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Chevrolet Equinox



  • Hi, Steve, Host.

    I did read your link. Thank you.

    You've confirmed what's been written elsewhere that it IS the additives that make the difference between name brands.

    As for me, 5,000 miles before changing additives will take forever. So far, I average around a 100 miles a month :D

    As has been said in someonelse's signature tag line: "Your mileage will vary."

    J K F
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to track the status of a factory ordered Equinox? My company ordered me one in June. I've received a notice telling me it will be shipped soon and I have the VIN number.

    I called the dealer where it is being shipped to and they said they had no way to track it because my company ordered it through our fleet management company. The guy there actually seemed put off by the situation, as he said "I'd be able to help you more if you had ordered it through us directly." I work for a Fortune 500 company that has hundreds of lease vechicles, so that is not an option, as we have a fleet management company that handles this for us. I realize he won't make much $ on this deal, but my company sends quite a few vehicles to this dealer, so you'd think he would want to be a little more helpful.

    I thought there might be a website where I could put the VIN number into and see the status. Any ideas?

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Full Test: 2006 Pontiac Torrent AWD (Inside Line)

    Talk about it in the Pontiac Torrent discussion.

    Steve, Host
  • frost1frost1 Posts: 1
    I have found my Equinox to have a lot of play in steering plus front passenger wheel shakes going over small bumps at slow speed. I don't feel I have total control over the vehicle
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I like the dash / wheel of the Torrent. I wish it was a little more different over all than the Equinox though.
  • Researched the Equinox today. Mileage is not too good with the old 3.4 engine. I wonder if they used the "new" 3.5 engine that's going into the new Impala would mileage increase 3 or 4 mpg?
  • Purchased our New LT FWD Equinox Jan 31. MFG date: 1/05. Equipped with Sunroof and Leather. After over 5000 miles and about 6 months I am happy to report no problems. I'm impressed with the paint, build, fit and finish. It is a nice looking vehicle. Received lots of compliments. My wife loves it. I'm impressed with the ride, handling, and acceleration. Transmission is smooth and responsive. Currently getting about 20 mpg combined and 26 highway. Yes, 26mpg.
    My past GM vehicles ran 180,000 miles before selling them in VG condition.

    The RAV 4 and Honda CRV looks outdated when parked next to our Equinox.
    Their spoilers looks like an after thought!

    Sales are topping 17,000 Equinoxes a month!!!

    "What makes it even better" Equinox problems are much less than the 2004-05 Lexus RX330. Brake Failures and Transmission problems are occurring. Equinox problems are also much less than the 2003-04 Nisson Murano's CVT transmission problems and leaks. Power steering problems. Oh, by the way, if the Murano's alternator fails, it will leave you stranded. It's been a common occurrence. Most vehicles will get you to a safe location with a failed alternator. Check it out, it's all posted at the NHTSA web site (complaints and recalls) and on Edmunds Postings
    Now, I am glad that I did not buy a Lexus RX330 or Murano.

    Luv my Nox :D
  • I totaly agree with you about our little Equinox. I have the lazer blue and I get alot of compliments. I liked the style of the Murano and the Lexus. However, I think the lexus was a little pricey for me so I stayed with the Equinox. Since I have had mine I compare it with the Lexus and I would not trade mine for the world.
    I just sold my Cougar last year in May when I bought this car. I had 72,000 miles on it. That car gave me absoulutely no problems. It was a 1987. The reason I sold is was obvious I WANTED A NEW ONE . LOL LOL .
    My husband drives a GMC Yukon. He loves that too. Mine has the moon roof also and a 6 cd player along with the heated seats and leather. I do not think I could ever go back to a reg. car again after driving this. By the way mine is an AWD. I had alot of fun with it this winter .
    I just love this SUV :) :) :) :)
  • What's the deal, with my research on th '06 Equinox continuing, I have noticed that the fuel economy ratings have been changed?! How can an engine/transmission combo that does not change from 1 year to the next be rated lower? Here are the stats:
    05 AWD FWD/AWD: 19/25..........06 FWD:19/24 AWD: 18/23.
    Maybe GM decided to lower the ratings due to the uproar over actual mileage customers were getting on the '05's were mid teens.
    I checked the gear ratios on both years, yup the same? Is this fair to everyone that bought an '05?
    I realize AWD will always get lower mileage (due to more wheels being powered), but who am I to disagree when Chevy/EPA says either drivetrain option would result in 19city 25highway. Well reality showed it's ugly face and it proves that original theory right, 18/23! maybe I'll check out the Saturn Vue (So long as their fuel economy doesn't change!)
  • mr_botsmr_bots Posts: 236
    I don't think you can blame it on GM, as it's the government that decides the gas mileage ratings that are put on the sticker.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "In the 1980s, an EPA study found that drivers were typically achieving lower fuel economy than predicted by EPA laboratory tests. As a result, EPA required the laboratory-derived city and highway MPG estimates posted on the labels of new vehicles to be adjusted downward by 10 percent for city estimates and by 22 percent for highway estimates to better reflect the MPG real-world drivers can expect."

