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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hp2009, so what is the OTD cost for it?
  • 25725.(7.8% tax and 1100 around for 100000 honda warranty,),,,0 down 4.49% rate

  • Thanks,
    So I guess the negociate price at this time is about 7% to 9% off the MSPR sticker (correct me if I'm wrong). It seems to be... low espeically the model is about a year old.
  • hi,
    we had tried all over this area but chepest price was 22,200 which is almost 10-11% down than msrp,,,,24,505 plus tint,spash body wants to give single item free since they got good business with cash for chunk......i wanted to wait for low apr but crv never had low apr so we decided to go with this .....make sure dealer has $500 rebate(no body will give unless u ask for it).......if lower apr come then people donot get $500 in price.....

    i even tried for 2010 crv deposit but most dealer wants 1500-2000 higher than 2009 model which is too much for us as no model change but light ,bumper change donot worth that much
  • Georgia

    24,500 out the door (including all dealer addons mud guards and what not)
    opted for a vehicle tracking system (+750)

    final price 25250.
  • Of course the low power will be more noticeable with a full load.

    If you live in a hilly area and freqently carry people/luggage, go with a V6 Escape or RAV4.
  • I checked the BJs and the Amex sites. Prices were good, around Edmunds TMV, but the closests dealers were like 25-30 miles from me. This was consistent across all brands, Toyota, Honda, Ford.

    Maybe 25-30 miles isn't bad if you're out in the country. I guess it's to be expected there, but I would have to go to another state and/or pass 4 or 5 dealers to get to the participating dealer.

    It doesn't work for me. I want the closest, second closest, or maybe third closest dealer. Fifteen miles tops, under ten is preferable.
  • We went to the dealer yesterday (9/2/09) and after about an hour with test drive and negociating, their offer is $27,200 OTD (TX tax is 6.25%). They said that is included the 500 Honda rebate and they're only made $200 over the invoice. I don't get it! They're even don't know how you can get the $25,503 OTD in NC. Well, the bottom line, we left without the CRV!
    Our CRV shopping will continous...
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Below invoice are
    Honda rebate to dealer 500
    Dealer hold back MSRP x 2%, will be 3% if in dealer lot more than 90 days.
    Other Honda possible incentive program (on and off), like stair-step incentive to dealer to encourage meet sales quota.
    Profit on selling lease / car loan, trade-in, extended warranty, lo-jack, remote starter accessories.
  • Wow, this is really a valuable infos to keep. This is what they don't want us to know about...
  • I just paid $26,175 + ttl in Marysville, OH.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Forgot one more : doc / admin fee ... range from 100 to 599 depending on states allow
  • Another trick I just found out from Honda dealer:
    While the sale rep. showed me his monitor screen, the OTD calc. using excel sheets, (CR-V LX 2WD) then walked away to talk to his boss, I took a picture of the screen using my cell phone. Later, I realized they're cheated a small potion on the percentage sections. I prefer not to post the picture due to their privacy policy, but here is what their calc:
    TX sale tax:
    $21,053 x 6.25% = $1,347.00 (Should be $1,315.81).
    Inventory Tax:
    $21053 x 0.1837% = $39.59 (Should be $38.67)

    Buyers beware, bring your own calculator next time to check their math!
    (No, we didnt buy that CR-V)
  • hi,guys

    i brought my 09 crv sep 1st with 4.49 apr o down(36 months) from honda but us bank 3.29 o down for 36months as this crv meets criteria for green vehicle.....even they are giving this rate for used,new , refinance but has one time fee $125.......just keep this one in mind....

  • Just curious, I pulled my paperwork from the CRV-EX-L W/O NAVI to compare.

    Final Neg Price: $23,940
    Dealer Fees: $399.00
    Tax: $507 (trade-in helped)
    Lic transfer: $67.50
    Total: $24,914.23

    MSRP Sticker showed $26,715.00

    I also got two free oil change certificates and free tinting on all windows. I think I could have done better or worst?
  • so $23,940 with trade in or without trade in....

