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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ctshorsectshorse Posts: 13
    NEVER EVER put money down on a lease. It's just irresponsible. In your case, get the dealer to issue you a check for the $4K. This is what I did when I got my first BMW and had to get rid of a Nissan 300Z. If you signed the papers, CALL THEM Monday and demand a revised contract with the $4K back to you. They may bump the MF a little but still, you keep the cash. If the car is stolen ot totaled you will lose that $4K. My accountant screamed at me the day after I did the deal. Then he made me correct it. Good luck.
  • I drove home my new BMW 528i today (Monaco Blue, Brown Leather, Xenon, Heated front seats, iPod, comfort Access, Premium Package). MSRP - $50,075

    To be fair I bought a demo/loaner car with 9,100 miles on it (but it will be under warranty for as long as I have it), but here is the deal.

    Term: 36 Months
    Type: Lease
    Mileage/yr: 12,000
    Cap Cost: $45,524.15 (my only out of pocket was the first payment. Acquisition fee was $825, Tax was 2618.52, title $184.30, price of vehicle $41,896.33)
    residual value: $29,669.50 ( I thinks this works out to about 65%)
    depreciation: $15,864.55
    rent charge: $6632.03
    total of base monthly payments: $22,486.68
    Monthly lease payment: $624.63

    There are no other fees detailed except the $350 disposition fee at the end of the term.

    I do not know what the money factor is as this is not called out on the paperwork. I am not quite sure how to figure this out.

    Thanks to all who have posted here. I wouldn't be driving this 528i with our all of the good info posted here. I hope this will help others.

    What do you all think of this deal? My next best deal for a similar car was $752/mo.
  • smithsongasmithsonga Posts: 123
    seems like an OK deal if are satisfied leasing a used car (demo are used...they are just allowed to sell them as untitled new).

    I got a 528i back in December, 2 yrs, 10k miles/year. $52k msrp....around $48k price if I recall. $1800 total down (doc fee, acq fee, a small cap cost reduction..about $400, long story). $600/month including 7% sales tax.
  • gjonesmigjonesmi Posts: 4
    If you purchase you BMW at a dealer that is not local, does the local dealer have a responsibility to service your car and provide a loaner.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    Any BMW dealer will be glad to do service and warranty work on your car..

    Loaners will vary by dealer.. Given enough notice, my local dealer will provide a BMW loaner to any service customer, regardless of where they purchased their car.. Some dealers only give loaners to their own sales customers.

    BMW NA has no policy or requirement for loaners. It is solely at each individual dealer's discretion.



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  • sergeymsergeym Posts: 267
    BMW 550 with the sport package has M-aero package standard. Check BMWUSA.COM if in doubt.
  • Im in the market for a 5 series im lookin at two vehicles a 04 530i with 36000 mil on it or a 05 525i with 28000 mil on it same packages cold weath preamium im almost getting the same deal 26500 for the 525 and 27000 for the 530 and suggestions on this decision?????
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    Can I just have a little experience about the 5 series

    How does it compare to lexus cars

    Hows the road feel?

    Difficult to use electronics?

  • x021627x021627 Posts: 152
    I drove a 2003 BMW 530 for 2 years. Put $45K miles on it in that time. Great car and my first BMW. Decided that the high mileage was going to cause me to be out of warranty in short order and since my commute changed, decided to instead get a Lexus 330. Nice car, but like a sofa. No real fun driving. Great for long trips. Won't be passing folks or making quick maneuvers. Since my lease was nearly up, started looking at 5 series again. No comparision at all with driving dynamics, road feels, power, etc. Cabin isn't as fancy as Lexus, but I like the spartan look and I drive makes things fun. Don't believe the critics that say it is horrible. It is not the best interface, but hardly the worst. I learned how to use it in 10 minutes and it allows all the customization for radio, climite control and other things you could possibly want. I love especially the IPOD

    As for reliability, I had no issues on the 03 5 series and don't expect any on this car also, not until possibly 75k miles, but it's a lease, so at 36K I will be walking away to another BMW.

  • I've driven Lexus GS's for 5 years and just changed over to a brand new 535i. The lexus was comfortable and powerful and the engine bulletproof. Factory service is VERY expensive, $130 oil changes alone.

    The BMW, though, is much more exciting and responsive. If you consider yourself a car person and enjoy punching off the line or zipping through and around traffic, go for the BMW.

