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Pontiac Grand Prix: Problems & Solutions



  • I have a 98 GTP which caught on fire last year. Insurance didn't cover it and when I spoke to GM, they gave me the runaround. I'd love to get my money back but one thing I can't get back is the secure feeling I used to have before it happened. I love that car but it's not the same anymore.

    I'm more than willing to join this cause.
  • jmac74jmac74 Posts: 10
    Hi anndj and therockstar,

    This is jmac74, you need to email me on my aol account and we can go from there. I have another lady with the same situation as us and i think we have a good case. You can find my email anywhere you see jmac74. I am serious, so don't delay.
  • jmac74jmac74 Posts: 10
    Hi msprainis,

    How's the car? Anymore problems? Where did the fire start? I have other people with the same problem, you could join us in the law suit. I don't know to what extent your damage was but you could at least be part of the law suit, maybe getting a recall or even a brand new car out of the deal. Email me on my aol account if you are interested. Let's stop GM or at least give ourselves a chance to get something for our misfortunes.
  • dautrydautry Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 pontiac grand prix when I go to start it up it will turn over and began to start only to stop I will have to hit the gas to get it going but once it is started it runs great no problems you can stop at a red light no problems now if I go to the store and come right out no problems will start right up but if i am in there for about an hour I would have to hit the gas during the start up to get it running. Please help thanks Dee.
  • 99 GTP starting to cause a little grief. it does not drive as good as it did when i bought it. it seems to shifting gears poorly (some gears getting near 5000 rpm) and when im highway driving im noticing my boost gauge showing a constant reading even when my foot isnt on the pedal; has anyone had similar problems with these issues? if you did, what did you do to rectify them? thanks for any help!
  • vitalivitali Posts: 1
    It does seem high, on my 2003 GT it's about 2200 rpm. I noticed though that when temperature is low, it's above 2500 rpm until the transmission warms up
  • i have a 98 grand prix 3.1 and my problem is it won't pass inspection because the service engine light is on and i don't know how to get it to go off.i've had it inspected and it failed so now i have 30 days to get it fixed. they reset code which was p0401 insufficient flow from egr. i don't know if i need to replace the egr or is it something else i need expert advice please someone help :confuse:
  • pointatobpointatob Posts: 30
    Sorry to hear that some of you have had car fires.... i hope no one was hurt. of those that have had this happen, is there any common reason or conditions which seem to lead to a higher fire risk? it seems that most of the descriptions involved driving and then shutting off the car before the fire started... i wonder why this is?

    anyway, if any of you know or have heard why these fires have started, i think all GP owners would benefit in hearing any insight that you might have,

