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Ford Ranger vs Toyota Tacoma



  • rfruthrfruth Posts: 630
    Chrysler & Ford are behind Honda n Toyota but if they play their cards right (low sulfer diesel would be a good move if they can sell Washington on it) look out ! GM might even realize its the 21 st century ...
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    about rockyroad lift, the 'over the top' lift they offer uses spacers yes, but they aren't internally inserted into the coil. this lift has steel spacers that bolt to the strut assembly itself, in essence lifting the shock assembly as well as the vehicle. and most jeep dealers honor warranty issues with lifts 2.5 inches or smaller. shoot, some even sell lifted liberty's off their lots.

    and fwiw, i have seen a few camry's today and realized i don't want one. i think i need a truck....period. ill wait on the new ranger or tacoma.

    pluto- if you read the c/d article, you'll see that the jeep they test is a limited, which is a lot heavier than sport models. also, they mention that their test vehicle was new and the engine was tight as i can vouch. my jeep is not near as as quick as the loner i had (15000 miles) when i had my fuel pump replaced. mine now has 3500 miles and is still as tight as it was then. trust me, it will run hard. it feels like a V8 when you punch it. but of course you wouldn't be used to all that power and torque with your wimpy 190 horses and 220 lf/ft. besides, i really didn't buy my jeep to drag race to 60 mph. we actually use our t/c up here in iowa.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    here's that website i forgot to insert friday night.

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    I wouldn't trust outside dealer on "Yes, we'll warranty it". Toyota also sells lifted Tacos when they are done by an authorised company, but they will void warranty on parts directly affected.
    Why should company have to cover CV boots leaking every month because owner had a 3" lift put on? Toyota dealer charges $250 to reboot one side (I know because day before I was supposed to have lift installed I tore a CV boot, but it was fixed under warranty), it's a decent amount of work no matter which vehicle you do it at, and covering this under warranty would be bad business.
    People installing lifts should be aware of consequences.

    This is hilarious....."if feels like a V8", and all you have is 210/235 engine. I never knew 20hp/15lb-ft made THAT much difference :) Oh yes, especially with a vehicle that's what.....600 lbs heavier?
    People with V8s must be missing out on the great V6 from Jeep. Haha.
  • put 600 pounds of modifications into my truck to get another 15 lb/ft of torque at 800rpms higher, I could have V8 performance too!

    I think we all know a serious off-roader would prefer losing 600lbs than gaining 15 lb/ft of torque. Even the ones in Iowa who use their t/c.
  • Well I certainly enjoy my newest Ranger. The Edge model certainly has some ride height to it, and the 3.0l v6 in the regular cab, manual transmission, and 4.10 rear gear certainly makes it easy to accelerate. However the 4.10 gears do make it not as MPG friendly. 20MPG on my first tank with about 220 Miles highway, and 50 or so miles in the city. First gear is pretty short, but I would definitely like it if I had a load. 6 Disc changer was used on the trip to oklahoma where I got a chance to experiment with the Ranger off-road. Nothing too big, as I really didn't buy this truck for offroading (4x2) but I was impressed with a half hour venture into the fields and hills.

    Already installed black side bars, and had the windows tinted. Truck looks mean in all black. Will soon be adding a security system and locking tonnau cover to make up for the lack of extended cab.

    Overall very pleased, and proud owner of my 2003 Ranger. Pros: Comfy seat, commanding ride height, powerful motor, off-road ability, sharp looks(Edge Plus is the way to go), smooth highway ride, lack of wind noise (vs. a 2001 Honda Accord!!), 6 disc CD, and also that new truck smell.
    Cons: Gas milage not impressive(75MPH = 3000 RPM) , first gear made for towing, not stoplights, high beams disable foglights, Fuel guage a little conservative(my 16.5Gal tank shows "empty" and the warning light comes on with 3+ gal. still in the tank) can't think of anything more.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    glad to hear you like your truck. i also liked my 6 cd changer in my ranger. did you know that the '03's have thicker glass in all the windows now? also, do you have a shortbed or a longbed?
  • I have the 6 foot bed, so that should be the shortbed. Just the perfect size to lie down in, and I fit if I take my shoes off. I don't think any other truck could give me so much for a little over 14 grand total price.
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    there is a way around the fog lights and high beams issue. Check around, good luck.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    but has anyone laid eyes on the new FX4 level II rangers? i know ive said this before, but this is one seriously tough truck. and i say this with an open mind about makes. i saw five today at charles gabus ford in des moines. three blue ones about the color of my blue ranger, and a black and bright red one. the red one was the coolest i though. i hope they make this model for another year. i want one bad. it's stance is to die for. the alcoa wheels make me salivate all over myself. and the interior is downright awesome. ok, im done.