    Personally, I'm more comfortable with a lease on a bimmer, and don't want to have the car out of warranty.
  • rudorrudor Posts: 1
    You can protect yourself from such a potential loss by getting full replacement insurance policy, like Allstate Platinum. In that case, if the car is totalled, you get a brand new car and you continue with the lease as if nothing happened - albeit with a new car.

    The increased premium is worth it. Note that this replacement coverage only applies for the first 2 years, but your down payment will be absorbed by then anyway.
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Posts: 307
    Given that example, it's even worse. The 4k is still gone. Yes you get a new car with a new lease payment but no one writes you a check for the 4k you prepaid.

    With a lease, it's not a down payment, it's a prepayment.

    Plus that's nothing but a profit center for insurance companies as a lease with BMWFS includes GAP insurance.
  • ctshorsectshorse Posts: 13
    please ask the bank and BMW FS what happens in case of total loss.
    Work through an example like this one. You walk away with a $50K car and a 36 mos $700 payment. 6 months later you have a 100% loss. The mob puts 2 snitch in the trunk, takes it to one of their salvage yards and compacts the car into a 4x4 block and dumps it in the hudson. You are still on the hook for 30 months of payments plus the contracted value of the car at the end of the lease LESS what you put down for cap reduction. Your insurance company will make payments based on the value of the car at time of loss. This amount more than likely will be less than your lease payments due plus the end of lease car value. There would be a GAP.

    The Bank Fee you pay is intended to cover the GAP between what your insurance pays and what BMW's loss is. Your loss is not insured under GAP. Buying extra insurance from your agent to cover your cap reduction loss is not wise. Instead, you should put that money into an account designated to pay the lease. Spread it out over the lease life yourself giving you the effective lower payment you desire. This way, if there is a 100% loss, you would still have money in the bank and your GAP would be covered.
  • calvin540icalvin540i Posts: 1
    I purchased a 1994 BMW with no manual. Where is the best place to purchase one. Also, what are the "A" and "M" for in regards to the transmission.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,749
    Hi calvin540i..

    Since this discussion is focused on pricing, you might have more luck in one of our other 5-series discussions..

    You can find a list of them here: BMW 5-Series

    Good luck! If you need direction to a specific discussion, just ask!

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  • Hello
    I am trying to order 535 with following options in DFW(incl surrounding area). Any input on the deal is appreciated:

    3.0-liter, turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine

    Base MSRP $49,400

    Black Sapphire Metallic $0

    Natural Brown Dakota Leather $0

    Light Poplar wood trim $0

    Cold Weather Package $750

    Premium Package $2,100

    STEPTRONIC automatic transmission $0

    Navigation system $1,900

    iPod and USB adapter $400

    Park Distance Control $700

    Rear side-impact airbags $385

    Destination & Handling: $775

    Total MSRP as Built $56,410

    discount -$2,000

    Total $54,410

    This is 2000 over the invoice incl options. Is this a good deal? Do you think I can do better.
  • The dealership just called that they will do 53000 + TTL. 600 over Invoice. Seems good to me. I get it first week of July. What do you guys think?
  • netman710netman710 Posts: 3
    I got a quote for 535xi in NJ area for 53000 + TTL, similar equipment except this had rear fold-down seats and no PDC.

    Since this was for 535xi, (MSRP 58,000), I think you still have some room to go lower. I have not pulled the trigger yet, but compared a few dealers, so think this is close to bottom.

    Hope this helps :)
  • ctshorsectshorse Posts: 13
    BAD DEAL. I'm on the east cost outside philly. In stock cars are going for a discount off msrp of $4k EASY. I have a deal on the table right now for a $60,400K msrp at $52,500 SP. It's in stock. I tried to find a dealer saturday who might match the deal but a different color. None of them had a car close the $60K. But all of them were happy to do a deal on a less equipped car with $4k off of msrp. OVER THE PHONE. Find what you want in stock for the best deal. You maynot be able to find a few of those options in-stock like rear bags and parking distance control but I can't imagine why you'd want them anyway. Why not put that money into an option you's use everyday. Like a better stereo.
  • ctshorsectshorse Posts: 13
    I bet my dealer would beat that deal. i tried a few NJ dealers and most of them were way higher.
  • I have finally sealed the deal on a new 535i. Black Sapphire with Brown Interior


    MSRP 60570

    - 5500 off

    + TTL
    + GAP(700)

    = 58700
  • sdg380sdg380 Posts: 109
    BMLexus, don't know if you're still looking for feedback, I'm driving an '02 530, non-sport with stick, had an '91 525 before that, my wife has an '03 Lexus ES330.

