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2013 and earlier - BMW 5 Series Prices Paid and Buying Experience

plasticmdplasticmd Posts: 9
edited January 2014 in BMW
Ordered 2003 530 auto with premium/xenon/lumbar/heated wheel for 1500.00 below MSRP. This is a lease..don't know what monthly payments are going to be. Is this a good deal? Residual value will be 63%.


  • My friend lease a 2000 528ia with Premium package pls 4 rim & winter tires will be expired in the end of Jan 2003. The transfer ownership from him to me it costs US$400 plus extended warranty US$1800. The estimated final mileage will be around 50,000km not mile. Is it worth to buy this car? residue US$23,000+15% sales taxes in canada.
    So the final amount that I have to pay is US$25,200+15% taxes. Remarks: Excellent conditions
  • pen101pen101 Posts: 238
    Almost exactly one year ago, I secured a lease for a 2002 530i (5-sp,pp,sp,xexon) for $1,000 over invoice. My monthly payment, including all taxes is $535.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Very good price, although you should've bargained it down to $530 a month! :)
  • Last year I purchased a 02 530i w/ PP, DSP, Xenons, Step & Heated Wheel for $2400 off from MSRP. In addition I was able to negotiate the lease (m.f.) rate from .24 to .19.

    My recommendation would be to find out the lease rate by going to Edmunds Finance web page. Based on your term & mileage they will be able to provide you with rate information.

    Aside from going with Euro Delivery, the $$$ discount can vary from each region. My dealership is now being more aggressive with 5-series sales.

  • I leased a 01 530i about 6 months ago, has the premium and sport package, navigation system, steptronic. Extended warranty 5yr/100K miles. $4200 down, $698/monthly. Negotiated $3000 off MSRP.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Well, the extended warranty's nice, but you haven't told us what the terms are: Length of lease, mileage allowed, residual?

    Based solely on the monthly payments, it does sound high for a used model. But it may be reasonable...give us more info.
  • e210se210s Posts: 3
    I'm considering buying a '99 or '00 528i, off lease. I've been told that thw "wholesale" price on a '99 in good condition and with relatively low mileage is about $25,000. That sounds high to me. I'm in the NYC market. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or have you had any experience in this recently? (It would not matter to me if car were manual shift - I'd actually prefer it).
  • I just purchased a 525 with sport pkg. My last car was an Avalon XLS that had much softer seats than the BMW. The BMW drives great and I am very happy how it handles but the seats seem very stiff. Anyone knows if there are aftermarket seats,seat pads,ect. that could help?
    Also, any ideas on keeping the brake dust from getting all over the outside front wheels?
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    {You may want to post this on the regular 5-series board to get some more eyes on it.}

    I agree the sport package seats are firm, but I find them wonderfully supportive and well-contoured. In fact, I think the firmness is a good thing, but obviously it's a subjective call. I haven't heard of any "seat softeners," but you might look into those sheep covers. I think they look ridiculous, but they'd probably help take the edge off. You may just want to give the seats some time; you might warm up to them, and the leather and cushions will soften up a bit gradually.

    As for the brake dust, the only ways to eliminate (or greatly reduce) it are to switch to low-dust brake pads, or to install those brake dust shields. Problem with the first is that those who've gone with after-market low-dust pads usually complain of greater squealing, brake fade, and other functional detriments. And brake dust shields are potentially even worse, since they rob the rotors and calipers from effective ventilation (especially in stop-and-go traffic) which can greatly increase brake fade and increase braking distances. Not to mention your wheels look sillier with those shields than with some brake dust.

    Basically, you have to "deal with it," as we all do. Invest in a good wheel brush and P21S Wheel Cleaner, and spend 15-20 minutes on them every other week. It's far better than the alternatives.
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    just ordered 525 (prem pkg, heated steer wheel,cold weather and manual trans, 15k yr, 439/mo,1288 inceptions and multiple security (which i get back at lease end) of 4,050.00. also threw in xenon's if i order this week. i think deal is great since i tried several other dealers and prices were much higher. any feedback
  • Just ordered 530i with pre. package, sports package, premium sound/dsp and cold weather package. MSRP is $49,965...I'm probably going to lease for 2 years than upgrade to the new body style when it runs out. My question is what should the actual price of the car be? 1500 or 2000 below msrp. I put $1,000.00 down to hold the car I wanted and will arrive this friday. So, Friday is the day to finanlize everything. One more thing, the salesperson will throw in the window tint and clear bra with 1.9% financing if I pay sticker....let me know what you guys think.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    As I posted a couple days ago, you should negotiate starting at $1000 over the dealer's invoice price, and be willing to go up to around $2000 over invoice. DO NOT negotiate from MSRP, which is a rather meaningless figure; you want to negotiate what the dealer's profit will be, and it's a lot easier to do that bargaining up from the invoice price. If they give you a big hassle get your refund back and take it to another dealer.

    As for their "deal," it's pathetic. Window tint costs $150-200. The BMW clear bra sells for about the same amount. And the 1.9% financing is a BMW Financial Services promotion, not something the dealer's generously giving away. So, by paying him more than four grand over invoice, he'll give you a $400 break. Outrageous.
  • JMezz- love the move of going with the 525i over the 330xi.. It's a preference thing but with a 5 speed, you're in good shape...I researched the multi-deposit and it is a safe way to go so I am considering of doing the same deal.. I have three questions for you:
    1) how much more would a similarly equipped 530i run?
    2) What is your buy-back at lease end? did you negotiate this?
    3) Does this include tax? what is your tax rate?

