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Brake problems on Alero

mrsgamblermrsgambler Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Oldsmobile
only have 23,000 miles on my 2001 alero and have
been told the front brake pads are 90% worn and
not covered under warranty, which happens to be
bumper-to-bumper for 36,000 miles. Somehow this
just doesn't make sense to me. I've never had to replace brakes on any of my cars prior to 70,000
minimum. Does anyone know about a Special Policy
Letter extending coverage on brake pads on all "N"
cars?? I need help ASAP. Thanks


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    zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    it's very common in the Alero, Grand Am and Malibu. That's actually very late, compared to other Aleros I've seen - I specialze in GM cases like these.
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
    mrsgambler, you might want to check with other Alero owners about their experiences, and whether they were able to get some resolution. Just go to the Oldsmobile Alero topic by clicking on my link.

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    swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    and that's the way that it is. everybody is making their brake rotors paper-thin these days.

    celebrate your independence from Olds' CAFE restrictions and get oversize rotors from one of the American outfits that specialize in brakes that really work... Raybestos, Wagner, or Bendix/Honeywell... specify oversize for maximum life when you talk to the counterman... and laugh at the automakers' thinning these parts down to cut a fifth of a mile per gallon per car per year.

    you are now In Control!! take charge!!
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    agenoveseagenovese Member Posts: 1
    The dealer told my husband that the brake pads for Alero's are only good for 20,000 miles (which is a load of crap). I have 28,000 miles, BUT mainly highway. The dealers reply was that "your wife must be driving with two feet. Almost all woman do it." So apparently it is woman drivers, rather than Oldsmobile/GM cutting costs and not standing behind their product. All I have to say is that my next automobile purchase will NOT be American. I've had about all I can take of incompetence, finger pointing and substandard American vehicles!
    Has anyone had the unsolvable turn signal problem? It only works 50% of the time, and the part they think will solve the issue has been on back order for 4 months. Now I am driving with two feet and no turn signals! : )
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    swschradswschrad Member Posts: 2,171
    that'll make it all even, it's got to be in some customer relations manual someplace.

    S E R I O U S L Y, I think you've had a lifetime allowance of pinheadism from that dealer, and it should be obvious from the parts backlog that they have an issue in the turn signals. find another dealer and get on the order list there for the part.
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    442455442455 Member Posts: 64
    I just replaced the front pads and rotors on my son's 2001 Alero at 37500 miles. He does alot of city stop and go driving, and the pads were worn down to the wear sensors on the front pads. The rear pads were only about 30 percent worn, but I replaced them at the same time. Considering his driving habits, I don't think the brakes wore abnormally. The tires need to be replaced in the next several months (Goodyear RSA) 225X50X16 and I started getting prices on those. The brakes are the least of my concerns now because of the high tire costs, but the car has been great.
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    zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    Check out the TireRack.com - my only tire place.

    I found, in your size:

    Yokohama Avid V4
    360 Treadwear, A Traction, A Temp

    Kumho Ecsta 712 (a great, under-rated tire)

    Dunlop SP Sport A2 (my favorite all around tire)

    Their prices don't include shipping - count on $8-10 a tire.

    BTW - the RSAs are from Goodyear's OEM bid bunch are aren't very good at treadwear, temp or traction - I'm substantially surprised they made it to 37,000 miles.
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    442455442455 Member Posts: 64
    Thanks for the tire information. The RSA's were rotated every 5000 miles, and pressure was checked every week. The only problem with Tire Rack is once I get them, I have to have them mounted and balanced, so by the time you add shipping and installation, I don't know how much I would save. I will compare the tires you suggested, and see which way is least expensive.
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    zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    I've always beat everyone else's prices, or I wouldn't have bought them. They even come out ahead of Sam's and Costco.
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    bretfrazbretfraz Member Posts: 2,021
    If so skip the Kumho. Its a max performance "summer only" tire. If you want your car to handle like a slot car and don't care too much about wear then its fine.

    The Yoko is a good value but their repuation isn't so good regarding QC. I've talked to several Yoko Avid buyers who went thru numerous tires to find 4 that would balance up properly. I wouldn't buy them online as the return/exchange process is a hassle.

    The Dunlop is a nice tire competing in a segment that is filled with nice tires. Shop aggressively here.

    TR's prices can be beat but it takes some smart shopping. I did it two weeks ago buying at Costco. Beat TR's pricing by 10%. But if you do not like to shop, TR is a great place to buy.
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    alero01alero01 Member Posts: 1
    If it's not the pads it's the rotors. NBody rotors are very prone to warping. I highly recommend going with an aftermarket set. Granted if you are under warranty, GM will/should fix it. But they are just going to put the same crummy rotors back on that will warp again. There is a GM Technical Service Bulliten out on the brakes which you can view here: http://aleroupgrades.com/brakes.htm

    I would look at some Brembo, Baer, PowerSlot, etc rotors with quality Raybestos, Performance Friction, etc pads and be done with all your brake whoa's for good. I've had the Brembo's on my car for awhile, not a single problem. For more information on where to find this stuff, check out http://aleroupgrades.com/suspension_&_brakes.htm
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    crystal70crystal70 Member Posts: 2
    Anyone know if they've corrected the brake problems on the 2003 models?? Thanks.
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    dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    I woudl highly doubt that they fixed the brake problem for 2003. 2004 is the last year for the Alero. GM won't spend any money on the car.
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