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Pontiac Grand Prix: Problems & Solutions



  • Thanks for the reply, just to let you know that since I had the sensors replaced I have not had any problems. I also live in Northern Michigan and have been driving in the snow with this car for about a month now, it does handle great in the snow.
  • Hi, I just got a used 2000 grand prix, and the dealer did nto give me a manual for the car, When my cigg lighters went out I assumed fuse, after looking under the hood in the fusebox there are no indications for cigg lighter(s). The dealer is supposed to be mailing the manual out to me and I dont have the $$ to buy a new manual. Can anyone help with what fuse # it is for the lighter or is there another fuse box i am unaware of. Thanks in advance

    BigBlackPontiac29 :surprise:
  • rtlrtl Posts: 1

    My 99 GP started doing this about 4 months ago, started the same way. I just finished replacing the rack and pinion as I finally completely lost left assist. That fixed it $$$.

    My GP has been nothing but trouble, trading it in soon. :lemon:

  • My 2000 Grand Prix GT isn't heating up to what it used to. It's been very cold here, but I drove it for 1-1/2 hours yesterday and it never got to 170 F on the gauge. Fuel mileage is down. When I got out of the car I found the radiator fan was running. On a cold start this morning at 40 F BOTH fans were running. I believe the thermostat is on the top of the motor and has a temp sensor in it. Is this the sensor for the fan on/off? I'll probably replace the thermostat if that is the right sensor.