    as far as the libby lift- doing the rocky road OTT lift. and probably some 245/75 BFG muds with blackwalls out. this lift has been proven to be built very heavy duty, and has none of the issues scorpio has tried to scare me off with. it doesn't use internal spacers up front, it has external (as in the spacers aren't a plastic poly piece inserted inside the coil to lengthen it)steel bolt on ones that go over the top of the strut/shock assembly. and with longer shocks in the rear, it provides more articulation and travel. it truly is a bolt on and go lift as i've been told by many who have it. all that is needed is an alignment. after i get it, i will post some pics somehow.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    just telling you how it is.
    Spacers that TTORA guys make are heavy duty too (not plastic poly piece inserted inside the coil to -->COMPRESS<-- it, but a steel one), but what I posted was the list of issues that goes with having coil compressed by a spacer. Now, if you are putting an external spacer on, you'll not damage the coil, but beware of the warranty because your CVs and rear driveshaft will probably no longer be covered, unless you have it installed by the dealer.
  • You may recall my CD player and one of my amplifiers was stolen last month. The detective who took my police report asked if I had any VIN numbers to the equipment stolen as the Pawn shops now have a tracking system strickly for this purpose. So if you happen to have any aftermarket equipment, make sure you write down the model numbers and VIN #'s incase yours is stolen too. Unfortunately I did not have the VIN number, only the receipts when I purchased the stolen items.

    Luckily my parents cleaned out my old closet at their house and I found the VIN number to the my Alpine CDA-7941 CD Player on the original box. I'll be calling the detective back and hopefully will be able to find my CD player and those who stole it from me. Anyway, just passing this on to help anybody else who may meet the same unfortunate event...

    Still enjoying the new Ranger though. Will be upgrading the speakers maybe next spring, but after the security system and tonnau cover is installed. Anybody have any experience with a good security system? I'm looking at the one shown in Crutchfield.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    good advice. i also had stereo equip. stolen out of my S10 ZR2 back in feb. of '98. of course, after that i installed an alarm. i found a code alarm out of crutchfield. it worked good. no falses. also, bulldog makes a good one. i had one of those earlier in another vehicle. both came from crutchfield.

    anxiously awaiting the new ranger and tacoma. later
  • kbtoyskbtoys Posts: 62
    Well if you want the best of the best get a DEI(viper, python, cliford) alarm but they are hard to come by if you wanted to install it yourself. I assume you want to install it yourself if you are looking at the alarms in crutchfield. To me I think crutchfield is overpriced so I would shop around on the net in other places for alarms. One thing you should get from crutchfield is quick connects for your truck. The are like wiring harness for you alarm so you don't have to splice into your car wires. Let me know you have any questions
  • It looks like my Dealership will give the best deal. They will install a security system and power door locks for $250. I also have a 10% off coupon. I trust Ford the most with the installation too.
  • Getting the security system installed, power door lock actuators for keyless entry, and wheel locks for 250 plus tax. Nothing but good things to say for Bankston Ford in Frisco Tx.

    Anybody with a 6 disc-in dash changer, and 4 speakers wire in a subwoofer? I have a 250W 10" subwoofer from my old ride, and a MTX 250W Amp. I doubt the ford player will have RCA outs, but maybe I could use the rear speaker cable to drive the high level inputs on my amp? Maybe I should just buy a crossover control... Anyways it looks like I have 4 6x8" speakers to work with, until I replace 'em...
  • kbtoyskbtoys Posts: 62
    So you want to use the factory radio to power your 4 speakers and hook up an amp to power you sub? Well what I think you would have to do is tap into your rear speaker wires as inputs into your amp like you said. If you plan on using an amp to power all your speakers you could get a line in converter(I thinks that is what they are called) to change your speaker wires over to RCA's. No matter what it is not going to sound as good as it would if you just where to replace the factory with an after market one, but I can also see why you would not want to do that being that theifs look for after market stereo's. Tuff call.

    Also what are wheel locks?
  • My concerns exactly KBToys. I wasn't away of the converters, but I would try the high level (speaker line in) first. And you got it, my major concern with sticking with the retail unit is theft. I'm not looking for alot more power as I am mostly listening to talk stations. But on road trips, the ability to crank up the volume a little would be nice. However that is all in the future, for now I'm just seeing the best way to use what I have on hand now (the amp and subwoofer from my last truck).

    Wheel locks are just the special lug nuts that require a key to unbolt. Just another step to keep my Ranger intact.

    edit: Windows already tinted to the darkest legal limit... :)
  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    too so that the thieves can't see in unless the light is just right. The $80 I spent for my window tinting (alot, I know) was well worth it. I would have given em $100 if thats what it cost.

