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  • Cherokee Ford wasn't even in the same ballpark with the other dealers' price when I was shopping either.
    I didn't check prices on the SuperCab but if passenger comfort is more a concern than the occasional trip to the dump or Home Depot I'd go for the SuperCrew. As your kids (I assume that is a factor since you mentioned 'soccer mom')get a little older & if you travel they'll appreciate the extra room. Now that we have the sunroof on our SuperCrew it's really nice. It's really an expensive option for a pick-up, but hey - if you gotta have it - you gotta have it. We really didn't need the 4WD or off road package either but we "had to have it".
    CarMax is a good idea to try before you trade-in at the dealer. They actually gave us a better price to buy our van than any of the Ford dealers.
    Good Luck!
  • Thanks again for the info! No, my "soccer kid" is now in college, but somehow I still end up carting his friends home every so often ;) Plus, where I live, I sometimes have to go down and pick people up to bring them to the house. 4WD and the off road package are a necessity - but the towing option they all seem to have will be useless.....I'll let you know how things go!
  • Hi all. This is my first post to this board, so bear with me. I'm considering the 150 Super Crew for my first truck. I'm actually a content Subaru owner right now, but need a truck for pulling a horse trailer and, so far, one horse. With another horse the towing needs would top 5,000 pounds, easy. The Ford dealers here say the 150 could handle it if I got the biggest engine available. Others say go for a bigger truck, like the Ford 250, especially if I ever plan to tow over the Sierras. Maybe I will someday. I hate to limit myself here. What have you people found with your 150 when it's towing? Any horse or boat owners out there who've taken the whole rig over a decent mountain range? Thanks for your help!
  • My first advice is not to trust anything the dealers tell you (see post #697 in 'cabover campers & camper trailers')discussion. Do your own research here or elsewhere before you go to the dealer. It's not that the dealer is intentionally trying to deceive you but their first interest is in selling you the car & very few of them have personal experience with towing.
    I use my truck - 2001 Screw Lariat, 4X4, 5.4L, 3.55 limited slip with tow package - to pull a 28' camper trailer. It pulls it easily & I estimated it weighs close to 5000lbs loaded. It has no difficulty with the North Georgia & Carolina mountains but I haven't done the Sierras with it yet.
    Moving up to the F250 will not get you any bigger engine unless you opt for the powerstroke diesel. What you get is a beefier frame & suspension & transmission to handle the weight of the rig.
    I'd post your question on one of the towing/camping related dicussion boards to get feedback from veteran haulers..
    Good Luck
  • ok..goning to buy in the next couple days. have found 2 that fill the bill..major difference is the seats.. one has captains chairs.. are the worth the price difference?..
  • This is my first post and I registered after years of reading just to tell you to get a bigger truck. We have the F150 Supercrew that we pull a lightweight RV with, the kind of RV that says they can be pulled with a car or van or 1/2 ton pickup. Yes the Supercrew can pull it, but it really isn't heavy enough to handle the stresses the RV causes on the brakes and frame. I wanted to go with the F250 but my better half said he wanted the better ride for the 90% of the time we weren't towing. Check the alt.rv and rec.outdoors.rv-travel newsgroups and for opinions on towing with an F150. Hope this helps.
  • Test drive each of them to see what suits your personal preference. A lot of people love the split bench and the extra seat. I really love the feel of the captains chairs and the large console, along with the fact the cd changer is in the console and not behind the rear seat. Good luck.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    were a lot more comfortable, but now that the split benches are shaped/contoured so much like buckets (or captains chairs) I'd just as soon have 'em for less $$$.
  • Agree with both of the last two posts. I test drove both & found the bench seat equally as comfortable as the capn's chairs. Also thought the bench gave us the option of an extra seat or the console. My only complaint with the bench is that the CD changer is stuck out of reach behind the rear seat. If I were buying today I'd probably keep the bench seat & go with the single in-dash CD. That would save close to $700 to spend on other goodies.
  • I am pleased to announce a new arrival to my family. I just purchased an Arizona Beige 2001 Lariat Supercrew with 5.4, limited slip, cab steps, sliding rear window, tow package, cargo cage, captains chairs and the 6 disc CD changer at Prestige Ford in Garland, Texas. This morning's newspaper had their new ad for this truck for $24,788.00 after rebates and discounts. The invoice is 27,690.00 and the MSRP is 31.400.00. They had four at this price and we were there before they opened. The truck had just been taken off the trailer. They will prep it today and I will pick it up Monday morning. I can't believe how good I feel about this truck!!!!
  • To newfordman1, may I ask what rebates and discounts the dealer offered? I'm a potential x-plan buyer (about $400 below invoice). I've just seen the 1500 cashback from Ford in Florida, don't have a copeting model to get another $1000 from Ford. Lease rates are now very good, but I'd rather pay less up front.
