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  • cakebcakeb Posts: 3
    Check your manual, it tells you how to disable the chime. page 114 I think.
  • cakebcakeb Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2002 supercrew at what the dealer thought was invoice plus $1. The salesman told me the manager had to override the price in the computer because it was high and they didn't know why. When he took me to the back to get the truck the salesman realized it had the rear seat entertainment system, 6-disc changer and other options in it that didn't show up in the computer. The salesman just laughed. He said the managers name was on the deal so he wasn't worried. I walked out at around $2000 under invoice. So many people get screwed at dealerships I guess turnabout is fair play.
  • Congrats on the deal & thanks for info on the seatbelt chime - it was driving me crazy. I always wear mine but don't need the damn car to nag me about it!

    P.S. Anybody remember reading in this thread about somebody getting a mpg boost from installing a K&N air filter? What do other readers think?
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    and can't say as I've ever seen enough to notice. Same goes for exhaust systems. Sounds good and feels like it has more power but doesn't do that much for mpg. If there is any increase you'd probably have to drive a million miles to get your return on investment. A poster some time back stated that if you bring in more air the computer is going to adjust the mixture by adding more fuel so where's the mpg gain?
  • thanks for the info on the seatbelt chime... i thought I had read the manual, but will go out and find that right now..
    like atlanta, I always wear my seatbelt, but the chime would even go off when I had the truck in park and was outside of the truck...
    I already deprogrammed the automatic door locks.
  • I put in a k&n filter and got 2mpg more right from the start, second tank is dropping fast, no reason as of yet, will check back later.

    Oil change , my dealer said the first oil change is free, thats all. I havent been there since I bought it 1500 miles ago.
  • Hey Guy 21, My SCrew has 3,400 and I noticed driving up a windy canyon road that my steering makes noise on sharp turns. What was yours doing? Other than that, I just L-O-V-E my SCrew. I have a black lariat 4x with all the bells and whistles (moonroof). Thanks for the info on the seatbelt bell. Very annoying. Anyone else think the front leather seats are a little firm? The back seats however are softer and more comfortable. Guess just needs to be broken in.
  • zimzamzimzam Posts: 10
    When I bought my 2001 Supercrew, the dealer gave me a coupon for $10.00 off the first oil change and a complete inspection of the vechicle. Also I just received a recall notice on the seat belts, has anyone else received one and what is the problem with the seat belts?
  • Over the weekend I put a deposit on a f-150 using the x-plan price- which was A-plan + 4%. Before picking up the truck, I was looking around the internet and by using website and my pin #, I was able to link to and find my exact truck at an x-plan price of 434.00 less than what I was given. The site listed the the Vin #s, MSRP and X-plan prices of all dealers. I called the dealer and he looked into the discrepancy and said that there was some type of incentive or discount from Ford that he wasn't aware of. (I'm not exactly sure what he called the discount, but it was about 500.00 and it worked out to 434.00 off of invoice) He honored the lower price, so I got the truck for about 850.00 under invoice. You have to link through, using your membership # and Pin # for the site to list the X-plan prices. I tried going directly to and it just lists MSRP and invoice prices, so to see X-plan prices you have to be a member of
    I hope this saves others some $$$
  • guy21guy21 Posts: 129
    Mine made noise at any speed, on any type of corner. In town, people on the sidewalk would look at you funny. Started at about 2,000 miles. I also have a black, Lariat, heated buckets. No seat firmness complaints unless the lumbar is used. There is also a procedure in the manual to disable the autolock if you want.
  • This is not that loud and it actually sounds more like a dieseling noise. Very wierd. Im going to take it in and see what the dealer thinks. I wonder if it has to do with the 4x? Everyone get those really cool supercrew blankets after you purchased??? My wife absolutely HATES it, so I make sure I place it in various places in the house--like over the couch right before her baby shower guests arrived, or on the windows like a drape. Gotta get some use out of it....even if to amuse myself.
  • I am looking to get a bedliner for my 2001 SCrew 4x. Any suggestions on brands to get or to avoid??? Thanks Richard
  • Check out the following:

    Seems most are pleased with this product!
  • If you bought your truck, your best investment would be the rhino liner. It's a spray -in liner that has a lifetime warranty. the cost is a little higher than a plastic liner ( about $350-$400 ) but well worth it. I have it in my 2001 F -250. check out
  • hutch7hutch7 Posts: 88
    I've had both types of liners I currently have a Linex in my F-150. Looks great and does an OK job. But if you're going to be hauling any heavy duty stuff I'd get a plastic liner. Pendaliner makes a nice one and you can get a scratch guard
    mat to go under the liner for $30.00.
  • From my experience on a farm I can tell you that more people I know are happier with the spray in liners. Many people took out the plastic form fitted liners only to find the inside of the bed badly rusted from trapped moisture. Our new pickup got it's spray in liner the first week.
  • Thanks to all who have posted the useful info - it has helped me as I read up in preparation for my purchase. Just got my 2001 4x2, 5.4 yesterday in Walnut Creek, CA, and I am beyond pleased. I had read about some great deals in Texas lately and was wondering if I could get the same. Well, they advertised all remaining 2001 Screws with an MSRP of 29,065 for 24,436, or $1254 below invoice! Well, I brought my wife, son and checkbook and got down there fast to get the second to last one. I'm still in shock over that deal, after all the prep work I did through Edmunds on negotiation and prices, etc. I recommend Walnut Creek Ford, they have treated my really well twice now and have gained a loyal customer.

    Now on to other things like: bedliner, cargo cage, hardtop, etc. Am I correct in assuming that the dealership will sell and install the cargo cage, and cab steps, and is it a better idea to go elsewhere for that stuff? Any info on these accessories would be appreciated. I will report my mileage next week after a couple of trips up and down California.

    Can't wait to drive it again in the morning! Man, I LOVE this truck!!
  • stevostevo Posts: 37

    Does anyone know if a full center console (front seat)is available on any Supercrew or just the King Ranch model?

  • bigsnagbigsnag Posts: 394
    Did anyone else see the latest Truck Trend that pitted the SuperCrew against a Chevy 4 door 1500 HD?? The SuperCrew kicked butt in the accleration department. The Chevy had a 6.0, the Ford had the 5.4. The Chevy even had lower gears. The Chevy did outweigh the Ford but only by 100 lbs. It was a pretty even match. The Ford get's much better mileage, too. I thought it was interesting to say the least.
  • Doesn't the Lariat w/captains chairs come with the same full center console as the KR? I think so - just without the KR leather.

    As far as the Silverado HD -vs- S'crew article: I wouldn't trade my S'crew for a Chevy even if they gave me one (well - maybe if they gave it to me - but I'd still buy another S'crew to drive!!)
    My mileage has never been worth bragging about but I'm resigned to the fact that I have a heavy right foot. You pretty much have to be pushing the sound barrier anyway just to keep up with interstate traffic around Atlanta. The truck continues to surpass my expectations in all other areas so I can live with the mileage.
  • gopackgopack Posts: 2
    Just wanted to drop a line to thank everyone for their input. After reading all the posts and checking out the competition which really wasn't much that could compare. I went out and bought the Screw. A 2001 XLT 4x2 with the 5.4, 17 inch rims, limited slip, cab steps, sliding rear window, tow pkg, power driver seat, 6 disc cd and cargo cage. I've had it for almost 2 weeks and have not been disappointed. This weekend will have the bed sprayed with Line-X. If I to improve it anywhere it would be to make the glove compartment larger and have heated mirrors and rear window defroster as a option. Gas mileage so far is at 15 mpg with equal miles on the freeway and street. But like most of you it's easy to have a heavy foot with this truck so it probably could be better.
    I didn't realize the length until I brought it home and parked it next to my Isuzu trooper. I'm currently learning to judge the distance behind me while backing up. If anyone reading this is shopping trucks or suvs I would highly recommend it and getting the 5.4 is the way to go. Extra power is worth it. Once again, thank you everyone for your input it really helped.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    to the length. I went from (GM) a reg. cab swb (117" wb) to an x-cab (143" wb) in '99 and I'm still not used to it. It's the longer wheelbase and corners that I have trouble with.
  • zimzamzimzam Posts: 10
    I have the 2001 Supercrew 4x4, lariat. It came with the full center console. Which is nice cause the cd changer is in the bottom of it instead of behind the rear seat. Man I never seen so many cup holders in a truck before. Also on the extra like steps etc. you will probably better off getting them from a good truck accessory store. They will more than likely be cheaper than the dealer. A lot of the stuff you can put on yourself. I just got some chrome Westin nerf bar steps and they are made to bolt on the frame. The cargo cage that goes in the back of the bed just clips into place so there is no installation to it. I agree on the spray in liners, there is line x, permatech, and a half dozen others, they are great. Be sure to get it with a lifetime warranty. The Supercrew is a great truck it almost a shame to take it in the woods to hunt or fish. All my brothers are chevy fans so when I go up north to visit them I'm going to bring a tow rope to haul them around, ha.
  • Is there a spot on the truck which shows which rear end ratio I might have. I have the 5.4 engine but no tow package. Someone said that the 5.4 comes with 3.55, others said its the 3.41. The sticker doesnt say anything except its rated for 6600 pounds.
  • If you have the 3.55 - it should be listed on the window sticker - I think. The limited slip 3.55 is an option and would definitely be on the sticker if it's on the truck.
  • gimpyrxgimpyrx Posts: 198
    Should be on a tab bolted to your rear end cover a 355 will read 3L55 on the tab.
    3:41 is deff not the gear ratio
  • Hi All,

