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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Last time the body style of the 5 series changed, there was a $4K manufacturer to dealer incentive on the outgoing 2003 530. Most dealerships were dealing for $1K over invoice MINUS the $4K incentive, so we saw prices at $3K under invoice on available vehicles. The manual trannies disappeared instantly, leaving most of us with no option but auto.
  • for 528 and 535 respectively.
  • ks535iks535i Posts: 1
    I bought a 2010 535i with a msrp of $56,500, I know that they are re-designing the 5 series in 2011. My car has 8k miles on it and was a loaner/demo car. I bought it for 43k plus tax. I have the balance of the warranty and maintenance. That is 13 grand under msrp. It seems like it is to good to be true.
    Are other people getting deals like this...did I just do good or did I buy a lemon, or are they going to get killed next year when the 11s come out?
  • ks535i,

    So here's what I leased in March: 2010 535xi, Saph. Black, Saddle Brown (not many of those around for sure) with 4,000 miles on the car (manager's car). Options include Prem, Value, Nav, Sport, Comf. Access, Prem Audio, Sat, Rear Sunshade. MSRP is $61,645. Inv was around $56,895, SP is $53,900 less $6,000 factory cash plus $1,500 loyalty. MF .0025, Resid 48% on 15,000 miles/yr. Sales tax 8.625% in the lease.

    Mos. payment with tax $785. I get the car near the end of the month when the 07 530i is returned.

    It's hard to compare the deals because the March mf and res. took a nosedive so instead you get factory money. In the end, I suppose the only way to compare is to see what the monthly payment is. I do think that my buyout (which I have never done) will be low since they are using a lower sales price and lower residual.
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    that monthly seems quite high for a $54k sales price minus $7.5k. So final price of 46.5k? 48% residual is that the latest 3 yr rate? wow...a few years ago we got a 528i with 2 yr, 74% residual.

    did you look at CPO cars? We have a 2007 550i ($72k car when new) with a financed monthly payment of $640 and building 'equity'.
  • jasonz1jasonz1 Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    Your price is good, but I assume you didnt' do research in 2011 model , it's got beautiful redesign in and out, so when you see that car out in the market, you will feel you are driving a old car even you just bought it. plus current model will be discounted hugh because of this.
  • I am looking to lease a 528i for 36 months / 12K miles. I've seen residuals around 52% but money factors from .0028 to .00305. does anyone have info on the current lease rates / money factors?
  • tomy3tomy3 Posts: 37
    The only MF I have seen is the .0025 (equiv to 6.0% APR) the residual looks right since the 10,000 mi./yr. 36 month residual % is 53. Hope this helps. Both tend to offset the $5,000 marketing support on the 2010 528's.
  • Hello...This is what I'm looking at. It's a loaner 528i with about 4,900 miles:

    Premium Package
    Value Package
    Steptronic Automatic Transmission
    Heated Front Seats
    HD Radio
    Satellite Radio

    36 month lease @ 12k miles per year with $3,000 total up front would be $571.11 per month (includes 7% tax)

    MSRP 50,570
    Cap Cost is $38,892.33
    Res Value $24,964.70 (52%)
    $ Factor ..00230

    Does this seem to be a good deal to you guys? It's a little more then I can afford, but if they can knock it down some more I may go for it.
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 307
    That's a sick deal.
  • rinku666rinku666 Posts: 3
    edited March 2010
    I recently bought a new space grey/ grey interior with dark poplar trim 2010 bmw 528i premium package, value package, navigation, and heated seats. mileage on car 152.... MSRP: $49625.... selling price $43000 3 year lease with 12000 miles a year....i paid 2000 at signing ( including taxes, registeration, 1st month payment, msc fees.), plus 779 for the leasing protection plan.... my monthly payment came out to be 765.78 per month including taxes and everything. ( I didnt give 5000 at signing, which makes my monthly payment higher, but i gave very little out of pocket).
    Also, im in california our sales tax is 9.75%
    I'm very happy with the car. What do you think of the deal?
  • jiggyjiggy Posts: 12
    Hi KS535,

    You paid a good price.

