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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • $27,000 is the base price, $100 processing fees, $780 destination, tax (for VA) approx 3.17% and tags. Total OTD will be $28950

  • Hi Krishk - I received similar quotes for 2011 EX-L with Navi and FWD and the lowest quote I received is around $26000 (+ dest, ttl). So if I add the all wheel drive option it would end up in the same range as 27000 as yours. Probably you can bargain a little when you end up at the dealership but 27k seems to be a good price.
  • Yes, pitting one quote against the other. hoping to finalize something by end of the day, and get the crv.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • Performance Honda in Fairfield Ohio.

    I actually didn't end up getting that one though... I ended up getting the 2011 EX-L AWD in the color I wanted for 25490. I purchased at Castrucci Honda in Dayton Ohio. I bought from Cindy Brahn. =)
  • tobymtobym Posts: 7
    negotiate with dealer for 2011 CRV EX 4WD, the dealer said the best price is $26,000 OTD

    Is that price still too high?
  • The MSRP on your vehicle is about $26k and you definitely don't want to pay MSRP!!! Check out this link -- ing=Y ...........according to ZAG you should pay around $23,770 or check out -- they're saying the TMV (true market value) on a 2010 EX with 4WD including destination is around $24,795. Hope this helps!
  • hi Ram,

    finally bought it yesterday for $29,100 OTD. This included floor mats, splash guards and wheel locks. As mentioned, this was for a 2011 4WD CRV EXL with Nav.
  • tobymtobym Posts: 7
    I am not quite understanding you, the $26,000 is the drive out price including everything.
  • tobymtobym Posts: 7
    Looks like a good deal to me! where you buy?
  • Toby -- Just be sure you are clear on the details. What does the dealer mean by "everything"? Most dealers will charge for "doc prep" and "title" -- is that included? Is the "destination" charge included? Is your state sales tax included? My "out the door" for 2010 EX with 4wd was $24,754 -- actually, that also included extended warranty, remote starter & enhanced alarm. The MSRP on my car is $25,875. The MSRP on the same model 2011 is $26,025.
  • tobymtobym Posts: 7
    Hi Tricia6,

    thank you fro your information. the quote I have for $26,000 is the out the door price including the doc prep, title, tax, destination - everything. But your price is definitely much better than mine.

    Need more work to do with dealers.

  • Just bought a Honda CR-V Ex with 49,000 miles for $20,333 its an 08'. I go it from the Honda Dealership in Rierside CA. Is this an ok deal?
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    edited November 2010
    I know not a lot of 2010 CR-Vs left at dealerships.
    What is the best price one can get for a 2010 CR-V LX FWD with no option at all?
    In relative to invoice would be easy to compare.
    Is Honda offering cash rebate?
    I am asking for my friend. His getting about invoice-$200/300. Is that good enough?
    I am in SF Bay Area. Thanks in advance.
  • You can get a LX for under $20,000. I saw one quoted somewhere here on this sight for $19,500.. Keep trying, it'll show up.

    Good Luck.
  • So I just bought a 2010 Honda CRV 4wd with 7miles at Spreen Honda here in Loma Linda, CA for 20,750 (without taxes). They also gave me a pretty amazing deal on my trade in and I got 0.9% interest for 5 years. I think it was a pretty good deal what do you guys think?
  • @

    enjoy and stay safe with all that ice. if you gotta have snow and ice, it's good to have that CRV. Did you get 4WD with it?

    anyway, congrats!

    and I agree, nasty people always looking to instigate.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,599
    Oh yeah, 4WD to be sure.

    Just ventured out in the 2003 and it did just great without snow tires.
  • I am seeing a bunch of prices for 4WD vehicles, but we don't really need that here in TX, so what kind of deals are people seeing for a 2010 CR-V EX-L 2WD (no NAV)?

    In the San Antonio area, the best price I have received is $24,500. This includes destination fee, but not TT&L and doc fees. With tax at 6.25% and estimated doc fees, I figure OTD will be around $26,500-27,000.