    First, thnaks for keeping board filled with good and relevant info. Have been beating myself over the head for ~2 months over the Avalanche vs KR Supercrew vs New Ram argument. Before you respond, I brought home a '02 King Ranch SC this weekend.

    Details: 2002 Chestnut King Ranch Supercrew with 3.55 limited slip rear, 5.4L Triton, Class III Trailer Hitch, 60/40 Rear Bench Seat, and Moonroof.

    To potential KR buyers:
    The biggest decision to make is the rear seat of a KR. Starting '02 you have an option. The rear seat can have either captains chairs w/ center console or a 60/40 rear bench. There is $0 difference for either option. It's just a matter of choice, but the 60/40 is harder to find. Note: The 60/40 bench is much more padded than even Lariat rear bench. It is quite comfortable and more useful in my humble opinion.

    The 5.4L Triton is a no-brainer. You would be hard pressed to find a KR without.

    Limited slip and trailer package are very well engineered and a must for even moderate towing. Limited slip is also invaluable in inclement weather w/ or w/out loads.

    While the moon roof is cool, there are some tradeoffs. You lose most of the little storage bins on the roof line. They are not replaced elsewhere. The moonroof also has a problem closing. The close position is the exact middle between being wide open and ventilated open (back up 2-3" inches) Make a note to try it in the dealership. You may not want it. I didn't really, but it was the closest match I could find without ordering one and losing the 0% finance incentive.

    Also for '02 buyers, auto A/C has been included, very handy. The 6-disc changer is located in the center console. I wish they would allow you to put at least 1 CD in the dash. You need to pull over to change a CD. You would have to be pretty quick to even do it at a red light.

    All in all, I will try and post something occassionally to help everyoine in return for helping me. I can tell you that I have all the confidence in the world I chose the right truck for me. I am generally elated. Will post some early fuel consumption in the future and answer any '02 KR questions that anyone might have.

    Note: Yes, the login name is in hommage to NO RB Ricky Williams.
  • connonconnon Posts: 52
    I agree with ST RICKY. I would have preffered a rear bench seat with my 01 KR but had no choice.The captain chairs do fold down for cargo but there is still that console hump between them. Putting a few suit cases and rifle cases in the back seat is a real challenge.Also , changing cd's is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] as well. Can't just slip one in like the single player.
  • I talked to others about the sprayin and they did not like i because it looks dirty after a few years with dust collection, so I went with a pendaliner and installed it myself to save the fee. I like it so far. As for the center console, yes, the captains chairs were an option in the lariat but I did not want them because I do not like the big console in the middle (personal preference) and I can get 5 other people in my truck comfortably (eveyone loves my truck and are always volunteering me to drive when we go to lunch, etc.) I thought about wating until the end of the year to get a better deal on my SCrew, but I wanted my black lariat 4x, with a moonroof, and did not want to chance it that they might not be around. As it was, the dealer had to trade with another out of town dealer here in Cali to find my black SCrew. Good job on all of the deals out there. My SCrew has developed another little quirk--a squeaky brake pedal. Im sure it is just loose, but I stuck my head under there and there were too much "Stuff" in there to make an adjustment. Guess I will have to take it in because it is a little annoying and a little embarassing. Richard
  • For all of those concerned about the incorrect radiator installed in your Screw check this out:

    It looks like Ford will be giving you a choice to make it right.

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