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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just got mine for 20100 before T&L.

    OTD was $22450 @ AutoWest Honda in Fremont, CA. They will quote you 20350 and you can bargain down.

    My tax is high which around 10%. =(

    Happy with my deal.
  • dreeb1dreeb1 Posts: 4
    Hey all,

    Just picked up my 2010 CR-V EX-l and had forlights installed. Now I am a little bitter because I no longer have Auto Headlight feature. Did I get ripped off or is something not right? I would like to have the auto lights. Dealership didn't bother to mention the deletion of that feature.
  • Well, I also own a Subaru WRX that comes with fog lights and day time lights together. So I would say that you're screwed. This is something they definitely should have told you.
  • stldon1stldon1 Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    Can anyone share pricing in the St. Louis, Kansas City regions?

  • dreeb1dreeb1 Posts: 4
    Just went back to the dealership and after having two service advisers look up the part; there are two different parts. So it looks like I will have my auto light feature back! Buyer beware if you add foglights to your CR-V. Auto light feature is only available on the EX-L model...
  • I own a 2007 CRV EX-L and have purchased Honda fog lights to install. Can you give me specific information that will help me? I don't want the problems you had.
  • crvdude1crvdude1 Posts: 47
    Hi dreeb1,

    I was comparing the 2007-2009 and 2010 fog lights spec. It looks like they are different. The 2010 has the AUTO mode and 2007-2009 does not. Do you think the dealer did not order the correct fog lights for your 2010 V?
    see page 12
    see page 13
  • Hello Varsi,

    Are you still in market for CRV or have already bought one. I am also in Raleigh and ready to buy a CRV LX 2WD, would you like to share some experience or dealer information. thanks.

    my email:
  • contact me at
    erudite.res at betaemail. com

    You should be able to get this at the price I got. check my other post for price. All other dealers gave up at much above level at that one..
  • Just bough my CRV EX 2WD in so-cal for $24710 OTD , i think its not bad, right? (22337 + tax/tag)
  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    That is an awesome price - congrats!
  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    Anyone with a 2007 CRV with feedback on their owner experience? Particularly those with high miles? I am considering a used but mint EXL FWD with 78K on it. The price is 16K from a dealer after talking them down a bit. Buying used Hondas seems expensive due to the high residual and resale - they just don't depreciate that much. All Highway driving - 575 miles per week. Thanks.
  • carolinagirl48carolinagirl48 Posts: 18
    edited April 2010
    I have a 2007 EXL FWD, just what you are looking at. I have been extremely happy with mine. I bought it new in December 2006, and have about 45k on it. If it is in mint condition, $16,000 sounds like a real deal. I paid close to $26,000 OTD when I purchased it.
  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    Thanks for your answer and information. What kind of highway gas mileage are you experiencing?
  • got lots of information here, especially got some nice reply. Therefore, I would like to share my buying experience here, feel free to contact me if you need any dealer information.(

    I am in Raleigh NC. Just got my 2010 CRV LX 2WD with car selling price$ 20,200 plus tags,tax 3% and $399 document fee, so the OTD price is around $21,300. I did the finance, The APR is 3.99% up to 36 months.
  • euglee25euglee25 Posts: 4
    Hoping for some feedback (more reassurance actually) from the folks who are on this forum. We just bought the 2010 CRV EX-L w/o Navi for $28,500 OTD. We live in San Diego so the taxes were obviously higher. After three grueling hours at the dealership (DCH Honda of Lemon Grove), we finally got it down to $25,766+TTL. Other dealers in San Diego were quoting us $26,100 before TTL so we thought this wasn't *too* bad of a deal considering CRVs are being sold like hotcakes right now. Anyhow, what do you all think? Appreciate any responses (good or bad). Thanks!
  • dotratmadotratma Posts: 1
    I also just bought this car (I'm in Boston, MA) and my final price after a week of haggling was $25,661 before TTL. We're in the same ball park so I think we both did pretty well. All the other dealers I spoke to wouldn't go below $25,910. Happy driving!
  • Might be too late for you but, we own a 2008 CR-V EXL AWD. Once we got rid of the OEM tires it handles great in the snow. We put on 4 Goodyear Triple Tred Forturas and it has made an incredible difference. We live outside of Cleveland and had no problems. The CR-V doesn't handle as well as out BMW 330xi (with Blizzaks) but it is still very good. Good luck.
  • sd_galsd_gal Posts: 1
    Hello Euglee25,

    Can you please let me know the contact info for the person you got the car from. I am looking to pick up the same car (or even the one with Navigation) and I live in San Diego as well.