    I also picked up a 2010 space grey/blk 535i with Premium Package, Value Package, M-Sports Kit, paddle shifters, power rear sun shade, split fold down rear seats and sat radio. New car, mileage was 5 when I took delivery.... MSRP: $59520.... selling price $49285 plus ttl.

    Not too bad, i was trying to beat the price and was happy I did.
  • pv67pv67 Posts: 3
    Does any one got $9K-$9.5K off msrp on the 528i? If the previous post got $10K+ on 535i then it should be possible to get around $9K-$9.5K on a 528i.

    Cars direct show $7,670 off msrp on a 2010 528i and some dealers are already quoting $8K. But i think if they have an inventory to clear then probably can discount more.

    What say?
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    check out

    It will give you a true cost to the dealer including rebates and holdbacks to help.

    They also list average prices sold. e.g. I spec'd a 535i at 60k. Average selling price and invoice were at $56k but the dealer cost is at $48.5k . Folks are leaving money at the table.
  • jiggyjiggy Posts: 12
    I think the dollar amount off of MSRP is a function of the car's price. I don't think you can expect to get the same amount of dollars off different priced vehicles. The margins and costs to the dealer are different.

    Look at the M5 discount. Here's a car that MSRP is 90k selling for the upper 70k. Thats a lot more than 10k off a 535i but then again there's more 'margin' to work with.

    Hope that makes sense.
  • This is my deal for 2010 528 i AWD Alpine white/beige

    Options include Premium pkg, value pkg, navi, HD radio, Parking distance control

    MSRP $52525
    Selling price: $42482
    OTD price $45650 (includes 6% PA tax, Registration/Title, Doc fee)

    Just made purchase tonight and will pick it up tomorrow. The dealer is located in northern NJ)
  • As others have noted, discounts will vary dependent upon the margin the dealer is willing to accept. The current BMW marketing incentive to dealers is reportedly $5000 on the 528 and $6000 on the 535 which will also affect pricing.
    Individual dealers may be more flexible on pricing where supply is long and demand is limited. As the 2011 5 series introduction draws near, discounts will increase but selection will decline.
    I recently purchased a 2010 535ix wagon in titanium silver with an MSRP of $62,105 for $53,400 plus tax, registration, etc. BMW sells fewer than 1000 5 series (E61) wagons annually in the U.S. and reportedly will not import the 5 series wagon in the 2011 model, so the sales dynamics appear different than for E60 sedans.
  • novrainnovrain Posts: 10
    I was offered $39k on a 2009 535xi loaner today. The car has about 9000 miles on it. doesn't look brand new, but runs smooth. It is black on black, with premium package, cold weather, and Navigation. The dealer initially asked for $44k with a 2-year extended warranty, but quickly lowered to $39K without the extended warranty. I feel there's still some room for negotiation. Is this a fair price?
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    That is a good deal for an 09. If you plan on keeping the car for a long time, work on getting that extended warranty included for that lower price. Just sit in the showroom with your pre approved financing and a cup of coffee and wait it out. I suggest doing this on the last day of this month. If you really want the car let them know -- but only with the ext. warranty. They may cave in or cut the price enough to make it attractive. Of course you have to REALLY want the car. The 39k price is competitive.
  • bucktownbucktown Posts: 12
    The dealers are aggressively lowering their prices on 2010 5-series cars in anticipation of the 2011 cars that will be delivered in late May/early June.

    A friend of mine in Chicago just paid $49,000 for a brand new (with less than 50 miles) 535xi with Premium Package, navigation, leather seats, cold-weather package, etc. with MSRP of $58,500.

    If you were to wait, I am guessing you will get a better deal although $49K for this car is good value particularly for AWD 5-series since the new 5-series AWD is not going to hit the U.S. for at least a year (most likely in Spring 2011). That is if you can live with the thought of having bought an "old" model.

