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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    rusure, man you appear to be an expert about everything. The bottom line my friend, most people looking for a 2nd hand vehicle, and if they had a choice between two exact vehicles with one being mostly highway driven (no lights/stop signe), and the other city driving with lot's of stop and go's, would prefer the former. And, you being an expert I'm sure would say the same. ru interested in buying my mostly open highy driven Accord?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I think the point is that even though you know that 35,000 of the 41,000 were highway driven, a buyer has no way to verify that. Other than your word, there is no other way to determine which of the miles were higway and which were not.

    If you look at the classifieds in the paper, every car in there has highway miles, which begs to question, who the heck is driving on the streets and clogging them up if every car is highway driven.

    I am not questioning your integrity, but, for someone to shell out extra dough for something they can not prove beyond reasonable doubt is a tough pill to swallow. Which, makes your 41,000 miles no different than the 41,000 miles on the car next to it.

    So, yes, you can differentiate your vehicle from the other by stating that it has 35,000 highway miles out of 41,000 total miles. But, don't expect someone to pay more for it. You may get a quicker sale, as a buyer would find you trustowrthy and prefer to buy from you than the next guy with 41,000 miles, but a buyer will not pay more for your ride than the other 41,000 miler.

    What if the other guy swears that all 41,000 miles are highway?
  • rusurerusure Posts: 10
    Strip1:First, thank you for the compliment. And yes, an expert like myself might possibly be able to determine if you were blowing smoke by looking at the brake peddle for excessive wear for example, but it would be a stretch to make any definitive conclusions. Unless your car comes equipped with that rare trip odometer, you know, the one that automatically keeps track of highway miles on Trip A and city miles on Trip B, the majority of people on this board are going to determine the value of your vehicle based on available used car price publications and not your promise. And that my friend, imsure. ;)
  • tonyc32tonyc32 Posts: 2
    Just picked one up for $20,900 including destination. Add in $1025 MA sales tax, and $398 fees and registration and I got it for $22,323 OTD. Decent deal?
  • dsfingerdsfinger Posts: 11
    edited March 2010
    I live in VA and was just quoted $27,461 OTD for 2010 CRV EXL AWD w/o Navi. I'll be doing the same homework but thought you'd like to know about quotes here.
    Has anyone purchased an EXL w/o Navi that can comment?
  • rkj1rkj1 Posts: 11
    Hi tonyc32. Congratulations!!
    Its about the right price. I am also going to pick up my CRV LX AWD @ Following price

    $21195 (Include Destination + Remote Starter) + $1500 NJ Tax (7%) + $275 Dealer Fee + around $295 DMV Fees
    Total = $23200 - Its higher for me because of NJ Tax (7%) and dealer fees. I don't know how you skip dealer fees here.
  • rkj1rkj1 Posts: 11
    Hi jik. Would you mind telling me how much in total (OTD) did you pay finally and which dealer have u bought it from ?
  • eruditereseruditeres Posts: 9
    edited March 2010
    One doesn't 'skip' dealers fee, rather have the dealer agree to a price inclusive of fees, and then push down that price. Dealer will adjust vehicle sale price lower to add on dealer fee. Key is not to let them spring in their fee after you have batten the price down, batten them together.

    Memories: 12 years ago, I refused to pay the $299 doc fee. The sales person pointed to a plaque on the wall that stated it was mandatory. I countered "so if I put a plaque in my home that every guest has to pay up $10, would the guests pay?!". He was taken aback and could not quite get composure back - too unexpected for him. He got up abruptly, red faced, and said, I could leave if I didn't plan on buying the car, and the $299 was non-negotiable. I simply went back to the door and asked for another salesman. Not too soon after the original sales person came and asked if $100 doc fee was okay. I agreed. I was desperate to buy the car that day - my prior car was dead and I had traveled 100mi to bargain.

