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2000 Chevy Silverado vibration



  • My dad has a 2000 Silverado 1/2 ton 4WD that vibrates.
    It is a highway speeds; 60-70 mph and will do it intermittently. Most times its on a downhill coast with a little throttle or in a slight pull or if a bump is hit.
    Dealership has had the truck 3 times. First, two tires were out of round(0.050) YES, 50 thousands!!!
    Second they kept it for 3 weeks. Third time it was put on a chassis dyno and they still have no idea.
    The case is going to arbitration with the BBB and GM.
    The truck only has 2000 miles on it. Lemon Law.
    Here are 3 other BB that have some info.......
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    It will be interesting to see how your dad makes out w/lemon law, keep us posted. What State are you in?

    Ray T.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    of the previous posts that someone had vibrations, was fixed, and found out that now vibrated when towing or hauling load? Just noticed that my '00 1500 ls xcab vibrates with a load of about 400 lbs. Vibrates like hell at 30-40 and light vibration at 60-65. Anyone remember the post and what the outcome was? Thanks for any help.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Yeah, that was me. Just when I thought my truck was fixed, It started towing vibration. Don't know about the hauling part since I haven't hauled anything in the back.

    My towing vibration feels like a cycling vibration, if that makes sense: it will run smooth for a couple of seconds then vibrate a couple of seconds. Feels like something in the transmission, but I just had a new one put in for my regular vibration (non-towing).

    I am completely lost on what to do now. My dealer is also... I'm currently involved with buyback (8300 miles) with BBB. Good luck.

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    thanks for the quick response. Good luck on your buyback. This is becoming a major pain. But I guess you already know that.

  • What I was told buy the dealer (although we've all been told so much BS the truth is hard to separate)was that the vibration upon startup had to do with the driveshaft/rear end angle. The spring and shackle kit raises the rear of the truck about 1 inch, which does away with the startup vibs (0-15 mph). Problem is that when you put a load on it (tongue weight or something in the bed) the rear sags down some, and the vibs start again, since the angle of driveshaft/rear end is back to what it was before the spring/shackle change.
  • mikey42mikey42 Posts: 28
    Just thought I would post a good feeling post, I test drove 2 trucks last November. One had a slight vibration and the other one at a different dealer was perfect. I bought the perfect one, I wanted to save money and get the steel wheels but that dealer told me he would not carry the steel wheels due to vibrations, he said he would not even order me a truck with steel wheels. Right or wrong, I don't know, I just know my truck has no vibrations. I have hauled 1,200lbs to the dump (no bed liner, its a truck) and a car on a trailer at about 3,700lbs with no problems and have 5,100 miles in 2 months of happy ownership. Now if only the dealer could fix that annoying howling that happens every time I start the truck when it is not hot and not cold. If the truck is at full temp or cold it is fine but if I had it shut off long enough to cool down about half way then it has a howling noise for a few minutes when I restart it. Its quiet, you can't hear it when standing next to it unless the hood is open but you can hear it in the cab, I will live with it until I or dealer can identify it and fix it. I read so much here that I didn't even let the dealer fix the message center that is not telling me when to change my oil, like I would listen to an idiot light anyway, I was just worried about what else was not working. Those are the only 2 extremely minor annoyances I have had with the truck, I LOVE IT.
  • mikey42mikey42 Posts: 28
    oops, ok here at the details, its a 2000 built in Canada, I forget the date, 1500 2wd, ext. cab, short bed, 3 door, 5.3L, 3.42 rear end, Alu. wheels, its is according to these boards the combination with the most vibration problems and I have none. I love my truck, its the first car/truck that I have been able to say that about in well over 15 years, almost like being in high school again with power and a car that I like.

    And no, I have not come up with a new problem, its just a very minor annoyance, I can live with that noise when I start it up. I just want to know what it is in case its something that I should get fixed. I will patiently wait till it gets worse and easy to find. Kind of like the "change oil" light, I went through the wiring diagram to make sure that nothing important is broken and decided that will all the posts here about things being worse after visits to the dealer, I would live without a change oil warning. Besides I change my oil _FAR_ more often than that light would tell me to anyway.