    Anyone know for sure? It's the 3800 3.8 L V-6

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  • You got rid of that one in the nick of time.. I just bet related to the cheap plastic intake plenum.
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    I had a 1999 Grand Prix GTP and now have a 2006 GXP. My nephew got the 1999 when I purchased a 2002 GTP. He has had this car (1999) since 2002 until about two months ago. His also caught on fire. He left it at the gas station to get an oil change and five minutes later was called and told that his Red GTP was on fire. so five minutes after he turned the ignition off, it went on fire. The fire dept. had to put the fire out. the whole front of the car was destroyed up and including the windshield. The fire started somewhere beneath the engine. The fire dept. had to cut the hood off (it was so hot) to get to the engine. He also has a new Infinity but was using the 1999 for work. The insurance paid him $9,000 for the car.
  • alphyalphy Posts: 3
    The more research I have done, the more people I find that the SAME situation has happened to. I have found 6 other 1999 Grand Prix's where the same thing has happened...turn the ignition off....15 minutes later the car is engulfed in fire. I have also found others with newer Grand Prix's that this has happened to. I am gathering as much information as I can. Apparently this has been happening since 2001, and I even found an investigation of an "engine fire" at, but it appears to have been closed on 3/9/2004 with no recall. If anyone else has had this happen, or has information, please post. This SAME situation has happened to too many people for it to be "coincidence". Hopefully by bringing the problem to the attention of Pontiac and the goverment, the problem can be solved before one of the fires causes someone to get hurt. Thanks for posting.
  • The HUD in my 99 GTP started to fade in and out several months ago, and now has completely disappeared. Has anyone suggested a cause or solution to you?
  • I had the same problem going back for the last few months. The engine would surge a little, it felt like it was driving very heavy, and had very poor acceleration. I had the fuel system cleaned and replaced the fuel filter and that didn't help. I finally gave in and took it to the dealer and they found the catalytic converter was totally shot. They replaced it and it runs great now. The best part was that it was under warranty!
  • I am having the same problem with my 2000 grand prix gt. On a cold start, below zero, both of my cooling fans were on high and the service engine light comes on. My engine temp does not get above 170. If anyone knows how to fix this I would appreciate the help. Thanks
  • alcanalcan Posts: 2,550
    Start by having any stored diagnostic trouble codes retrieved.
  • I have a 97 grand prix gtp with only 33,000 miles and the low coolant light is coming on also. The coolant level is fine, but the car sometimes is steaming when I shut it off (its cold here). It also looks like it might be leaking, but not sure if it is a leak or over spill from refilling the coolant and it really doesn't need it. I heard that there is a sensor in the radiator that might not be working and it is sending a message to the engine that there is low coolant. Any ideas on this problem. I really need to find out what the problem is. Thanks.
  • I hope you've gotten an answer to this question but if not here it is. I had this problem with my 99 GTP recently for about 6-7 months. It got progeressively worse where as once my tac dropped my car would stall out, didn't matter if I was driving it or at a dead stop. I had the ignition replaced, my alarm system taken out (thought it might be stopping the fuel) fuel pump and line replaced. Finally I took it into a pontiac dealership and the said it was a fuel sensor. It's a pretty common problem if your mechanic works on gtp's and will run you about 300 dollars with labor.
  • barasbaras Posts: 1
    To fix your problem, change your thermostat. You have a fail safe thermostat and it reached the end of it's life, now it's frozen open so it doesn't overheat the motor. Be glad you have one, hate to have it the other way and stick closed, boil over time and a expensive repair bill. Next disconnect the ground side of the battery for 30 seconds and reset your computer, this should work.
  • I have a 2000 GP GT... the drivers window wouldn't roll up. Replaced the motor without any luck. So, found a switch at a junk yard and worked like a charm. Think my motor was fine to begin with. Now my passenger back window is hesitating. I'll replace the switch first this time, much cheaper.
  • I have a 2000 pontiac grand prix gt with 173,000 miles. It vibrates horribly on acceleration. Mostly at about 45mph..then levels off to a tolerable vibration. If you let off the gas, the car smooths wonderfully. But again vibrates when acellerated. I've replaced the tires, and was told the drivers side hub/bearing assembly were about to fall apart. I could not tell there were any obvious problems with the part when I took it off but replaced it with a new part anyway. There was no signifant change in the vibration. I noticed it a few days after I bumped another vehichle on an icy road when the car in front of me stopped suddenly. Neither vehichle appeared damaged because we were going so slow so we both laughed and went our ways.Any ideas on the cause? :sick:
  • laynelayne Posts: 4
    I had a similar experience on this past Sunday, Dec. 18th, my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, went up in flames, just 20 minutes after I parked it in my garage. Never had any major problems with it, and up until then, had loved the car. My husband and father in law saved our house from going up, but it was a tough battle. If it had happened any later at night, we could have had a very different outcome. I'm outraged to read about all these occurrences, and I think something has to be done now.
    Please email me if anyone is organizing something, I'm happy to help organize as well.
  • Today we replaced the front, lower end tie rods. No change. This is getting frustrating. :mad:
  • Sounds like a motor mount, or one or more cylinders possibly not firing, seeing that it's happening during acceleration. Good Luck!
  • Got an appointment with the dealer next week, I'll let you know the outcome. I drive 700 miles each week to and from work. I just need it to make it a few more months then I'll get a new one. I just hate to buy one right now because by May (school teacher), I'd have 30,000 miles on it. Thanks for the input. Will post next week. :(
  • I have a 2000 Grand Prix GT and we replaced the battery a few weeks ago. It was fine after that until last week when I was driving to work and the car "dinged" at me about three times, then stopped, and everything was fine again after that. A few days later, the "Service Engine Soon" light came on. It was still driving fine that day, but the next day the light was still on and that's when the car started sort of power surging while driving and I also could hear a high pitched "whirring" noise from the engine. That night, the car turned off when turning a corner. Now it is surging very badly while driving, especially if you have stopped or slowed down, and it occasionally turns off as well. The Service Engine light has turned off though. Have a mechanic friend looking at it right now but any thoughts as to what this could be? So far I've had people say that it could be "loosing it's ground" but I'm not sure what this means, or that it could be something w/CO2? Help! Thanks!
  • My 2001 Grand Prix recently started experiencing a problem with the doors unlocking automatically after putting the car into gear. The problem started soon after I took it in for its regular servicing. After I put the car in drive, the locks will unlock themselves every few minutes, sometimes several times in a row. Aggravating and unsafe. The dealer said it didn't happen when they took a look (of course), and it cost me $77. Frustrating! Anyone have any ideas?
  • I own a 97 GP GT and the CEL came on. I did a scan and it said the fault was TPS/PEDAL POSITION SENSOR problem. I replaced the tps and it still comes back. I saw this post and was wondering if you found out what caused and what cured your problem? Or does anybody else have any ideas? Thanks!
  • Our 1999 GrandPrix 3800 V6 does the same re: the hesitation/rpm fluctuation, especially when trying to accelerate after slowing on an interstate off ramp or if it's really in a pull. You feel it surging, can watch the tach jumping up and down, like it's hunting gas, and have to let up on the gas, then give it gas after it downshifts for it to smooth out. Most of the time after that it acts ok, though you wonder if one day it is going to continue to surge and not stop. It started at about 90M miles, and after two trips to independent garage and no answer, replaced fuel filter at 98M. At 100M, replaced all spark plugs/wires. At about 108M, took to GM dealer who "didn't show any codes, could not duplicate problem". Shortly after tried a bottle of transmission fix product on another mechanic's suggestion even though I didn't feel a trans problem. None of these has helped, so while I don't know what it is, I know what hasn't helped. Unfortunately, if "the computer" can't pinpoint the problem, the dealer/garages don't know what to do with it.
  • My boyfriend and I were driving back home and all of a sudden the car just shut off. It took us forever to start it again. We did Neutral drops to get it to go....Yes I know that is bad for the tranny....But it kept on shutting off. I was getting alittle pissed off....So We tested the Alternator and the Battery thinking that it could be the charging system....But nope Both are fine...People that I know are telling me that it could be the Head Gasket or the Crank Sensor!!!! Help me Please I want my boyfriend back......hehe that car get more attention then me!
  • i have the same problem and i was wondering if u have ever figured it out and if u did how did u fix it
  • Hello,
    I happened upon your post in this forum. I also have a 2000 GTP and it has a shimmy under acceleration while loading the driver-side front wheel(turning right and accelerating).

