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Chrysler PT Cruiser Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Bought an 07 Base model, 5-speed with sun and sound package (Sunroof, High end Stereo with amp and sub and Sirius) for 12,500 out the door. Sticker on it was 17,200.
  • paingodpaingod Posts: 1
    Hey!! Those cars are still out there! I just bought a 2006 black GT Convertible with 117 miles with Auto. & sound group for 16,075 TODAY. couldnt be happier
  • olguyolguy Posts: 1
    Hello all.
    I just picked up my first PT. It's just the basic little set up. 2007, and I paid $7800 out the door with 19,275 miles on it. Still under chrysler warranties. I got it from a Chrysler dealer in my area. I hope this was a good deal. I do have a question. I hear about 6 inch and 6.5 inch rims. I'm wondering if either one of those rims has enough lip to install hub caps such as the gripping type. You older guys will know what I mean. The type ya put on by smacking it around the rim untill it seats on the rims. Anyone know???
  • pewartpewart Posts: 6
    edited November 2010
    Bought the 2006 PT used from H&S Motors, Alamo, South Texas.
    Looks sharp, neat gun metal paint job, plain steel wheels. Had 55K on odometer and had been repaired following a crash. It had had panel work on the grill and a guard replaced, nothing structural with photos to prove it. Given assurances that their was nothing else wrong with the vehicle I was worked over with assurances that I could call on the place anytime with any problems and he would help out. Agreed on $5000 with a few minor things to be addressed prior to collection.
    Picked the car up to find the car had not been detailed as agreed on, the new license was not issued for 12months, okay face value I made no fuss.
    Took vehicle in for new set of tyres, although it had practically new rubber they were budget no names and wanted descent quality.
    Find out that the brake rotors were totally unsafe and had them replaced, the battery was loose and sliding around waiting to destroy anything it could contact.
    Next thing the cooling system was toasted and having been filled with water only a corrosion trap???
    And you can guess as to the claim that the oils had been all new, had not been serviced for over six months!
    After putting out over $1000 in the first few weeks of ownership on top of the purchase costs, I thought I should call the sales yard and just let them know that I was not happy with the growing mountain of false claims he made.
    To my surprise I find m number has been blocked and he does not accept my calls, instant alarm bells and now I wonder what else he knows about but did not declare!
    Giving the benefit of doubt I write to the guy explaining that I need to contact him and request he let me know what happens. They do not even have the decency to reply.
    I guess I should know to beware of car salesman but you pay that bit more to have a little piece of mind don't you?
    I can not trust H&S Motors in Alamo, South Texas, the business operators have been untruthful and misrepresented this vehicle. An agreement is an agreement you owe them nothing!
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