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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,

    I am looking for Honda CRV LX . I did try autotrader and carmaxbut couldn't find decent CRV at affordable price. Used CRV costs as just 1-2K lower than new one.

    I got quote of 21409 + TTL through truecar . Is this good price?

  • Try some other dealerships, my friend. At this point of the year, I wouldn't pay anything above 19.5K for a good price (assuming it's a 2WD).

    Why did they offer you ~$1500 over truecar value?

    Stick with the new rather than used. Let me know how your search goes because I'm also in the market.
  • Truecar is giving me 21409 and 20700. However when I go for price certificate, I am getting only 21409 from all dealers. I am looking for 2WD LX model only.
  • Last night drove home 21500.00 OTD for 2wd LX with .9% finance for 36 months.
  • That's a great price. where are you located?
  • I bough it from Rusty Wallis Honda, Dallas, TX
  • I didn't realize they were going for that much in other states. Truecar is giving me 19909 and I'm in the Los Angeles area where everthing is overpriced (ie. gas, houses). I believe it's because the LA area has more inventory. Most dealerships have at least 20 CRVs and some even have 60+.

    I noticed the Truecar price from mid-October to mid-November went down from $20.3K to $19.9K. Try waiting until December and make mention that the 2011's will now be the old design with the new 2012's coming.
  • Hi, I am looking for a Honda CRV LX 4WD in the chicago area.

    My quote for a few local dealer is around 22000-23000 (destination fee NOT included).

    Any good price quote to share? What is a reasonable price for the 2011 version now that the 2012 version is coming out soon?

    Many thanks.
  • I am in Detroit area, got a quota from one dealer
    OTD $22,890.00 plus plate fee.
    Is this good? What is plate fee? I thought OTD includes everything.

  • bsbuyerbsbuyer Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    New York City Got a quote for 21500. 3000 down + plates ( $210?)

    things i took into consideration when shopping.. its the end of the month/year and they are looking to move cars to meet month-end & Year-End quotas. just pencil down a price you are willing to pay and stick with it til they accept or walk out the door after thanking them for their time. My ONLY offer was 20500 and i knew there was no way i was getting it. the flexibility from them was in my favor. Good Luck!
  • Hello everyone,

    I got an OTD price for 2011 CRV LX 2wd $21900 (Tennessee). Is it a deal?
  • Am considering buying a 2011 CR-V EX AWD True Car price is 24,583.00 Is this a decent price and any thoughts on waiting for the 2012s to come out in 2-3 weeks?

    Has anyone had any experience with the Saccucci Honda Honda care warranty? They are quoting 8 yr/120,000 miles for approx 1,100.00/ Local dealer is asking 1,800.00 for 7 yr/100,000 miles.
  • Bsbuyer - great job. Can I ask what dealer gave you that quote? I may be looking to buy before the 2012's are out.

    Also, did you have any preferences for color, etc? This is the first time my wife and I are buying a new car. It looks like the CRVs are selling below invoice because of the redesign. Is there some other hidden rebate, or are dealers just making room.

  • samcosamco Posts: 20
    i got this from a dealer as a promise. he mentioned the 2011 comparable model (2011 CR-V AWD EX-L with Navi) invoice was at: $28,795

    is that correct? for 2012 invoice + $200 a good price?

    Also where can I get the invoice price ? (when they are available for 2012 by Dec 15th?)
  • Hi,

    I am also looking for lx 4 wd in metro detroit. could you please tell me name of dealer who quoted you that price?
  • Best deal I found is on For those looking at 2011 CRV EX-L, shows a Honda Dealer in Loma Linda, California willing to discount about $3.5k from window sticker at $24149. Just plug in your zip code as 92354 when doing the search. Seems unreal considering the San Diego & Orange County best prices are $2.1k below sticker. Although iit may not be considered a local competitor being 1 county away, it's at least a good starting point for negotations.
  • rams5rams5 Posts: 1
    Drove 2011 CR-V EX AWD to home at OTD price of $24200 in Washington DC area. Is it a deal?
  • was this for a 2011 or a 2012 model? i am intereted in a 2012 model year and would love to cut a deal at 200 over invoice. can you shre the name of your dealer
  • samcosamco Posts: 20
    I have a verbal promise from a dealer for $29,300 (includes destination) + doc fee + tax + plates

    Is it a good deal?
  • That is a great price.
    I was hunting for a 2011 CR-V EX-L with nav and only 2WD for 29K OTD in So Cal.
    Where are you at?
  • rojmarojma Posts: 9
    Honda finally has the website up for the 2012 Honda CRV. Looks like MSRP for EX-L is $28,295. I've been fishing around and it seems that the best price I have been offered in the Charlotte, NC area is $27,795, only $500 off MSRP. Not much of a deal. It would be interesting to see what invoice price is. We'll need to wait until someone like Edmunds or TrueCar posts the invoice prices.
  • Ye,,,finally,,,,,My heart is being torn in two different directions... I don't know whether I should wait for some discounts of the 2012 CRV or buy the 2011 CRV this time....
    I've got the lowest OTD price of 2011 CRV EX 2.0 2WD for about $23790~
    And I asked some dealer before today, they said that there is no discount for the new style now, the OTD price of 2011 CRV EX would be $27300 around...
    I feel like to wait for the new one now....but don't know how long will I wait...
  • 2011 LX, no options, I just got a quote for $19500 with destination yesterday, as I was looking at 2012 LX. Don't know if it worth MSRP for 2012 LX or not?

  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    A verbal promise? Better get it in writing...... :)
  • We got a quote of $24,425.53 OTD (except a license plate tag transfer fee about $8).
    The quote is for 2011 CR-V EX.

    Is this a good deal? If not, how much lower should I haggle?

    Thank you for any advise!
  • Hi all. I just bought a 2012 2WD EX-L w/o navi and no dealer-added options at Dick Brooks Honda in Greer, SC. MSRP was $27855 with destination charge. Their first offer was $1,043 below MSRP, and I asked for an additional $500 which was given immediately. So, total before taxes was $26,302, and we were the first at that dealership to take delivery. Strangely, I almost felt like I could have asked for more and would have gotten it. Trade-in offer was right in line if not above Kelly Blue Book, and financing through a national bank was 2.25%, so no shell game. Anyway, pretty good sales experience, but if anybody gets a firm figure on invoice for the 2WD EX-L I'd love to hear it so I can feel like I got a decent deal.
  • ziffiesziffies Posts: 11
    edited December 2011
    We got a quote of $24,425.53 OTD (except a license plate tag transfer fee about $8). The quote is for 2011 CR-V EX.

    Oops forgot to mention this is for South Florida. Sorry newbie duh!
  • mdsivmdsiv Posts: 1
    Anybody got good quote or bought this car recently in Maryland? Need a price quote as advice. Thanks.
  • Hello,

    I just locked this deal down:
    2012 CRV EX-L AWD with no other options. According to honda MSRP+destionation = $29,105. My price including destination is $27,500. If i'm correct the invoice is like $27,126.

    How is this deal? Am I overpaying? I could wait it out and get it below invoice but this car just came out. Let me know.
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