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Volkswagen Passat Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi new here ! Ive had a few passats over the yrs from 2001 upto now all have been spot on !! I have just purchased a Passat Highline PD 130 with surface rust starting but have just claimed against VW warrenty UK who have agreed to sort, My prob is everything works but I have no marker lights on locking or unlocking. All doors lock all lighting works no other issues I had it put on VAG computer yesterday because it could of possibly been set without this notification of locking/unlocking. I was sent packing really when tech could not answer this prob so hoping somebody worldwide might have a better clue than uk tech. Thanks in advance for any further info on this. Alistair.
  • Reddawg58Reddawg58 Cleveland OHPosts: 1
    j0eb0b1 said:

    For all the glowing press the VW Passat has gotten since introduction, I have been less then pleased with a number of aspects of the car, and particuarily with the parent company, VW America.
    Mine is a 1999 GLS V6 5 speed.

    Item 1: The interior carpet mats wore out within the first two years of ownership. Not a big deal, but doesn't compare well with Japanese (Honda) durability.

    Item 2: The Passat has great brakes. Trouble is that the brake rotors wear out at the same rate as the brake linings. Be prepared to spend more than $1,000 dollars to put new pads on your car each time you need brakes. (VW America considers this "Normal"). I've never owned car with rotors that can not be turned, even once.

    Item 3: The head liner in my car delaminated from the rubber door molding and fell in my lap. $187 to replace. VW Americas response is due the the age and mileage of the car (3.5 years and 51,000 miles) this is a "Normal" occurence.

    The Passat is a great car to drive and I really like mine. But don't be fooled. For $25,000 dollars you are getting the same type of build quality they you will in a comparable domestic car. VW will call you once a week during the warranty period to ask if everything is all right but they do not stand behind their product once it is over. You are not paying for a BMW or Mercedes and you are not getting one.


    When I purchased my 95' GLX VR6 it had 180k on it. I paid $1,800 for the car in pretty good shape with the exception of windows not on track and the front suspension very boaty. I immediately changed out the rotors to cross drilled brembo and EBC pads. fixed the front end suspension to red poly bushings, bilstein strut x4, engine chains and guides, 268 cams and chipped the ECU. It has 195k on it now a few years later and she still runs great. This one is a [non-permissible content removed] year because its an OBD1 and changed to OBD2 the next year. One more smog check to go on the Dyno because they cant data check the OBD1's. Over all its been a very dependable car unlike the VR6 jetta nd 1.8T passat.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Sounds like you put a fair amount of money into it--but that seems to have paid off for you
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