    PS Check my last post 9791. that price includes $400 dealer fees, I just didn't separate it out.
  • Not to ruffle feathers, but what makes people go for top of the line CRV w/Navi? Its almost $8000 more than Cloth LX, and there is always a risk that if it gets totaled, because of someone else's fault, the owner could lose a lot. Optioned up cars also shed more $$ with time, so even at sales time, cost of ownership per year can be high. Just an honest question.
  • stripe1stripe1 Posts: 72
    rusure, I consider myself to be an honest person. There's an old saying, "would you buy a car from that use car salesman?" The question is meant to be a joke, and the answer was usually "no." However, if that question was meant for me then the answer would be yes, definitely.

    I'm attempting to sell my car to people in my development who know me. Most know that I travel back to my "root's" quite often. It was difficult making a move from an area where I lived all my life. On most days it's apprx. a 180 mile round trip, with majority of travel t/pike, and open rode with no light's or stop signs. I've cut back the drive, for I'm finally getting use to my new envirement.

    I went to a Honda Dealer, and purchase a 2010 EX-L CR-V. My 2006 Accord EX-L V-6 Sdn was to be use for trade. After receiving what I thought was a great price ($25,961), I was looking to get at least $13,500 to $14,000 for my 06. I feel my 06 Accord is 90% show room condition. I must of fell asleep at the wheel, for the sales manager talked me into $12,500, for the trade, after I ask for $13,500. From what I've seen, dealers are selling my type car model from $18,000 to $19,000+. He mention saving on sales tax by trading, and all the other talk when trying to sell a car..

    When I arrived home, and wrote down numbers in regard to me selling my car privately, the numbers were much different, like $2000++ different. I signed most of the papers to buy the CR-V, and I stated that I'd come back Thursday to pick up vehicle. I gave a $500 hold from my c/c. I called yesterday, and inform dealer that I was changing things, for I want to buy the CR-V out right with no trade, and that my bank gave me an open check to pay for CR-V OTD of $28,200. I'm sure they are probably pis***, but the money is better in my pocket then theirs.

    My only problem, now I have to advertise the sale of my 06 Accord. It's rednaldo red, mud guards, matching color d/edge guards, moon roof visor, pin stripe w/small "H" at each q/panel, wheel locks, gold package, garage kept, and paid subscription to satilite radio until December. Also, I have the car detail twice a year by a shop in Manahawkin, NJ, and is dealer certified, for service done by a Honda dealer in Philadelphia The odometer turned 43,000 miles today.

    What I do need from the board is advise on how to sell the vehicle other then from inside my development. I was ASKING $17,000, but I decided on a firm price of $15,900. Also, how would I have if I want to cancel my contract to buy the CR-V?

    Thanks for the patience.
  • fasttexfasttex Posts: 24
    The $12000 offer was probably pretty good. There are many Accords with less miles for sale all over the internet, check or ebay to compare. We have a certified 2006 EX-L V6 for sale for $13295. It is a lease return with 33000 miles on it in excellent condition as it is a Certified Pre-owned Honda that includes a 7-year 100K powertrain warranty. The sales tax savings is a reality.
  • rusurerusure Posts: 10
    edited March 2010
    I'm sure you are an honest person. But, at the end of the day business is business and parting with $15K - $17K is not easy for lots of people. I'm inclined to agree with fasttex opinion, but based on where you live, you may be able to squeeze out a few more $$. Quick check on within 50 miles of zip code 08050 shows certified cars listed in the $17k range for '06 EX-L Sedans with Auto tranny and around 40k miles.

