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2007 Impala LS 3.5L no start/electrical/issues/transmission indicator

dennisdg00dennisdg00 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2015 in Chevrolet
Hello, My son started his 07 Impala to warm up and when he came out the car was off. attempted to restart but no luck. After working on the car for awhile some issues we have noticed. Key will not come out of ignition and shifter will not move (unless you push solinoid release) Thought it was the broken wire issue but we have repaired that before and check and all is good. I think it is electrical as several of his systems are not working. Including the shifter indicator does not show what gear the car is in. Brake lights, turn signals/hazards, power windows, instrument cluster lights up, but no indicators. I have checked all the fuses and did some relay swaps but nothing looks bad or shows any corrosion. Anyone have any ideas. I am leaning to some form of relay or computer. maybe security issues.


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    ray80ray80 Member Posts: 1,655
    I would be leaning toward battery/charging thing. The stuck key and shifter thing make me think of low power, other things like lights will still work
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