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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • and it is not a DEMO car?
  • Nope, brand new with 6 miles only
  • I am looking at two 2010 528ix's - both were dealer service loaners. Both about 24K miles, in service dates of Aug 09 and Dec 09 respectively. One is platinum gray / gray interior, the other jet black/black. Both very clean. Both offered at 38,900, neither is certified. I am thinking of having the one I choose certified to get the extra warranty and inspection. Likely I will get that included in the price. Is this a good price? Any comments on reliability / service? I have an older A6 now (99) that has been pretty good, but man when something does break it is expensive!
  • I am in the NY area. Can you share which dealership this was?
  • Exterior: Dark Graphite Metallic
    Interior: Oyster/Black Dakota Leather
    Trim: Anthracite Wood Trim
    Steptronic Automatic Trans
    Cold Weather
    Premium I & II
    Rear-view camera
    Heated front seats
    Park Distance Control
    Nav system
    Sirius w/ 1 year
    iPod and USB adapter

    MSRP as config'ed: 61,175
    Sale Price: 54,995

    Also a couple of questions for those in the know, how does the BMW loyalty program work? I currently drive a 2003 530i, does this have to do with where I originally purchased the vehicle?

    It feels like a good deal, but I'm looking towards the buying wisdom of this forum for advice!

  • All -

    Great forum that has helped me negotiate a good price on the car. I had a question regarding the Loyalty credit. I have what I believe is a pretty good price for a 2011 535i - dealership is in the Washington DC Metro area. However, I'm being told that I cannot get the $1000 loyalty credit because I am getting 3.9% financing via BMW Financial Services as that rate is supposedly a loyalty APR. From reading the incentives/rebates on this site, it appears that the financing at 3.9% isn't a loyalty APR, but just an incentive APR. Can someone clarify? Appreciate the help/advice!!
  • Dealers are in the Chicago area.
  • Curious what others may have said, I got a price of $52,204 on a 2011 535xi w/

    $1,730 Option Credit (Requires Navigation Pkg, Exp: 10/31/2011)
  • 535xi, following features, price $53700 (MSRP 59700)

    1. Imperial Blue Metallic
    2. Gray Dakota Leather
    3. Cold Weather package
    4. Premium Package
    5. Nav System
    6. Voice Command
    7. IPOD USB Adapter
    8. BMW Apps
    9. Split fold down rear seat
    10 Dark Wood trim.

    also what is Nav Credit? Is it still available?

    Thanks for any help.
  • Just had 550i delivered last week and got reasonable deal with residual support from BMW for existing 2011 inventory.

    2011 550i
    M package
    Prem 2
    Sport Auto
    BMW Apps

    $71125 Sticker, neg. sale price $66744
    12 K miles, 36 mos. residual .61 and money factor .00155 with loyalty
    $2173 total drive off and payment $801/mo. before CA sales tax

    Love this car so far. Turned in 08 M3 conv. and this car might be just as fast and handles great with the Sport + setting, then great comfort and luxury in normal mode. This model 550i is nearly the same size as my old 2006 750i but much better drive.

    Drove the 535i and really liked it too and great engine, but with the lease residual support the 550i cost difference was minimal so got the power I really wanted.
  • jayg6jayg6 Posts: 14
    I agree that the Acura MXD forum has a lot more chatter and plenty of useful feedback. I bought a MDX last year as well and the forum was very helpful.

    I just purchased a 2011 528i a few days ago. Back with Black interior. This is what I got:

    MSRP: 48200
    Paid: 42,600 + TTL

    The price paid includes a $1000 loyalty discount and $1700 navigation credit. I know that I could have had the dealer shave off another $300-$500 on the final price, but opted to buy at the listed price to avoid the repeated back and forth. This car is pretty basic with the only options being NAVIGATION and USB(iphone connectivity), which are the only features which I really care about. A lot of features like wood trim, moonroof, etc come standard so this is exactly what I wanted.

    The dealer informed me that he could give me $7000 off of sticker price if I choose to buy a 535i, since they have a lot more 535i's in stock. The 535xi has an extra $1500 credit, in addition to the loyalty and navigation credits.
  • rezrez Posts: 41
    ...I have landed on a 2008 535i. I was burnt by a couple of BMW dealers on CPO's which they sold without the CPO warranty even after advertising them as CPO's. I thought this was deceptive advertising, but through this forum I found out that this happens. Anyway, I ended up buying from an independent dealer.

    Alpine White on Light Beige Dakota w/ Dark Poplar

    Cold Weather
    Comfort Access
    Sat Radio
    Ipod & USB

    The car was checked by the local BMW dealer and a speaker, some kind og leg and the wiper blades were changed. Warranty ends on September 2012.

    I need some advice on Extended warranty. Please suggest where to buy and how much they usually cost.

    THANK YOU ALL for everything that you've contributed to me through this forum. ;)
  • can you you let us know when you got the car from? i am interested in getting one. Thank you,
  • jayg6jayg6 Posts: 14
    Sorry for the delay in response. For some reason I did not get notified on your query.

