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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ron138ron138 Posts: 4
    I got $23,000 Drive out. After doing the test drive couple of times, I was not happy with the road noise and horse power. It is going to depreacite $4000 in 12 months. I decided to drop this CRV and looking for a MDX used with the same price range.
    I was crazy about CRV for 1 month doing research, I did test drive on used Acura MDX and I would spend that money on this MDX which make a lot of diffrence,
  • thebentmanthebentman Posts: 13
    I have never questioned the truthfulness of anyone's postings here, and I don't now. However, 23k drive out for a new CRV 2009 EX AWD would imply a sale price of around 20,500-21k when you add in TTL. I have never seen anyone claim to get even close to this price on this model. Cheapest I've seen is 22,175 plus TTL. I wish I was as good as Ron138 at negotiating...
  • johnrayjohnray Posts: 7
    I'm interested in a 2007 CR-V EXL 4WD 4cyl that comes with what I guess is base for the EXL trim line (sunroof, dual heated leather seats/wrapped steering wheel, 6 Disc CD, etc.) and no options I can see except maybe a hitch on back and towbar in front. It has 39,850 miles, but I guess that's okay for a Honda, even though it's not certified. They have it listed for $22,888 on their site and $23,500 on their AutoTrader listing. Edmunds says it should be more like $19,992. Still seems like a lot for a two year old model with 40K miles on it. I could get a new EX for their asking price. What would a reasonable counter offer be?
  • bigrinbigrin Posts: 18
    If you're going to drop about 20K on an 07', go the extra and buy an 09'. If leather isn't mandatory, you can pop an 09 EX for about 22.5 to 23 if you look hard. I think the used 07' with 40K miles should be in the 18k range. Best luck to ya.
  • johnrayjohnray Posts: 7
    Good point. I never felt comfortable getting used, not knowing the exact way the car was driven or maintained. I did end up getting a new CR-V EX today after all. $23,300 out the door, including doc fees/license/tag/title/tax/wheel locks/nitrogen tire fill/dealer mop N glow, etc.. Could have paid a bit less for the used but more equipped EX-L, but am happier starting from new. Thanks for your advice.
  • This forum was a big help in zeroing on a reasonable price range, so here's my data. I am in the Houston-Austin Texas area, so quotes reflect at 6.25% tax rate.

    My winner:
    2WD LX w/ window tint, pinstriping, cargo-area cover for $19,980.50, or $21,477.89 drive-out. I am not financing through Honda.

    Also quoted (drive-out prices):
    Lowest - w/ no adds $20,849.77
    Middle (of 11) - w/ no adds 21,915
    Highest - w/ window tint 22,492.71

    Many of these quotes included options like window tint, pinstriping, and the pro package (wheel locks, mudflaps, trunk tray). This late in the model year, it was hard to find the color I wanted without dealer adds, so I think I paid a premium for that. The lowest quote was not a color I preferred.

    Of the Houston-Austin dealerships, I found the following were the most eager to deal, and hence, the easiest to work with.

    Gillman Honda Fort Bend
    Round Rock Honda
    Cleo Bay Honda
    John Eagle Honda of Houston

    One sales manager said 20,300 is the invoice for the base 2WD LX with window tint and pro package. She was making a case for her 20,200 sales price (21,682 drive out).

    Happy CR-V shopping, everyone! See y'all on the road :D
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    So which dealership did you end up buying from?
  • bigrinbigrin Posts: 18
    Good Job Johnray, you won't regret buying it new. Remember, the CR-V's hold their value so well, it's tough to find a good price on a nice used one with low miles. They are rare. Now you will know the complete history of the vehicle, because it's yours to make. Won't have to worry about whether or not a previous owner, put 5 yrs. on the trans spinning it's wheels in a winter ditch. Nice price by the way. Best wishes. cr
  • Hi I'm looking for just ath
    CR-V EXL with Nav, was the 25,300 with the destination fee inlcuded,
    and were taxes and title included as well? I'd buy that if I got that deal.
  • cubbieswincubbieswin Posts: 5
    I got an updated quote from a dealer yesterday for $20,312 + TTL for a 2009 Honda CRV EX-L AWD. I got another quote today that was $32 cheaper. What is going on? I have one reserved to buy it tomorrow.
  • lotto0901lotto0901 Posts: 1
    What state do you live in? Here in southern california (Pasadena Honda), i was quoted 22,170 (this includes the destination charge), not including TTL. This is for a regular EX, with no options.
  • jdindcjdindc Posts: 2
    Best OTD price I have in hand is 26210. Salesman won't address posts here that contain lower prices (although many not from this area). Can anyone provide their best recent OTD price in the DC area? Many thanks.
  • krooneykrooney Posts: 2
    honda of tysons corner....see GM, Mike Walker
  • krooneykrooney Posts: 2
    honda of tysons corner, $25,830
  • ramohioramohio Irvine CAPosts: 15
    Wow! Are you sure you were quoted $20,312 ???? Mistyped? The AWD EX-L is over $27,000 MSRP, isn't it? I just paid $20,900 + TTL for CRV LX AWD today in Ohio. I thought this was a decent price. The MSRP for LX AWD is $23,115.
  • ramohioramohio Irvine CAPosts: 15
    I think that $22170 +TTL is very good for AWD EX.
  • mjopprumjoppru Posts: 17
    Thanks for the info.