  • well, I did it. I am the proud owner of a 2001 AZ Beige supercrew 4x4, 5.4 engine, P255/70R-16 tires, 3.55 limited slip, cab steps, sliding rear window, trailer tow pkg, P/U box extender, and 6-disc CD changer. sticker at $33,270. the deal on it was incredible and I have never had such a nice vehicle.
    the only drawback i see is that my trucks have always been used as a truck... full of stuff and the dog. this one is so nice, it is going to be hard to put all that stuff back in it, but I will.
  • Novice 150,
    I don't know if it is nationwide but Ford raised the rebate on 9-22-01 to $2000.00 here in the Dallas area. I did not have a competing truck to get the additional $1000 rebate either. I believe the potential deals on the 2001's are better than the x-plan but it wouldn't hurt to check both ways. Good luck and good hunting. I haven't told my son about the truck yet. He will be shocked when he sees it when I pick him up at school tomorrow.
  • i dont want to hear that i missed another $500 by one day... i dont happy.. but $500 would have been nice..real nice.. dont guess i can get the dealer to change the date on that deal... oh by the way, if u do the X plan you also get the rebates...and there is an additional $600 rebate if you use the X plan..
  • Have you had to take your truck in for any warranty service? Since the shops get paid less on warranty work, I wonder if I'll get any grief if I take it to a place that's closer to the house, and not where I bought it. Wade Ford is 100+ miles from my house whereas there's one dealership 10 miles away (small) and VJ's about 20 miles away. It's just me and the one car, so getting rides and such isn't really an option. Of course, depending on how much Wade Ford wants the sale, I could get them to put a free loaner for warranty work into the contract, hehehe.
  • swampcollie,
    Please tell me more about this additional $600 rebate for x-plan local dealers in Orlando aren't aware (or are holding back). x-plan is about $400 under invoice, then 2001s have $1500 cash back; this $600 additional is new news.
  • I have no idea if it is regional..but the guy that furnished me the X plan knew about it and when i asked the dealer they checked and it was true.. I am in Missouri and know that these things sometimes are regional.. and still get the 1500..i got 2100 in rebates plus about 400 under for the x ended up at about 2500 under invoice..and I got to tell you the very next day another dealer i had been talking to called and did even better..but too late.. this should not happen on the X plan..that is a set price minus the rebates..
  • I have fortunately not had to take mine in for any warranty service - yet. But then I've only got around 5800 miles on it so far. I did have to bring it in to have the two-tone paint & stripes applied and the cab steps adjusted because they weren't put on right. They took care of these items - no problem.
    As far as the dealer getting paid less for warranty service. My experience has been that any dealer who wants your business will take care of warranty service gladly - even if they didn't sell you the car. The philosophy being that maybe one day you will buy a car from them. Smaller dealerships tend to: 1. Either give really good service to people because they know they generally can't match prices with big dealers... or 2. Treat people with indifference because they think they're the only game in town. This doesn't vary much between customers so I'd ask around to others who have taken their vehicles in for service near where you live and see what their experience has been.
    You must live somewhere near Chatsworth from the location you gave so I assume thats the small dealer nearer to you. I don't have any experience there or at VJ. My father-in-law did have a new engine installed in his van at the Ford dealership in Blue Ridge (?Mountain Motors?) and he had one bad experience after another there. Don't think I would take mine there unless I was stranded.
    Good Luck
  • Many thanks :) I'm in Ellijay and there's a little Ford place here (not even sure of the name), but I'll be sure to stay clear of Blue Ridge. Taking it to VJ will probably be my best bet for warranty service and then afterwards, find someone local. I found a GREAT japanese car repair guy up here AND another in Roswell - it's going to hurt to trade in the Nissan after finally finding 2 really good mechanics :| Thanks again!!!!
  • And picked up a 2002 SuperCrew with FX4 Off-Road package, I feel I got a good deal, they gave me $28500 for my truck, plus they dropped theres around 1200. Pick it up Friday night. Got 4.9 for 60 months, looked at the 01's, nobody wanted to deal. 02 has the FX4,Moonroof,6CD/Cass,Sliding Rear Window, 5.4, Cab Steps, Power Drivers Seat, XLT, bench Cloth, towing Pkg. Plus they threw in an A.R.E. "Z-Series Cap" and a 5yr/100,000 Premire ESP Ford Warranty. I feel good about the deal. It's Black with Grey two tone, the only way you can get the color is to get the off road package. Catch ya all later
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    about Ford's packages. You have to go all the way to an Eddie Bauer (or Limited too on Explorer) and I think even get Leather and memory and all the rest, just to get the passenger seat power too. On GM, one's power they both are. Back when we bought our '96 Explorer it was just the oopposite.
  • Congradulations on your new purchase. I am in the same exact situation now as you were a few days ago. Nows the time to buy...trouble is, these dealers in houston are being stingy...only 1000 rebate and never mentioned anything about the x-plan rebate.

