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Pontiac G6



  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    So, say I am on a 39 month lease for a G6, and I begin to have issues with this.... What in the world am I supposed to do about it? I am under contract, but they are certainly not going to force me to drive a car that cannot be fixed are they? I would assume they would present a few options, get it fixed or attempt, and when at some point would they say that I am able to walk away from it without penalty? I cannot sell it, no one will want such car. I am not having problems, but seeing this has me some what concerned. Hopefully, I can avoid all of this, and if I do experience it, hope they will treat me well. It must be very hit and miss. More than likely they would try to keep me in the GM company, though, if I had my choice, I would be in an Acura/Honda, but I am really liking my G6 so far. Its only a lease.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724

    I have the 4cyl, and don't have the sport shift option, (which is kinda dumb,lol) and I have been using the D3 gearing to give me more torque when accelerating, it works pretty well, but I am wondering if it will hurt anything, by doing this. It still shifts, but it has more torque and makes the engine more tightly wound, which I like. I see no reason why the would not offer a sport shift on the 4cyl, that would only make sense, therefore making the 4cyl a more sporty option, besides, if you look at the auto market today, you will see that about every car has this option, which I think is going to become standard. Even the Hyundai Sonata has this 5spd shift option on it. It was wonderful, Now it certainly does not replace an actual manual transmission, but they are getting pretty advanced in how they make these automatic shift gates. VW has gotten really advanced with the Sport DSG 6spd option. Even sports cars are getting these over a manual. Some cars are coming with steering wheel control shifts. I almost bought a passat with this option.

    I like to every now and then use the D3 option to rev the engine up, but does this hurt anything??
  • busirisbusiris Posts: 3,490
    So, say I am on a 39 month lease for a G6, and I begin to have issues with this.... What in the world am I supposed to do about it? I am under contract, but they are certainly not going to force me to drive a car that cannot be fixed are they?
    No, They won't force you to drive it...but, they will force you to continue your lease payments. The leasing entity will not accept that the car can't be fixed...simple as that.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well, I will not allow that to happen, as I went through a huge situation, and ended up with this car. Its a long story, but I came from an 06 Accord, and miss it!

    But, on the other hand, the G6 offer so many options that can be compared to the $30k Passat I test drove. It has the same type of features, and the G6 might have a few more options. I have the fully loaded G6, except for the V6. I am quite impressed.

    OnStar- Is wonderful, I just bought the 3 month Unlimited turn my turn navigation, and it is awesome! I found out that if I am on a trip and need a hotel, they will call a hotel for me and reserve a room for me!! How cool!! Also, if I am looking for a place, need a business phone number, that is crazy! That alone, makes it very nice.

    But, There are a few things I wished they had done though,

    *Make the dash lighted at all times! (the circle tach, sped could also be gone, with a black and lit up display like the Accords. More Updated) This area has a glare on it, and looks pretty dark during the day, If it were back lit all the time, it would look a world better during the day.

    Move the information center in the radio to the center, between the Tach, Sped.

    5 speed Transmission with 5pd shiftronic 4cyl. They also need to work on the 4cyl, transmission, to get it more refined, though I only have 3,500 miles on mine, but it is not as refined as the 06 Accord I drove, but I am still quite impressed on how powerful the engine is.

    Other than those few quirks, I am very impressed with the car. So many features, great bang for the buck. For me, will I be back to Honda, Acura, or VW... Probably. I am a Honda guy though. Though if someone offered me to trade for their G8, I would do it in a heart beat. The G8, is where the next design concept needs to come from when making pontiacs!

    So far so good! The G6 must be doing really well, since it has a 9.0 review rating, and even the Accord only has a 8.7 rating.

    For those who want to know, the Saturn Aura makes Chome wheel covers, and they will fit the G6 with 17' wheel covers. They are about $340 for the whole set! They look great!! Nothing like a wheel cover!
  • Thanks Steven39. This is just a big mess, my car is not under warranty anymore, it has 44,000 miles on it and my warranty ended at 36,000. Im just glad to know that it isnt my car and that i am not just "hearing things" as i have been told.
  • seppi1seppi1 Posts: 1
    What was that clunk problem when you were turning left ? Did they give you an answer ...

    Thanks Seppi1 :confuse:
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Well this forum is really Nothing exciting about the G6?