  • bmwguy2bmwguy2 Posts: 13
    hi,i have a 2001 pontiac grandprix gtp special edition coupe,i work for a bmw dealership,in the service dept,i would say that either the connector to the low coolant sensor is disconnected or it is bad,it is located near the alternator but at the bottom of the coolant resevoir,it would be easy to see if connected or not if car was on lift and look straight up at resevoir a pontiac dealer should have part in stock if its defective,i would change if bad because if you do loose coolant with a bad sensor,you will never know ,thanks michael
  • crunge98crunge98 Posts: 1
    If your coolant overflow tank has a sensor on the bottom of it, Take your Coolant tank off and drain it. Put some water in it and Dawn dish soap and shake it around, Do this to clean the inside out. The sensor tends to build up a deposit. It may take a couple of times then it will be fine. Cavaliers have that problem.
  • caseymcdcaseymcd Posts: 1
    Husband is driving a 95 Grand Prix which has been driving pretty well until last week. He steps on the gas and it runs really rough and jerky and just stops. Has been at a garage for three days and they have no clue! Any ideas??
  • i recently have ran into a check engine light on my car... .and i have taken it to my local oil change location and they run a little computer on my car and it gives me 2 codes.... one is a Evap code and i forget the other... but it popped up a couple months ago and it was my gas cap that seemed to fix it by just tightning it.... here lately it has been comming on more often... i have made sure i tighten the cap every time... and i recet it everytime it comes on and it seems it goes a couple days until it comes back on... i drove a great distance yesterday and it didnt come on... but today it came on after just starting up... is this a failing gas cap
  • mitzijmitzij Posts: 613
    You might get by with having the EGR valve and passages cleaned out, or you need a new valve.
  • italia68italia68 Posts: 2
    Hey everyone! Wow I never realized that there are so many people that have had fires with their Pontiacs. Yesterday on the way to work, (after I hit Performance Shift) I heard a bunch of noise LOUD rumbling, so I tried to stop I lost my brakes and had no steering, mind you I was doing around 75 mph. I ended up slamming it into park to stop. I got out popped the hood it was on fire, to make a long story short they totalled my car the whole front left clip, burned away to nothing along with the whole inside of the engine... nothing left. Needless to say it only had 49k and I kept my car immaculate, I am sick over this I loved my car! I am all for a law suit please let me know how I can be a part of it.
  • cdamechcdamech Posts: 31
    Hi I have a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix that had a bad transmission after 90K miles and was replaced. It is now at 240K but I have a problem where the Transmission does not engage in REVERSE when the engine is hot. It does engage after waiting for 5 seconds in Park and then by putting into REVERSE. It seems to be slipping and then once there is momentum it engages. Otherwise it works fine. I had the transmission fluid and filter replaced after this symptom appeared and does not help. I think it may be the Vacuum Actuator or a clog in one of the cooling pipes. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
  • cdamechcdamech Posts: 31
    I had the same problem. Solution is to clean out the drainage from the front window dash (esterior) tube. This often gets clogged due to leaves and dirt and overflows into your ventilation fan. Open up the front dash and follow the vent to the outsdie and you should be able to see where the clog is. You may want to put a thin wiremess to prevent this happening in the future. Just a bad design by GM.
  • cdamechcdamech Posts: 31
    It's not the car but the Dealer or the Mecahnic. Make sure you take it to someone whom you can trust or do basic servicing yourself. I have seen dealership Customer Service Rep and Mechanic teams being measured on how much post sales service revenues. Perfect environment for injecting faults and ripping you off.
  • cdamechcdamech Posts: 31
    I had the same problem on the Loud Whinning Noice. Check the Power Steering Fluid level. It is located low at the back of the engine compartment below the alternator. You should check it everytime you change oil.
  • This started two months ago when the engine light came on and i took it to AZ and they told me it was p0401 and p0304{misfire on cylinder#4} so i bought some sea foam to put in the car to clean it out but to no avail the codes still popped up. Next i went to the junkyard and purchased an egr and still the 2 codes popped up.So then i took the intake plenum off and egr and checked to make sure there was no blockage everything looked fine. I put everything back together and took it back to see what codes would come up and only p0401 came up. When i had the car taken apart i noticed a little coolant leakage around the intake could that be part of my problem i've also on seperate occasions had to add coolant any help would be appreciated thanx
  • ken7308ken7308 Posts: 6
    I have the exact same problem with my 99 grand prix. Were you able to get the problem resolved? If so what was the problem?
  • ken7308ken7308 Posts: 6
