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02 Trailblazer AWD problem

pa1092pa1092 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Chevrolet
We have an 02 Traiblazer with 30,000 miles on it. Lately the transmission has be shifting from 2 wheel into AWD without turning the knob. Sometimes the indicator light flickers like it is going to change, and then doesn't. We have taken it to the dealer, and they are telling us that their computer program has not been updated to diagnose this problem. We have contacted Chevy, and we are waiting for them to finish their research on the problem. Has anyone out there experienced a similar problem? I love the vehicle, but this is getting ridiculous, and I'm worried about the wear and tear on not only the transmission, but my tires and gas mileage as well. Thanks!


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    zueslewiszueslewis Member Posts: 2,353
    The technicians replaced the 4X4 actuator motor - it was working on its own.
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    dshepherd3dshepherd3 Member Posts: 194
    Some recent info around has pointed to the dash switch having a poor detent position for this problem, a replacement has corrected this in most cases.
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    0patience0patience Member Posts: 1,712
    Tell them to check the SI2000 system. The TSB is there for the problem, along with the info to repair it.

    Service 4WD Indicator Illuminated, DTC B2725 Set (Replace Transfer Case Shift Control Switch) #02-04-21-002
    "Service 4WD" Indicator Illuminated, DTC B2725 Set (Replace Transfer Case Shift Control Switch)
    2002 Chevrolet and GMC S/T Utility Models (Trailblazer, Envoy) with Four Wheel Drive

    Some owners may comment on the Service 4WD Indicator illuminating. Upon investigation, the technician may find a DTC B2725.
    The condition may be due to the transfer case shift control switch.
    Replace the transfer case shift control switch using published Service Information procedures.
    Verify that the vehicle contains the latest calibration for the automatic transfer case control module. Calibrations are electronic calibrations and are NOT available from GMSPO. Calibrations will be available from Techline starting January 2002, on the TIS 2000 version TIS 01/2002 data update or later. Reprogram the automatic transfer case control module if necessary.
    Parts Information
    Part Number Description Qty
    15097405 Transfer Case Shift Control Switch 1

    Parts are currently available from GMSPO.
    Warranty Information
    For vehicles repaired under warranty, use:
    Labor Operation Description Labor Time
    K4123 Switch, Transfer Case Select - Replace Use Published Labor Time

    J6355 Prom - Reprogramming (as necessary) Use Published Labor Time
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    previousamigopreviousamigo Member Posts: 130
    My TB LS had done this 2 or 3 times and the dealer replaced the switch. No problems since and the switch feels more firm or tight when I turn the dial.
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    gowman3gowman3 Member Posts: 1
    I have an 02 TB LS 4x4 that I bought last November. I had it in for the switch jumping around earlier this year and they replaced it. Now in the last month it's been back in two more times for the same thing. This time they replaced the control on the transfer case, I got it back and same thing. It was back last week and they replaced the dash switch again. They even kept it and drove it for a few days and 150 miles and of course they say it never did it. The last two times it was in they said they made some upgrade to the computer to recalibrate it also. It's doing it again now!!! I'm about ready to file the freakin lemon law on this problem.

    Hey Zeuslewis, where would I find info on those 3 lemon law cases you mentioned? I'd love to know how they turned out. I'm @ greg.gowman@pfizer.com if you could send me some info.

    Thanks, Gregg
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    jackd10acjackd10ac Member Posts: 2
    My dealer, Mr Awfulwrench, just replaced the switch on the transfer case for us last Friday, will have to wait and see if it works, was slipping in and out of 4 wd every few days, even at highway speeds, scary. They are coming to my home today to pickup the TB for the 6th, that's right SIXTH attempt at fixing the outside rearview mirrors that move and won't go back, as covered by an early TSB. I think I have the Chevy version of the Keystone Cops at this dealership. (Beaty Chevrolet - Knoxville, TN.) This is their last chance, any further correspondence will be with my lawyer. They even screwed up the original title to the car - used the wrong address !!! I should have run away then. No longer a loyal bowtie man, after 30 years, I'm driving my FINAL detroit lemon.
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    fleetwoodsimcafleetwoodsimca Member Posts: 1,518
    Chevrolet convinced me, too, that I ought to look around for something worth buying. Over a slow process I have ended up with 3 FOMOCO's, 1 Nissan, and a Chrysler. I have found that one need not desert the entire American car scene, just desert the ones that have lost their integrity.
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