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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • md2xmd2x Posts: 10
    I get an offer $22,500 OTD for 2009 CRV LX 4WD from pohanka Honda dealer, is it a good deal?
  • i think it's a GREAT price. i'm in NYC, the OTD prices i got from various dealers are close to 24k (tax rate 8.875%)
  • I live in Wisconsin and I got a OTD price quote for a 2009 CRV EXL AWD from a Chicago dealer at $26600. I know that includes tax I pay to county I live. What about title and license plate application fee? If I buy this car from a local delear, then I pay $69.50 for title and $75 for license plate. Do I have to pay both by myself? Or any of these is included in the OTD price?
  • I am in Chicago (Cook Co) I have received the following quote from two dealers in Cook Co:
    $26,000 (internet price)
    $710 (destination fees)
    $150 (doc fee)
    $25 (CVR Fee)
    $143 (License and titel fee)
    Tax (7-8%)

    I am also trading in a clunker valued at $4500. So basically I am OTD at around $25,000 for the EXL w/Navi and no other added accessories. Does this sound like a good deal or does anyone think I can get down to $24,000?
  • Any more news on when the 2010 CR V will arrive at the dealers? Local dealer told me end of September / beginning of October. Think they're trying to rid themselves of 2009 models in stock. I thought the 2010 would arrive around the beginning of September.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Since you are buying a 2009 model, YOU are taking the hit for depreciation.
    In 6 weeks, the 2010 model will be on the lot.

    If I am doing this deal, I would not pay more than $26,000 + Tax.
  • vrmvrm Posts: 308
    Honda will issue the CRV press release around Labor Day. This will detail all the changes in the 2010 model. I am expecting a lot of changes due to the intense competition in this segment. The Nissan Rogue and Forester have been taking market share away from CRV.

    The 2010 CRV will be on the dealer lots in October. Hopefully it will come in before the Cash for Clunkers deal expires!
  • I visited many dealers in Chicago area this week.
    $26000+Tax looks impossible.
    Invoice for EXL w Navi with desitination charge is $27629.
    Invoice minus $1200 was the best deal I could get.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    That's about it as Honda cut back certain incentive to dealer, thus dealer can't give you deeper discount, plus the cash for clunkers are moving cars out the dealer lots very very well. ECO-101: Supply and Demand
  • lori56lori56 Posts: 19
    Hi! Could you tell me to what dealership you went in MD? Thanks!
  • md2xmd2x Posts: 10
    Hi, I bought my 2009 CRV LX 4WD at Heritage Honda in Westminter ($22,589 - $4500 Cash for Clunker) = $ 18089 OTD. lucky I have a Made in Japan CRV. JimColman on Clarkville offers a LX 2x4 for $21500 and Pohanka Honda on VA offer $22,600 for a LX 4WD but it is too far for me.
  • coco100coco100 Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2007 Honda Certified CRV-EX-L from my honda dealer 4 months ago - it had 14,500 miles on it. I've put about 4000 mostly highway miles on it and I've just checked the tires and the front two are 2/32nds. Back ones are slightly better. I've had 4 Hondas of different styles and never had to replace tires this early. I need information and ideas from anyone out there. The dealer offered me 4 tires at 10% over cost (Nokia) but I still have to pay for labor etc. Good deal or not?
  • Trying to figure out this deal and whether it is good or's current offer on a '09 CRV-EXL with Nav, destination, ProPak, tint and TT&L is 72 months at $385 per month with $1000 cash down and $4,500 CARS for my '99 Windstar van. That's $5,500 plus $27,720 in total payments for a grand total of $33,220 for the vehicle. I know I need to find out what the actual price of the vehicle is, which I plan to do tomorrow. Please let me know if this sounds reasonable or not. Thanks.
  • Which tire comes with new crv?
    Is it continental tire??
  • I have a 2007 CR-V EXL that i bought new in December 2006. At that time CR-Vs came with either Contientals or Bridgestones. Mine came with Bridgestones.
    I had to replace the tires at 35,000. I checked and the manufacture did not warranty the tires for a certain mileage but said they should last three years. When I went to replace my tires, I found that the tire for the CR-V is a unique tire, it is not used by many other vehicles. There are only three tires made to fit this vehicle: Contientals, Bridgestones, and Michelins, so the tire prices are expensive.
    I choose the Michelin Latitude with a 65,000 warranty for around $200 each. I have read these will not get anywhere near the mileage that are warranted for but the person who said they had this tire, said Michelin prorated his new tires. I am hoping when I need a new set they will do the same for me.
  • Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Your Bridgestons wore out quickly.
    What about your Michelin? Are you satisfied with them?

