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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Got this quote today.(SoCal) - Is this good considering there is a $2100 premium package credit from BMW

    2008 528i - Prem,Sport,Navigation,Xenons Satellite Radio, Ipod/Usb
    MSRP - $54,420
    Selling Price - $49,615

    12K/36 months - $667 includes tax
    1.4% MF, 57% Residual
  • did you get this deal in Southern California? I've gotten a few quotes but they don't seem to be giving me the full premium credit.

    any advice?
  • I couldn't deal with RWD in the poor weather.

    This AWD seems to do the job as far as I have read.

    Does anybody have any experience with the AWD in snow and icy weather?

    Thanks for the input.......
  • I am looking at new 08 535i Blk/Biege with Sport, Comfort, Prem., Logic7, Heated Front Seats, iPod adapter. MSRP $58,825. Dealer says $4000 off. My calculation of invoice (taking Premium incentive into account) is $52,100. Is this the price I should try for, or are sales being done for ~$1000 less than the calculated invoice?
  • my SP w/ same exact MSRP was 53,666
  • I just leased a 08 535i Prem/Navigation/Cold

    10K miles *36 months for $585 a months.

    This is a demo car, so it has some miles.

    What do you think is this a good deal
  • cctdicctdi Posts: 82
    The main reason I chose xi on my 08 5er is the one inch more ground clearance; the other models have the bottoms only 4” inches off the ground, so if you get 3-4 inches snow on the road, most Bimmers just plow the white stuff. The 07 S8 got me so piss; with 3.7 bottom high and performance tires, this all wheel Quattro is a useless car on the snow.
  • Any numbers available?
    My dealer is offering $2500 off MSRP. Do u think it is a good price, what shd I be looking for?
    This is with Premium, Navigation, COld, Comfort access.

  • I just purchased a 535i (08) for $130 above invoice ($4600 below sticker). Use the invoice pricing from Edmunds and shoot for no more than 4% above that.
  • May be a stupid question ......the price u quoted is before Tax/Title etc. right?
  • Correct. Before tax & title
  • bmlexusbmlexus Posts: 755
    BMW has a 7-year model life, therefore, the new 5-series should be introduced as a 2011 model, as the current one was introduced as 2004 model. In Germany they come one year earlier, thus 2010 would be correct over there, however, the US has been getting it one year later. Currently, the new 5-series are being introduced in February, which makes the 2009 5-series already available while the 2010 should be out in Feb 2009, which is not that too far away

    Thank you for the info.
  • bmw 528i monaco blue/beige int. premium pckg (no cost)
    msrp 48,950
    down to 42k. will put 10k down approx $600/month x 60 months (0.9%)
    Just want to get an idea if I should go for this deal????
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,843
    $7000 off MSRP and .9% financing?

    Sounds pretty good... but, why put anything down, when money is that cheap?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • Agree 200%. Cash is king in this economy.
  • At that interest rate, I would agree with less $ down. If you are uncomfortable, put that same money down into an interest bearing account and use it to pay the payments until it is gone.
  • I am going to buy an 2008 528i. Several dealers in bay area, CA are offering 2K below invoice. Is this a good deal?
  • Anyone got any quotes? how much below MSRP, or how much above Invoice??
    How much r the dealers giving into right now?
  • I got quotes from at least 2 dealers in bay area, CA. They are selling any 2008 5 series 2k below invoice. I am trying to squeeze more.
  • pkh540pkh540 Posts: 23
    From the BMW NA Web site - SedanAPR.aspx

    "Be sure to ask your BMW center about adding the Premium Package at no cost."

    Is the 2k below invoice you mention the Premium Package discount or is this an additional discount?
  • pkh540pkh540 Posts: 23
    Just wanted to gauge what sort of discounts folks are able to negotiate for the 08's (taking into consideration that the Premium Package is now being offered as a no cost option).

    Does anyone know if BMW has a dealer holdback? And anyone hearing any indication as to whether the 0.9% financing will continue past the end of the month? Seems there are still quite a few 08's on dealer lots.

  • I am looking at purchasing a 2008 5 series or 3 series. Can you be more specific as to what dealerships in the bay area are offering 2k below invoice.
  • atxbmwatxbmw Posts: 2
    Is anyone having any luck buying a new 528i for less than invoice (taking into account the fact that premium package is now free)? If so, I would appreciate the benefit of your experience. I'm in Texas, if that matters/helps.
  • Got a quote for 535Xi with cold/premium/nav at invoice. I'm in the NY metro area. Is it a good enough deal at this market? Does anybody have any idea whether the 2.9% financing will continue and whether the no-cost premium package also applies to the 2009 version. Thx in advance.
  • Anyone made any purchases from dealers in these cities?
  • Hi,

    Quick question I am getting a quote from Texas Dealers 525 Premium, Comfort Access, 522 Xenon Lights, Sirius Satellite and IPOD and USD for 45780. Is that a good price? I might be able to get 45k. Tks!
  • Buddy of mine got his brand new 2008 535i for 17% below msrp, we're in buyers market, nat'l car sales is down by 30%+ so haggle your price down. you'll get a better deal if you contact dealers' fleet managers directly. u should get atleast 15% off msrp otherwise go to the next dealer, the longer you wait the better deal you should get on 08 models.
  • drgumsdrgums Posts: 51
    2009 535 xi
    manual 6 speed
    rear split
    sirius radio
    Park distance control
    winter mats

    $748 per month...36 months...taxes upfront...15K miles
    november program rates

    I think this is a very good deal.....any thoughts?
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