    Have you resolved your problem? I am puzzled and cannot seem to find a fix. Other than this problem the car runs like a stripped [non-permissible content removed] ape.

    Any input would be appreciated.

  • WELL......I've been through the tire place and replaced everything they suggested.. tires, alignment, struts, bearings/hubs, and lower tie rods. Nothing made even a hint of a difference. I even had the plugs and wires replaced. I took it to the Pontiac dealer and paid them for a "diagnosis" which I now realize was just a "guessosis". They said the front lower motor mount was busted and the lower motor mount at the back of the transmission was about to break. Said they'd charge 400 to fix it. I left, purchased new motor mounts, and my handy husband put them on. Drove the car and guess what... NOT A CHANGE. In fact, we couldn't tell the motor mounts that were taked off were bad. The only thing in the front end that no one has mentioned is the CV joints. Do you think it could be? The boot is not cracked, everything looks well lubed and they look ok to us. Anyway, I've cried enough tears of frustration today that I can barely see straight. I soooooo loved (loveD) this car, but now all I can see is the damage I could do with a baseball bat... and I have a pretty mean swing too. I am a school teacher that drives 65 miles one way to work (silly I know but I believe I have the best job on the planet). I spend enough money on gas each month, and now all this..I'll not have a profitable month of teaching until February as it is. Tomorrow I'm headed back to the dealer, they may just see a grown woman cry. I'm taking the parts back that we took off which they said were broken and demanding they drive the car and tell me what their $400 would have done to resolve the problem. God help me!!!! Surely there is some mercy..even a tiny bit. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • ">I took the car to the Pontiac Dealer, they said it was the two lower motor mounts. One was pretty bad..but this did not solve my problem. In fact, it appeared worse. I again went back to the dealer. Two hour later they are still scratching their head. They 'think' the motor has dropped. Asking me if I'd gone over some bad road conditions where the car bottomed out.. which I had not. These cars sit too low on the ground 4-wheeling is not an option. Basically, I can sit in park, rev to 3-4000rpm and the motor (at the back closest to the dash) will jump like a jackhammer. They say the motor has shifted down and toward the passenger side. They cannot find a reason why. I've got to now take it to a frame shop for a guy there to look at it. I asked about the cv joint, they said they can't tell if it's bad unless they tear into it, which means they will have to put new ones on after they 'tear into it'. Other than the vibration, the car runs great and sounds as good as a new one. Will keep you posted next week. <img src="
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