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Chrysler PT Cruiser Owners: Problems & Solutions



  • We've also had problems with the A/C. Had to have two pipes and drier replaced last month. 53K miles, 2003 GT. But we only had to pay a few hundred dollars.

    As for being too low to the ground, yup! We're constantly banging the front bumper cover on entering driveways, scraping it on curbs, etc.

  • Does anyone know how to repair the front bumper cover? The upper ends of the cover attach to the insides of the front fenders by a couple of bolts. Those ends of the cover have broken off (on both fenders). Probably caused by the bottom of the cover banging driveways or scraping curbs. If the cover were made of metal, it'd be easy to weld, but it's made of heavy vinyl.
  • Did your car just shut down out of the blue and not start? I experienced this problem yesterday and wondering if I have the same cable issue. Car will not start without a jump and can not stay running. Also, what length cable was needed? When I called Autozone they asked what length. They have a 42" in stock.

    Thanks for the help.
  • terryrterryr Posts: 2
    Our PT is at about 53,000 miles. The transmission problems we had were leaks. One was with a 'cooling hose' & the other was with a solenoid. Both hoses & clamps were replaced as well as the solenoid. The transmission seemed to behave just fine before the repairs & I don't notice any improvement after the repairs. (I believe that the repairs were necessary, though.)
  • 2001 Cruiser Limited with 68,000 miles... Few weeks ago, tranny stopped working, did not even go into "limp" mode, rather it just spit and sputtered and whined very loudly. Changed tranny filter and put in ATF4 fluid and it worked for about 2 weeks, then last night, same thing. All of a sudden, the loud whine and the tranny stops working again. My brother checked and said there's bubbles in the fluid, like the pump is starved and sucking air. Is this serious? Anyone else heard their tranny whine?
  • I had the same problem with my 2001 PT. I took the key out it would still be running. I replaced the igintion switch and still had the problem. It turned out to be a shorted wire behind the passenger airbag that was causing all the problems. I would get in the car first thing in the morning and the ignition would be on without a key in it.
    I also had the transmission go out at 78,000 miles. Now the airbag light stays on all the time. Dealer says airbag needs replacing. This was my first Chrysler and is my last!
  • My 2001 PT did the same thing found a shorted wire behind passenger airbag.
  • Earlier this Summer, our right front tire kept loosing air with a slow leak. Nothing could be found in the tire. After installing four new tires on our 2002 PT, the slow leak flats persisted. The repair shop tried replacing the valve stem with no improvement. After thoroughly inspecint the rim of the wheel, the tire was put back on and submerged in water. The bubbles indicated the leak came from a small hole in the center of the wheel. Upon further inspection, there was heavy, white and flaky corrosion all inside the body of the wheel -- none on the outside. After replacing the wheel (with a used wheel that was perfect) we unmounted the other three tires and found the same condition. It is assumed the corrosion will eat through and cause leakage on the other tires.

    Has anyone else experienced this? The Svc Mgr of the dealer I bought the car from said he had only seen one other incidence of this on a Pacifica.

    I've started a case with Chrysler customer service but I'm wondering if this has been a problem for other PT owners. Any comments would be most appreciated. But it appears to be faulty materials as the inside of these wheels have never been exposed to any outside elements. I apparently need to get the condition validated by a dealer before customer service can take it any farther.

    Pine island Bill
  • My friend has a 2002 PT Cruiser and the dash lights on the left-most instrument bezel are burned out. How does one get to the bulbs? I thought it would be a simple case of reaching behind the dash, but found that the way the car is designed, that is kind of difficult. In doing some research, it seems as if I have to remove the dashboard. Does anyone know if that is correct, and if so, how do I do it? Is this a job better left to the dealer? I've owned many cars in my life, and replaced many dash bulbs, but this one has me stumped. She (my friend, not the car!) is getting a bit tired of driving without the bezel illuminated, so any advice (and step-by-step instructions if necessary) will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. David
  • While driving home from a short trip, my car lost power, downshifted by itself, and then everything stopped. It was towed to a local dealer where they discovered that the mail computer had failed. After putting in a new computer, they found that the fuel pump was low. This is all happening in a a year old car. What could be next???
  • I have the same problem. I was told by a mechanic that the corrosion on the wheels is because the brake pads have metal in them, and the metal dust formed when braking lands on the wheels and causes corrosion.
  • This weekend I am replacing the radiator on a 2001 pt cruiser. Does anybody have any advice
  • Cooling fan failed on our 2001 pt at 50K miles. Dealer wanted $600 to replace. I found oem parts on internet and did the job myself. Part costed less than $160 delivered. Only basic tools are needed. I used Haynes manual for procedures. Good luck. Total time to do job was less than 4 hours. Would be much faster next time now that I know how to do it.
  • I saw your radio problem posted on Edmunds. I am having the same problem after a battery change. The radio has already been replaced twice under warranty. Were you able to solve your problem without replacing the radio?
  • This is probably too late considering the date on your message however it may help some one else. I noticed a strong mold smell myself on my pt cruiser. Finally took it to the dealer who said the seal in the driver's side door had been broken and mold had grown inside. They replaced the seal and cleaned inside the door and no more mold smell! Hope this helps some one.
  • My in-laws have a pt cruiser [limited edition I think but not sure on model] that has recently been having a problem with the alarm system [I know because it wakes me up at night!]. I think it only happens in the early a.m. Doesn't happen every night either. It just starts going off on it's own. This morning I noticed that they got the horn to stop but the lights are still flickering as if it's still going. Does any one have any suggestions? Only thing I noticed in the forum was on a different problem with a list of recalls there is a recall for 2001 models "08-012-03 APR 03 Alarm System - Inadverten Siren Activation" but couldn't find any info on it on-line. :confuse:
  • This is one of several problems I have had with my 2004 PT. There is a recall notice for spark plug wires and a computer update that needs to be performed to correct the problem. I did have to go to a dealer other than the one where I purchased the car to get it fixed, though. The dealer I purchased from tried telling me that all 4 cylinder cars idle rough and that I could turn the a/c off to help with the problem (I live in Florida!). After calling Auburn Hills, I was referred to a different dealer who performed the recalls and the idle has been fine since.
  • I bought this pt crusier new 3 months ago. I dont drive very much so my question is:

    Should I have the routine servicing and oil change every 3 months?
    every 3000 miles?

