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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    Hi,did u pay for 2010 CRV EX $.25144 plus tax,ttl.......?as base price for 2010 ex fwd $22900 and awd..$24058 (with destination) it's appear that this price is for awd? and options
  • 26400 + TTL w/ pro pack and tinted windows. Financing. Bought on 10/31, a Saturday on the last day of the month at 6:30 pm. Gillman Honda Southwest.

    My trade, a 2002 CRV EX AWD with 137000 miles was $700 more then three other offers that came in at $5000 including a carmax cash buy. I think the car effectively moved for 25700 given the overvalued trade.

    When backing the car up the salesman was showing me the baby mirror and I hit a car that was oddly parked behind me scratching the paint on the rear bumper just enough for a 4 inch. black line 2 mm high to be visible, no damage the the cars other then that. They became very motivated to sell me the car at that point!
  • Of course I'll probably get called to the carpet for buying without doing my homework. But I'd like feedback as to whether I got suckered here and need to take it back (CarMax 5 day return) or whether it was a fair deal.

    2008 Honda CR-V LX, with (oddly) Leather Seats, Rear Privacy Glass, Custom Pioneer Elite DVD/Nav head unit, AWD.

    Honestly, I have no idea why it has leather seats and privacy glass on a LX trim. I thought you couldn't even get those for an LX. Perhaps someone got them after-market? The seem like factory OEM.

    19,000 miles on it.

    Price from CarMax 22,599+TTL.

    Also fell for the CarMax extended warranty, which seemed decent.

    I honestly wasn't worried about some silly fancy head-unit or premium system. But I did want AWD, and the leather seats are nice.

    If anyone could toss me some advice around keep or not. We figured we'd run it about town for a few days here to make sure it meets our needs. In the meantime I figured I'd check the forums to see what the experts have to say about the deal.

    I don't need the VERY best deal in town, just a fair one.

    Thank you very much for any insights and advice.
  • mpd2mpd2 Posts: 12
    I'm having a hard time finding a good price for the 2010 LX 4WD. All the dealers in my area are quoting MSRP (around $22,700 + TTL).

    Is it possible to purchase this car near cost ($21,215)?

    The 2010's just came out, so if they sold at cost, do the dealers still make money?
  • mpd2, I'm not even seeing close to $22,700 + TTL here on Tucson, AZ. If you can even find a 4WD LX then there's a ~$750 delivery fee tagged on on top of the TTL, not to mention there's zero flex on MSRP.

    I'm starting to think the deal I got on my 2008 LX AWD, with Leather and Nav (aftermarket) wasn't so bad. At 19,000 miles on it I got it for $22,599. I know I can get new for near that, but not with a nav and leather and especially not when I factor in delivery fee. That $700+ is a tough pill to swallow when I'm already near/slightly over my limit. lol

    Anyway, if you can pull off $22,700, at least from my uneducated perspective and just looking around Tucson, AZ first hand, it seems like a pretty darn decent deal. Hopefully some of the pros on the forum here can provide you with better feedback.

  • Hi davlee - just wondering what your recommendation is for getting a 2010 CRV exl the best price i found was 26543 plus tax and title looking for your recommendation
  • Hi,

    Your price for the '10 EXL for $26543 sounds pretty fair. being a '10, i don't think there are a lot of incentives out there right now, especially if the dealer has some 09 leftovers. we just got an 09 exl for $24.6 (not incl taxes and doc fee) in mass. last week, since they were offering us a '10 ex for about the same price. test drove the 09 and 10 and didn't feel the difference in power, but really didn't test drive it that long.
  • I'm having a difficult time as well. The MSRP price that I am quoted is $23,505 + ttl. When I check the EVP on this site or, I'm only quoted a price that's maybe around $200 lower.
  • Payment depends on interest rates and probably credit score etc ... but a recently I got this quote. $18.75 per $1000 @ 4.74%and around $6-12 GAP for 60 months

    No processing fee or pre-payment penalty

    Hope this helps!
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I understand that people may put emotions in their dealings with sales people, whether, these are car salesman, appliance, insurance, or door-to-door knife sales people.

    The reality of any sale is that MARKET dictates the price. Just like when there is a high demand for a low availability item, the price goes up. It is not gouging or rape, or whatever you call it. No one is holding a gun to the buyer's head, or holding their children at knifepoint until the sale is complete.

    People part with their money at their own will. Whether you are buying a car, TV, or appliances, you don't just stumble into a store and get whatever the sales person if giving you.