    But you have some issues you'll need to overcome. Namely the bartering game. I'm going to use a car I found as an example. An '06 accord EX-L sedan with auto listed at $16,999. Me, the buyer than looks at KBB and verifies that's the retail price for an Accord in Excellent condition (I will say, selling a used car at in the Excellent category is challenging). I quickly look at the private party sale price ($15K) and the Trade-In value ($12,600K) and then determine my offer. Knowing that a dealer may offer (they are usually lower than the published trade-in) $12,600 for the car, I may offer this guy $13,350 or thereabouts and then let the games begin. And things can get even more complicated if your dealing with people you know. I mean are they going to expect a little discount? The people you don't know will be more skeptical and realize they'll forfeit the 30 day warranty most dealers offer on a used car sale if they bought from you. That warranty is worth something. I believe it will be difficult to get $15,900 knowing what the car is worth, what the expected sale will be with private party and what you could get if you traded it in. But, go ahead and try it. Someone may really like the car and buy it for your firm price. But the one question you'll need to answer is how long are you willing to wait for your price? If someone offers you $14,500 - $15,000 two months into this process, are you willing to say no?
  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    going back and forth between a forester and a crv - contemplating going LX FWD to save some cash and add 1 mile mpg. I drive 600 highway miles per week between MA and RI. My Honda Ody has 267K on it - time to retire. . . Like the Forester and at the low end it is less expensive and still would have AWD for 19,500 but trust the Honda brand.

    Can I ask what dealership you ended up settling on?
    What other cars did you consider
  • baydrivebaydrive Posts: 48
    edited March 2010
    I bought a CR-V LX AWD a few months ago. My previous car was the Forester which I liked alot. I considered the CR-V, Forester and RAV-4. I was looking at low end AWD in each version and I did not receive a price on the Forester anywhere as low as $19,500 (with destination). The prices I received were all in the same range for all 3 cars (about $500 - $700 from each other). I think that the Forester might have more standard features. In any event, I definitely wanted an AWD vehicle because of snow etc.. If you live in MA or RI, you might appreciate the extra stability of AWD.

    As I said, I really liked my Forester. So far, I am enjoying my CR-V and feel that it handles very well. As far as gas mileage, both my CR-V AWD and my Forester appear to be the same.
  • ok, so you paid 19500, for a 2010 CRV LX AWD, and the 19500 includes destination?
    great price, Was the CRV a demo?
    What dealership did you purchase it from.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    What I do need from the board is advise on how to sell the vehicle other then from inside my development. I was ASKING $17,000, but I decided on a firm price of $15,900. Also, how would I have if I want to cancel my contract to buy the CR-V?

    Put it up on,, local newspaper, nearest big city newspaper....

    All in all it may cost you $200 or more to advertise, but you may eventually sell it.

    Try, but be prepared to hear from people asking for payments, and offering you $2000 for it. Also, be prepapred from people wiring you a lot more "money" and expecting you to send the excess back via wire transfer (Nigerian Scam)

    Good luck.
  • baydrivebaydrive Posts: 48
    Hey dgissel,

    You misread my post. I said that I priced the Forester and I DID NOT recieve a price anywhere near $19,500 including destination. The price I payed for my CR-V LX AWD was around $21,940 (which included the destination). The price I was given for the Forester was actually a couple of hundred dollars more.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    edited March 2010
    I had a customer trading in a very high mileage car the other day and he couldn't believe the miles (165,000) on a 2001 Accord should be a problem.

    "It's ALL freeway miles so it doesn't matter!"

    I guess it never once set foot on a surface street?

    " I change the oil every 3000 miles"

    Really? Doesn't everyone?

    " It's good for another 200,000 miles"

    It is?

    With those miles, we will wholesale tha car. Nobody will buy it.

    The wholesaler will switch on the ignition, look at the odometer and make a low bid just like any other miled up car.

