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Pontiac Grand Prix: Problems & Solutions



  • I also have a 97 with 220kms. I had the lack of power, surging, cut out, cut in, getting passed by smartcars on the hwy. We changed the intake manifold gasket, plenum gasket, then the plugs and wires, no fix. Turns out it was the fuel pump. Only way to really test it, is to get a mechanic to hook up a fuel pressure meter to the fuel rail and drive it (not a dealer, there crooks). When he went up a hill, the load on the engine needed more gas and the meter started fluctuating between 20 and 35 psi. Hoope this helps.
  • A 97 GP GT. I had the lack of power thing with the surging, bucking, almost like it was stalling but keeping itself going. Took it to a local shop after the check engine light came on. The scan revealed all cylinders misfire. He checked all wires and plugs, no real problems, noticed antifreeze and oil all over the upper part of the engine. He changed the intake manifold and plenum gaskets ($700) no fix. Thats ok cause eventually that wouldve ruined the engine. I changed the plugs and wires, no fix, no problem regular maintenance.
    Took it to a dealer in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The brakes were working when i dropped it off. They said they scanned it and found it was misfiring. I asked which cylinders, and they couldnt tell me. I knew i was in for a ride. They suggested it could be the tranny, or the wiring harness, or they could start changing ignition parts, and see what happens. I asked about the brakes, and they said it was like that when the service person took it out of the drive through, and they wouldnt do any work unless I authorized it. WOW (Master cylinder completely empty)
    A car that is now undriveable at the dealer for $75.00 an hour. It cost me $240.00 to get it released and i had it towed to my local shop.
    The local mechanic, hooked up a fuel pressure meter to the fuel rail and took it for a drive, after he fixed the breaks. Turns out i needed a fuel pump. While we were at it we got a new tank and filter also.
    Morale of the story do not go to the dealer for anything, unless your under warranty. I wonder if i will buy foreign next time.
    Good luck to all.
  • hello

    i just wondered how long after you notice the hard shifts that the thing blows? or is it cheaper to get it fixed before that?was yours the sensor or the trans??
    i bought this 98 grand prix for my daughters first car.......she doesnt have her license yet and this is very distressing!!!!!!!!!!!!
    any words of wisdom would help
  • chats1chats1 Posts: 158
    The dealer can order the GTP nameplate for you. I wanted another GXP nameplate to put on the rear of my 2006 GXP and I ordered it from the dealer and it cost about $34.00. chats1
  • Hello,

    My wife has a 1997 Pontiac Grand Prix and she got into a fairly severe accident a few years ago. From the way she described it to me, it was a frontal impact which did severe damage to the front driver's side of the vehicle. Despite the severity of the impact, her airbags did not go off at all. Also, there seems to be no indication (e.g. service engine soon light or airbag warning light on the combimeter) which tells her that her airbag system may have a malfunction. Could anyone suggest a place she may be able to take her car for some kind of free or inexpensive diagnostic checkup so that we know for sure if her airbag system is OK or not. Thanks for reading!

  • Hi i dont know if you read my comment on my hard shifting, but that man's comment is definitely scary!! He says that "the end is near" and "only takes 2-3 months before it dies" but i have to differ. Ever since i bought mine it has been doing that hard shifting intermittently thing, and my car is still fine(knock on wood). In fact i just flushed the tranny(all by myself, i may add) and afterwards i immediately noticed smoother shifting normally, and when it does do the hard shifting, it's not as hard. When i dropped the pan, however, there was a good layer of grime on the bottom....if this was the first flush it might be normal....unfortunately i dont have official records from the previous owner. anyways I'll keep ask away!
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    Pontiac Grand Prix

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