy is still down, you should be able to get a good deal if you can wait, although you may not see all wheel drive til the fall.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    With the slump in auto sales, we are in a true "buyers" car market. Holding out for what you really want should pay off. Hang in there for a really great deal. You will know the great deal when you see it.

    On another note, depreciation is a bear right now. Buying a 2008 or 2009 that has already taken the first big hits makes sense. The allure of the "new" 2010 is surely strong, but a 2008 or 2009 with under 25,000 miles will be a huge bargain -- and you are likely to get all the extra features you desire.

    Just my two cents . . . hope it is helpful.
  • Hello,

    I am looking to get a new 2010 BMW 528 i xDrive (Monaco Blue MET) with the following:-

    * 4-Way Front Seat Power Lumbar Support
    * Ambiance Lighting
    * Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirrors
    * Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirror
    * Dakota Leather Upholstery
    * High Definition Radio
    * Integrated 3-Button Universal Garage-Door Opener
    * Navigation System
    * Online Information Services
    * Premium Package
    * Real Time Traffic Information
    * Split-Fold Down Lockable Rear Seats
    * Through-Loading System
    * Voice Command System

    The dealer website (in Massachusetts) lists the price at $52, 250. I am thinking of putting in an offer of $44,000. Since the new model is round the corner, is this a reasonable asking price? Can I go lower?

    Any insight appreciated.

  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    Sounds like a really nice car. IMHO: I would say that starting out at $44k is worth a shot, but I suspect you will have to go higher to make a deal. In my experience, BMW dealers "protect resale values" by not going low on the sales price of new cars. Or, should I just say -- they are going to make a profit (and a good one). I have noticed recently excellent pricing on 2008 and 2009 certified, however, but not on new. Good luck!
  • Thanks phylp. I will talk to the dealer and report back.

  • Hi gmurthy,
    We are looking at a similar car in NJ. Please let me know how your negotiations go. We are thinking of making a similar offer. Good luck. We also wanted to include the extended 2yr maintenance program, but at a much lower price than their quote, which was$2,000. We found out that the average cost of maintenance for the this car is $250/year for the first 4 years. So, we are going to base our offer on these numbers.
    Best regards!
  • Just signed a new lease agreement for a 2010 BMW 528i...Let me know what you think about the deal.

    The dealer is located in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

    MSRP $53,475

    Premium Package
    M-Sport Package
    Heated Front Seats

    Negotiated Price $49,475 (4K off MSRP)

    Taxes: $3093 (Texas requires taxes on the full selling price)
    - $1629 (Tax incentive for trade)

    Final Tax: $1464
    Fees: $324
    Acquisition: $725

    Total Price: $52,013

    Holiday Credit $2500
    Lease Loyalty $1500

    Current Lease Balance as a trade: $23,200 Agreed upon value $24,000
    Note: My current lease had 3 payments remaining and 4K miles over lease agreement
    $800 Net Trade in Value

    Total Incentive and Net Trade: $4800

    Final Breakdown:

    Price including tax title license and fees: $52,013
    Down payment (0 out of Pocket): $4800
    Money Factor .00283

    Monthly Payment: $645 including taxes (1st payment due at signing)
  • If you don't mind me asking what dealer in Dallas/Ft Worth? Did you order your car?

    Thank You,
    BMW Dallas Girl
  • Hi,
    I am looking for any information on recent purchases of the 2010 BMW 528 xi. I might be purchasing within a week. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards!
  • Moritz in Arlington. Tried Autobahn, but their deal was not near as good as Moritz.
  • Local dealer is offering 2008 525 CPO 20k miles with prem. pkg. for 31k$.
    has other 2008 525 CPO 21k miles with prem pkg, sport pkg for 34k$.
    Any thought on price.
  • I just purchased a 528xi with Premiun, value an fold down seats at Bloomfield BMW here in NJ , the MSRP was $50,350.00, they sold it to me for $47,000.00 plus a $2,500 holiday discount on financing, so that's a final price of $44,500.00. This was by far the best deal out 5 dealers I called.

    If you are in NJ go to Bloomfield BMW they have the lowes price.

    And dont forget to buy this year to get the stimulus tax break, deductuble sales tax that is. For me that is another $800.00 when I file my taxes.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    I have a CPO 2007 530i, with almost identical features except the split rear seats and ski thing (whatever that is). I bought it last June at Greenwich CT BMW when it had 24K miles on the clock, they were asking $36,900, and came down to $36,200. The car is pristine, and still smells new even. It runs beautifully and I love it. It has a set of Bridgestone Potenza low profiles on it, I have Sports pkg also, and the sport rims that come with it. I am wondering if my tires are
    "run flats" how can I tell? Since I have a donut for a spare, I have to assume I have the run flats? I s that a correct assumption? My dealer told me just the opposite, that if I have a donut, then I don't have run flats.

    Can any one shed some light on it? Also, I read an article in the WSJ lately, that those same Bridgestone's are about $410 each. That seems like a lot of money.
    They are practically new, so I don't need to worry about it yet.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    I don't think the 5-series came with runflats in '07... If it did, it would have been optional..

    And.. your dealer is correct.. if you have a spare, then you don't have runflats..

    (Your tires will have a runflat designation on the sidewall, if you do indeed have them..)



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  • Run flat tires are not expensive at all, only about 10% more than regular tires, try COSTCO they can order then for about $145 each. no tire on earth should cost $410.00 each, at least for this kind of car, that sounds like a rip off.
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    Do you see RFT abbrevation anywhere on your tires? If no RFT or DSST (typical for Dunlops) then your tires are not RFTs. I believe all sport package 18s were RFTs in 2007. My 2007 550 has Dunlop RFTs. BTW I do have a spare tire/
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    Just checked tire rack - 2007 BMW 530 with Sport package:

    Size: 245/40R18
    Runflat - OE BMW use only
    Sidewall Style: Blackwall
    Serv. Desc: 93WLoad Index 93 = 1433lbs (650kg) per tire
    Speed Rating "W" = 168mph (270kph)
    UTQG: Treadwear: 140
    Traction: A
    Temperature: A
    140 A APrice: $335.00 (each
  • Hmmm. stimulus tax break? Really? For everyone buying (i.e. taking delivery) this year? Got to remember this for my accountant (for whom I need to keep doing research). Thanks.

    BTW, congratulations on the new car: is it a 2010 or 2009?
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