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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rezrez Posts: 41
    Thank you. I didnt know that you could get the multi contour front seats without the Sports package! I dont want the 18' wheels, but want the multi-contour front seats. Is this combination pretty rare? :surprise:
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    I do not know if it is rare, but I will say that the first thing that the salesman pointed out about the car was that it had the multi-contour seat upgrade. I was told that my 535i was first driven by one of the managers, then turned over to the loaner fleet. I have no reason not to believe that -- if I were that manager I would have made sure that the car had the multi-contour seats, too! The seats alone nearly sold the car.
  • rezrez Posts: 41
    Wow, impressive! If you dont mind, what kind of mileage was on the car, and what price range did you manage to get it at? Also what colour is your car? Theres SO many options to look at its just overwhelming. This is my 1st time buying a pre-owned car after my college days.... :blush:
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    No prob, I can relate. My 2008 BMW 535i is Platinum Bronze with light poplar, and had about 25,900 miles on the clock: NAV, Cold Weather and Premium Packages, the wonderful seats, etc. Certified. Paid $39,800. The dealer put on a brand new set of Goodyear Eagle tires, paid for a year of Sirius radio, provided new mats (carpet and heavy duty), did superb detailing. Very good buying experience overall, but a little steeper than I expected in this economy - but I am not complaining.

    The purchase took a lot of research and comparisons. I checked the used inventory of the major BMW dealers in my state online for about a month. I also checked on the compatibility of our cell phones because the tech and Bluetooth features are very important to us and there is a short list of "officially" compatible phones. (Our Verizon Blackberry 8830s are not on the list, but they are pairing just fine.)

    When I finally figured out the desired options and what I would be willing to pay, I got online quotes and also went down to the local dealerships to test drive. In the span of about a week (at the end of the month), I was satisfied enough to buy from a local dealer known for low pressure sales and a good service department.

    This forum was very helpful to me, too. Please keep us posted.

    Good luck.
  • rezrez Posts: 41
    Shopped all weekend and found a CPO 2008 535i Alpine White with 30800 miles for $36880 with Premium and Sports Packages, Navigation and Satellite Radio. Does this seem to be a good buy? Also, I'm still confused on the warranty part of the CPO vs. non CPO. Can someone please fill me in on this? Do I still need to get an extended warranty if its CPO? :confuse:
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    Sounds like a good price to me. Check out the BMW website for the details of the program, but CPO takes you up to 50,000 miles over or 2 years beyond (whichever comes first) the regular warranty = 6 year/100,000 mile total. It is important that you know when the car was put into service originally as that is the start of the time frame.
  • rezrez Posts: 41
    Date in Service was 06/19/07 so warranty should be up to 06/18/13 or 100K miles whichever come 1st. On the extended warranty and wheel/ tire coverage area, should I skip both?
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    I am not a warranty person generally, so I would pass on the extended warranty. I would definitely consider the tire warranty, however, if I were buying the Sports Package -- especially if it was offered at a decent price.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Hi Rez,
    I can only tell you that last year when I was looking (DEC 2008) I came across a beautiful black sapph. 535i, 2008, CPO, with 27K on the clock. They had it listed for $39,900, marked down (big red sign) from $41,900. That car stayed on the lot about 3 months, I am sure they sold it for way under the $39,900. It had Sports, and all the other pkgs. I passed because I just don't want twin turbos. The extra parts surely would have to cause some maintenance, I'm just guessing. It makes sense, no? Also, I like decent gas mileage and I just can't see a 300HP engine with twin turbos getting great mileage, although many posters have proven me wrong.

    I finally got a beautiful Alpine White, like yours, 2007 530i, 24K on the clock last June. It has sports, premium, cold, prem sound, NAV, blk leather, comfort access. Like a previous poster, I love the Sports Pkg because of the shadow line trim (black around windows, not chrome) and also the sport steering wheel, and sport rims.It just sets the car apart from the others. I love the car. Paid $36, 200 for the car. The car is and was impeccable. Warranty runs through June 2012. Everyone I know can't get over what a stunning vehicle it is. You don't see too many Alpine White 5 series.
    I don't have a clue about the tires. I have Bridgestone Potenza RFT's, I"m sure they're not cheap. I love the car and don't concern myself with how much the tires are going to cost me. Otherwise I would have bought a Camry. LOL.

    Good luck with your decision, and keep us informed. Good to hear from you,
    Gardis in CT
  • rezrez Posts: 41
    Thank You, gardis. Got your helpful points. Just want to clarify something about the turbo chargers. I have a 2000 Passat with a 1.8 Turbo. I got 30-32 MPG just because of the turbo charger. The non turbo engine is 2.8 and produces similar torque, but doesnt get even near as mpg as my turbo. So I thought that the turbo produces the extra torque but without the extra gas consumption. So in your opinion, do Turbo chargers cause more gas consumption?
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Hi rez,
    I am not technically qualified to judge the twin turbos on the 535. But it seems common sense that a turbo charged engine packing 300HP would have to consume more fuel than a 255HP in line six cylinder, no? I backed away from it because it was just a little too much power for me. I don't know how much a Passat weighs, but I doubt that it is as solid a vehicle as a BMW 5 series. I could be wrong. So that would affect your gas consumption.

    Keep in touch.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    My 2008 BMW 535i is getting 24.8 mpg. So far, so good.
  • Hi there,

    I'm looking to buy a CPO 2008 528i with just under 20k miles and the following options: premium & sport packages, park distance control, navigation, real time traffic info, logic7 sound system, and satellite radio.

    The asking price is $37k....I'd appreciate any thoughts on that price.