  • Hey, Thanks for the quick reponse as usual. I found out today the car is in dock in California and won't be in CO till late next week. Gives me more time to shop for the price I want. I would never pay sticker so will see what they will come down to. On Edmunds the invoice is just over 45,000. Hopefully I can get at the price you suggested. Thanks again...
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    bimmer12- they gave me a rough qoute on 530 with similar equip and financials for about 90 more/mo. the prices i posted includes 6% tax. actually, i didn't officially place the order though i did get a written quote which i posted. however, i also improved upon that lease figure by 650.00 over life of is breakdown-425/mo,39 mo, 15k,1168 inceptions and yes the multiple security of 4,500. it keeps getting better every day but i am sure i have reached the bottom as several other dealers would not go this low. good luck!
  • I am looking to lease a 530i with auto, prem, cold weather and xenon. I got three quotes from 498/month, 508 and $549. this inc tax 39mth 12k multiple sec dep and incept fees. I'm told this deal ends Dec 31. Any comments?
  • Jmezz- I thought I was good at haggling but I might have to hire you!! Thanks for the quick response... Only question I would have is do you have an option to buy and how much do you thinka sport pkg would cost? I wish you were in the NY/NJ area, I would suggest we leverage them with the incentive of two sales...

    AWD2003-looks like a good deal- was your inceptions $1168 + the $4500? How can the $498-$549 includes multiple sec dep?

    Anyways, great job guys.. I will talk to the dealer tomorrow.
  • jmezzjmezz Posts: 36
    hi bimmer12-i think the sport pkg is a 2,000 option and the dealer told me for every 1,000in price of option your monthly goes up ~25.00. i officially placed my order this afternoon (blue water) and even got them to throw in the rear air bags option still for my above stated deal. i can buy the car at end but i am not exactly sure of cost as it is not stated on sales agreement. when i pick up car it will be on there.good luck they will be very eager within the next2 weeks.
  • bimmer12: The details are auto,premium, xenon and cold weather. 39mths 12k per yr $5850 which includes $4500 multiple sec I'm quoted $495. inc tax. I personally think the basic inception fees are high.
  • Hey guys:
    Think I'm going to go with the purchase and european delivery. I believe that many have reported getting a new bimmer for 1000-1500 over wholesale prices (listed on I just need to find a dealer in the NY/NJ area that will accomodate it as others have obtained. Have you guys seen any flexibility with interest rates for 60 months? Someone reported 1.9% but I'm not sure the tenure of his payments.. Any programs by BMW of NA this month?
  • hayemhayem Posts: 8
    I have the chance to buy a 2000 5 series wagon with sport and premium package for 37000$ it's a certified for 100 K miles and or 6 0r 7 yrs, it has 20700 miles on it any feed back? for me Thanks
  • I think it is way too much for a 2000 5 series eventhough it has low mileage. If it is a 540 then it may be OK, but for a 528 I think that $37K is too much, even for Certified. I am not sure what is your geographical area but I think You can do a lot better.

    Good Luck,

  • I just purchased a 2001 525i with 45k miles. Silver, Steptronic, Premium Package, tinted windows, new Continental tires. Car is flawless, not a scratch, ding, or mark anywhere. Here is the hard part to believe. I BOUGHT IT ON EBAY!
    And, I paid $26,000. Just flew down to Orlando and drove it back to Ohio. It is the best car I've ever owned. My only previous German car was an 87 Porsche 944 tiurbo. Since then I have owned all Japanese cars, Nissan 300Z was favorite. This 525i beats them all. Now, If I can just keep my wife from driving it all damn day.
  • Just wondering where you got your edmunds user name?

  • I noticed an earlier post stating the lease rate (M.F.) was negotiated from .24 to .19. Exactly what is the M.F. rate definition? Thanks in advance.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    It's simply the interest rate. To get the equivalent interest rate, multiply by 2400, but note that sometimes slimy dealers will quote a MF as, for example, "2.8" in hopes of confusing customers by making it sound like a low interest rate. That "2.8" is really a MF of 0.0028, or a rate of 6.72%.

    From what I've read (I've never leased a car), it's usually the sticker and residual prices of a car that are negotiable, not the MF (since that's set by the bank or lease company). But perhaps that's possible as well.
  • sel3sel3 Posts: 33
    Military members serving overseas at least 140 days can purchase a duty-free BMW from several military sales centers in Europe.

    Base price for a 525 is $32,950.00

    Base price for a 530 36,050.00

    There is no price difference on the Optional Equipment.

    This seems to be the best price available!
  • My friend lease a 2000 528ia with Premium package, 6 CD, moon roof, tiptronic, xenon light, 17" rim & 4-16"rim & winter tires will be expired in the end of Feb 2003. The transfer ownership from him to me it costs US$400 plus extended warranty US$1800. The estimated final mileage will be around 28750 miles. Is it worth to buy this car? residue value US$23,200+15% sales taxes in canada.
    So the final amount that I have to pay is US$25,500+15% taxes. Remarks: Excellent conditions
  • spyderredspyderred Posts: 137
    jump on it. Prices are geographically dependent. If this price was here is Southern California it would be real hard to pass it up. What color combo? You indicate the car has 17" rims, did the car come with the factory sports package or did he just add the sport wheels.

    The only thing is the extended warranty for $1800 is a bit steep. I hope that the extended warranty is backed by BMW (i.e. CPO), if it is, see if you can knock the dealer down a bit. Their cost to CPO is about $1100. So maybe ~$1500 would be fair.

    Good luck and Let us know what you decide.

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