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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    I think you mean LX, not EX! If not, than you got an unbelievable deal!!! According to
  • I got a quote of 24,900 OTD for 2010 honda crv ex with dealer options of tint glass and mud splash.

    pls let me know if this is good price. ?
  • I got a quote of 24,900 OTD for 2010 honda crv ex with dealer options of tint glass and mud splash.

    pls let me know if this is good price. ?
  • Anyone care to comment on whether this is a good deal (2010 CR-V LX 4WD offer of $21400) or not? Assuming other charges of taxes, etc.
  • No, it is EX. You make me feel good, but I still believe I could have shaved couple of hundred easily if not my stupidity during negotiations. He gave me peice of paper with 21900, I gave him back the number 21400, and thats what he came up with. We agreed at that number did not push further. I was told I shold have given him number as 21000 instead of 21400.

    Considering price difference between 09 and 10 its 1000. Ffrom quotes I got it was clear. But during negotiations I missed that fact and lost on couple of hundred which is not big deal.

    Another thing I missed during negotiations was including my taxes in loan. Once the deal was confirmed the dealer said they cannot do that because they dont do that for Milwaukee. I should have hold out, anyway what the heck.
  • mbclkmbclk Posts: 6
    what city and dealer? can you let as So-Cal the lowest quote $25,500 otd
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • Please read previous post say in the month of Sept & Oct to get an estimate what others have paid for CRV to get an idea.

    I got mine 2010 4WD EX for 23,900 + TTL in the last few days of October 09 in Detroit area

    In EX glass is already tinted except the front. Are you getting 2wd or 4wd? Is it Leather ? Ask him to show invoice price of the car. Honda CRV are in demand. they may not reduce the price. Print out the TMV and show it to the dealer.

    Try talking to other dealers as well. Get internet quotes.

    Hope this helps. :shades:
  • It appears to be a good deal. I know of a person who paid 21900 + TTL for 2010 - LX 4WD in detroit aread. so you are getting cheaper. :shades:
  • We went to a dealer 50 miles away to get a white 2010 CRV EXL 4WD at a pre-agreed price of $26200 plus TTL, but the exact same car in that dealer's stock was sold to someone else when we got there. We ended in buying a white EXL 4WD with Navi for $27850 plus TTL. Financing is through Honda @ 1.9% for 36 months. Any thoughts?
  • how was your experience with the honda dealer in glen burnie? did they honor the internet price quote? thanks.
  • rky2rky2 Posts: 1
    Paid $26,150.00 + $249.00(splash guards, cargo tray, all season floor mats) + TTL + $180.00 (Doc Fee). + Tax.

    Model : 2010 CRV 4WD EXL.
  • docmddocmd Posts: 6
    Hi all,
    I got the 2010 Honda CRV TWD LX (base trim) with splash guards. All inclusive on the road price of 21,500. I thought this was quite a competitive quote and am very satisfied with the purchase.

  • gr26gr26 Posts: 12
    Sorry this is not specifically a CRV question. I see most people reference some figure for a "documentation fee," and it tends to vary quite a bit. Is this a fee the dealer pays to the state for filing documents (e.g., registration), or is it a fee that the dealer *keeps* (i.e., a mechanism to increase the price paid while making us think we got a better deal than we did)? If yes (to the second part), has anyone tried the "I will not pay the documentation fee" approach?

    Thanks much...
  • Paid $26,073 + TTL this past weekend in CT.

    Quote: $25,744
    Doc Fee: $329

    This was the dealer's original offer which came in at least $300 better than any other quote I received. When I went into the showroom to purchase the sales guy was a little surprized by the number. Drives great.
  • I've just received this quote for a New 2009 Honda CR-V 2WD 5dr Wgn LX AT
    MSRP: $21,915.00

    Adj. Market Value: $21,915.00
    Discount: $1,827.39

    Vehicle Price: $20,087.61
    DMV Fees: $506.50
    Tax: $1,255.65

    Amount Due: $21,849.76

    Do I take it? Or can I do better?
  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    This is an additional charge that is profit for the dealers.

    Yes, I've stated I wont pay it, actually walked away from several deals due to the fee. I rarely see these 'new' fees since I get an agreement with everything itemized before stepping foot into a dealership. I have however had these sprung on me and simply state that if they want to list this fee that's fine, just reduce the selling price by an equal amount.

    I live in CT where doc fees start at $299, but I'm very close to the NY border and have purchased by last 5-6 cars in NY stricly on pricing and low or no doc fees in NY contribute to that.

    Best story I have with a doc fee, we had a deal for an 09' CRV, is this was added after I was given an itemized offer and went in to buy. I asked for it to be removed. The finance guy stated no. I said refund me my deposit and I'm done. He gets the Sales or General Manager as well as the sales person, This guy comes in and says it's a fee all customers pay...I asked to reduce the selling price of the vehicle by an equal amount. he stated he couldn't do that. I said, you run sales correct? His head nods. I reply, you can do anything you want. Ending this, he asked if I would walk away for $299 and I replied, would you let me walk over $ sounds for about 30 seconds. GM puts his head down and says the price is the price...I say thanks, and refund my deposit and see you later.