    Fuel Economy Guide

    Steve, Host
  • I'm in the market for a new car. I currently drive a Tahoe and obviously need/want something with better gas mileage. Have 2 kids and am used to the space of a large SUV. Anyone out there hauling around kids in an Equinox? Just wondering if it's family friendly.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    2 kids are fine but you won't have nearly the space in the back of a NOX vs a Tahoe. As long as you are ok with that.. should be fine.
  • babyblue, in addition to what vanman1 said, don't forget that the Equinox rear seat(s) WILL slide forward and backward about 6-7 inches which is alot more than what some vehicles can say.

    J K F
  • I have an 05/AWD. I am getting 19-20 straight city driving (between 20-21 combo) and 25-26 hwy. My vehicle has comfortably settled into these figures. It currently has 7200 miles on it. Now if my husband drives can substract some MPG from these figures. He tends to be more of an aggressive driver and my Equinox does not like that. Even though it has some issues, I am happy with it. I checked out the Vue and knew it would get better MPG but it was SO cheap looking (expecially the interior) that the Equinox won over. I did go thru some doubt the first couple of months but it now has earned "a pat on dashboard" every morning when I get out in the morning when I go to work. The only other vehicle got that was my Subaru. I do feel that this vehicle is very sensitive to how it is driven. My husband has proved that and this may be what is going on with those who are getting lower fuel economy.
  • RE: "pat on the dashboard".

    My father's `98 Chevy Lumina (Betsy) likes to have her dash patted after having a hard time. :D

    If she's contrary about starting; she gets called "Ford". Talk about Betsy starting promptly at the next key turn! LOL

    I also Internet researched Saturn's VUE vs Chevrolet Equinox. However, I don't really "need" 250 horses for stop and go city driving in my neighborhood.

    `Am enjoying my easy ingress and egress seating.

    J K F
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,024
    A reporter with a major daily newspaper is looking to speak with people who’ve purchased a crossover/sports wagon in the last few months. Specifically, vehicles like the Saturn Vue, Chevy Equinox, Ford Freestyle, Ford Escape, Honda CRV, Nissan Murano, or Toyota Highlander.

    If you have, please reply to no later than Tuesday, September 27, 2005 with your daytime contact information and a brief description of your recent crossover/sport wagon purchase experience.


    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

    Share your vehicle reviews

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I recommend turning off your CAPS LOCK. People tend to ignore postings written in ALL CAPS.

    tidester, host
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    1st time poster, hard to know if it's even real.
  • noxonnoxon Posts: 6
    I finally picked up my new 06. It is FWD, LT2, everything but the XM radio. I love it! It is so comfortable to drive. The 7 speaker sound system is awesome. Everything about it just suits my needs (two kids in college). I only have 300 miles on it so I will be monitoring the gas mileage, as this seems to be of some issue. It is Black Amethyst Metallic. Some say it looks black, some purple, some like "chocolate". The color does change with different lighting. Anyway, I hope it serves me well for the next few years. Noxon :)
    P.S. Thanks to all who posted. I read them all and enjoyed and learned. I hope to contribute again.
  • I currently own an '05 and decided to take a look at the '06.
    I also notice no '05's left on the lots.
    Not a whole lot of changes to the it other than the way options and price is structured.
    Two things that stood out were change in color of the front dash panels from grey to black and fan, heating & A/C controls.
    I think that the original grey panels gave the dash a better look and the original center counsol was better laid out.
    The black panels make the dash look too dark.
    I also didn' see the leather shifter on '06 either.
    The Equinox is still a nice overall looking vehicle even for 2006.
    but, I think I'll keep my ' 05 Nox.
  • noxonnoxon Posts: 6
    General Motors decided to color code the side mirrors for 06. I like the blended look. It also makes for an easy distinguishing mark between 05 and 06 at a glance. noxon
  • Congrats on your new Nox!
    Let us know your fuel economy.
    I have a FWD Silver LT.
    I've been getting 20 mpg combined (50/50) and 26 mpg on the highway.
    Thats a nice touch on the mirrors.
    I also noticed a difference in the rocker panels too.
  • eldradeldrad Posts: 5
    Just wanted to get my 2 cents out there for any potential buyers (I don’t expect any change)