  • What is a good price to pay for a Brand New 2009 Honda CR-V EX-L?
    MSRP 26755.00
    w/PKG 27532.00
    Cost 25716.13
    Invoice 24939.13

    Out the door price that was givin to me by my local dealership was 25800.00
    24655.13 sale price
    16.50 title
    499.5 doc fee
    628.87 tax

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Just curious, I pulled my paperwork from the CRV-EX-L W/O NAVI to compare.

    Final Neg Price: $23,940
    Dealer Fees: $399.00
    Tax: $507 (trade-in helped)
    Lic transfer: $67.50
    Total: $24,914.23

    MSRP Sticker showed $26,715.00

    I also got two free oil change certificates and free tinting on all windows. I think I could have done better or worst?

    Assuming 8% sales tax where you live then your trade in was valued at about $17,600.

    $23940 (8%) = $1915 sales tax due

    $1915- $507 = $1408 in sales taxes not paid due to trade.

    $1408/8% = $17,602 trade-in allowance.

    Was your trade really worth $17,602?

    EX and EX-L comes with tint on all but the front windows. So, in reality, they only tinted the two front windows, and Honda tinted the rest.
  • Thank you for your reply.. This helps me alot.
  • I am going to buy a 2008 or 2009 CR-V EXL w/o Navigation, and what is the best price for it? Best price i mean with tax and everything? THank you :)
  • I've got to start looking soon for an AWD EXL. Want to buy in about 3 weeks. Anyone have any recent pricing for the NY area?
  • I stopped in a dealership in central NJ and all they had was 5 CRVs on the lot. Salesman claimed that was it on the 2009s and pretty much informed me since the low inventory they wouldn't really budge on price much. Said they got alot of business from the clunkers program. I'll probably wait till the 2010s come out.
  • I am planning to buy a 2009 2WD EX-L CR-V w/o navigation in 2 weeks in Riverside, California.
    Could Anybody please tells what's the barging price?
    Anyone bought a EX-L lately?
    Thank you :)
  • If a dealership runs out of 2009 CR-V, can they still order any from factory at this time?

    I read somewhere that the dealer cost is not the same as the invoice price, such as listed on Edmunds. Is there any way to find out how much it actually is?

    Anyone bought a 2009 CR-V ex-l 4wd w/navigation lately? How much did you pay (sales price+ttl or OTD)?

  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Yu - if you are buying used then you can check the price out at
    edmunds,, and
    add-on from trade-in price.
  • tleetlee Posts: 44
    I bought my new CR-V yesterday and was surprised to see the $99 document fee. In the past, the doc fee in Texas was capped at $50 by law. According to the sales rep, starting from 9/1/09 it's no longer the case. The dealer can charge whatever they want. Since the doc fee is pure dealer profit (yes, dealers would not agree with me on this but isn't preparing documents part of the costs of doing business like paying for utilities?), I threatened to walk out if they don't reduce the doc fee. Eventually they reduced the price of the car by $49 but kept the doc fee at $99 because it's a company policy to charge $99 doc fee. So, for folks in TX, you need to pay attention to the doc fee when purchase a car next time. Don't assume it's $50.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    If a dealership runs out of 2009 CR-V, can they still order any from factory at this time?

    Honda usually stops current year production in July. Then retools for the new year and starts new model year production in August. New model year vehicles are usually get to the dealer's lots by the middle of September.

    If the same holds for the CR-V, then no dealer will be able to order one form the factory, however, they can possibly trade with another dealer who has one and is willing to trade.
  • tleetlee Posts: 44
    September is supposed to be a good month for car shopping. The dealers are eager to clear their inventory while the selections are good. But not this year. Thanks to the C4C program, the dealers don't have many 2009 models left and are not eager to negotiate. I only managed to get my CR-V for $24,651+$99 doc fee+TTL. It's $288 below Edmunds' invoice but $212 above if the $500 incentive is taken into account. I suppose it's an OK deal since it's below Edmunds' TMV ($25,084 for my area) and below the average price paid ($25,036) on By the way, it's a cash deal and no trade. You might be able to get a better price with a loan and/or trade in.
  • jikjik Posts: 120
    can you send me agents name at
  • I totally agreed. Unless you need a car now, I would wait until Xmas time for a better negociating. Your $24,651 quote is not very far off from what they gave me ($24,500-$24,900) If you read this threat back in April or May, you will see someone bought it in the low $23K's (2009EXL no navi).
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