    My short answer is: The Lexus is pleasure to ride in, the BMW is a pleasure to drive.

    The 530 has been very reliable, although some issues with the electrical gremlins, as in my '91, clearly not up to the standards of the Japanese brands, IMO. Re "ease of use" of electronics, the old controls were fine, I've had a 530 loaner with iDrive and did not find it that daunting, but there's a reason it is universally panned, it's just not as easy to use as it should be.

    So does this overcome the above generalization?--Not really for me, I'm willing to put up with quite a bit for the pleasure of the BWW chassis, drive train, and driving dynamics.

    I haven't driven a Lexux GS series (rear drive), so maybe that's going to provide a more satisfying driving experience than my wife's ES, but Lexus has not tried to make a name for itself as the "ultimate driving machine", so I'm not sure a GS would be that much different.

    I think it really comes down to priorities and preferences, the BMW's have really captured a "feel" that few have duplicated, and like many others, I'm willing to put up with other shortcomings to enjoy this aspect of a BMW. But Lexus makes fine cars, as do others, and a Lexus holds its value (as does a BMW) and is likely to be very reliable, so I think you've got to do your homework with some seat time before you plunk down $50K+.
  • ctshorsectshorse Posts: 13
    what are the remaining terms?
    lease pmts, money down?
  • x021627x021627 Posts: 152
    $700 for gap insurance or did you mean security deposit? GAP should be inlcuded and not extra.
  • ctshorsectshorse Posts: 13
    GAP is not included. It's part of the Bank Fee you pay at closing. The only out-of-pocket you should pay when you sign the lease is 1'st month + bank fee + tags. GAP is in the bank fee. Anything else you put down is toward cap reduction cost and will only lower your lease payment. If you have a total loss, your cap reduction is not covered but your insurance or the gap. Keep that in mind.
  • netman710netman710 Posts: 3
    Hi ctshorse,

    Looks like your dealer in PA is a lot more flexible on price than NJ dealers. Can you send me info on your dealer, I am not that far from Philly area.

    much appreciated.

  • ctshorsectshorse Posts: 13
    Herb at bmw of the main line is your guy. Bala Cynwyd PA. He's on vacation until next week,
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    Just got word that my new 550 was delivered today and I get to pick it up tomorrow. I got nearly every option including the M5 aerodynamic pkg which is pretty sweet looking. They're also adding the little rear lip spoiler in the morning. I was going to buy it but then got to thinking that they;ll probably come out with some super engine that makes the 550 archaic and have the prices dive so I've considered the idea of leasing - does this make any sense.

    AND....a Ferrari 328 GTB just happened to pop up and I'm getting a PPI on it tomorrow. If it's as good as they claim it be, I'll soon have the GTS and GTB matching side by side in my garage ;)
  • carnaughtcarnaught 'zonaPosts: 2,341
    I was going to buy it but then got to thinking that they;ll probably come out with some super engine that makes the 550 archaic and have the prices dive so I've considered the idea of leasing - does this make any sense.

    Although I have no new information to offer, I don't doubt that you have a point. I would agree with a lease if it's a good deal. Good luck with the car.
  • mango39mango39 Posts: 10
    Model 0856 528i USD 44,300.00
    Color 475 Black Sapphire Metallic N/C
    Upholstery LCSW Black Dakota Leather N/C
    Options ZPP Premium Package 2,300.00
    319 Universal Garage Door Opener N/C
    430 Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors N/C
    431 Auto-dimming rearview mirror N/C
    563 Ambient light package N/C
    205 STEPTRONIC automatic transmission N/C
    488 Lumbar support N/C
    494 Heated front seats 500.00
    522 Xenon headlights 800.00
    524 Adaptive light control N/C
    655 Satellite radio with 1 year subscription 595.00
    Net Total 48,495.00
    Destination Charge 775.00
    Gas Guzzler Tax N/C
    Total Suggested Price 49,270.00

    What would be the least offer that I can give on this car in Texas?
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