  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    That's a nicely loaded vehicle. I paid $36,200 for a 2007 CPO 530i with almost those identical options (sports, premium, cold, sound, and NAV also), 24K on the clock.
    So you are getting a vehicle that will have a warranty that runs until 2013 (in service was probably in 2007). I would say you could maybe get it for $35K-$36K, depending how bad they want to sell it, and how long it's been on the lot. The longer it sits, the lower they go - up to a point.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    When I did my research to purchase a 2008 BMW 535i in October, I reviewed 528i pricing, too. Sounds like a good asking price, but allow me to suggest that you consider going under that by a good amount with your offer as it is almost the end of the calendar year. The 2011s will be out in the spring. I suspect you could get into a 2009 CPO for not too much more, if you don't mind haggling. Yes, I am the eternal optimist. Good luck.
  • jdbmwjdbmw Posts: 3
    About 4 weeks ago I found a loaded (Sport, Premium, Cold, PDC, Navi, RFT, Sport Auto Transmission with Paddles, etc) 2008 535i Sport Sapphire Black with black interior on Ebay. The car had just over 5K miles on it and was like new. The listing was from a private seller selling his former wife's car. He was looking for $42K or more, but the high bid stopped at $35K on Ebay. I called him to look at the car and after driving it, negotiated a deal at $39K. Considering the car stickered at about $60K, I think I got a great deal for a nearly new car, although I would have preferred the CPO coverage buying from a dealer. Given the discounting going on in today's economy, was this a good deal?
  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 268
    Yes. Great deal. A good extended warranty will be as good as CPO. Some of them will even cove Nav system
  • Hello: I am a first time BMW buyer and would appreciate help in my buying decision. I have been focussing in the 2007 CPO 5 series, primarily because of the 0.9% APR and 2 months prepayments offer, and have liked a 2007 525i with 35K miles on it, and end of warranty in Dec 2010. Its not loaded as it has only the premium package, does not have cold package but has heated front seats, price qouted is $29,700, but the salesman told me that due to month end/year end, they woudl go down by 2-4% so the price could be as low as $28.5K. I am happy with these options but woudl like to hear your opinions on the $28.5K price or shoudl i negotiate lower or what else can I get in addition to $28.5 that the dealer may not mind parting with...i.e. in a way cash neutral for him...thanks
  • i finally bought the car for $27.5K and 0.9% APR and BMW pays first 2 instalments. Does it look like a fair price?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    If you really-really like the car, it's a good deal. If you have no major issues after the warranty is over in a year -- it's a good deal. Having others on these forums evaluate your deal after you already bought the car serves little purpose except to open you up to pointless praise or criticism. Enjoy your new ride and happy new year. :)
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    Shouldn't CPO extend the warranty to 6-year/100,000 miles from original in-service date, which I would guess Dec. 2006 thus give you warranty till Dec. 2012?
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    This car has not hit the lot is having four new tires and the BMW safety checks. They will be putting it for sale at $31900.0. What would be a sensible offer with the current 0.9% and two months paid. The car is in the Olivin Green with beige Dakota leather and Premium Pack. Thanks for the help.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    I am told that BMW have stopped production of the 2010 and that cars will not be available at such god deals as with the Mercedes E Class.
    Anyone heard any news on offers??
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I'm not sure how much bmw will discount cpo's, especially ones just going on the lot with new tires. Most shoppers have to work hard for a deal but who knows? My guess is that the 2 payments are all they are going to offer unless there is no interest for several months.
  • Just purchased a CPO - 2007 530XI with 19,600 miles, very clean. Navi, Cold Weather, Satellite Radio and Premium Package. Paid just under 35k for it, with the 0.9% and 2 months free. Was listed at $36,995. Amazing buying experience, never been treated so nicely at a car dealership.

    Absolutely love it at this point, almost like having a brand new car for nearly half the price! Price sound decent? I sometimes see people saying they paid the mid 20s for these cars at auction, but I feel like this was a pretty fair price. Was also looking at a 2010 Acura TL...but with that starting at 44k (got them down to 40,100 for SH-AWD/Tech/HPT), it seemed like a no brainer to go with the 530xi with 30k left on maintenance, 100k CPO warranty, and overall a much nicer driving experience.
  • dturrdturr Posts: 70
    Thanks, guess I really wanted a 530 and think the 525 should be under $30k. We have owned a 3 Series and X5 in the past and they make a fantastic car. I am also tempted to lok at one of the current lease deals on a new 528.
  • gardisgardis Posts: 185
    Hi Broncos,
    Yes, that sounds about right. I have a 2007 530i pretty loaded with NAV, sports, prem, cold, and prem sound, comfort access, I ended up paying $36,200 with 24K on the clock. The car was and is impeccable. Has the Anthracite wood trim which is spectacular looking with blk leather. I think you did well. I have until June 2012 on the warranty.

    I'm loving the vehicle, but my gas mileage has dropped a little since the cold weather, and i'm trying to get a grip on why. I'm getting 17mpg according to computer where as in the summer was getting a steady 20mpg. Highway it's great. Not a big deal, but I put premium gas in it so it would be nice to go back up to the 20mpg.

    Good luck with your vehicle, and Happy New Year.
  • Thats right jtla. The CPO extends it to Dec 2012 but I am cognizant that CPO warranty is limited in comparison to the original 4 year/50K miles warranty.
  • I agree with you jayrider though I was just curious to know how I did. I actually started the post/inquiry before I purchased the car. Love the car so far. Happy new year to you all too.
  • phylpphylp Posts: 49
    Congrats on your purchase. Thanks for keeping us posted.
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