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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117

    This is a good deal. I sold a new 2012 528xi last month through the EPP. All those fees can be expected and most are normal fees. I'm not sure what the $500 MACO is though since MD doesn't have a fee like that. I hope this helps you about the fees
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    There should definately be plenty of 2012 528's available with Navigation/Tech package and BMW apps unless you want a specific color combo and options. Also, I haven't heard of the navigation system or idrive being redone for the 2013 model
  • My friends,

    I am engaged in a huge debate with myself as to what I should do. I am going to buy a 528i through BMW's Executive Preference Program (EPP), which allows me to purchase the vehicle through my company (since it has over 500 employees) for $3,000 below dealer invoice - no questions asked (and no additional negotiation permitted).

    Here are the two options I am debating between:

    2013 528i
    Premium Package
    (316 - Power tailgate, 322 - Comfort Access system, 655 - Satellite radio, LC - Dakota Leather)
    Technology Package
    (609 - Navigation system, 610 - Head-up Display, 615 - Online Information Services, 6NF -Smartphone Integration, 6NR - BMW Apps, 6UH - Real Time Traffic Information, 6WA - Instrument cluster with extended contents)
    MSRP: $53,795
    Invoice: $49,710
    Grand Total: $50,612.60 ($49,710 (invoice) - $3,000 (EPP discount) X 6% (Sales Tax) + $1,100 (dealer fees/tag))


    2012 528i
    Premium Package
    (316 Power tailgate, 319 - Universal Garage Door Opener, 508 - Park Distance Control, LC - Dakota Leather)
    Technology Package
    (3AG - Rear-view camera, 609 Navigation system)
    & (separately added on) 6NR - BMW Apps
    MSRP: $51,925
    Invoice: $48,000
    Grand Total $48,880.00 ($48,000 (invoice) - $3,000 (EPP discount) x 6% (Sales Tax) + $1,100 (dealer fees/tag))

    Which 528i would you buy?

    Ok, the most immediately apparent difference is the price: the 2013 cost $1,700 more than the 2012 (part of that is due to the $600 increase in MSRP for the 2013, and part of it is the price of the packages)

    But, as you can see, the packages come with DIFFERENT items:
    -The 2013 Premium package comes with satellite radio (which I won't use - I'm a big Pandora fan), as well as the Comfort Access System - I'm not sure if I'm going to use that. But, unfortunately, the 2013 loses the Park Distance Control. What's more important?
    -The 2013 Technology package loses the Rear-view camera (which is a shame), but gains the Head-up Display, which according to some people on the forum, is the most amazing thing since sliced bread.
    -Also, the 2013 comes with the newly updated (hardware and software) navigation system (which is discussed in length here: This is important to me, as my understanding is that the new system will be better and faster. I'm a big technology buff.
    -And of course (still in debate), is the possibility (albeit unlikely) that the new digital multifunction instrument display (instrument cluster) might be on the new 2013 (see but it is not looking like it will be in the July builds.

    I'm leaning towards buying the 2013, especially considering that the 2012 production run has ended, and BMW is obviously going to try to unload the remainder of them at somewhat of a discount prior to the arrival of the 2013's (but unfortunately my deal through the EPP program always remains the same - $3,000 below invoice).

    THOUGHTS? Your comments are GREATLY appreciated.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    Wouldn't you be better off not using the deal and negotiating with the dealer directly through their internet dept? You should be able to do better than $3k under invoice in this market on a 2012. There are a few incentives out there for this one last time i checked.
  • marinskasmarinskas Posts: 13
    Coupedncal, anyone: is it possible to negotiate below invoice AND then combine negotiated price with Manufacturer's rebates, Team USA rebate, and other rebates? In other words if one negotiates $3k off the invoice - can he still apply additional discounts potentially adding up to another $4k, which would equal to $7k off the invoice??? If that's the case - this would be the best deal ever! :shades:
  • jasonmdbmwjasonmdbmw Posts: 117
    Remember on the 2012's you have the $1500 Option Allowance and if you already own a BMW, the $1500 Loyalty Cash. Both can be applied with the EPP Program. So you should be able to get $6000 under invoice on a 2012.
  • ditrasetmanditrasetman Posts: 7
    edited June 2012
    Jason, are you sure that cash allowances can be combined with the EPP?
    This is from the EPP document "While the programs that are available and applicable will vary based on the time of purchase, certain cash discount programs (i.e. model build out allowances) will not be available in conjunction with the national EPP program."

    Also, in another EPP document I have, it says "Fleet pricing for Cash purchases or FMC acquisitions cannot be combined with any retail sales support programs, retail invoice or option credits."

    Lastly, I have USAA insurance, and I believe there are some potential cash benefits for that as well, but I am also not sure if they can be combined with EPP.

    And by the way, I am buying the car - not sure if that matters.
  • I was quoted a money factor of .0225 and Residual of 56% for a 2012 535i 36mo/15k lease. Why such a high MF?

    Also, the dealer only offered $5k below MSRP ($1k over invoice), which I don't feel was too great of a deal, especially with the '13's around the corner.

