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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    dano - i would then go back to bernardi and have them match then go back to prime and have them do better. look the cr-v is top 10 in cars sold in america but its pretty clear dealers are looking to dump b/c the 2012's are coming soon. wifes car and a remote starter would be great this winter. I paid 27200 for the 2011 nav 4wd.
  • Those seem like good prices on a 2010. I am in MetroWest Boston (near Rt1 and 495) What dealerships are you working with and how are they treating you? I am also considering this vehicle.
  • bdudebdude Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    Just bought 2011 EX-L Navi 4WD for $27,696 including destination. (30,675 MSRP, 28,879 Invoice, price was 28,554)

    Doc Fee was 160
    Tax was 1950
    Plates/title was $194
    Total was $30K out the door.
    Had a number of dealers in the chicagoland area willing to do it for this or within $100 of this.
  • dano51dano51 Posts: 10
    You really think I could do better.Hoping to get to dealership this weekend and buy.Any other tips I should know also hoping for the 0.9 finacing with half down.
    Extended warranty worth it?also what everybodys overall opinion of CR-V Are The seats comfortable for 2 or 3 hour long trips
    Thanks for information all is helpful
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    worth a shot- crv nice little truck my wife loves it-- its her car-good amt of room in the back, the seats aren't the best thou.. the leather is pretty cheap and the seating postion is just ok (we had a 2007 that was worse) - We did a trip of 7hrs in the car over xmas and I would again rate the seats as fair- more lumber is needed.-- i also got the .9% financing-- USA today this weekend has an article on Small SUV's -- you should check that out as well. Goodluck
  • dano51dano51 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the info will try that.Does the article give the honda a thumbs up
    i hope.I fell pretty comfortable with them even though this is my first one
  • Atlanta Area => Just bought a 2011 Honda CR-V SE model for $22,500 "out-the-door" which includes a 7% sales tax / lic / tag / dealer junk fees etc. Did most of the negotiating via email. Used as a source for local prices. Interesting buying experience, was negotiating with 3 different dealerships at the same time. Other 2 dealerships would only offer $23,000 or $22,750 "out-the-door". I leveraged the USAToday article in the Feb 11th Money section. They did a special report on 9 cross-overs and CRV finished 6th. I was already going to buy the CRV, but leveraged the story for a couple extra $$$ off.
  • I just paid $22,500 OTD for 2011 CRV SE 2WD
  • well, I;m going to shoot them an email then. thanks for the heads up, and i will let you know.

    would you know what the mf and residual is for 35mths @12,000 and 15,000 miles? I can't find it anywhere here on these posts..or I may be looking it over somewhere.

    thank you again
  • That sounds a good deal to me.
    Could you pass on the dealer info? Much appreciate it.
  • abc22abc22 Posts: 1
    Is this a good price? I'm in southern Arizona. The basic price looks good to me, but the doc fee excessive. Of course, maybe if the doc fee was more reasonable the basic price would be higher.

    26,717 with tint and splash guards
    2431 tax (9.1)
    License/title: 484
    Doc fee: 399

    OTD: 300031.24
  • I'm in the Atlanta area also, can you tell me the name of the dealer you finally went with?

    I've been looking on Ebay at EX's from 2007 thru 2009. I can't really see any difference between the 2007 EX and the 2011 EX.. What am I missing?

  • Hennessey Honda in Woodstock, GA (I-575 & GA 92)
    I ended up going with the SE, instead of the EX. I liked the privacy glass and the alloy wheels.
  • jbonjbon Posts: 5
    You get both on the EX along with a moonroof,color keyed mirrors.door handles,dual-level cargo area and steering-wheel audio controls.
  • Just was quoted 26,585 on 2010 CRV-EXL at Rt 1 Dealership in MA. Is this a good price or is there more discounting room for negotiation?
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    for a 2010 that seems high - i got a 11 with nav for 27,200 - i think you could do alot better on a 10.
  • @ Dan - 27,200 for EX-L with nav is OTD price or excludes tax + doc + title etc etc.? where did you buy it?
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    read my prev posts-- not otd price
  • Just paid $22,000.00 OTD for a 2011 CR-V SE 2 wheel drive equipped as follows at Hendrick Honda in Charleston SC:

    -Cargo tray
    -door edge film
    -Color: Silver
    -Splash guards
  • Thanks - you were correct. With effort on both sides of the table was able to agree on a 10 EX-L AWD for 24,750 (car only w destination included)+ with .09 honda financing for 60 months. The inventory of available 10s is narrowing in MA and the special apr will likely end this coming weekend if anyone is on the fence.
  • sweendogysweendogy Left lanePosts: 1,294
    nice work enjoy
  • I have my EXL for just three years and my driver side leather seat is crack already.
  • jbonjbon Posts: 5
    No surprise.
    All leather cracks eventually.
    On a cheap vehicle faster.
    I have an '11 EX-L w/NAV and I knew going in the leather quality isn't great.
  • That is true. And it doesn't help that we all decline the interior coverage package that can warranty cracking, fading and staining - but is also very expensive.

    Just traded in 07 EXL on 10 EXL - no cracking or fading on leather and the seats were in as new condition. My wifes 04 Accord on the other hand - crack city! Same w 03 Pilot but front seats only on both cars - those are the spots that get the sun and the regular wear.

    Use leather conditioner regularly (4 times per year) and try to cover seats when in the summer sun as much as possible - these can help.
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    edited February 2011
    I had a Buick LaSabre for 13 years and now have an 8 yr old Infiniti and neither had or has any cracks in the leather. I do treat the leather but very rarely...maybe once every three years. Never heard of leather cracking that fast unless it gets wet a lot or subjected to extreme treatment of some sort. If not, I would take it to my dealer and see if something could be done. It sounds like you are right at the end or just out of your 3yr warranty but Honda is known for doing things for customers if it is close.

    You also might try other threads involving maint or something as this is off topic for a "prices paid" discussion.
  • Is $25,000 for a CR-V ex 2wd a good deal?

  • palnpaln Posts: 12
    If 25k is otd not too bad. I paid 24k in so cal.
    If 25k is not otd price I wud run away...
  • mthomasdbmthomasdb Posts: 15
    edited February 2011
    Boch Honda in Norwood, Massachusetts has 10 or 12 2010 CRV EX leftovers brand new, sticker price is $25,880. Only hitch: Most are black with either a black or tan interior. My son took delivery on Wed., Feb. 23rd, 2011 for $22,800. It was the best deal I found anywhere.
  • MThomasdb -- is 22,800.00 for OTD or before taxes etc... ??
    sorry for dumb questions..
  • No question is dumb if it educates the questioner! I have never included taxes in the price that I pay for a car because that is one of those unavoidable things that everyone must contend with and can vary from state to state.
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