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2015 Projected Repair/Maintenance Costs Once Warranty Expires

oracle_of_rockoracle_of_rock Member Posts: 58
edited January 2015 in Acura
I'm considering a 2015 Acura TLX V6 but was more than curious about their parts and repair costs. When compared to, let's say a 2014 Accord Touring V6, how would the costs play out? I've read where Acuras are called Acuras in the US and maybe India but it the rest of the world, they're just called Hondas. So are we talking about the difference between a MB and Accord maintenance or something more modest? I'd love a luxury car but I'll be damn if I'll be ripped off on repairs and routine maintenance! Any thoughts except the all too familiar cliche "if you can't afford the upkeep, you can't afford the car!" Private shops and DIY crap aside, we anyone think of a successful workaround to this problem? Thanks for you input!
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