    What do you think will change once the 2013's hit the lot?
  • jk7jk7 Posts: 35
    Leased a 535i Deep Sea Blue with Sport, premium, premium sound, tech, HUD, surround cameras.

    Price was about 65k MSRP. Ended up at invoice price minus 1500 option allowance plus another 1500 coupon that BMW mailed me (Which I ended up getting right before I was to leave for dealership) They could not combine my Team USA rebate with this.

    I did multiple security deposits. I think MF was around .00141.

    15k miles/year, nothing down 760 including tax/month.

    There was another dealer who was willing to give me a further 500 off but didn't have the color/combination I was looking for.

    This is in So Cal.
  • vicmingvicming Posts: 3
    Planning to get a 2012 535xi - how much off invoice should I target? This is for New Jersey.

    Thanks in advance.

  • tbg24tbg24 Posts: 2
    jk7 -

    What dealer in So Cal did you lease from. I am looking for something that sounds very similar in the next couple weeks.

    How did you get the extra $1500 coupon that BMW emailed you?

    I appreciate the info!
  • jk7jk7 Posts: 35

    There is a dealer on Bimmerfest forum who will also offer good deals.. I have friends that have leased through Mckenna I hear is very competitive..

    I dont know how I got that coupon, I am coming out of an MB lease, I wonder if that had to do with it..
  • solar2000solar2000 Posts: 25
    Friends, I am unable to find the 528xi M Sport with all the options that I want. The dealerships that I have contacted suggested doing a custom order. Do any of you have experience with this? What should I watch out for and what questions should I be asking? Any and all advice appreciated! Thanks!!!
  • tbg24tbg24 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply. I am still working with a couple deals. Too busy to focus a lot of time on it. You had mentioned mulitple security deposits, but also mentioned nothing down. Can you clarify the breakdown of what the up front out of pocket was?

    Thanks in advance.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    edited August 2012
    We custom ordered a 2012 X5 Diesel from a local dealer for pickup at the BMW Performance Center. Different vehicle, but same reason. Couldn't find the color / option combination we wanted in stock.

    In retrospect, it's a great way to go. We got a very competitive discount (within $500 of the best deal on an in-stock model) but effectively saved money by not having to take any extra options that we didn't want. We ordered mid July and will be picking up on September 5. Could have picked up a week or two earlier, but had vacation plans and back to school conflicts.

    Re: Performance Center Delivery. Absolutely the way to go if you have the time and live within 500 miles of Spartanburg. ALL models can be picked up there, even the M-cars. BMW puts you up for a night at the Marriott with dinner and breakfast included. Tour of the factory and then you get out on the track with BMW professional drivers. Friend did it last year with his wife and they both raved about the experience, vs. just being handed the keys and driving off the dealer lot.
  • Dealer in another state that I live in is asking

    44.9K with 10,000 miles for a Demo car 2012 (says being driven about 1200 miles per month as loaner car).
    with the options as follows:
    Cold weather, technology, premium pkg
    Its not CPO but says 4 yrs./50K applies to the remaining period.
    Asking $2500 to get it CPO status.

    Asking for full payment to send it across state lines - no financing allowed.
    If financing, have to travel 700 miles to the dealer and pick up by myself.

    Similar car with same options in my local area being offered at 49K - demo car but with 3800 miles. But, its not the color we want while the first one is the color we want.

    Any opinion if these prices are ok?

    Thanks for your time,
  • Got offered a 2010 CPO 528i with premium package for 29k + 699 dealer fee.
    28k miles and 10 months left on the original warranty.

    HOw is teh price? any advice?
  • Dealer has a 12 with M package/prem/hud etc, with 11.5k miles.
    Original price 69k
    Asking 57.5k

    Is this a good deal?

    Any CPO incentives financing

    Hard to evaluate price due to very few sites have used 2012 model year( Edmunds/KBB etc)
  • ctskasctskas Posts: 1
    My wife and I are looking for a 535xi with the M package. Which dealer are you referring to with this inventory.
  • kssod1kssod1 Posts: 50
    was not advertised, the sales manager was driving a recent trade.
    Purchased for 55k, sticker was 69k.
  • 2013 BMW 535i

    Deep Sea Blue Metallic
    Black Dakota Leather
    Driver Assistance Package
    Premium Package
    Technology Package
    Heated Front Seats

    MSRP - $61,245
    Price - $58,570

    36 month/10k mile - Monthly payment of $734 with $4,000 Drive-Off ($2,000 from Client, $2,000 BMW Holiday Cash)
    36 month/10k mile - Monthly payment of $645 with $7,000 Drive-Off ($5,000 from Client, $2,000 BMW Holiday Cash)

    39 month/10k mile - Monthly payment of $720 with $4,000 Drive-Off ($2,000 from Client, $2,000 BMW Holiday Cash)
    39 month/10k mile - Monthly payment of $636 with $7,000 Drive-Off ($5,000 from Client, $2,000 BMW Holiday Cash)

    60% Residual for 36 month lease
    58% Residual for 39 month lease

    Money Factor is 1.25

    License - $569 (approximate)
    Documentation Fee - $80
    Bank Fee - $795
    CA Tire Fee - $8.75
    County tax rate : 8.25
  • Hello all,

    My 530i, purchased in 09 from Irvine BMW, extended maintenance/warranty plan just ended. The odometer just turned 97k miles, and I'm trying to decide if I should keep it or not now that I am footing the maint/repair bills. Car has been a pleasure so far with little more than planned maintenance. Average mpg is 25 and it still looks and drives great.