    Right now after having this for 3 months I have just under 1,100 miles on it.

  • I would love to discuss details of your window problem. I have been having a problem with my radio since I purchased my PT - and restarting the car always resolves the problem (until the car is turned off again, that is). Seems like there might be a common thread.
  • This thread is like a breath of fresh air. So I'm not imagining things.
    I have had my '03 Turbo GT at the dealer for a total of 4 weeks this year for this exact problem: idles rough or dies at stop. Because the computer isn't reporting anything wrong (i.e. no error codes reported even on the dealer installed "co-pilot" logging device) the dealer can't diagnose the problem. They have seen the problem; have had the car die while they are driving it (they have put over 500 miles on it in their possession this year), but they can not diagnose the failure. Corporate is absolutely no help. The District Manager told me last week to, "come pick up your vehicle, we will not waste any more money on a rental for you." The car is still under warranty.
    I don't know what else to do. Any assistance or advice will be much appreciated. :cry: :mad:
  • We have an '03 PT base model with 62,000 miles, am having to add coolant regularly. I suspect water pump. Anyone here have any installing or having installed a water pump?

    We have been round and round with 'missing' power steering fluid, which (after about 40,000 miles of trying to find it), dealer finally states it is leaking from rack and pinion.
  • amoleamole Posts: 1
    I just bought 2002 Touring ith 53k on it, and recently on a road trip was given a 0301 error code-sometimes it bucks a little leading out of a dead stop (especially hen the AC is on), and recently it popped when i had to gun it in traffic. i plan to get the plugs and wires replaced, but my question is does anyone know if i can ride a little longer this way? i have to go on an important small road trip and won't have a chance to take care of it until i get back. it hasn't given me any reason to think it's gonna lose power, but i don't know enough about misfires to know if i can chance it.
  • I bought my silver PT 2001 in June of this year from the original owner with 48,000 mi. He bought a 2005 red one and the dealer wouldn't give him what he thought the 2001 was worth on trade-in, so he advertised (extensively) privately and I bought it. Things have happened since then:
    The "check engine" light went on soon after I got the car, but it went out.
    A week after I bought the car, after being parked in an outdoor lot, the car started, but all the electrical systems up the middle refused to work -- indoor lights, windows, radio, etc. The air bag light went on and did not go off. We were able to drive home, but it was kinda rough with no A/C in July! Next day, everything was fine -- as if nothing had happened. But new extra added attraction -- the check engine light was back and wouldn't leave.
    Took it to the mechanic and he put in on the computer -- no problem detected. He took it to the dealer for me to his "connection" there and I wound up with a rebuilt computer in my car at 10% the cost of the car! Didn't quelch the check engine light, which in November is still there. Since the computer found no fault in the car, I've continued to drive it.
    Sometimes the remote doesn't open the doors, but since the key always works, I didn't worry about it. However, yesterday the button on the door would not open or lock the doors, nor would the remote. Took the car to the mechanic today and the door buttons all work properly, as does the opening of the doors with the key in the lock. Remote not happening, though.
    Does anyone have any information on any of these problems? I've called owners of other 2001 PT LTD listed in the newspaper for sale, asking them for the truth since I've already purchased MY car.... and none of them have encountered the check engine problem.
    Thanks for your input.
  • Hello all,
    I was hoping someone could help me out. I recently got a used 2004 PT Cruiser, however the owner did not have the keyless remotes. The dealer wants $45 for a remote and another $42 to program it. Can I buy one off of ebay (I see them for $15) and program it?
    Any info is greatly appreciated.

  • Dave,
    From what I read in the manual and the information I got from my mechanic, each PT Cruiser is an "individual," with unique "fingerprints." You MUST have the remote programmed by Chrysler for your particular car. Buying a remote which was programmed for another car for $15, then having the dealer program it for YOUR car for $42, saves you $30, less whatever shipping is involved in receiving the remote from eBay. Why bother?
    As I've discovered in the few months I've owned my PT Cruiser, Chrysler pretty much has their vehicles enslaved to their particular computers.... I'm really missing my 1986 Caravan, which had a mind of its own!
  • Thanks Kay, appreciate the info. Guess I am stuck with the insane dealer prices should I decide to get the remotes.
  • art17art17 Posts: 2
    Glad you asked that question I am wondering same thing bought my PT Nov of 2004 its a 2005 and have only 4900 miles on it and don't know if I should take in like you also ...was hoping someone would have answered your question.
  • art17art17 Posts: 2
    To be honest sidnee I also thought of buying a convertable but didnt and for one reason the insurance was so much higher for the convertable...and as far as blind spots well you will have them on any model you purchase somewhat but I am aware and have had no problem. but I must say I love my car !!!!! so good luck if you buy one I have had nothing but a great experince so far with mine NO PROBS!!!!
  • My husband had the same problem with his 2001 PTC. He discovered that the chrome plating was chipping off the rims and cutting into the tires. He went out and got some nice brushed aluminum rims at an auto parts store.
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