    Ok, I hope someone out there can help. Today my car nearly cut off everytime I came to a red light. I had this problem before and it was a bad fuel injector. Only thing different about this time is that its ok after I floor it a little and get it going. Yet again at the light it tries to cut off. I also Hear a moderate to loud whining noise when I accelerate and the sound stays constant when im running it around 70 in cruise control. While whining the RPM needle fluctuates as if im accelerating and decelerating. My Transmission fuel was a little low which cut down the sound tremendously however its still there. Anyone experience similar problems that can give me advice on how to fix it or what could be the solution to the problem?
  • banckbanck Posts: 1
    I have an old 1990 Grand Prix that has been sitting in the yard for a few years. With gas prices soaring like they are, that car is looking one heck of a lot better than the old truck. Problem is, when I charged the battery and went to start it, there was a large amound of white smoke that came from the steering column, and the battery died shortly after. I am assuming that it is a simple wiring problem, but I can't seem to get the steering wheel off. Is there anybody who can either correct me in my diagnosis or tell me how to remove the steering wheel?
  • jcklimekjcklimek Posts: 1
    I have a 02' Grand Prix. I am getting water on the driver side floor board after a really good rain. I haven't ever noticed any water after I take it through the car wash though. I would like to get this figured out before the carpet gets ruined. I have had several people tell me that it could be a clogged plug, the bottom of the windshield seal or a door seal. Does anyone else have any ideas???? :confuse:
  • Our 91 pontiac grand prix doesn't have a sensor. Any ideas why the low coolant light won't go off? We replaced the fan motor, and added to the coolant.
  • 95prix95prix Posts: 1
    I had the same exact problems with my 95 GTP. Stalling, no starts, poor idle, cutting out right in the middle of traffic. I replaced O2 sensor, idle control valve, change spark plug wires, you name it. NO results, except less money in my bank. Finally, I figured out the problem. I removed the EGR valve assembly on the top and scraped the inside with a screwdriver to remove the carbon. Put it back on and the car ran like a bat of hell again. I take it off and clean it on a regular basis now. It is much cheaper than replacing it, which is about $150. Also, just a little something else. The EGR valve will not set off any dummy lights and even a scan using a computer won't help. Hope this helps.
  • haro3haro3 Posts: 1
    Hey guys im new to the board hope im doing this right. I've got a 95 grand prix 3.1 and i've got a stutter that i dont understand. Sometimes it idles rough, but not all the time only when in gear tho if i put it in neutral it idles pretty well. Secondly when im driving and the car is in over drive with low RPM's it starts to stutter and jerk (like a miss fire) but if i get on it and it shifts down it runs fine at higher rpms (sometimes it feels like something slips tho) i've changed plugs and wires and that didnt fix it (possibly cracked a plug not sure) i've got another coil pack was thinkin of putting on it i've been told a transmission solenoid but im totally confused any ideas? thx for the help my email is ( if you it makes it easier to respond. thanks guys i described it as best i could.
  • I am definately interested in participating in a class action. I HAD a '99 Grand Prix GT that just spontaneously cumbusted on Monday, 4/17. I had just parked the car, after a minute i noticed a little smoke coming from the right side of the hood, then decided to take a look, I opened the hood and saw flames and slammed it shut and called 911. By the time they arrived the whole engine compartment was engulfed in flames. It is a total loss. The fireman said it was too burned out to determine an exact cause. All he could tell is that it started on the right side. Has anyone determined what the cause might be?
  • laynelayne Posts: 4
    My insurance engineer investigator determined origin of fire enough that they (Farmers) are going after GM, but only for the settlement amount they paid me. He told my husband something about the poor design of the engine, that you would never lay a muffler over the supercharger/carbeurator, something like that. He said it was a fire waiting to happen. My scenario is nearly identical to yours, only it happened at night in our garage and could have burned our whole house down!
    You can look up my account under the name layne in this forum Dec. 21, 2005. Good luck, I hope we can organize this.
  • Mine was only a GT though with no Supercharger. Was there anything besides the Supercharger location that they thought could cause it? If anyone has an attorney that is interested in contacting people with burnt Grand Prixs please feel free to email me. Just click my profile to get my email.
  • yufengyufeng Posts: 1
    My car is 2002 pontiac grand prix 3.1L
    I was on the high way the other day, the temperature suddenly went to the maximum and the gas stopped working. I had to slow down to like 40m/h and after a while the temperature just came down suddenly as it went up before, and the gas started to work again immediately. I went to the garage and one of them told me i have problem with the intake gasket and the other told me i need another head gasket. I am really comfused, I think may be the best way is to carry a lot of coolant with me.
    Please give me proper advice I really appreciate that.
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