  • Sure it isn't the radiator fan? You could visit the dealership and listen to another truck like yours.
  • Hi all, been awhile since writing, but check this post regularly. Truck now has six thousand miles. Funny thing, as the cold weather has set in in this area the vibration in the truck has been reduced to nothing. It is now sailing down the freeway with virtually no shake whatsoever. It sure is a nice truck without the shakes. 2600 miles on the last set of Firestone Wilderness AT which were match balanced and gave acceptable readings per GM. I am still trying to order a 2500 class truck but Ordering Process is not cooperating with dealer. They are having problems entering order into the system. I have posts all the way back to 143 concerning Vibration Problem.
    To catch up I have a Silverado 1500/ Z-71, 5.3/automatic, 3.73/posi, 4wd, reg cab/long bed.
    What a truck-other than shaking, there is no problems with the truck.
  • kansankansan Posts: 115
    Your experience with cold weather reducing the vibration to almost nothing is similar to mine (reference post 337). If the vibration depends on the temperature, it appears that the rubber tires would be the most likely culprit, as their characteristics are affected by temperature changes more than non-rubber/polymer components. The colder the temperature the stiffer the (and more stable) the rubber.
  • I've been reading this site for the 6 weeks I've had my 2000 Reg Cab, Sportside, 4.8L, 2WD,3.42 RE Silverado. Like many of you I only drove up to 55mph on the test drive and experienced no shakes. After a few miles I got on the road and the shakes started at 62 and just increased in frequency as the speed increased. Sure felt like a tire balance problem to me! Back to the dealer and a re-balance resulted in them finding all 4 of my G.Y Wranglers (235 x 75 x 16 RWL) out of balance by at least 1,25 oz. Trouble is the truck still had the shakes. Now this is , in my opinion, the best dealership on the planet so...was told was a known problem with the tires and 5 were promptly ordered. While the tires were on order I did a LOT of research on the topic. Called Goodyear and GM several times and both were aware of the problem GM changed the spec on the tire about 1 Oct 99. According too them and G.Y. the tires built AFTER that should take care of it, Looking at the date code (on the inside of the tire) resulted in discovering that mine were built in the 40th week of '99....pretty close to 1 October. Since I am a big Michelin fan I offered to pay the difference for 255 x 70 LT M.S's. GM would not authorize this since they were sure that my problem would be solved by the updated tires. Also G.Y. said that the "ST" is the ONLY tire they recommend for the Silverado when I asked if they had an upgraded tire for my application. They said they would "warranty" my tires but if the replacements didn't solve the problem then I was on my own....both GM and GY recommended waiting for the updated ST's. After 4 weeks mine came in and were installed. VIOLA!!!! the vibration is gone. I drove it 200 miles yesterday on all kinds of surfaces. From 55 - 90mph it is SMOOTH. Interestingly enough, the date code on the new tires is 45th week of '99. They are 5 weeks newer than the originals.

    As a result it seems to me that a lot of you guys that have been switching tires and wheels have been getting the old spec tires. Go back to the dealer and see about tires that meet the later spec. It may not work in all cases but it just might too! It did for me and the truck is now all I had hoped it would be.
  • kansankansan Posts: 115
    This may be a stupid question, but where is the date code and how is it formatted? I was looking for seial numbers the other night and couldn't find anything that resembled one. Maybe I just didn't know exactly what I was looking for?
  • rayt2rayt2 Posts: 1,208
    Don't give up on the Silverado it's still the best truck out there (my opinion) Post 377 seems to be on to something good especially if GM & Goodyear are acknowledging the problem.
    I'm waiting on my 2500 2wd ext. cab shortbed to be produced week of 2/7.