    I have been spending most of my time in the Accord forums...
  • I never got an answer about the 'clunk' problem when turning left.

    However, they said the steering column was cracked and needed replaced and ...
    the "gear Assembly" or something like that also had to be replaced (it is on the rod that connects the 2 front tires.

    It is much less, but, I can still feel it at unexpected times, always when turning left.

    I complained at the dealer again. They 'tightened' things up in the front end.

    I don't hear/feel the problem for the moment.

    However, it always comes back.
  • I have had a clunking noise WHEN TURNING LEFT for over a year now. (I will have to look up the mileage.)
    They put on a new steering wheel shaft + replaced the gear assembly.

    The intensity of problem died down. But, the noise re-appears suddenly for no reason when turning left. (Usually after I slow down to a near stop and then step on gas while turning left.

    It sounds so mysterious. But, it really worries me.

    Especially since I talked to a man who had a G6. He had a lawyer suing GM because of steering problems.

    My car starts up ok. Although I had to have it towed once, when it would not start because of a blown fuse. 2006 G6 Standard
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I am taking my 08 G6 on its first road trip tomorrow! I will be traveling about 14hours to Florida, this will put about 2,400 miles on it. This will really give me an even better impression, so far the engine is continuing to break in, and get smoother. Having only 4,000 miles on it, it was pretty rough when I got it new. But, seems to be going through the gearing better. I have my Onstar, XM all activated and ready to go, so I will let you know what I think when I return.
    I am still questioning though, whether GM can even measure up to other brands, like Honda.I am not liking what I am hearing about the G6.
  • I have an '05 G6 with about 32,000 miles. I took the car in to get an inspection and came across some problems. I was first told that the car had to get the inner tire rod replaced which after an alignment would cost about $300. Later I found out that the steering gear needs to be replaced for about $600 (which includes a new inner tire rod). The mechanic told me that it is unusual to replace the steering gear in a car with such few miles. The car is under the 36,000 miles for the factory warrenty but I bought the car over three years ago so the warrenty has expired. Has another owner of a G6 had a similar problem? I am wondering if it is a problem with the manufacturing of the car and a few years down the road I will receive a letter from GM about replacing the part.
  • I bought my Pontiac g6 GTP coupe in April 2005. Its been to the dealership for many issues. I had the rotors turned at 24k and then at 35k they had to replace the front ones at the same time they replaced the front brake pads. Before the rotor problem i had front end noises and they replaced a tierod that they felt was a little loose. they also put pading on the firewall behind the steering tubes because that was causing a noise. the front end noise did not go away and then they replaced the right end strut.
    i also had them repair the side handles on the seats because they kept falling off. I had put in a complaint to gm and were very curtious and pd for the replacement of the rotors. everything else so far was under warranty. what happens is gm keeps cutting cost on their suppliers and in turn put cheaper parts on cars but we as consumers pay higher prices for junk. they dont make cars like they used to.
    i have always been a gm fan but im sorry to say my next car may be foreign@!
    oh and by the way, i currently have 41k mi and my break lights are messed up, when i brake they go off and when i let off the brake they go on, so, back to the dealership- they know me well there!
  • twarntwarn Posts: 3
    Have just gone through the same problem...after 5 was the brake bulbs that needed to be replced. Some of the bulbs have a faulty filliment and it causes the sensors to really screw up...
    I went through them replacing the cruise control, sensors, etc and it was simply make them start there!!!!
  • twarntwarn Posts: 3
    Anybody had a problem with them hanging down off the folding panels themsevles? Mine just did?
  • maronamarona Posts: 10
    When my brake light went out and needed replaced, the dealership told me that there can be no contact with the bulb with your hands - have to wear rubber gloves. The oils from our fingers will cause it to short out at and have to be replaced again. Never heard of that before, but did as they said. Just a tidbit of information.
  • ecdebecdeb Posts: 4
    A 'clunk' is a great way to describe it!

    I have an 07 G6 that I bought Labor Day weekend 2006. I love the car, have not had any problems (knock on wood) - but recently started feeling a 'thud' when turning at slow speeds...and it is probably the same thing as the 'clunk' you are describing. I need to take it in to get it checked - especially since I have some traveling to do in the next month - but thought I would try to search online to find out what it might be and if anyone else had experienced this....which I now have.

