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Fog Lights



  • fly7fly7 Posts: 1
    hi..i am new to this forum..i have my base rav4 2006..and i just bought a factory fog lamps..and i installed it..and i connected it..the thing didnt i changed my headlight switch w/ fog lamps?beause my switch have not...are there any things to be done instead? i hope my questions will be answers....

    thanks a lot.........
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Well any headlight will need a switch to turn power on, a relay to handle the higher current draw than the switch can handle, the wiring to the fog lamps, and the fog lamps themselves.

    I don't have any RAV electrical schematics, but did you do any research into all of the parts that you needed to make fog lamps work in that vehicle?

    Can you look at a 06 rav that has foglights, and see what switch they need to turn on?

    You may want to haul yourself over to a dealership, and go buddy up with the parts guy.
  • Hello All

    my name is rob i have a 2001 highlander all my lights are perfect except the parking lights all

    grounds,fuses,relays,etc are fine but still no parking lights ... i have brake headlights, turn, reverse,etc no parking lights.

    Please im begging yoiu toyota highlander (GODS) if u can lend a kind hand for im disabled and

    no money in the till to bring to a shop...

    Please ill do what ever to try anything any suggestions or better yet the fix would be most

    appreciated. So if any one can lend me opinons,facts,real thoughs,anything to fix this,Its for

    my wife and i cant have her driving home in the dark with no tail lights (AKA) parking lights

    Please i await your help with great egarness.

    thanks and godbless you all

    rob aka codmyster
  • Well i hope this helps does the led have a wire coming off of it where you can get to it,Is this one of the three wires you were talking about?I
    If so make sure you get the led wire and put it on the switch side of the switch that way when you turn on the fog's the led as well as the fog's turn on. If for some reason you have to add a diode or relay mess me back and i can help you wire up most anything for that. Im sorry i hope this helped you.

  • Well here a get started and help you wire it up ill keep it simple..

    1. unpack pack the fog's and get the wires and what else that are in there..

    2. now you going to have to run the wires from the hood area to inside the car and please make sure to use split loom, and groments when going thur the firewall.

    3. your going to need to wire them up after market or go thur the pain finding all the factory plugs and relay slots in the hood area. Or you can
    follow the details ill help you with.

    4. ok last and not least you need to mount and wire up ill do my best in order to lead you simple steps.

    ok first you need to get your hands on 1 bosch dbl poll dbl throw relay 30 to 40 amp . you can find them at any radio shack online even walmart i have gottem them there before. you going to need spilt loom, black tape, tie wraps, and some butt connectors, female spade insulated connectors that will fit on the relay u need to wire in..

    ok here is simple wiring diagram for relay on fog..

    LOOK ON RELAY you will see numbers 30,85,86,87,87a.....

    ok the easiest way is to get a battery supply from the battery with a 20 amp fuse, and try and use no less then 10-12 gauage wire.

    ok here u go ..

    30 is to the battery all the time FUSED.
    86 is to ground. chasis ground to the body or good ground spot, dont skimp make sure its clean ground connection..
    85 is from the key of the ign.. this mean when u turn your key on there is 12 volts coming from this wire here.
    87 is to the switch of the fog lamps switch side the off postion then the wire you ran thur the fire wall goes to the on side of the rocker or on off switch for fog lamps.. here is my email if u need i can give u my number i have done all kind of electronics for over 25 years..

    Make sure if u email me give your name and say im the one with the fog lamps.. then ill email u back and we can go from there..

    I hope this helps your GOODLUCK & GODBLESS...

  • snaumansnauman Posts: 4
    edited September 2012
    There are a lot of companies... you can just google it as car lighting customization.. you can buy it online..its best to buy it from a company in your locality.. a friend of mine lives in Ilford.. he prefers a local company something called "Autolights"... n he is very satisfied with their service.. so in my opinion it is better to contact the best company in your locality for the service.. :D..
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