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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • @reddevil567. i got mine from sf honda. it was the only one they had and a bit higher mileage (~130) since they had to trade for it. if i'm not mistaken, they should have a blue one coming by the end of the year. once we agreed on a price, it was fast. in and out including test drive in under 2 hours.
  • Just bought a 2012 crv ex 2wd without extra features. They threw in the protection package (wheel locks, truck tray, mud flaps) for free. The front bumper had a blemish on the plastic, they attempted to buff it out but thy spot just ended up wearing out (looking like a worn keyboard key), small scratches around the area. Not too noticeable but I was able to get all season mats threw in as compensation.

    This deal went through at poway Honda in san Diego. I dealt with Tony and Kyle.
    I got pricing at $24,310 after some several attempts at negotiating. Each time we tried they moved more and more toward the price we wanted. Both of them were very accommodating and very pleasant to work with. I worked mostly with Tony who was very patient and helped me with negotiating with the dales manager.

    In case bay area people were interested, i also got quotes from the bay area to be at 24,300 from serramonte Honda and san Bruno Honda.

    Although I wish the ex model had more features comparable to the ex accord or odyssey, I thought the few additional features over the lx model is worth the price difference.

    I bought the only ex model poway Honda had, and it was built in the Ohio plant. It seems like all the ex-l models were built in Japan from what I've observed from the dealerships I went to. There were a few items in my Ex that showed slightly poor workmanship (a spot of epoxy rear passenger door interior, dash trim not properly mounted, rear passenger door plastic trim adhesive exposed, and finally front bumper plastic defect.)

    Im not really sure if the Japanese built models were any better though. I didn't examine the ex-l's too closely.
  • Hi!

    I am also looking forward for the right deal on 2012 crv-ex FWD. May I know the amount you paid($24,310) is including destination fee and and any other fee?

  • The 24,310 price included the destination fee, the additional fees not included in that price was tax, and the doc fee.
  • Is 2012 EX for 25K OTD (all inclusive) a good deal? Pl advice.
  • Is is 2WD? You got that OTD price?? What is the vehicle price? I think the OTD price would be different due to the tax... But it seems that 25K is really a good deal now.
  • Just wondering, has anyone gotten any last 2011 deals that are really good? Honestly, I don't really care about the 2012 since it'll be even harder to haggle the price, so if there are great deals, I'm willing to buy now.

    Also, does anyone know if the CR-V has an optional power liftgate? We have a 2009 Odyssey right now, and we love that option.
  • brl913brl913 Posts: 8
    Unfortunately, none of the CRVs have a power lift gate, which would have been nice.
  • MD Deal has offered:

    EX 26,508 + 6% tax out the door
    EX-L 28,954 + 6% out the door

    Breakdown is as follows:

    24,759 for EX OR 27,215 for EX-L (no navi or dvd) +
    810 destination +
    200 processing fee +
    344 tags and registration +
    395 required accessories (wheel locks and mud guards) +
    6% sales tax

    Is this a fair deal?

    Thank you
  • cin28cin28 Posts: 7
    I have 27225 including destination.Plus tax and tags.The fees you listed seem too high.Tags and transfer in PA are about 140.Mine is coming 1/12.Good luck
  • You were offered AWD EX-L for $1880 below MSRP?
  • I got a deal with this DE dealership.

    2012 EX - AWD for $25399

    That includes the destination fee. $190 document fee + $1524 sales tax + $185 for tags and registration = $27,298 in total. This seems like the best deal around my area. Anyone else think not?
  • cin28cin28 Posts: 7
    Yes 2012 EXL no other options,27225 with destination. 2 dealerships agreed to that price but I preferred the no pressure ,professional sales team of The 1 dealership.I am in Lancaster PA.
  • jfarreljfarrel Posts: 9
    edited January 2012
    Mind sharing name of the dealer? I will drive up to save $800+.
    Also, did you call, visit, ask for online quotes at honda dot com or other to get pricing?

    Thank you
  • just bought 2012 honda crv ex-l with navi in VA for $ 29,236 OTD. It took me while to find this deal but I am still paranoid that I could have done better. anyone out there who got better deal??
  • cin28cin28 Posts: 7
    I did Internet searches,visited a few as well.The dealership that I bought the 2008 from called me with the 27225 including destination.That is Faulkner Honda in Harrisburg.I am using a closer dealership that matched that.
  • Thank you; I appreciate the info. Harrisburg is an easy drive for me so I will try to get something in MD and call them if it does not pan out. I am not sure if it will be a hassle to buy in PA and register in MD, but I will find out.
  • 395 required accessories (wheel locks and mud guards) are crazy!
    They should be < $100 total.
  • Bought a 2011 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD with NAVI + Pin stripes + Wheel Locks + Fog Lights + Front Mud Guards + All Season Floor Mats + Door Edge Guards + Roof Rack + 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty. They included a free car wash, Lube, Oil & Filter Service, State Inspections for Life, Tire Rotations, Top Off All Fluids, Courtesy Shuttle Service, Spring and Fall Inspections, 10% Off Each Major Mileage Inspections (30K, 60K, 90K, 120K), $250 Customer Loyalty Coupon for Next Vehicle Purchase. Out The Door Price (Everything included, taxes, Tags, fees, etc.) for $31,450.00.
  • samcosamco Posts: 20
    edited January 2012
    Inc destination and taxes? can you itemized the total cost pls?
  • That was my "Out the door" price, includes everything. Roof Rack: $269, All Season Floor Mats: $129, Door Edge Guards: $126, Front Mud Guards: $79, Fog Lights: $491, Processing Fee: $399, Sales Tax: $923, Tags/Title: $51, DMV online filing fee: $10, Extended Warranty: $553, which leaves $28,420 for the price of the CR-V with NAVI. Pin stripe and wheel locks were thrown in, no charge.
  • What dealership did you work with in VA?
  • Unfortunately, Faulkner Honda has no EX-Ls at this time to sell.
  • cin28cin28 Posts: 7
    They were getting a delivery on 12 th or close to that.Did they tell you that?
  • orafuporafup Posts: 1
    good deal ! I am in CA and bought mine for 28,400 including running board and tailgate spoiler. Tax + license had cost me almost 31K.
  • They did say they were getting more but did not want to do a deal without the one I wanted actually being on hand. I may have gotten a rookie salesman. So, I did a local deal for about the same price. Your information certainly helped. Thank you.
  • cin28cin28 Posts: 7
    Great,I wish you luck with your new purchase!
  • asrbuyasrbuy Posts: 1
    Which dealer in VA?

  • Just bought a 2012 crv-ex 2wd for 25200 (OTD). I hope it's a reasonable price.
    Thanks to everyone in this forum. I have been following your messages since last one month and it helped me to take a decision.

    Thanks again.
  • y_fishy_fish Posts: 3
    Good deal! This forum really has lots of valuable information.
    I'm also looking for an EX 2wd, maybe this month~~

    Can you tell us what is the price of the vehicle(including 810 destination charge) and the tax rate in your sate? Itemlized OTD would be best~~ THX
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