    Times are tight - not that this is an excuse to postpone taking it in - but was the work they did to try correct the problem covered under the warrenty?
  • mfiscmfisc Posts: 4
    Selma Smith --

    How many miles do you have on your 07? My car has almost 29K (so far so good). You don't see many 07 complaints here so I am just curious. Thanks!
  • Yes, just about everything was under warranty, except for the rotors since they consider that wear and tear, but I had put a case into gm for those and they did honor it. good thing, now i have a brake sensor issue and my warranty is out. I and contemplating trading it in but despite the issues i have with it, i love the car.
  • Yeah, the first year they came out with the G6 was the 06. So i learned to never get a new series of a vehicle!
  • Thank you very much for the tip, so far they just recalibrated the brake sensor in hopes that took care of it, now its at the dealership but they havent done anything else to it, they were goin to change the sensor next witch is expensive and my warranty is out!
    I will have them check bulbs first!
  • You should bring it to the dealer, there is a bulletin for the power steering lines ratteling against the firewall and they put an absorber to stop that. Also, the struts break in and the inside tube clunks around and makes noises, i had that problem and they changed the strut, its still makes a little noise but not as bad.
  • twarntwarn Posts: 3
    How did you "put a case in?" I am having an issue with my sunshade I would like to submit.
  • ecdebecdeb Posts: 4
    I have just over 35k on mine....a lot of highway driving
  • ecdebecdeb Posts: 4
    Thats good to know that the work was covered by the warranty (except rotors). Sometimes it so confusing to understand what is and isn't covered by warranties!
    Good luck with the brake light sensor.
  • I emailed GM and they replied to me the next day! If you had a lot of problems then just let them know how dissappointed you are. When you buy a vehicle brand new you expect to not have issues, that is why u buy new right? when I emailed them they called me and put in a case and hey are usually willing to work with you so try that! good luck.
  • Thanks, i guess the sensor is only $20bucks, and then labor, so it wont be bad
  • Hi,
    I see there are a lot of problems with the G6. I bought one a 08 in July. I drove the car at varies dealers before I bought it. About 3 wks. later my toe, knee and leg started to hurt.i AM 4'11" The one I have is a standard car, no options.The angle of the drivers seat is straight up, putting presser on my leg.I have never seen anything like this before in my life. After I drive the car a short distance I have to put ice or hot water on my foot, my leg has gone numb 2.I have talked to customer service and got no where and gone back to the dealer. Their answer for me is to upgrade 13k more dollars. I don't have.Does anyone have any ideas about what else I could do? Yes the dealer told me to buy a pillar, I have three of them and that angle is still there. They need to make the 6 way seat a standard.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724

    Anyone with an 2008 G6 with the 5 spoke wheel covers, can use the Saturn Aura Chrome covers they offer. Also, you may use the Chrome 5 spoke covers from the new 08 malibu as well. This will give you a few options without dumping alot of money into the wheels. I am going to buy the Saturn Aura chrome rims, because they look more substantial than the malibu, though both look great, and look like real rims.

    You can buy these covers for about $340 for all 4 covers. You would need to go to your Saturn or Malibu dealer to order, then have them installed.

    I am sure some of you guys did not know that the 5 spoke rims on your G6 are wheel covers, not actual rims. I am not talking about the base G6, but the trim up from that. The V6 trim has "real" rims. I found this out, after I bought it. Its okay, they look good, but I want chrome to go along with my salsa red paint.

    You'll notice, Malibu, and the Aura share the same wheels, and sometimes even the same tire. Mine are the Hankook Optimo.

    Hope this helps anyone wanting a unique, yet classy look for their G6.
  • 62vetteefp62vetteefp Posts: 6,048
    They need to make the 6 way seat a standard.

    and the next guy will say to make something else standard and the next guy something else and all of a sudden you have added $1300 to the car.

    Hopefully you meant $1300, not $13,000.

    Also isn't the seat back tiltable? You said the seat was straight up. What the heck does that mean?

    What exactly do you want the seat to do? The front of the bottom cushion higher or lower?
  • Frustrated ! When I start my G6 there is a rattling noise, like something is loose under the hood . Now my breaks are squeaking. I have taken this car in 3 times for this problem and they think I am just making it up ... They cannot find anything wrong. At this point I do not know what to do ! I have had this car for 3 months. Any suggestions or has anyone had the same problems ???
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