    1) Why the Equinox? Well, I just boat a 16 foot, 1500 lb. fishing boat and my 1999 Subby outback 4 cyl wasn’t cutting it. Was really straining to pull it on the hiways. So I needed a 6 cyl. I really loved my Subby but Subaru America simply priced me out of that model. Nothing below 30K! What a dumb move on their part.

    So my buddy, who researches everything, told me how much he liked his new Equinox (though he did warn of bad blind spots). I Test drove a 1 year old used 2005 with 14k miles on. The dealer, a family friend gave me a GREAT trade value on my Subby so I had to do the deal. It drove fine, room enough for the kids in back, same (or very close) MPG as my aging Subby, and a great deal. What’s not to like

    2) Well....there is apparently a lot not to like. I though I would transition better to the difference in creature comforts and layout but so far, not so good.

    a) Trunk: The cargo space is considerably smaller than the Subby, surprising since it’s nearly the same dimensions. The wheel wells consume a lot of cargo area.

    b) Cargo shelf. What seemed like a good idea, turned out to be useless. When the shelf is up (highest setting) I logically place things on it. However, those things slide to the back when driving. Because of a gap between the rear of the shelf and the tailgate, when you open the gate, everything falls out! It takes plastic man to reach under with one hand to prevent falling, while lifting the gate with the other. And if your cargo is heavy, close the door, squeeze into the back seat and pull the load off the door, other wise it’s all over the ground
    Also, the cargo area is small when compared to the Subby. Who would have thunk?

    c) Shelf - part II: When the shelf is up, there is no light under the shelf so you can’t see anything. Simply a dumb design. Put a light under there GM

    d) Passenger handles: above-the-window grips. How much could it possibly cost to install these? $10 each. C’mon GM, get on the ball GM. And why no floor mats. Please a little respect for us.

    e) Center console. Nice to have to large cup holders in the Console. However, because the holders are on the flip-up arm rest, you can’t flip it up to get to your stuff (wallet, directions, purse etc) with full drinks. Duh.

    f) Site lines: I live in the city and do A LOT of parallel parking. I am not too proud to say I am very good at it. However the site lines on this Equinox, make it v difficult to park this car. Example: the rear/cargo side windows are 1) obstructed by the second row head rests and 2) are not large enough so that you can see the tail of the car on which you’re basing your “cut”. It’s pure guess work.

    g) Radio: What’s the deal with always reverting to the ROCK equalizer setting. I prefer the brighter JAZZ preset, yet every time I change stations, it reverts to the bloated rock sound. And the general design of the unit is awkward. It amazes me that after about 60 years of putting radios in cars, we haven’t arrived at radio interface that at the very least is logical?

    h) Headlights: What’s with these Day Light Running Lights. What an awful idea, because I can never turn my lights off. At the risk of sounding creepy, there are times where I want my headlights off while I am pulling over (e.g. maybe I have to pee on the road side, or I don’t want the light blaring in my mothers face when I pull up to her house.)

    k) Door Locks: why, when I use my key to open the door, does the car start beeping and pinging louder & louder until the horn starts blaring? After all I used the key to enter the car, not a sledge hammer. I thought I turned off this “feature” but it always comes back on. I have to hurry and start the car to avoid the noise.. Who does this benefit.

    l) beeps, boings & bings: I can’t find a pattern in the sounds the car makes when the drive door is open. Sometimes silent, sometime noisy. Doesn’t matter if key is in ignition, or lights are on, or neither. It has a mind of its own. Again, an over-engineered “feature”

    m) Headlights: You mean to tell me the headlights don’t turn off when the car is off. WTF?

    n) Minor point. Does any one really use the nickel & dime holders? What parking meter takes nickels and dimes? Make them all quarter-holders.