    Any owners out there that can offer advice/experience? This is my first BMW.
  • Jet black on black, Anthracite wood trim
    Premium package
    Tech package
    Premium hifi sound

    MSRP: $54,670 plus $300 regional adjustment!
    Invoice: $50,305

    I'm planing to special order the 2013 BMW 528i with the above options, a dealer in Eastbay-CA offerred $500 over invoice price if self finance or $500 below invoice if finance through BMW. My credit union bank gave me 1.49% on 5yrs while BMW had 3.49%. If anyone has better offers then please chip in!
  • Guys,

    1. when ordering from a dealer for US delivery can you apply incentives (loyalty, financing cash credit)?

    2. Incentives are applied to MSRP or Invoice?


    Also found on the lot what I like:

    2013 535i
    Jet Black/Black
    Sport package
    Premium sound
    Tech package

    $61,300 What do you think? order in hopes of a better deal or buy from a lot at that price?

    Thank you for your help.
  • I'm a day away from buying a 2010 528i Xdrive(certified pre-owned). I've negotiated for two separate cars and am trying to determine which deal is best. Both are generally the same except options & miles. Here you go. Appreciate the help.

    2010 528i Xdrive
    33.5k miles
    Deep Sea Blue/Beige Cream Interior
    Value Package
    Premium Package
    Sirius Satellite Radio
    Negotiated Price: $32,750

    2010 528i Xdrive
    24.9k miles
    Platinum Gray/Gray Interior
    Value Package
    Premium Package
    NO Navigation
    NO Sirius Satellite Radio
    Negotiated Price: $29,750
    What's the value of Nav & Sirius? I'd like to have them but I would be paying $3k more.

    Also, do these seem like good deals?
  • Selling price of 535 is $57600 and then I have $2000 rebate we are using after that. The money down is just inception fees, 1st month,tags$376,bankfee$725,$docfee$299,NJtiretax$6.00 then there is a tax on the rebate which is $140. That deal is $690 behind dealer invoice, MSRP$62795 Invoice$58290

    674 month
    2200 down inception fees
    12000 miles
    39 month lease

    707 month w/15000 miles

    Is this a good deal? I am in NJ
  • chris218chris218 Posts: 8
    edited December 2012
    Looking for opinions on this lease offer-
    2012 528ix. $625/month. 39 mos. 10K/year. only thing due at signing is first month payment. all other fees & taxes (NJ 7%) are rolled into the payment. MSRP is $55,095.00

    exterior color $550
    Leather $1,460
    Heated front seats $500
    Nav $1,900

    I appreciate any feedback. Thanks
  • I was offered a 535ix (MSRP $61,945.00) for $655/month. 39 mos, 10K/year. only thing due at signing is first month's payment ($655). All fees, including NJ tax, are rolled into payment. This rate was without negotiatiing. Did include $750 loyalty rebate, since I already own a BMW.

    So I think you can do better than your current deal.
  • lorjas2klorjas2k Posts: 5
    edited February 2013
    I am working with a dealer in Pittsburgh, PA on a used CPO 2012 528i xDrive with the following:

    17,500 miles
    Premium Package
    Cold Weather Package
    Technology Package

    After some initial discussions, he is quoting me at $45,850 (not including tax and reg). I am hoping there is still some room for him to go down, but wanted to see if this price seemed like a fair deal.
  • Index Description MSRP
    Base Price $90,200.00
    ZDA Driver Assistance Package 1,900.00
    ZEC Executive Package 5,500.00
    2NZ 20" M Light Alloy Wheels 1,300.00
    4CE Anthracite Wood Trim 0.00
    6F2 Bang & Olufsen Sound System 3,700.00
    Full Merino Leather 3,500.00
    Base Price Discount - Pre 1/2013 Inventory -300.00

    Estimated Gas Guzzler Tax 1,300.00
    Destination and Handling 895.00
    TOTAL AS EQUIPPED $107,995.00
    SELLING PRICE $100,935.00

    Lease Terms
    Lender BMW Financial Services
    Term 36 Months
    Mileage 10,000/year
    Money Factor 0.81
    Residual Factor 52%

    Selling Price $100,935.00

    Total Capitalized Cost

    Residual Value $56,157.40
    Total Depreciation $44,777.60
    Capital Reduction $0.00
    Monthly Depreciation $1,243.82
    Monthly Rent $127.24

    Monthly Payment $1,371.07
    Tax (9%) $123.40

    Monthly Payment + Tax $1,494.46

    License & Registration $791.00
    Bank Fee $725.00
    Documentation Fee $80.00
    First Payment $1,494.46
    Security Deposit $10,500.00

    Drive Off $13,662.91

    Trade Equity $0.00
    Rebate $0.00

    Due at Signing $13,662.91
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