    You do your research, decide on the features you want, and don't want, decide on the colors, and brands, and most importantly, you decide on the price you are comfortable paying. Have back up plan, as well.

    If the current market price is outside of your zone, you sit and wait until the price reaches your pricepoint, or move on to the next item on your list.

    I am sure Sachn is not volunteering 100% of his time for no pay. Somehow he has to make money to pay the bills. So does Fasttex.... Quite frankly, if it were not for a paycheck, I wouldn't have gone to college and gotten a job and then gone back to college to get an advanced degree.

    So, to expect someone to work for free is quite unrealistic. But, most importantly, you have to remember that MARKET is what sets the prices. If you are not comfortable paying price X for widge Y, but someone else is, then the price will remain. However, if no one is willing to pay price X, then seller will reduce the price until there are buyers interested, until the market is saturated at that price. Seller will have to lower the price, or offer other benefits such as new features to maintain the interest in buyers.

    But, no where in the scenario was a weapon or force was used to make someone purchase something at the price they were not willing to buy it at.
  • trometrome Posts: 17
    It seems you guys out in AZ are being asked for full MSRP? I am in Florida and just today I had dealers quote me $200 below invoice on my choice of an LX or EX. ( there is a $599 "dealer fee") they tack on to the sale ticket so they still make money. to the guy who paid $22 and change for an 08', I would take it back and get a 2010 for that price.
  • I am in Ky. I need a 2009 exl 4wd in cin,oh for a specific color. I can get them down to 25.3 plus TTL with no accessories. Is it a fair price. Thanks.
  • I live in Houston, TX looking to purchase a factory equipped 2010 LX with no additional options/accessories. So far my best quote is from Gillman Honda: $20260 base price , 21850 out the door. Good enough?

  • That sounds like a very good price,hope it works out for you.
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    My wife just got an 08 FWD-CR-V EX/certified with 44,869 miles. It was a fleet car. $20,885 +Tax and L and R.Silver with grey/black. She wanted it and I couldn't find anything wrong with it but for a bit high mileage but since she only drives 8-9K a year that wasn't a problem.
  • Just bought first CRV in Midwest here. Dealers seemed unwilling to move too much on the MSRP, but in negotiating via e-mail/phone between multiple dealers, got the color I wanted for $29,000 - about $1,500 under MSRP. This was below the target price and "great price" listed at Edmunds, CarsDirect, US News, and every other site.

    Good deal? Just curious. I'm happy with the purchase. Thanks.
  • docmddocmd Posts: 6
    This is my first post on the site and would really appreciate any input you folks can provide. I am looking to buy (finance) a 2010 Honda CRV. The best quote I have on the 2010 CRV LX 2wd is 22K (everything included ie price out the door).

    I would be grateful for inputs on whether this sounds like a reasonable price or if I should try and better the quote I just got.

    Thanks all.
  • I've received a quote of $29,000, including destination in the NY-LI area. Good deal or not ? Thanks for any thoughts.
  • Just FYI, my wife just bought one 2010 CRV EX-L 4WD w/t NAV in central CT for 25500+329 Dealer fee+Tax. I personally assume price in Mass should be a little bit lower than here though.
    Keep on searching and negotiate.
  • I bought my new CR-V today. According to Edmund's TMV price, the average going rate was only $200 under MSRP so I didn't have my hopes up for much of a deal. Sure enough, when I made my first offer, the salesman brought up the edmunds website on his computer so that he could show me what the going rate was. I informed him that the TMV was only an average so some were getting it for under that price :) I ended up paying $22,950 + ttl. I think I got a decent deal, especially considering that I got my first choice color. I'm happy and had a good dealership experience.
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    is this with or without NAVI? And does this include destination fee of $710?

    If it's without NAVI you're right at invoice with the high dealer fee.

    Invoice on Edmunds for a model with NAVI is $27,661 not including the $710 destination charge. if this is your model your $2K under...

    Point being, if it's with NAVI, please let me know and pass along the dealer name and sales person. I'll be there tomorrow to buy.
  • We just purchased a Honda CRV 2010 LX 4WD for $21,425 plus $199 accessories (Door edge guard) plus TTL (Oregon $322) in the Portland area.

    This seems to be a very good price. They claim to have made a mistake with my quote, but they honored the price anyway. Seems like 2010 LX 4wd generally go for over $22K plus TTL from what I see on Edmunds.

    I do have a question on whether I got a decent deal on an extended warranty though? I know dealer offered warranties are often bad deals, but after reviewing it with my wife, it seemed like a good idea, so I went for it.

