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1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad 4X4 Experience Swap



  • there is a TSB for this problem , tell your dealer to look up 9-06-99 , have you noticed an oil loss also , this is a telltale sign and is what is causing your pinging , oil is being sucked into the intake , is your dealer 5 star rated ? even if they are find another dealer to work on your truck , i had the same problem and got the same response from mopar customer service , i was so pissed after getting off the phone i was ready to drive to detroit and park my truck in the lobby of their headquarters , i finally went to a 5 star dealer 50 miles from my house and they knew exactly what the problem was , in fact i had to have it done twice , right after i did it the first time chrysler released the TSB and a revised gasket , mine blew out again 5000 miles later , man was i upset , i have since ordered the truck i should have bought in the first place , a cummins powered ram ...
  • bmckenzie,
    Thanks for the response on the air filter box. My 1999 pulls air from inside the right fender. The main reason I think a bigger/different air box may help is the filter on my Dodge truck (5.9L) is the same size as the filter was on my Cherokee (4L). There is an interesting article on the Four Wheeler mag. website including info. on the effects of intake air temp and HP. The results show for every 10 degrees lower temp HP increases 1%!
  • Wheeler2,
    I read the same article it was pretty good, the one where they did mods on the Ford.
  • thanks for all of the info. that was the best info yet. Much Thanks!
  • I have 99 quadcab 4x4, 360, auto. Can't get rid of the pinging, any up dates on the fix?
  • In June of "99 I bought my new 1500 quad 4x4 LB. In November of "99 they bought it back. After three trips back to the service department for a knock in the motor, shimmy type feeling @65mph,whistle in the motor @slow speeds and a few other problems that they could not fix the owner after several phone conversations agreed to meet with me. He is now ordering a 2000 or 2001 for me and calling it even. There are 8900 miles on the truck now and he wants me to keep several after market accessaries on, bug shield,drip caps,stainless steel nerf bars and the Rhino lining.I think it is a good deal it keeps me out of court and as he puts it keeps me in a dodge not a Ford. After reading other postings ,did I do the right thing. Do I want a Dodge, I know I can't afford & not sure I would want the diesel. The owner of the dealer told me that the first thing he was going to do was change the tires . He hates the Good Years.He thinks that is the shimmy problem. Any suggestions ,do I cancel the order and go to ford? Of course this probably will cause me to hire an attorney because I'm sure he will cancel taking the truck back.
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