    Did you use x-plan or was that a negotiated deal? You did get a great deal on you truck.

    I am thinking about traveling to garland to visit prestige ford. Checked out their web site and Looks like they have a great selection.

    Can you give me a referral of the salesman you worked with? Also, did you do your own financing so you could take advantage of the rebates. I've got outside financing, but the 2.9% for 60 months is tempting as well.


    Chris H
  • What sort of gas mileage are people getting on SCrew 4x4 5.4L?

  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Posts: 262
    Just picked up my New 02 XLT SCrew 5.4 4x4....on Friday, had an illness in the family, ended up driving 804 miles between Friday & Sunday. Varied my speed as the dealer said for the first 500 miles, also was advised not to use cruise for that time. 1st tank was 15.7 (mixed highway & city) 2nd tank 16.4 (highway) 3rd tank 16.7 (highway)4th tank 16.6. I think it's not to shabby to start. This truck is great to drive, I'm not saying the Super Duty isn't a great truck too (I traded my SD Crew Cab for the Super Crew)
    I decided to down size and I'm glad I did.
  • i have had my 4x4, 5.4, screw for about 2 weeks..gas mileage was my biggest fear.. i am pleased to report that it is doing fine.. i dont drive hard.. i am a 65mph driver on the highway and dont shoot away from lights... i estimate i have about 2/3 highway and 1/3 city driving..first fillup was 17.3, 2nd was 16.4, and 3rd was 17.7.. i think it will even get week i give it a good test when i head to north dakota for a duck hunt. right now i am simply tickled with this truck..
  • kk5svkk5sv Posts: 1
    I'm considering purchasing a 4x4 Super Crew.

    I was wondering about the differences in the 4.6L vs. the 5.4L in terms of (1.) Gas Mileage and (2.) Power. If the 5.4L is much more powerful but only a couple of MPG less than the 4.6L, may be worth the upgrade.

    The heaviest thing I would ever pull is a Pop Up Camper or a small ski boat.
  • Does anyone here have newfordman1's email address? I really need to get ahold of him to find out more about his purchase in garland,tx.
  • I went through all of this before I bought a couple weeks ago. In fact, when I started looking I was sure I was going to get the 4.6. I talked to a lot of people and in particular one guy that had had a screw with the 4.6 and then replaced it with a screw with the 5.4. my conclusion was that the only reason not to get the 5.4 was the increased initial cost. the gas mileage was not that different and the power difference was considerable. I did get the 5.4 and am happy I did. the gas mileage I am experiencing is liveable.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380

    definitely get the 5.4l engine if you plan to also get 4wd. the 4.6l is a little gutless in such a heavy truck and therefore its gas mileage won't be much better than the more relaxed 5.4l.
  • Hey Newfordman1..what's the build date of your new SCREW? You can find it by opening the drivers door and looking at the bottom of the piller between the front and back doors.
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