    Ray T.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Sounds like exact story my dealer told me 6 months ago. They promised me that I had a bad set and that at a certain date the Goodyear tires would be fine. Yeah right, after three sets, it still vibrated. Although my problem was warped steel rims, the Goodyear tires were also bad.

    By-the-way..... each time they put Goodyears on my truck, it ran different for 300-400 miles then returned with vibration. However, I hope they're telling you the truth and your problem is solved. It would be nice to hear some good positive GM news.

    Also, the independent tire company that finally fixed my non-towing vibration, told me last week that he talked to the GM area service rep. who advised him that they (GM) were experiencing big problems with Goodyear tires on the Silverado.

    Good luck, John
  • I picked up my 1500 Silverado on 1/12/00 and so far everything seems to be ok. Have about 1100 miles on it mostly in the country, both flat land and mountains. Fuel consumption on 87 octane is 19.1 mpg. Engine performance and transmission is great. Really a good match in the mountains. With a light load this is really more power than is needed.
    This is a 4x2 ext cab, 3door, short box, 4800 v8, auto trans, cast aluminum wheels with General tires, locking rear end, standard suspension-no trailer towing or any other special options.
    Only complaints at this time are slight wind noise at 55mph and higher-probably from 3rd door fit- and stiffness of ride with no-load. I have power bucket seats and expected to have a softer ride.
  • Kansan,
    The date code is on the inside if the tire only and is the last 3 nimbers of the DOT number. i.e. "409" is the 40th week of 1999. That is when the tire is made. I spoke with GY and GM and both said they were aware of the problem. Of course each pointed the finger at the other...GY said that the Silverado was extremely sensitive to tire/balance because of the stiffness of the frame and GM said that the tires provided to them by GY were not up to spec. GM said they had tightened up the spec in the 1 Oct tome frame and they expected the tires built after that to be better. My truck is much better with the replacement tires but is not perfect. I think this is road feel more than anything because it is very dependent on the type of road surface I am on. I hope that the vibration I had doesn't return after 4-500 miles but if it does it will still be tire related because the tires did cure it once. If they hadn't I would be concerned that something else was wrong. I now have put about 300 miles on these and see no change for the worse. I am concerned that when these tires need replacing I will go through this again. I wonder if ALL the GY ST's that are produced after the "magic" date will meet the spec. I usually replace OE tires with Michelin LT's with good results. Since Gy and GM told me the problem with the ST was the sidewall I wonder if the Michelins will work. I hope we are not locked in to GY since I'm not a big fan of them. I had a vib. problem on my wife's '99 Blazer had Uniroyal Laredo's on it (and a bent rim). I replaced them with LT's and it is now smooth as silk. There is a great explanation of our problem on the Dunlop Home Page under Troubleshooting made me understand what was going on. Anyhow...for now I am happy...and thankful that my dealer is responsive to the problem. I believe the Silverado is as good as it gets in trucks. I have friends with Dodges, Fords, and Toyotas and have driven and ridden in all of them. As a "complete" package I think GM beats them all and would buy another one in a minute. Remember something to you guys that are contemplating buying are only hearing from the guys with problems. For everyone one of us there are many more out there with none at all. My recommendation is drive the truck you want to buy on the roads you are familiar with.....above 60mph.....if you are happy with it but it no matter what it says on the hood. I think most of you will end uo with a Chevy or GMC.