    I wonder the other OEM tire, Continental, is better than Bridgestone.
  • I am waiting on some money, which will arrive in about six weeks. Most of the dealers by me seem to be down to about 3 CRV EX L models each. I suspect the 2009s will be gone when my money arrives. Does anyone know/expect the 2010s to sell for MSRP or slightly below ($500?) when they first arrive?

    From what I understand, even Edmunds may not have enough info (sales) at that point to give a TMV.
  • I had an extremely good experience with Park Honda in Akron this summer. I was on home leave and needed to buy a vehicle. I did a ton of research, and then started emailing dealerships. The folks at Park were the most responsive in answering all my questions and finding the exact car I was looking for--CR-V EX 2WD. There are not a lot of 2WDs in Ohio, but they found me one from another dealer. It had mud flaps on it, which I didn't care about/need. Total price, including destination, mud flaps, and bogus doc fee was $21,700. I'm not an Ohio resident, so I didn't have to pay sales tax. The car has been GREAT. I drove it over 2700 miles from Ohio to Mexico City and found it to be roomy, comfy, and good on gas. (Averaged 28 mph.) My 6'2", 270-lb nephew helped with part of the drive and also was comfy in the car. I was very happy with the way Park worked with me to handle some special issues I had, and I'm delighted with the car.
  • gr26gr26 Posts: 12
    Given the relative shortage of 2009 CRV models at dealerships now, it is looking like we will probably opt for a 2010 model (or a 2010 Forester, but that's another discussion).

    What is the speculation on what Honda will modify with the 2010 model versus the 2009? I've seen the supposed picture of the front end online. What I am really wondering about is the likelihood that Honda might boost the horsepower of the engine in the EX or the EXL lines (similar to what they do with the Accord). If the EX or EXL made, say, 190 HP, that would be a big draw for us (as would a shiftable automatic). Thanks all.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    If the EX or EXL made, say, 190 HP, that would be a big draw for us (as would a shiftable automatic).

    Why not a full manual or full automatic.

    Isn't the idea of automatic so that the driver does not get involved? And perhaps can indulge in other activities, such talking or texting on the cell phone, smoking cigarettes.cigars, eating and drinking, reading a book....?

    Even with 190 HP, automatic/manumatic is going to be slower than a 160 hp powered CR-V with a full manual with clutch.
  • gr26gr26 Posts: 12
    I understand about the manual tranny. My 2003 Accord is a manual 4-cylinder. Love it. Have driven many engine/transmission/car combos, and that is one of the best for a "regular" car. However, this next vehicle is going to be driven mostly by my wife, and it will be an automatic. No, she is not a multi-tasker when she is driving.
  • cliffbcliffb Posts: 46
    Which tire come with CRV?

    My '07 came with Continentals. Had to be replaced at 30K miles.
  • sporin71sporin71 Posts: 26
    A totally fruitless day of car shopping.

    After nixing RAV4 because of low availability, didn't love it, and no movement off sticker, I thought I'd have better luck with my favorite Honda dealership. Same deal... a good amount for my trade in but otherwise sticker making the payment more then $100 more then our current car and way out of our comfort range.

    All that being said, we REALLY liked the CRV EX. It's everything we need in a daily. They've done some minor, but nice updates since the 08's we last looked at, the center stack and stereo are much more integrated now. The entire car feels very buttoned down and solid. Drives great, everyone has plenty of room.