    All this audio talk has got me wanting to spend some money. Im thinkin of Pioneer's DEH-P7400 CD/MP3 player and 4 Infinity References Speakers. Or maybe a Panasonic home theater system for around $300. I could hook up my laptop to it and listen to allll my mp3s. I doubt it will happen, maybe this summer.
  • kbtoyskbtoys Posts: 62
    This place is dead. Is everybody wraped up in the hussel and bussel of christmas? Anyway it seems rummors might be true. It sounds that the tacoma will get the new 4.0 V6. Cool well I plan on going to the Detroit auto show next month and am sure they will have it there. Knowing me I will be taking plenty of pics while I am there of all the new cars and trucks and will post them.
  • 2k1trd2k1trd Posts: 301
    Yeah i'm syked for the new Taco and would love to see one.I'm sure the new 4.0 will be used since the new Runner is getting it also.Please post pics if you happen to see one.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    the last I heard was Ford was not planning on updating the Ranger anytime soon.. This means with the new Chev colorado/GM, along with the new Tacoma coming soon the Ranger is going to be buried. Heck, even Nissan is already planning on a new Frontier in the next 2 years..
    Has anyone heard to the contrary??
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    They've been pushing it off over and over again. I guess Ford is too busy doing "restructuring" trying to figure out why they are losing money.
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    they may keep delaying it, but it still keeps on outselling all other trucks in it's class. even with the other's updates, the ranger will outsell them. mark my word. the only thing the ranger doesn't offer that the others do is a crew cab. this is sad, as i'd have one right now. but don't think ford doesn't have the plans laid out for a new ranger. they aren't ones to sit aside as the others introduce new vehicles. the new F150 will probably be unveiled in january, and then later, maybe fall of '03 the new ranger will come out. i have seen spy shots of the new f150 at, this is their bread and butter vehicle, the ranger just fills a segment.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    According to the latest sale data, Tacoma overtook S10 and is now #2 for this year.
    The way Ranger has been losing ground in sales (down to 12K from 16K from last year), it's not going to be long before Tacoma overtakes it. And you can bet new Taco with 4.0L engine is not going to help Ranger sales.
    I think tbunder proclaimed few months ago that Tacoma would never take S10.
  • The 4.0 in the 4-Runner is a bigger six cylinder with more punch because the 3.4 Taco engine was anemic in that "Tundra" sized 4-Runner. Think about it. The Tundras with that size motor sold as well as screen doors on submarines.

    And the Tundras in '04 look like they may be sizing up to a fuller-sized truck. Seems to me that Toyota would do well to beef up their horsepower on the V-8s and offer a sport-stick shift on the Tundras. Better keep an eye on the Hemi in that Dakota RT as a measuring stick. I was around to see the muscle cars explode out of the introduction of the Mustang. The pickups are in their heyday now and look like they will be into the muscle in the next two years et al Ford Lighting; Dakota Hemi; Chev SSR.

  • saddaddysaddaddy Posts: 566
    You are thinking about a sequoia, which didn't sell well in the 3.4 engine configuration. Whats your point. The 3.4L 4-runner was a tad underpowered but far from anemic. And before the days of the 3.5L Pathfinder and the like, the 4-runner engine power competed well with competitors.

    What information have you seen on the 04 tundra?
    IMO, toyota never should have marketed the tundra against the true 1/2 tons trucks. The 4.7L absolutely blows away comparably sized v8s from the competitors and for that reason folks should see it as a large mid-sized truck. Thats the way I see it.
  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    Just for kicks, went to look for the "Toyota will never take #2 or #1": msg #155 in this thread.

    Quote from tbunder: "scorp- it's still third hat in sales. it will never be #1. or #2. take that to the bank."

    Looks like it's about to be #2 for this year. Ouch. That's got to hurt. Which bank would it be? Run by Simpson graduates?

  • sc0rpi0sc0rpi0 Posts: 897
    2002 4Runner was still the same 4Runner as before, with 3.4L engine but tweaked exaust so it was rated at 183hp only.
    It's interesting that 183hp is nowdays called "anemic". I guess there was a time when 150hp engines were the top of the line, but still.....3.4L is now 8 years old. And new 4.0L just might hang around for a while.

    Here's my reason for why Tacoma WILL get a new engine: torque. This is the same reason 4Runner is sold with 2 engine: if you want higher hp and lower torque, you buy a V6. If you want higher torque, you buy a V8.
    With Tacoma being offered with 4.0L (although I am having trouble imagining which engine would be offered as an alternative...3.4?) it's not going to cannibalize the Tundra market, b/c engine is not going to be strong enough to tow as much as Tundra.
  • I typed a long message, and this screwy forum code junked it.

    PHP forums software is free and it works like a charm. Someone needs to re-evaluate their programmic staff salary.

    Well maybe tomorrow I'll get back to it. But in summary, the 03 Ranger is doing great. Seems my Edge model has a 92 MPH govenor on it. Time to look into a chip....
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