    We now have a 2010...I'm happy and got the deal I wanted
  • jojijoji Posts: 3
    Hey everyone, I got an offer of $26,800 with Honda installing an after-market Blue Tooth + TTL. The deal seems good to me but wanted your thoughts. Deal's in NY.
  • Just though I would share my search results. I have received 12 price quotes from N VA dealers the lowest being $27,160 plus 710 for shipping 99 for doc fees plus 299 appearance fee plus tax and tags for 4wd w/Nav. Range of the out the door prices was approximately $1,300 for lowest to highest price. I did receive several quotes which overstated the MSRP/Invoice and failed to disclose the appearance charge on the initial quote.
  • I am from tricity area in WA and I am planing to buy in Seattle or Portland.
    Can some one tell me what are good OTD considering my tax rate is 8.3%?
    If you can recommend some dealers you had experience with, I will use your name as referral.

    2010 EX-AWD: 23777 quoted before TTL.
    2009 EX-AWD: 22777 quoted before TTL.

    Are they good for internet quotes?
    Thanks a lot!
  • First, sorry to deviate from the forum. Second, is there an inventory problem with the 2010 Honda CR-V? I've been trying to look for a Polished Metal Metallic color for awhile and not one near me or in the whole state of California the last time I checked. It's been almost 2 months now and still no Polished Metal Metallic color in the trim I'm looking for, which is the 2wd EX.

    I notice that almost all CR-Vs are made in Ohio in northern CA where as most CR-Vs are made in Japan in southern CA. I read an article somewhere that Honda increased production in Japan in October. If so, how long does it take to get a car from the factory to the dealer's lot?

    When do dealerships get new cars in? What time of the month and usually on which day of the week? I can't wait anymore and I might just buy a different car because no dealer is giving me a time frame as to when they might get the car in. Arghhh....
  • I've scoured the Forum for advice or similar purchase experience; It seems like there is always an important piece of info missing from each post (and not always the same missing info from one post to another).

    Exact Model: (2010 4WD EX-L w/ NAV)
    Purchase Price: ?
    Deliv/Destination: $710
    Taxes: ?
    Dealer Markups/Add-ons/Doc Fees: ?
    OTD = ? (Hope I didn't forget something ;))

    Sometimes people don't indicate whether they bought a 4WD or 2WD. Or they don't indicate if the $710 Fee was included in their Purchase Price.

    Some of that missing data can make the difference between a sweetheart of a deal, and a crappy one.

    Thanks, and hope I don't sound like I'm criticizing (that's not my intention). Folks put a lot of great, and very helpful info on here from their experience. It would just be that much more precise if all of the pertinent info was "there" ...

    Thanks in advance :)
  • Maybe you can work a deal to order what you want exactly, (as if it's already "on the lot"). I did that once before, and got just as good of a deal. (Dealer knows their holdback $ won't get dinged more than a day or two).

    I would think the dealer wouldn't squawk about a guaranteed sale vs. you fininding one elsewhere.
  • Not much luck here in Seattle. I've tried all of the dealerships and they won't negotiate much. I haven't been able to get prices like the prices on the East Coast or even California. I've actually considered buying at the dealership in Tri-Cities because they seem to be competitive.

    Are those prices the ones you received locally?
  • 2010 CR-V EXL in 4WD without nav
    "J" VIN# - made in Japan
    Dealer options: window tint, laser-etched anti-theft glass, mudguards
    $26800 + tax and title fee($18). Dealer doc fee included in the price.

    Thanks to everyone for contributing and their pricing help.
  • Nice suggestion!
  • I got these from an OR dealer.
    What pricing you are offered by dealership in Tri-Cities?
    Keep in touch!
  • cama1cama1 Posts: 12
    My deal negotiated online w/ @ Jay Lee's in Gladstone OR was $28678.00 including Destination and Handling charges plus $322 Lic and reg fees. There were no dealer addons per my insistence. I added on mats, wheel locks and splash guards bought from HandA for a fraction of what the dealer would have charged. I bought an 8 year warranty from Bernardi Honda in Framingham MA for $790.00 (also a fraction of what dealerships would charge...bought it online but you can call them now to purchase now since online sales of warrantys are not allowed by Honda anymore) ) and got a $30.00 credit which I used toward a cargo mat purchase from Bernardi.
  • nhuenhue Posts: 1
    Here is what I paid about two weeks ago in Iowa.

    Exact Model: (2010 4WD EX-L w/ NAV, White)
    Purchase Price, Including destination fee $710 : $28370.00
    Taxes: 5 % in the state of Iowa, $1418.50
    Title Fee: $25.00
    License Fee for one year: $300
    Document Fee: $149.00
    Lien filing Fee: $10.00

    OTD : $30272.50

    Got 1.9% APR for 36 months from Honda.

    I think I got a good deal obviously not the best one. I tried couples of other dealers of my area too but no one could match this deal.
  • Was the 8 year warranty with or without deductible and was it 100k or 120k?
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