    o) No navigation lights. If I need inside light, there is only the over head light, which when on waked my sleeping children.

    p) Sun visors: you can not push them all the way fwd to be against the windshield, they flop down, thus greatly * dangerously limiting your view. I have to slouch down when I use them because they cut off too much of the horizon.

    q) Brake pedal is too high. Cant drive barefoot because only my big toe reach the brake pedal, and I am a size 12 ½

    a) very decent gas mileage for a SUV. Both Hwy & City are in the 20 mpg
    b) roomy in the front
    c) decent power, no issues pulling the boat.

    anyhow, thanks for listening
  • These are all common complaints. I noticed all of these also. Hopefully GM reads this forum. Overall I like the car though. It suits my purposes.

    I get 20/25 with 50/50 mix of driving with my AWD.

    Oh, by the way, there is a navigation light. Try pressing on the lights above the center console.
  • Couple of thoughts:

    b) Cargo Shelf - I agree this is somewhat useless, but GM did something smart in making one side carpeted and flat, while the other is plastic and has raised edges. My wife drives the Nox 90% of the time, but she seems to put things on the shelf, plastic side up, and does not have problems with cargo sliding off. Is your shelf on the "right side"?
    d) Oh Sh*t Handles - I agree. Would be nice to have. Real surprised not too see them in an suv, as most cars these days even have them. Not sure if the 06 has them or not.
    f) Site Lines - The wife's 05 has the big headrests that make for terrible lines. However, for the 06, GM reverted back to MUCH smaller headrests that pretty much eliminate the problem. I would bet that 05 and 06 headrests are interchangable. I bet you could go to dealer or most likely online to get smaller headrests. For a few bucks it would make a big difference.
    g) Radio - When you set the preset, it also saves the equ setting. So set to the Equalizer setting you want, then hold the preset button to save.
    i) Door Locks - I believe the keyless entry system is also a very basic alarm. If you lock the car with the remote, it expects to be unlocked with the remote. Not to nitpick, but why would you use a key when you can just press the remote button to unlock?
    m) Headlights - I agree. I hate DRL and the fact that they are always on. I was waiting to pick up food last night, and since the lights would not turn off, I ended up lighting up the whole inside of Fridays.
    n) Coin Holders - Pointless in my opinion. Especially since each one holds maybe 4 or 5 coins. That maybe gets you an hour of parking at the most, and you are right, nickel/dimes are worthless.
    q) Brake Pedal - I agree, it is slightly high. To each their own. My wife doesnt notice it, because her feet are too small to drive most carswith her brake foot on the ground. I would bet many women have this problem.


    a) The gas mileage is pretty good for an SUV. Alot of people complain because they get 18-20, and those in CRV or RAV get 25 or so. What most dont realize, is the NOX is much bigger than either (18 inches longer than RAV, 8 longer than CRV). A NOX is about the same size as a late 1990's Explorer, so cut it a little slack.
    b) Lots of room for passengers, both front and back. While trunk space is compromised a bit by the struts, I would trade that off for the extra space for the second row and front row. I dont have kids (yet) but would bet that the extra space in the second row makes everyone happier on long trips. I am 6 foot 2, and this is one of the few cars that I dont have to move the driver seat as far back as it goes.

    Just my .02, take it for what its worth. BTW, 10k miles in 5 months, no problems to report, getting about 20mpg overall (50/50). Enjoy
  • Oh, and by the way, you arent living until you fold the front passenger seat flat, then sit in the back seat with your legs stretched out. Very nice.
  • LOL. Good point for the fold-flat front seat with Daddy Long Legs sitting in the back seat.

    J K F :D
  • misty8misty8 Posts: 15
    OnStar offers a program with Verizon Wireless through which you can link the two plans, use the hands free capability of the OnStar system, share the minutes between the in-vehicle calling feature and your Verizon Wireless digital phone and get just one bill for all calls. When I tried to set it up I was advised by OnStar that I had the wrong equipment in my 05 Equinox. My system is analog which may become obsolete and become inoperable when all wireless phone systems go digital in about two years. Some Equinoxes came equipped with digital, some did not. This was not disclosed to me when I purchased the vehicle. OnStar told me that my analog system is upgradable to a digital system and that I should work through my dealer for the upgrade. My dealer is clueless on this. I have contacted them numerous times but they're still scratching their heads. Has anyone upgraded to digital, and if so, how did you do it?
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