    As an aside, the Mrs. wants the NAVI, but I have a hard time paying a couple grand extra when I can by a nice Garmin for less than $200 bucks. But, just in case, what are the best prices for a 2WD with NAVI that are floating around? Thanks.
  • clermontflclermontfl Posts: 108
    edited November 2010

    I was also looking at a CRV with Nav when I purchased my EX a couple months ago. I didn't buy the EXL because after seeing how the leather has held up on many used ones and seeing complaints on the web on how cheap those leather seats are, I didn't do it. Besides, do you know it costs $2,650 WAY MORE for Just the LEATHER...!! That is Crazy, those seats ARE NOT made of GOLD.....!!!!

    The Ford Escape with leather comes in under $1,000, and it also includes Bluetooth Sync with it..!! Granted it's a Ford vs. a Honda, but still.

    Finally, DO THE MATH--if you Finance for 60 months at 2.9% with 6.5% in sales taxes, that's an Extra $51.00 per month coming out of your pocket......THAT IS CRAZY....but hey if you want to spend it...then it's your choice.

    You can pu
    rchase Leather Seat covers for about $500.00, and there you go....good luck...!!!! On the CRV....!!!!

    Here's a website to a distributor...yoou can do your own search..just an example--->>>>
  • mtbgomtbgo Posts: 15

    I am looking for a 2011 CR-V SE. The first quote I got (in VA) is $19,945+freight+all the fees. What should be my goal for an SE?

  • Can you tell me the dealer name? I think thats a good deal. I am also in VA.
  • mtbgomtbgo Posts: 15
    It's Ourisman Honda at Bethesda, MD.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    ...two days of posts, up in smoke...

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  • Lets get together and then we may be able to bring the rates down a bit!

    I am planning to buy as well.

    I am in VA but surely can travel to MD!
  • bait and switch for sure.... We had this happen to us in 2007 by a Toyota dealer. We were looking at a pretty loaded used Rav, Sure enough we get there, it just sold yesterday. Well we immediately left even after some pleas to check out other cars. We went to a different Toyota dealer, didn't get the warm and fuzzies either. But we were still in the will we get a CRv or a Rav mode. So we were willing to explore and listen and test ride.

    Hope you found what you were looking for.
  • d4ld4l Posts: 7
    Hello Folks,

    I am looking to get maybe one of the last few left overs of 2010 CRV EX 4WD. I am in north east region and I was wondering if someone can share their recent purchase price. I would appreciate if you can list your out the door price (inclusive of fees, taxes, DMV, etc..) I feel that the best I might be able to do based on research on edmunds and is around 25,500.

  • tricia6tricia6 Posts: 8
    edited December 2010
    Hi d4l:
    I just bought a CRV EX 4WD from Boch Honda in Norwood. I don't really like Boch, but they always end up giving me the best price. You just have to have eyes in the back of your head because they will screw you on as much as they can get away with -- all dealers pretty much do this -- just that Boch has raised it to an art form.

    I am quoting from an earlier post, "......... my "out the door" for 2010 EX with 4wd was $24,754 -- actually, that also included extended warranty, remote starter & enhanced alarm. The MSRP on my car is $25,875."

    The base price I started out with was $22,900 -- that included the destination charge of $780 -- not included title & doc fees. I think you can do better. I was in a bit of a pickle at the time & really needed to get another car so I didn't have as much time to haggle.

    I just re-looked at the paperwork I signed & see that I should have paid a lot more attention to the "itemization of amount financed" -- they messed around with those numbers & it was definitely not in my favor. Thankfully, I was able to get the 1.9% financing.

    Don't try & do the deal in the dealership -- either call ahead (don't give your real name & don't give a phone number -- you'll never hear the end of them) or go on-line. They still try to pull the "i'll have to check with manager" crap so don't fall for that either. Don't forget to include any "extras" you may be looking for -- roof rack, door visors, etc. or else they will try & get you for full retail.

    Hope this helps -- good luck!!

    ps. set up a dummy email account -- i made the mistake of giving real email address out & it took forever to get most of them to stop sending spam.
  • d4ld4l Posts: 7
    Thanks tricia6!

    Could you please tell me what is your out the door price? I am assuming you had financed your vehicle so inclusive of all fees, tax, DMV, etc.. what is the final number that you had to pay?

    I am thinking that if I only want to get CRV 4WD EX with no options then if I can get it for around 24,500 out the door then it would be a pretty decent deal. Let me know your thoughts.

  • lmcrvlmcrv Posts: 1
    New 2011 Honda CR-V SE OTD at $24300 . is this a good deal? i am closing it today
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