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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rooftoprooftop Posts: 3
    That is a very good price as the Invoice price for that model is $28,441. Even after taking all of dealer's holdback of $595, you are still ~350 bucks below the consumer reports' bottom line price of $27,846. Good luck with your purchase.
  • rajunksrajunks Posts: 13
    Have a 2001 Honda Accord EX-V6 with 87k - all leather.
    Contemplating with the foll. options
    1. Keep the Accord
    2. 2010 honda civic LX, Auto - 15700 OTD
    3. 2010 honda crv LX/2wd/auto - 20080 OTD
    4. 2006 lexus rx330 certified preowned with 43k miles - 25800 OTD

    I know they are all different options and offtopic too :)
    Wanted to see if you guys think if #2 & #3 are good prices?
  • uzitouzito Posts: 11
    I wonder if you could share your sale contract or email exchange with the dealer. That could help others to get a nice deal like that.
  • laurilalaurila Posts: 18
    Just picked up a 2010 CRV with Leather,Navi

    S.Florida area

    Final OTD with tag,taxes,fees,title was 28,190.00
  • jocarbuyerjocarbuyer Posts: 3
    Honda Cars of Katy
  • laurilalaurila Posts: 18
    edited May 2010
    Multiple dealers are now (this weekend) offering Out-The-Door price of 28k in South Florida for CRV EX-L with leather and navigation.

    Don't know and don't care what the invoice price is, taxes are included, fees are included, tag included, prep included, final OTD is 28k

    Apparently "something is changing" in the pricing next month, don't know if prices going lower (*deflation*) but it's quite possible.
  • java4yogijava4yogi Posts: 3
    Got this best quote 5 min ago, checked the forum, was not able to compare..

    2010 Honda CRV LX 4 Door Automatic
    MSRP: $22,325
    Special Internet Selling Price = $20,696 + tax and license fees, This includes the destination handling charge

    Is this a good price in L.A., Southern California.

    Would really appreciate your help on this one, this is sudden purchase. Tax would be 9.75% over this. ,y guess. :cry:
  • xyz0909xyz0909 Posts: 1
    Just keep in mind that internet pricing is a price to get you in there. They don't mention the options that have already been added to the car, which is in addition to that internet price.
    We were just out today, and figured this out the hard way.
  • ditnogditnog Posts: 2
    I'm in NC, had a whirlwind 3 hours with a dealer, my first time trying to buy a new car so I really appreciate this forum for helping me figure out what to look for. Long story short, I left the dealer without buying the CRV LX (which I had gone there for, but decided to think about the EXL overnight), and then negotiated the following deal on a CRV EXL w/o navi with their Internet sales people, who offered:

    3% tax
    398 doc/admin fee
    74 registration

    I was able to get them to do a $3,000 trade-in for my vehicle, plus 1.9% financing for 36 months (I'll also be doing $10,000 cash down).

    The Internet salesperson said that the EXL came with the "installed prot packages" with a cost of $281. I asked them what that was, and they said it was trunk tray, wheel lock and splash guards.

    Does this sound like a good deal? I don't like the $281, but if this is a good deal even with the $281, I could live with it. I wrote to the salesperson I dealt with at the dealership to ask her to send me the OTD amount in writing before I would come to the store and buy the vehicle.

    Thanks for any feedback!
  • uzitouzito Posts: 11
    You can get mud flaps, wheel locks and trunk tray on HandA site for $144 for total. Requires minimum effort to install. So charging $281 for them the dealer makes 100% profit.
  • ditnogditnog Posts: 2
    Thanks uzito -- I figured they would try to make some money somewhere, since they gave me a somewhat fair trade-in deal and I would do the low 1.9% financing.

    Not sure whether to go for this offer or not, or keep shopping around. Any advice?
  • java4yogijava4yogi Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply.
    I can check on it with the dealer before going in. But i really would appreciate if somebody can let me know if this price is going to work. Got a small baby, so dont have too much time to do research.

    Price is for LA, California !! Need help pls.
    2010 Honda CRV LX 4 Door Automatic
    MSRP: $22,325
    Special Internet Selling Price = $20,696 + tax and license fees
    includes destination charges.
  • ah112656ah112656 Posts: 1
    Working on a deal for this car. OTD price is $24818. What do you think?
  • patrecepatrece Posts: 7
    I priced a new Honda CRV AWD and added a couple of options. The roof rack $297 and the tailgage spoiler $295. The dealer told me I would incur labor charges to install the options and I could expect to pay the same price for labor as I would for each of these options. Is this correct to charge labor for adding on options? If I were to add say a sunroof, and a premium sound options, I would pay for installation on these options also?? TIA for any and all responses!
  • uzitouzito Posts: 11
    That's impossible to say without knowing your location (sales tax %).
  • uzitouzito Posts: 11
    The prices for dealer-installed accessories do not include labor charges. Expect to pay at least an hour for each at their inflated rates.

