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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You don't have to go to the dealership necessarily to get the deal done, a lot depends on the dealership that you are working with. Standard practice is to have you come in to negotiate the final price but if you already know what price you're willing to pay then you can request a written price quote asking for a breakdown of charges.
  • Hi everyone,

    I've been reading the posts for the past week and everyone has been very informative about their prices and helping me get a feel for what the market is going for. But for the few postings of the out the door price (including taxes) ... just seems like California taxes are high (no suprise) but REALLY high, does this sound right?

    For example, it seems a challenge to get a 2010 crv EXL in urban titanium or red pearl. I did find a few dealers, and recieved the following quotes (without nav packages):

    26,100 price or 29,230 with taxes out the door (he has it in stock, red is second choice though which is good still for me)
    another one said for 26,500 but he has to get it up from North California and I will get a 600 extra delivery charge, and would be about 29,600 out the door (with taxes). But he can get the exact color I want Urban Titanium
    One might be able to get a Titanium from up north, but i'll have additional costs to move it down here to los angeles, but he wants me to buy it first, then the CRV will get delivered, which I dont feel comfortable with doing, 26,100 price but i'll have a 600 delivery fee from up north (on top of hte normal california destination charge) as well as taxes
    One dealer had a black one for a good price i think for 25,456 without taxes included. But Black is a distant third choice for me.

    Any thoughts on these numbers? Also does the taxes sound about right? I figure i was going to pay like 1500 or 2000...i guess 3000 was on the upper end on the extra fees, titles and taxes.

    I guess there were out the door prices given much lower earlier in the previous posts, and I know it varies state by state, but just close to 30K on an EXL is a bit uncomfortable for me, though I guess its just the reality of the taxes where I am.
  • OMG, you guys are right!! I decided to bite the bullet and flat out (but politely) told them what my lowest offer was and what they could do about it. I was worry that they wouldn't want to negotiate through emails, but so far it looks like one of the dealership is trying.

    Either way, I feel better knowing that I tried at least. Phew! I was even begging the ladies at my work place to borrow their husband or boyfriend to go in with me!! :P

    I'll let you guys know how it goes. Again, I'm very appreciative of the responses so far! Thanks!
  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51
    I could give you my opinion of why your taxes are so high. But I think you know why!The reason for moving the 07 CRV EX ( 1. price the way I calculate is that trading in a 50K mile vehicle out of warranty, plus I have had problems with this vehicle. Have had it in the dealership at least 5 times,not to mention differential fluid changes 3 times. So paying 8K and of that $1400.00 is sales tax, of which a good portion will be returned on state taxes at the end of the year. I figure 900.00 to 1100.00 will be refunded. So taking that in account the vehicle cost me @ 7000.00 Divide that by 36 months =@190.00 per month not a bad lease with no money down and turned in with almost @50K miles..
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    not to mention differential fluid changes 3 times.

    Just an FYI: Differential fluid is a maintenance item and will need to be changed on the new one as well. It is good for about 15,000-20,000 miles.
  • tkay2tkay2 Posts: 51
    Thats what they say, but you know I never had a vehicle that that needed to be done. The did change it for free (maintenance book says every 80K I think) Even though I had it in several times they did finally got it right. But why is it that the diff. fluid lasts only 15K?.....
  • I am in the market to buy CR-V, have you bought one? can you share the price and dealer? I am in Howard county, MD. I am debating between Accord LX-P and CR-V LX. How do you guys think? I want a safer car and more internal space. From the price, I get quote for 2010 Accord LX-P for $18390. Do you guys get a good price for CR-V LX? thanks.
  • highlander123,
    That would depend on whether you want 2WD or 4WD.
    I got a 4WD LX CRV 2010 model for $21,425 (base plus destination fee) plus TTL. Invoice is around $21,900 (base plus destination fee), so I would think you should be able to get a CRV 2010 model at around invoice or less.
  • Offered quote of $26,800 (including destination) + tax/t/l. San Francisco area Honda. What do you guys think?
  • Through autobrag, I received a lowest quote of $26,399+TTL ( $27,500 OTD) from Fredricksburg, VA honda delear. Is this a good deal? Please advise.
  • Hi,
    Where in Florida ? i am in South Florida - looking for an EX.

    Thanks !
  • I have negotiated over the internet a 2009 new CR-V EX-L for $23,213 plus tax and MVA fees in Glen Burnie, MD. no additional processing/freight etc. I think this is just ok as my friend got a 2009 last April loaded with nav for $24,000. I am planning to go over and try to get it down further. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  • yes, where did you get it?
  • Again, I am in Columbia, Maryland. I got couple quotes for 2010 LX 2WD. They are about $19,625, plus destination and other fees. It is from Belair Honda. How do you guys think? The invoice is $19,778.
  • Well, so far I'm really glad I have this forum to kind of bounce ideas/suggestions around. This is my first time really negotiating with Honda dealership. The last dealership was Toyota and that definitely was a really bad nightmare with all those add-on packages :mad:

    Thought HOnda would be alittle better, but found out just alittle :cry:

    I'm glad I asked about anything "extra" that I could possibly be charged for and boy was I glad I did! $900 extra as a matter of fact. The salesman was actually very surprise at how knowledgeable I was about the accessories. He even tried the "its under warranty" trick...I asked him how is having a rubberized mat going to help me with my warranty?