    BTW, we saw a ton of black cars but very few silver or metallic gray cars on the lot.
  • nj550inj550i Posts: 18
    Just rec'd my final offer for a new 2010 550i. Need to decide by 3/31/2010.

    MSRP: $71k
    Selling Price (incl. $7.5 incentives): $59k + (tax, fees, title)
    Additional BMW incentives and CCA rebate (after tax): $3.5k
    Net purchase price: $55.5k

    Options: M-Sport, Value, Auto Shift, CA, Cold, Auto High Beams, Shades, Heated Rear Seats

    Apline White/Black - the black interior is holding me back.
  • So I pulled the trigger this weekend on this. Keep in mind it's a LOANER, but since it's a lease, I really don't care about the miles since I'll be covered under warranty the entire time I'll own it:

    2010 White / Cream 528i
    Sat Radio
    Val Package
    7,000 miles
    Selling price was about $36,500 / MSRP was just around $50K.
    $3,000 total down / 7% tax.
    $544 / month with taxes

    I know the 2011 are around the corner, but I can't wait the time for the costs to come down.

    Good deal? What do you think?
  • What do they charge for doc fee (is that the only mark up fee)?

    AWD seems to comes with 3-stage heated seat? Does it come with heated steering wheel also?
  • I was offered on a 2008 528 xi

    Options: Premium Package, Premiun Sound, Xenon lights, iPod, Cold Weather
    Mileage: 34000
    Sale price: 28K + TTL
    Still has 1 year warranty left on the car

    The car is in excellent condition. Is this a good deal?
  • goranvgoranv Posts: 7
    I wish I can afford to purchase new Series 5, but at this moment I have to settle for CPO 2007 which will give me warranty until 2013 when hopefully I will be able to get new one.
    There aren’t many in Seattle area, and best deal that I got so far is:

    2007 525i
    24,358 miles
    Black on Black
    Premium Package
    Sport Package
    Original asking price is $32,000 now it is listed as internet promotion for $29,992
    and dealer said that it can’t go any lower.
    I do like car but think that I shouldn’t pay more than $28,500, Edmunds shows $30,000.
    Any opinions?
  • first, the 528 xi, I like the deal, the miles are good and its an 08, the only bummer about the 08s from my understanding is that you don't qualify for the extra two years of free maintenance, I think it is a fair deal.

    on the 07 525 with 24,000 miles for 29,992, I like the miles and the packages. Don't be fooled that they cant go lower though. Dealerships do not buy used cars with the expectation of only making two thousand dollars. I have been wacthing the market for a couple of months now, and routinely see dealerships start prices at least 5000 higher than where they are willing to go. Based on auction prices and cost to certify, I would be quite surprised if they couldnt go to 27,000.00. That being said, this car is well equipped with great miles and that is a tough combonation to come by. I have had a couple of good offers for 525s, but I am just unsure about the power.....
  • joe24joe24 Posts: 44

    Can you tell which dealer you used. I called two dealers on the same car and couldnt get them lower than $44K.

    Appreciate the help.
  • joe24joe24 Posts: 44
    Im looking at a 2010 528x with 7k miles. MSRP is around 52,500. They quoted me a price of $44K for a new one (no miles). How much off for the loaner?

  • goranvgoranv Posts: 7
    As I mentioned couple post above I am looking for 2007 CPO Series 5, after browsing local inventory I came accross couple new 2009 Series 5 BMW in my area, and wondering what would be fair price.
    Dealer is asking $53,925
    528i 350miles with navigation, keyless entry and probably Premium Package 1
    Now knowing that there are couple 2010 at other dealership with similar configuration for $43,000 or one for $39,900 (without navi), these prices include $5000 BMW credit and adidtional dealers credit.
    I hope that he will be willing to reduce price to $35,000 for 2009, do you think that is realistic expectation and what do you think how much should I pay for new 2009.
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