    HandA site has the roof rack for $183 - you can easily install it yourself.
    The tailgate spoiler goes for $195 - it requires much more complicated procedure, so I'd let the dealer do it.

    Ask your dealer to sell the accessories at cost (show them HandA site printout) and agree to pay for installation.
  • dgrebdgreb Posts: 51
    How many dealers have you contacted? If it's only this one, then try to get a couple of other dealers to give quotes.

    However today is the last day of the month, so you might need to get on the phone and ask for OTD prices. Ask them to beat the quote you have and ask them to email it to you with OTD pricing.
  • laurilalaurila Posts: 18
    cash price 25,638
    dealer fee 648
    reg filing fee 25
    battery/tire fee 7
    salex tax 1580
    lemon law 2
    title 86
    tag 14
    final OTD 28000

    car has everything, leather, navi, xm, moonroof, etc.

    s.florida dealer
  • patrecepatrece Posts: 7
    Thank for you replying and answering my question. Umm...I can make a hell of a dish of pasta and meatballs, but to "easily install" a roof rack, would be a little out of my league. SN "Patrece" is short for Patricia :) I appreciate the link on the accessory site for's definately a keeper! Many thanks.
  • uzitouzito Posts: 11
    You can also check the official Honda prices for accessories with and without installation at
    Enter your zip code, click Accessories, select the car and the dealer.
    There are also PDF with installation instructions.

    My dealer shows as $311/$333(installed) for the roof rack and $309/375(installed) for the spoiler and as I see prices vary from one dealer to another.
  • patrecepatrece Posts: 7
    Your last link was great! Thank you, thank you. I was able to print out the option prices w/wo installation. You see, the salesman told me that the cost of installation on any option would be be the same price as the option selected. Double the price. My dealership shows $354/$411. (installed) for the tailgate spoiler and $355/$374.76 (installed) for the roof tax. And thanks to you, now I can go out shopping :) and have a better understanding of pricing.
  • the best offer i can get at phoenix az is 23,400 OTD with the price similar to what you were quoted but our tax is lower than LA

    i can't seem to get anywhere near what some say they are getting

    i guess you best bet is to email your best offer to other dealers to see if they will match or beat the offer..
  • The negotiated selling price for the 2010 CRV EXL without Navi is 26000 and after tax and other charges it came up to 28340.
    I just graduated from college and this is my first time buying a car and the dealer is in Long Island, NY. I would like to know if this is a good deal.

    Accesories are not included and I would like to add a tailgate spoiler, Reverse sensor and Foglight.
    Do you think I will be able to get discount for the accessories?

    Also Is it worth it to add another 2000 (tax not included) for the Navi (Bluetooth and reverse camera included) ? I would like to have a navi but then I am not sure if its worth the price if I can just get a Garmin for a few hundred bucks.

    Please help me with this dilemma.
    Thank you.
  • I don't know if you got a good price or not. Have you tried to get a price online? If not, try and see how it compares to the price you negotiated.
  • patrecepatrece Posts: 7
    Your e-mail is marked private, so I'm responding to you in the forum. Congrats on your accomplishment!! Best of luck to you in your career.

    I'm from the Island also and last year I was going to participate in the Cash for Clunkers. I signed the contract and gave a deposit for the CRV-LX AWD, and it was like pulling teeth to get a response of when I could complete the transaction. It never materialized due to Honda insisting I leave my car and wait until the gov't approved payment. Couldn't do that. I shopped both in Nassau and Suffolk and the best price I got was at Babylon Honda. If you go back a few posts, poster uzito was kind enough to supply me with information on options. Prices vary on the Island and it will save you money if you look into the websites and do your pricing there for what you are interested. Forget Babylon Honda for options, they were the highest in price. Honda City in Levittown, for what I was interested in came in the lowest saving nearly $200. Big difference.
  • cab13guycab13guy Posts: 2

    About 2 pull the trigger on the deal below, please let me know what you think.

    Sale Price $27,605.00
    Accessories $1,524.00
    CVR Fee $25.00
    Doc Fee $154.38
    7.0% Sales Tax $2,051.59
    New Plates $194.00
    Vehicle Tax $7.50
    8/120.000 Warranty $1,089.00

    Total out the door $32.650.47

    Accessories include:
    fog lights, rear spoiler, wheel locks, all-season floor mats, front & rear splash guards installed $725
    the ultimate Protector system interior and exterior 10 year warranty $799
  • You're buying a Honda with leather interior, correct? I would ditch the Protector System and the 8/120k warranty. These cars will last you 100k if you don't take care of them and 200k if you do take care of them.
  • uzitouzito Posts: 11
    Yeah, the 10 year paint and interior protection package for $799 sounds like a pure money maker, unless they are actually going to reapply it every 6 months. Most likely they are only going to spend $50 to apply it one time hoping that you never read the contract and the fine print.

    But the extended warranty may make sense, as long as you get it at cost, considering pricey repairs like AC compressor or SRS controller replacement.
    $1089 for 8 year/120k miles/ $0 deductible sounds about right.
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