    Basically for $1275, I got 7 years/70K bumper to bumper coverage (everything except light bulbs, break pads, tires). It also includes roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. It allows me to take it to any ASC Certified repair shop for warranty. Payments are made directly to the repair shop (over the phone 24 hours a day). It seems to be more comprehensive than the standard Honda warranty.

    This is with Landcar Agency through Larry Miller dealership. After thinking about it, I feel like perhaps I did not need to buy this, and that I should cancel it? But at that price, it seems like it would offer some peace of mind, and I do get to cancel my AAA service (which over 7 years would save me $600 for me and my wife). So minus AAA savings, I am paying about $675 for an extended wrap bumper to bumper warranty which seems like a decent deal.

    I can still cancel it so I am wondering if I made a good decision on it? Thanks for any insight on this!
  • well, i cancelled the extended warranty. After thinking about it, even if it was a good deal, it put us over budget.

    Overall, I think I had a very good experience at the dealership.
  • Well, I've got one quote I THINK is about as good as I'm going to get during this time frame. Of course, I can always wait, but getting tire of that too :D

    I've got a OTD price of $26,873.36. I've got 2 other quote funny thing they both came from the same dealership. One person quoted $554 more but the second only was about $273 more -- both from the same place, just different salesperson. What do y'all think -- something fishy going on?

    I'm going this weekend to take a look at the first offer of $26k to see what they got on the lot. I'm wondering does anyone think it's worth it to try to beat the first quote? From all that I've read on this forum -- I think it's sound good...but hey, what do I know? I've never bought a new car before...well, never with the new car smell!! :blush:

    Any feedback would be nice.
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    1st give us 2010 exl price by itself as never go with out the door price since dealer has wrong calculator(trust me) and added warranty so 1st go with base invoice price then u calculate what is worth it ...people get better deal if u go with fleet department and u can get invoice price (Edmund' but don't expect below invoice price for 2010 exl as they still have 2009 left and don't go with what people are paying for on Edmund' as that is never true.....always hunt from email back and forth ..until u get best personal information until u get your figure.....hope this will help

  • That sounds like the price for the vehicle itself must be right around $25,100, if so that sounds like a good deal.
  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51
    Bought a 2010 CRV EX 4W.D. The final cost to me was $ 8000.00 Took my 07 CRV 4 WD in for the trade (48K miles) they offered 16K The cost then would have been @ 9800 to me. I refused the deal. Told salesman I could afford 8000. as I want to pay cash. He came back with an offer of 8848.40. called him back and told him this was not do able. Called me back and we did the deal for the 8K..Just to check the price, I went to another dealer and took my trade and he also appraised the 07 for 16K but this dealership wanted 11577.00 Needless to say I did not even think about negotiating this price.. Figured it was a waste of time. Suburban Honda Michigan does not want to sell cars (i guess)
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    Bought a 2010 CRV EX 4W.D. The final cost to me was $ 8000.00 Took my 07 CRV 4 WD in for the trade (48K miles) they offered 16K The cost then would have been 9800 to me. I refused the deal. Told salesman I could afford 8000. as I want to pay cash. He came back with an offer of 8848.40. called him back and told him this was not do able. Called me back and we did the deal for the 8K..Just to check the price, I went to another dealer and took my trade and he also appraised the 07 for 16K but this dealership wanted 11577.00 Needless to say I did not even think about negotiating this price.. Figured it was a waste of time. Suburban Honda Michigan does not want to sell cars (i guess)

    Based on the trade in, you paid $24,000 for the 2010 EX AWD, OTD.

    What was wrong with the 2007 that you wanted out of it and willing to pay $8000 to get the same?
  • Thanks for the heads up! The base quote plus destination fee of $710 is $25066. It is a few hundred dollars less invoice base on Edmunds. This quote was from the internet manager. I know this sounds so wussy, but its hard to overcome my desire for the best deal with hating :P to negotiate!!

    Anyone, I thank you for the suggestion and will send my lowest offer to another dealership and see what they'll offer. My question is this: I really hate to go in person to negotiate is it possible/reasonable to negotiate via emails? Or I'm stuck with having to go in and deal with the haggling?
  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51
    You can negotiate by E_Mail (some people are to busy to deal with salesperson for an hour or two) Plus if they don't give you the price you want, it's a waste of time. If you can keep the OUT THE DOOR PRICE under 27K for the E XL that sounds pretty good from what I have seen.. Good Luck (remember the dealer is not your friend) he is what the title implies DEALER... keep us updated
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