    The $900 was dealer add-on for:
    -window tint (I believe for the front window??)
    -pinstripping the car
    -all-season floor mats
    -cargo tray (the mat for the back)
    -Front splash guard

    I told him that the mats, tray & splash guard would cost me about $200 online. So why am I paying xtra $700 for? Just for a tint and pinstripes (it's already on the car)??!!! He still didn't believe me when I told him that I can get the splash guard for $19.80, so he went online and saw for himself. AFter that he believed me on the rest of the accessories.

    Anyway, we got the accessories plus tint & pinstripe for total of $450 ($200 for the mat, tray, guard and about $250 for tint & pinstripe), but I feel that I'm overpaying for the tinting and pinstripes and I don't know how to negotiate a better price. :sick:

    I guess what I'm getting at is I want a good deal, but I also know that I need to be the question everyone is how much of these is really up for negotiation? How can I negotiate a better price?

    Now I know what is "added-on" like the tint & pinstripe, I'm going to try one more time for another dealer's quote and see if its more real. :confuse:

    Current price quote: 2010 Honda CRV EX-L w/o Navigation (Titanium/Black)
    add-on 450.00
    subttl $25,516.46
    OTD $27,357.58

    One more question: Is it normal for one county or city to charge titling fee different?
  • Ah yes, the famous dealer add on's can be quite a shock, thankfully not all of them do it. As for the fees, you should be seeing the DMV fees as $127.05, along with the Texas Inventory Tax (.002543 times sales price), the doc fee use to be capped here in TX at $50.00 but the law recently changed so watch out for that. To my knowledge there isn't a change between counties on these fees within the state. What part of TX are you looking in?
  • Bought a 2010 Honda CR-V EX 4WD earlier this week in Chicago. Here's the breakup.

    Price: $23657 with destination
    Doc Fee: $152
    Registration: $144
    Sales Tax: 8.25%

    I think one should go based on the base price plus destination, as doc fee, registration and taxes vary from state to state.

    Hope this helps.

    By the way, it's a polished metal metallic. Had to wait for a week to get this color.
  • we don't know or care what the price was, only that our check for the purchase included obviously "everything" since we had no trade-in and paid entire balance with one check

    20,885 for 2010 CRV LX 2WD, had choice of many colors, miles on odometer 7

    before anyone asks, yes, taxes, tags, dealer fees, rubber mats, it's all included in the price as it is an Out The Door price

  • Laurila, this is exactly model I want to buy. Excellent deal. Could you breakdown the costs so I can negotiate with my dealer? so far, the best quote is $19680, plus freight, TTL and tax. Thanks.
  • Switching gears, now I am in the middle of a deal to buy a 2010 EX-L 2WD for $24,957 (includes dest fee, dealer processing and accessories) plus taxes (6%) and tags only. Anyone know if this is a decent deal? I don't want to steal it but I don't want to get hosed either.
  • I bought my new Honda CRV EX-L (urban titanium) from Gunn Honda (in San Antonio). This was the best place in Texas and their staff is great. My OTD was 27,001.

    I want to let you also know that I did talk to alot of dealerships and one of worst ones is Howdy Honda and Cleo Bay. They don't take you serious and show little respect for their customers. You can definitely get the best deal at Gunn honda b/c their employees are NOT commision-based. They are salaried and are the #5 store in the nation.

    If you want to learn more please feel free to message me. Hope this helps.
  • Hi Highlander123,

    I am in the same boat comparing between LX-P and CRV LX (AWD). I live in Philly and considering the dealers from NJ to VA (Fairfax) to see if I can get a good quote. IF you don't mind me asking, which dealer did you get your quote from ?

    One other thing is have you found out if there s a way to avoid paying destination fees( in short have you read if anyone is able avoid paying it)
  • Best internet price to date (without pushing) on above is $23000 + $285 (doc fee and temp tag) = $23285. Tax would be additional. Anyone have an actual experience with better numbers? Thanks.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    No, that would depend on whether he wants a sedan or an SUV! Gotta narrow it down before you go any further... :) Want a better ride with better gas mileage OR a vehicle with more storage capability? Huge difference.....
  • We are looking to replace our 2005 pilot. We are looking for most of the amenities. EX-L, moonroof, leather, nav, bluetooth, etc. Any ideas on what we can expect to pay OTD? I am hoping to get something around $2700 + tax and other fees.

    Should I negotiate through internet quotes?

    Any help is appreciated. Not a great negotiator. How can I find out what delaer paid for the car and then offer a reasonable profit above that?
  • This is what I did to find what I think is a fair/good deal:
    First go to and click on TMV or True Market Value. This will give you an idea of what others are paying in your area but don't use this number as the lowest point, just use it as a reference.
    Then, email 3-4 dealers and ask them for their best price for what you want. It seems to me that the larger dealers are the ones who have more bargaining leeway.
    Then, take the lowest offer from one and email another and say, I got this offer from dealer X, can you beat it? Once you get a lower offer go back to the others and do the same. You will be amazed how they respond and you will soon realize where the padding is. Be prepared for them to balk and if they do just go to the next one. When I thought I was closer to a fair price I then went in to talk to them. It has worked out well for me since I don't like face to face negotiations but I don't want to be a push over.
  • Another dealer has now responded with a price of $22700 + $285 (doc and tag fees). Anyone doing better?
  • hp2009hp2009 Posts: 65
    i wanted to find out did 2010 crv got less noisy and more quieter than 2009 and this question can be answer people who drove 2009 and 2010 before making decision on their crv.
  • Is this with Navigation or no?
  • Hi Satish,

    looks like a great price, BTWm does it has Navi?

    can you please give a break up of your OTD price? Taxes and fees differ from state to state, I want to know the vehicle price for me to negotiate in CA?

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