    The LX was only mildly cheaper but took away a lot of the niceties that made the CRV so appealing to us. (moonroof, alloys, etc)

    We drove straight over to Subaru and drove the same Forester 2.5X Premium 5-speed that I drove last week. Coming directly out of the CRV, the Forester felt cheap and sounded rough. Interior space was noticeably tighter as well. Coupled with a terrible sales person there was no way were buying it. My wife was totally unimpressed.... we didn't even bother talking numbers.

    So the net net is that we really did like the CRV but not quite enough to spend the money on it yet. Champagne tastes, beer budget.

    Looks like I'll be buying a good seat cover for the Accord and holding pat a while longer. The Land Cruiser will pull doggy duty when I need to move both dogs at the same time.

    Every dealer says the same thing, Cash 4 Clunkers has been so successful that their stock is low and they can get full price. This stinks for those of us who aren't participating in the program.
  • pilot25pilot25 Posts: 24
    Does anyone know a good dealer in the NYC/ LI/ Northern NJ that gave them any good deals on the 2009 CRV EX 4WD? Or just any good deals period? The ones I have been going to are trying to charge me 24,500. Please help! :confuse:
  • lori56lori56 Posts: 19
    Yes, I agree with you that C4C does stink for those not participating in the program; however, so much depends upon the dealer... I took a polite hissy fit at my dealership because I didn't have a clunker, and I could sure use that clunker money...Well, sensing that I'd go home and "think about" trading in my '99 Camry, they asked what$ did I want,,,Long story short, they gave me a decent trade-in, better than Carmax, and threw in roof racks free. I later got a discount on the paint sealant/fabric protection...And I drove out a 2009 CRV LX for $21,700 OTD. So, if anyone is in the DC/MD/VA area, I'd suggest trying Pohanka, Fredericksburg, just off of I95 south, (The base price of the car was below invoice, maybe because I had Internet shopped.. And were they busy! Showroom looked like Walmart over the weekend.)
  • Just to give everyone an update. We purchased the CRV EXL w/Navi last night from Castle Honda in Chicago. Really feel like we got a great deal with our Cash for Clunker. Traded in a 2000 Ford Explorer Sport for the fully loaded CRV EXL. We negotiated the price of the EXL down to $26,000 off of the sticker $29,600 before the C4C trade in. We did business w/Mike A via the internet and feel we got a great price compared to other internet offers from area Chicago dealers. lt might be hard finding a '09 CRV EXL/navi in Chicago as we found very few in the color we wanted.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Congrats! An amazing deal before C4Cs.

    The best offer we got was $27,085 including destination, before C4C and have to wait for it to arrive in our desired color combination. Any dealers with a black/black EX-L w/ Navi in CT/NY won't touch it.

    If I had $26K before C4C I'd jump on it in an instant. Did they add any junk/prep/ fees?
  • If you happen to have an American Express card, they have an auto buying program that will save you some bucks. When I log in and price an '09 CR-V EX with 4WD, it comes up with a price of $23,334. If you don't have an AMEX card, try Hope this helps. Even with that price, these CR-Vs are very scarce right now. I am in south Georgia and my dealer is having a hard time finding what I need.

    Good luck.
  • They just added the standard $700 destination charge and a few hundred for doc and local fees. Nothing crazy plus the local sales tax of 7.25%. I did find one other dealer in Chicago that had a similar offer via the internet, but the only color they had was a silver/grey. We ended up with a black/black. All the other offers I received from Chicagoland dealers were around $27,000-$27,500 before dest & fees. Keep hunting and you will get a deal around $26,000 for the EXL/navi in the color you want. I tried to get the other dealers lower, but the common reply to me was that the EXL/navi are becoming scarce and they usually sell as soon as they hit the lot. So if you find one you better jump on it. I even had to go in last Friday and place a $500 deposit on it so they wouldn't sell it over the weekend. I had to wait till Mon when my wife flew back into town to sign all the paperwork. FYI-also got Honda finance to offer 4% financing for 60 mo.
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