    Oh, the A/C was blowing hot but "it only needs a charge"
  • kanchiskanchis Posts: 33
    edited March 2010
    Just got a quote for the following deal and would like to see what others think of it.
    2010 CRV EX-L 2WD
    $25,356(Invoice) + 399 (dealership fees)+ 30 (tag) = 25,785
    added the following options
    CARGO TRAY $118.00
    WHEEL LOCKS $76.00
    MUD GUARD $117.00
    FOG LIGHTS $535.00
    DOOR EDGE GUARDS $112.00
    Total for options: $1,297.00
    Final Price with options = 26,653

    The options are a little pricier than the Manufacturer suggested pricing on the website but they do include installation charges as well so I think its fair. Overall I would like to know if I'm getting a good deal or not. Any info would be helpful as I'm planning on pulling the trigger within a couple days. Thanks!
  • Can anyone comment on how their Honda CR-V EX handled in the blizzard of Feb 2010? What about rain and sleet? I live in Pittsburgh, PA. Although the winter weather in Pittsburgh has not been all that bad over the last several years, I'm a single mom and need reliability in ALL types of weather.

    I am a previous owner of Saabs, and never had a problem with them. They are monsters in the snow! Can't afford another Saab this time, and I'm looking for a reliable, well-made vehicle that handles well in all types of weather.

    I would appreciate feedback! Thanks.

  • fasttexfasttex Posts: 24
    For inclement weather, look at Subaru Forester. Much more stable than any other small SUV.
  • ant26ant26 Posts: 3
    I'm a bit perplexed by some of the prices paid listed here. One reported a price on a 2010 CR-V EX, 4WD, of $22,906 (#9751 Baltimore, incl destination and dealer fee). The invoice on this model is $23,348, plus delivery charge $710, so it seems that their deal is $1,152 below invoice. With a dealer holdback of only $500 on this model, the dealer would be losing all of it plus about $650 more loss.

    Another reported $23,489, but this is also well below invoice.

    Can anyone comment on whether this is realistic? Are there other hidden profits?
  • crvdude1crvdude1 Posts: 47
    $23,489 is what I got.
    That includes wheel locks, mud guards, and $710 dest charge.

    Not included are below: (Chicago suburb)
    Illinois Documentation fee $151.65
    Cook County Flat Tax $15.00
    License plate EVR fee $25.00
    License plates $120.00 (cheaper if you transfer the plate)

    I bought another CRV from them years ago. Small dealer but no BS.
    They gave me the deal w/o hassle. Just waited for a couple hrs to clean/prep the new V and paper work. 8 miles in the odometer, brand new, right of the truck. ;)
    Drove the new V home same night.
  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    Re Pricing - Received the following quote from a MA dealer within the last two weeks if done through internet sales. Unfortunately there are only lease incentives on the CRV right now whereas several months ago one could get 2.9% financing.

    2010 Honda CR-V 4WD EX

    New MSRP $25,805
    Your *e-Price $23,388
    This price INCLUDES Destination Charge of $710
  • alamocityalamocity Posts: 680
    Well if you figure in $502.00 for dealer holdback the actual true cost is $23,556.00 so anything below that is indeed a bargain but doubt you will find too many dealers that will sell for that price let alone below it.
  • finadvfinadv Posts: 59
    I'm in MA also. What dealer gave you that price?

  • mvs1mvs1 Posts: 462
    Our CRV handled well in the snow this past winter. Snow and sleet in similarly competent manner. We're located in CT and every car we buy is AWD or 4WD. My wife ranks it second behind here old Audi A4 in terms of traction for the vehicles we've owned. The CRV is a great combination of everything we wanted, a CUV with decent utility, good gas mileage, decent handling, good traction (AWD), as well as retaining it's value if we sell or trade it in, or will last +10 years
  • gecoffingecoffin Posts: 6
    I live in Norhtern Va and got a quote for $27560 not counting T&T and such
    have not picked the car up yet

  • dsfingerdsfinger Posts: 11
    That could be a good price if it includes the destination fee and any processing fees and possible advertising fees that the dealerships tack on. Typically destination fee is $710 and processing fees can be anywhere between $99 and $499. Do you know if $27,560 includes any of these additional fees? Is this everything except T&T?
  • crvdude1crvdude1 Posts: 47
    That sounds about just right if Dest is included.
    $4,000 above a EX.
    If you really think the navi & leather worth $4K.
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