    We were able to pick up an 09 CRV LX- 2wd today.

    Vehicle price - $19,504.
    OTD with tax, fees, blah, blah - $21,440.

    Vehicle price seems low, but I think they're subsidizing it with significant "paperwork fees". Overall pretty good deal.

  • arifshabarifshab Posts: 7
    Hello! Thanks for the Update, I am looking for the CRV 2009 EX-L AWD, so far I got 26800 OTD Price. What is the OTD price you got so far.

    Thanks :)
  • arifshabarifshab Posts: 7

    Could you tell me the Dealer Name, I am in MI. You got Very Very good offer.
    Thanks for the post :)
  • sahm2kgasahm2kga Posts: 11
    $350 a month (total payment)
    $0 down- only tax, title, etc.
    3 year lease- 36,000 miles

    I thought I negotiated pretty well, but still am not sure. This was our first visit in. I walked out, and told him I needed to think about it.

    Just spoke with a friend who leased her CRV last Feb (2008). She also has an EX- and said her payments are $330 with $0 down.
  • roots549roots549 Posts: 2
    I have been web shopping 6 dealers, all within reach of me, No. Cal and Sacramento, CA.

    $25,000 OTD, is the best the online sales managers have come up with, without much fight.

    This includes everything, destination, TTL, you name it. Two immediately sent this number out, four or five others are at least 1000 more, looking to haggle, I suppose.

    Two weeks ago I thought this was a great deal, now I am starting to wonder.

    How about some more input, recent, detailed quotes. I need to buy on June 10th.

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207

    you can offer 22,200 incl destination charge, + tax, license and rgistration + dealer fees.
  • juliebugsjuliebugs Posts: 1
    We had a terrible experience at Frank Leta Honda today. Started with talking to the internet manager. Said he'd sell at invoice plus offer dealer cash incentive of up to $1500. Went in ready to buy. They didn't have the model in the colors we were hoping, but did have it in AWD. After a couple hours of negotiation, and me trying to walk out several times, and requesting our keys back for 45 minutes they did not meet our terms. What a waste of time. I had to follow the internet manager back to the office to get our keys and credit card back!!! I felt like a hostage. They offered us another price outside the office door as we were walking out. We had to leave, and were exhausted from the whole experience! After leaving we crunched the numbers and called back a couple hours later. We spoke with the internet manager, and my husband told him our absolute maximum price (what they offered as we were leaving before), and he said to come in. We drive to the dealership for the second time, and once inside are told us they can no longer offer that price!! Not a good experience, and I want others to be aware. STAY AWAY FROM FRANK LETA HONDA IN O'FALLON, MO!!!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Before you went in the 2nd time you need something black and white to show the offer with detailed breakdown and stock & vin numbers.
    That is a lot better, but still after you came down they always can say they made a mistake and not to honor and switch you to another offer that makes more profit.
  • jpettibonejpettibone Posts: 51
    I had a similar, bad experience with an internet salesperson 5 years ago at Frank Leta as well. We had agreed on a price for a CRV EX, but it was not on his lot. It took him a week to get it, and when he got it, it had more equipment than I had agreed to. It was crap like wheel locks, mud flaps, and the cargo tray. It added something like $500 to the price of the car. I yelled and screamed, and I think they took like $100 off. I should have walked away, but I wanted the car, and they got their profit margin back. Later, I found out that they had transfered the car from a dealer that was closer to my home that would have been easier to work with. Don't know if it was the same guy, but they were playing games too.
  • ohbaobeiohbaobei Posts: 19
    folks, I have question about the title if i financed the CR-V.

    I purchased the car April 11th, and i financed with Chase bank.

    i was told actually the car is co-owed by the bank and myself. but also i remembered the dealer told me i will receive a title by mail later. but i did not receive until now.

    I want to ask actually how this will be? and will i have a copy of the title?

  • richbf2richbf2 Posts: 73
    HELLO CUBIESWIN! Wow, what a incredible discount you've got?! Are sure this is right! I am here in Alexandria VA. After shopping around for more than 5 different places, the lowest internet offer i receive is 24,528 + TTL. I am trying to get them to sell it for 25k drive-out price but none of them agree.
    Let me know. Thanks
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Every state is a little different. For Massachusetts, the RMV will hold the title electronically with the record of you and the bank as lien. When you pay in full to the bank, bank will release the lien and notify RMV then RMV will mail you the title in a couple of days. What you have is just the registration showing your name, addr and the lien holder which is the bank.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    20,312 + TTL should be the price of new LX 4WD, not EXL 4WD...
    for the new EXL 4WD the price 24,312 + TTL sounds more right.
  • jdindcjdindc Posts: 2
    Thanks to everyone! I'll be quoting this price to my salesman this a.m.
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