  • hogboyhogboy Posts: 84
    John, you only go around once. I'd go for it. Picked up my 2000 Silverado on 12/31. Been driving nothing but pickups the last 22+ years. This is my 1st Chevy & 1st automatic. Its a great truck.
  • doudisdoudis Posts: 45
    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I've posted here in the past but mostly I just like to read. Anyway here's what I got: 2000 GMC Sierra SLT 1500, 5.3L 3.73 Locker, Leather,Tinted windows, Best Stereo, Better Air filter etc. Sportside. How is it .....hmmmmm PERFECT!!! I love her, she the most beautiful thing I've ever owned. I ordered on Oct. 4 so it was a long wait but I really wanted a four door. Hated to do it but with the 12 miles that were on the od I took her up to 78 mph using the cruise 1 mph at a time. This truck is absoulutly SOLID with not even the slightest hint of shimmy or shake or vibration. Only small annoyance I've found is the drivers seatback has about a 1/2", feels like spring loaded, give. It will kinda push forward when I'm stopping. Then lean back when I accelarate. Any one else experience this. BTW the passangers seat is tight. These are the full feature captains. It sure is gonna be hard to keep this puppy in the low to mid 50's for 500 miles or so. You can just feel this baby wanting to roar. Paid $25770 using GMO and then took another $500 of with the loyalty coupon. Built on 1/13/00 delivered on 1/28/00 drove home today. Not positive were it was built as the order sheet said Wentzville and the window sticker said Oshawa, Canada.
  • doudisdoudis Posts: 45
    Im so sorry you had to cancel your order. But I post on all sites for those who do not read every site. Roger do every one a favor and go ahead and re order from a good dealer. You been pissey ever since you had to cancel. Really look at what you just wrote and think about why. Does that no seem to be a bit childish.
  • You guys need to read the title of this area...Silverado Vibration Probelms!! Not bad vibes between you two guys. You need to take up your personal problems with Dear Abby.
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Posts: 200
    Not at all. If anyone gets any of these posts they get them all. are right, vibration problems. So why did you post the last message?

    Have a nice day.....
  • I happy to read about your good experience! Keep it up. Sounds like a nice truck. (I think you should get the seat looked at though.)
  • al2al2 Posts: 73
    So Doudis is elated and posts everywhere and Rog H. is miffed at this and hits the post button twice, all under 2000 Chev vibrations.
    Well, I just posted about Doudis' good news and my order, then scrolled down to this post and see 6 more posts supposedly about Chev and, therefore, GMC vibrations.
    But it turns out to be nothing at all about vibrations (sort of like that famous topic "Silverado Frame Failures"). Meanwhile, I've had heart failure believing that a topic about vibrations is really about more shake, rattle and roll, not about Doudis inadvertently stirring up a hornet's nest over too much enthusiasm over his new baby.
    Perhaps we should all chill a little except me of course since I obviously have a perfect right to pace the floor and chew my nails hoping that my new truck is as good as the one Doudis seems to have.
    As I've said before, it is not the wait I mind as much as the worry about quality.
  • doudisdoudis Posts: 45
    Really guys I was just trying to give those who were as worried about their new truck some positive feedback for a change. As for those who didn't like my post T.S. Grow up. I'm happy and it shows. For those who have positive things to say, thank you. St. Louis, what an intresting year.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Anyone know how that feature actually works? Could it (defective one) cause a towing vibration? One that would cycle in and out?

    The tow/haul program/feature is the only thing that hasn't been checked on my truck for towing vibration. Anyone know how it's connected to tranny, etc.?

    Thanks John
  • John it electrically alters valve body in trans raising the shift points to a higher rpm. It is not automatic switching between modes as it is an electrical signal which alters the shift points. Do not believe computer is involved just fluid pressure routed thru the valves is all. Fluid can take two paths operated by electric gate (tow/haul switch).My two cents.
  • jed1894jed1894 Posts: 337
    Thanks for info.... I noticed, while testing my towing vibration with a trailer, that the vibration will come and go. Feels like it's hitting a bad section in something. However, this is my second transmission and driveshaft so I wouldn't think it would be a tranny or shaft problem.

    Anyway, I'll play with the tow haul button tomor. and see is anything changes. I didn't think of tow haul problem until I finished towing.

    Thanks for info. again........ John
  • i have a 2000 chev crew cab dually with a vibration that starts at 25 and goes up for as fast as you go. we have had it in the shop 6 times and have had new tires(michelins) put on. we have been told the dealer can't fix it and it's a comfort thing but under a load the vibration is worse and we have already had ujoint replaced at 1,963miles. any suggestion?
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