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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Mine is without navi tho. Lisle. Keep me posted on what you got! (PM)
  • samcosamco Posts: 20
    thank you, will do
  • Sorry, the 28,125 does not include destination so your prices are pretty comparable.
  • samcosamco Posts: 20
    thank you!
  • Any one has any information???

    Please respond...

    V Kumar
  • Do you have any idea about with no navi?

    Can you share dealer info so that I can call them and check what they are offering for 2012 CR-V EX-L with no navi?

  • samcosamco Posts: 20
    The below are quoted from Lisle, IL Honda Dealer. Price includes destination

    2012 CRV EX-L AWD : $27,500
    2012 CRV EX-L AWD with Navi : $29,300

    I think this is the best thus far.
  • cin28cin28 Posts: 7
    I'm. Looking for the same.The best price is 27725 with destination.I am looking to find the dealership with the best trade on.I'm in PA
  • timv1timv1 Posts: 1

    I bought a 2011 CRV EX-L 4WD in Nov'11 for $26650 + TTL in Columbus, OH

    Do you think it is a good price?
  • Can you please let me know the dealer info. also can you send me the price break down to yt576c at gmail

    Thanks in advance
  • rajs1rajs1 Posts: 4
    I got a deal for HONDA CR-V 2012 AWD EXL without Navigation for $26,700.00 in New York.
    Is it a good price..?????
  • I just purchased a honda 2011 CR-V 2WD EX with no option and I am not sure if I got a good deal. I live in southern california and this was the best I think there was. But I realized in the other state they got a better deal.

    Here is what I got
    Vehicle price $22348 (including shipping and handling $810...I think)
    Tax $1736
    Document preparation Fee $55
    Public official fee $249.75
    Electronic filing fee $29

    So it all came out to $24417.98 (OTD) price. He(the broker) said this was the best he can do and I purchased it because there were not many CRV2011 EX left.

    So What do you guys think? Is it a good deal considering that 2012 model just came out?

    by the Merry Christmas to you all and thank you!!

    And the
  • I got 2012 HONDA CRV EX L with AWD for 27130 including Destination $810 at Ohare Honda. this week!!!
  • Its Honda CRV EX-L with AWD including Desti with No Navigation ...

    I got it from OHare Honda, Des Plains IL. Its a hard bargain and i got it as part of Costco Member benefits. Not sure weather a great deal...but i bought this with Satisafaction.

  • Its with out Navi.... HONDA CRV 2012 AWD W/O Navi.
  • Rajs1-did that also include the destination charge as well?
  • rajs1rajs1 Posts: 4
    Yes. I only had to add TAX and DMV.
  • Hi - Where did you buy? I am in NY too. Thanks!
  • Hi, Is the dealership in Queens county? $26,700 including destination sounds reasonable. many dealer that I spoke to only give few hundreds off the MSRP. Like to find out the dealership's name and city. Thank you.
  • Is this for real CRV 2012 EXL AWD?? I am planning to purchase one I am in Raleigh NC and they are giving me 28,250 for the same model you think I can ask them for the same price that you've got?Thanks
  • I found Honda of New Rochelle and Yonkers Honda gave competitive quotes....
  • took a while to find a dealer that would work with the price i was willing to pay. but i just got a CRV 2012 AWD EX-L base (no RES or NAVI). $27,280 + tax and licenses. destination fee already included. this is in the sf bay area. most dealers only have 1 unit on hand, and color options are limited. but i'm very happy with what i got.
  • Hi, would you please tell me which dealership at SF bay area you bought from? I am going to buy a same model as you do this week. Thanks!
  • bhumjoshbhumjosh Posts: 4
    edited December 2011
    Is this price with dealer added equipment and services? because all of the dealers in my area have required dealer added equipment and services like mud guard, nitrogen tires and wheel locks to charge higher price and make more profit.
  • rajs1rajs1 Posts: 4
    Yes. As I mentioned earlier... 2012 CRV 4*4.. EXL without Navigation and without DVD.
    You should press for a better price than I got..
  • tjw7tjw7 Posts: 21
    hi, which dealer in new york did you get quote for a 2012 awd exl . i would like to lease by the end of the week
  • This is very good deal.

    Please share the dealer info or ask your dealer if they are ready to sell one more for me too.

    My choice : 2012 CR-V EX-L (Silver/Black or UT/black).

    V Kumar
  • I think you got the best deal as of now.

    You can refer me as I am ready to buy on that price too.

    V Kumar
  • Not sure if you got a good one. I just bought 2012 crv ex without options for $26k out the door price(6% sales tax included) and i believe they could still go further down to $25k. Anyone out there who got it for less?
  • I just got quoted for 2012 honda CRV EXL with navi FWD for $29,436 OTD including everything. Is this good deal or you can still do better? Any one who got it for less or got quoted for less let me know?
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