    I bought the car from Peter Pan BMW in San Mateo(Bay Area). They had a car identical to what I purchased. However, it no longer shows up in the inventory. You may want to checked if other dealerships have something similar.
  • vhl71vhl71 Posts: 9
    Thinking of getting a demo 2011 535i x drive with 13k on it. Dealers demo/courtesy car.
    The warranty started 6 months ago. With exec pkg and other options the MSRP is Canadian 71,800

    My clac is if you take the standard 7-8% discount, it comes to around $66k

    Considering its got 13K on odometer, I should get another 5-6k off. Thinking of offering 60K

    Is this reasonable?
  • Hi VHL,

    I recently bought a 2010 528ix dealer service loaner at about 11K off sticker (US$) with 23K miles, CPO included in the deal. Pretty basic car, Premium Package and Value Package (no Nav).

    I found the Edmunds used car value estimator helpful to set an expected dealer list on the deal. You may also want to find out if the dealer has depreciated the car fully yet, if applicable. If not, that may limit their willingness to discount.

    Love it so far. Definitely a sportier feel than the A6 it replaced.

    Hope this helps.
  • Looking at a 2011 535 with 9 miles on it- PP 1 and 2 and convenience pack- and some other stuff I cant remember- space gray with beige int- sticker is 60, 175- they have bid 52,500 - - is that fair?
  • ccappaccappa Posts: 29
    Realistically-what could one expect to pay, vis-a-vis invoice, for a 2012 528i x-drive? Price vs. invoice then minus incentives (Nav credit, "mission to drive" credit, and any other incentives I might not be aware of). I don't qualify for BMW loyalty credit. Any input welcome.

    Thank you.
  • tenet1tenet1 Posts: 354
    Folks - What kind of discounts are you all getting for 2012 528i. I am looking at one stickered at $54k and wondering what realistic discounts would be. I know there is a nav credit, but are there any other deals being offered? Thanks
  • I am hearing there are new factory to dealer incentives in December. Anyone know details?
  • Alpine white exterior
    Cinnamon brown dakota leather interior
    Cold weather package
    Premium package
    Premium sound package
    Sport package
    Technology package
    Sport automatic transmission
    Soft-close automatic doors (for $600, these doors must be super special!)
    BMW apps
    Total MSRP = $64,325 (incl. $875 destination charge)

    MY LEASE = $2,500 total drive-off; $632/month incl. 8.75% sales tax for 36 months and 12,000 miles/year

    How'd I do?
  • rayceeraycee Posts: 10
    That sounds like an incredibly good deal for a 2012 535i considering their national advertised lease is no where close to this.
    Can you tell me your lease term period and also which dealer and city?
    Thanks for sharing.
  • yookerr2yookerr2 Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    Could you provide us a little more info as to how you obtained that low lease rate? Im working on a 535i at or around your MSRP figure.

    Could you provide what incentives/rebates were to drive down the cap cost? Basically in your lease paperwork what did they sell you the car for after all the factory and dealer gives?

    Way too good of a deal.
  • Thanks! I wasn't sure it was that great of a price. I leased the car for 36 months from the BMW dealer in Valencia, CA.
  • The "final" price was $55,239.87. That included the $1,000 owner loyalty rebate and the $1,700 navigation credit. We also received significant reductions to the money factor related to the timing of the lease and the fact that we turned in another BMW; the lease on that car was scheduled to end on 12/27.

    I began the process by soliciting quotes via the Edmunds site. Hope that helps. Good luck!!!
  • Considering 2012 535i RWD Sedan with following options:
    - metallic color

    - cold weather
    - driver assistance
    - premium
    - luxury seating
    - sport
    - technology

    - Sport Automatic transmission
    - ARS
    - integral active steering
    - BMW apps
    - heads up display
    - active cruise control
    - night vision
    - side and top view cameras
    - parking assistant

    - 1730 navi credit (not interested or qualified for any other incentives)

    MSRP 78925$ (including dest charge, excluding navi credit)
    Invoice 72455$ (including dest charge, excluding navi credit)

    What would be a good price for this vehicle including navi credit ?
  • Thanks to this forum I got a good idea for the baseline price.

    2 weeks ago bought a 2011 528i from Sonnen BMW in San Raphael for 43,700 + TTL. Following are the options:

    Oyster black color
    Black interior wooden trim
    Dacota Leather
    Premium package
    Heated front seats
    BMW apps
    Ipod/Iphone integration

    This is the first non-Japanese car that i am driving and just loving this BMW.

  • Can you please tell me what's the msrp on your car so that I can have an idea how much I can bargain for below msrp. Thanks.
  • Bought a 6 month old used 2011 535i Dark Graphite Metallic with under 2K miles for 49K in CA. Hopefully I got a good deal.
    MSRP 59K
    Premium Package
    Premium Package 2
    Rear View Camera
    Rear sunshades
    Heated Seats
    Real Time Traffic
    Navigation Command
    Voice Command
    Satellite Radio

    Premium hi-fi system
    Steptronic automatic transmission
    Dark wood trim
  • Lisamba,
    I am trying to mimic that deal with a dealer in Texas and he is telling there is now way to get to that price. Any help?
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