    Thank you!
  • prraoprrao Posts: 1
    Hi, I too am in the process of getting the EX-L w/out Navi in the Boston area. Got a 25,660 quote from one dealer, with TTL extra. And a 25,777 quote from another, which includes destination charge. The 25,660 quote doesn't mention anything about destination charge, so not sure if it is included or not. Also not sure what other charges they'll try to hit me with.

    The only thing on top of your 25,661 rate is TTL? Which dealer did you buy from?
  • euglee25euglee25 Posts: 4
    We actually worked with two different salesman. The first guy (Robert) was very nice and easy to work with. Unfortunately, he had to leave for a family emergency so the second guy (Bob) worked with us. He was okay. We would've preferred working entirely with Robert though.

    Hope that helps and good luck!
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    I am in Nashville, Tennessee and I would like to know where I could get the best deal on a 2010 CR-V LX. Thanks in advance.
  • dsfingerdsfinger Posts: 11
    I found the best prices in Maryland. Got a great deal at Hagerstown Honda.
  • temj12temj12 Posts: 450
    Does anyone know of the back-door incentives being given to dealers now? Honda never advertises rebates; it is always through the back-door. The problem with that is that the buyer often does not know about those. Thanks in advance for any reply.
  • 4over200k4over200k Posts: 18
    Not currently - however it can pay off to establish a relationship with a sales person and committ to making a purchase within a set number of months - ask that he/she keep in communicaion with you about "best" opportunities. And watch dealer sites for Internet specials/coupons.

    Generally - from my experience the best times to make deals are in order (3) end of month, (2) end of quarter, (1) end of Honda fiscal year. Re 1 - I believe that is still the last week of June. When I buy a new Honda (after determining what model fits our needs) I usually inform the largest 3 area dealers what I intend to purchase within the next 48-72 hours - and mean it.

    Honda never does a loyalty rebate or incentive unlike Toyota and Subaru.
  • rsttoolersttoole Posts: 4
    The prior posts all show prices about $1,000 below what True Car shows. Are these prices for the 2WD model maybe? Or are the True Car prices inflated (by dealers?).
  • mason08mason08 Posts: 1
    I'm shopping for a 2010 CR-V LX by getting quotes on line. I'm in north Alabama.

    The best quote that I have gotten is $20,490 out-the-door before sales tax.
  • sophi1sophi1 Posts: 5
    I am in the market for a 2010 CRV EXL. My burning question is, "what are data dots".
  • smg104nowsmg104now Posts: 1
    Just had delivered yesterday April 30, 2010 from Honda of Freehold:
    OTD - $25,400 (Everything, including Destination charge)
    Breakdown are as follows:
    Car Price = $23,236.45
    Tax = $1,625.55 (NJ 7.0%)
    Reg Fee=$288.00
    Etc. Fee=$249

    I did not really bother how were the numbers broke down because I negotiated the OTD, to make it simple cause those small amount the dealer sneak-in last minute will adds-up. I also made it sure the carpeted floor mats included in the price and the trunk cover (I don't know how they call that)
    Hope this help ! !

    Academy Honda (Old Bridge) OTD = $25,600 and we walked away.
  • judyepjudyep Posts: 8
    edited May 2010
    Just returned from the dealer with my new CRV-EXL-AWD-Urban Metallic... i did everything by internet and email communication.
    price 25,500-including $710 destination charge
    1785 tax
    299 registration-4 years
    398-dealer fee
    7.50 tire
    8.30-internet fee
    Total OTD-27,998
    What do you think?
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