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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi,
    Hoping someone can help me out. I live in Queens NY and am looking into leasing the 2012 AWD CRV-EX-L. I visited a dealership in my area and was quoted a price of $27,526 with destination included. They came up with $0 down except for the first month payment and $400.00 a month with the taxes rolled into each payment. I feel that this sounds high. Can someone tell me what they think? Any other dealerships beside Honda of manhasset that you recommend? Is it better to wait for president's day sales? I'm new here so ANY INPUT WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED!

  • I bought 2012 CR-V AWD EXL at Coleman Honda which matched price of Ourisman Honda. O'Donnell's price was about $500 higher. I have had positive buying experiences in past with both Coleman and O'Donnell. At Coleman, ask to speak to the their top salesperson after you get a quote elsewhere.
  • sg101sg101 Posts: 19
    Where did you end up buying your car and for how much? I'm looking for the 2012 CRV 2WD EX - thanks.
  • pramitpramit Posts: 1
    just pickup CRV EXL-RES AWD for 30000 OTD
    +250 fee
    +Tax 7.75% OHIO
    with all season mats free
    and cargo trey free.
    Sunnyside Honda in middleburg hts.
  • moe200moe200 Posts: 3
    edited January 2012
    2012 CRV EX-L from Metro Honda in Jersey City, NJ
    $26315 + $810 Destination + $499 Dealer Prep +

    Motor Vehicle


    Window Etching

    Credit Processing

    Online Registration

    Tire Tax

    OTD $30900 with Tax
  • mctrees02mctrees02 Posts: 17
    edited February 2012
    what the heck is "dealer prep?" Did you pay them $500 to clean a new car that they had sold?
  • Wow is all I can say about the prices folks are paying. $30,000 for a CR-V? Really?
  • The "dealer prep" is pretty much their hidden fee, which makes the advertised prices look better than competitors prices. We tried few dealers around NYC area via email and any other one would only come down $500 from MSRP. One dealer that clearly stated "all fees included" offered straight MSRP but that of course did not include registration and title fees.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    Have you been out shopping for small crossovers, lately?

    Tiguans can top $38K

    RAV4s can hit $34K...

    Big time sticker shock... :surprise:


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  • segerfansegerfan Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    Bought 2012 CR-V EX 2WD, White Diamond Pearl, in NC for $23,600 including mud flaps, wheel locks, pinstripes and cargo tray.

    Could have gotten better but ran out of patience. Had to order to get white in EX. In my area, EXLs are plentiful but EXs are not. EXLs are very nice, don't need leather in my commuter, decided to forgo Nav since I have Garmin and Nav on phone, and didn't get AWD since I have 4wd in larger SUV. EX is well appointed for daily driver, only wish it had a power driver seat; Honda missed the mark there.

    Enjoying the car, find it quieter than previous models, and has enough power for my needs.
  • georgebush1georgebush1 Posts: 22
    edited February 2012
    I've been tracking the crossover market for quite some time. I have NEVER seen a RAV4 sell for $34K. Bottom line.....if youre paying more than $22,500 for a CR-V LX, $24,500 for an EX, $26,500 for an EX-L, or $27,000 for an EX-L with Nav, you are getting seriously hosed. These are OTD prices btw.
  • Been really shopping around... have gotten multiple prices right around $25,900 for an AWD EX-L. Definitely not an OTD price though... that would be $25,900 plus TTL. I believe I can do a few hundred better once I am ready to sign the papers.. not sure if anything changed as of today, i.e. the new month.

    I do know that one dealer said I had to finance with Honda to get their lowest price or it would be $500 more...
  • $22,500 for an LX. Well, then price should be under $20500 before dealer fees and taxes, which I think almost impossible.
  • If you're searching for a NEW 2011 model, those prices will work like any other time when a dealer will have two different model year vehicles on the same lot. But, if there are no 2011's on the lot, good luck with those imaginary prices. They simply don't exist.

    To get a new EX for $24500 OTD, you have to basically get the car for around $22k + dealer fee, tag & taxes, etc.... If you check Edmunds, KBB or Nada, that's a used 2010 or 2011 CR-V price unless you're buying wholesale at an auction which average consumers don't have access to.

    Check for used car prices that are non-negotiable to give you a comparison point of what a new one should cost (ie 2010 $21000 used vs 2012 $24k NEW sounds reasonable to me). I know there are dealers that you can negotiate down the price, but those mom and pop dealers don't offer the comfort that some of the bigger retailers have such as certified pre-owned.

    I was looking for a used 2009 EX, but all of the ones that were in descent condition had an OTD price around $21000 to $22000. The high mileage ones I could get under 20k OTD. At that price point, it makes more sense to get a new 2012 for $26300 OTD, which is what I paid for EX. This is for EX only. Not sure how LX's fair.

    Good luck shopping those prices in your head.
  • I was told I can save $750 if approved by honda finance.
  • Look, if you want to pay above MSRP for a vehicle that will be selling for $500 below invoice in a few months, go right ahead. Edmunds lists the invoice price for a FWD, EX (which is what I am in the market for), at $22,699. $500 below invoice makes it $22,199. I dont think $24,500 OTD for a FWD, EX is off at all. How often, especially in this economic market, do vehicles sell for above MSRP? It's not a Viper or Shelby for crying out load.
  • seems like you basically got a 7% discount off the MSRP for your trim (28,295) ?

    etching is not mandatory at all so they should remove it.

    Is this the best quote you got or you expect them to go lower
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    I don't think you can find those prices for a 2012..

    What they'll be selling for in six months is debatable.. but, right now, they can sell all they get for higher prices...


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  • In a few months? If your arguments are based on timing, then why wait a few months. You can simply wait 10 to 11 months until the 2013's come out then you can get these 2012's for thousands below invoice. Heck, get a used 2012 in two years even much cheaper.

    This forum is for the "here and now prices paid" and not what you should be paying in a few months.

    If that's the case, then yes, I agree with you. $500 under MSRP is a rip off. In a few months they will be cheaper and even that'll be a rip off if you look even further down the road. I'll add to that, in a year they'll be even cheaper than a few months. The more you wait, the cheaper they get. If you follow that principal, you'll never buy ANY CAR for that matter unless you buy a classic that goes up in value.
  • mchang413mchang413 Posts: 11
    edited February 2012
    Bought 2012 CR-V EX 2WD in North Texas for $23,538 including tinted windows, door guards and pinstripes. OTD price $25,300.
  • Great deal mchang413. May I ask what dealer in North Texas sold the CRV?
  • Most of the posts in this section tend to consist of "I paid X, do you think I got a good deal?" I figured I would point out that alot of what I was seeing was people paying MSRP......which is NEVER a good deal. And I do believe that my figures on what I would consider a good deal can be found NOW and not months from now. Just look at the post between us. He got his for a few hundred over what I priced it at. I understand there are people willing to give the dealer whatever they are asking to get what they want. I happen to call them suckers.
  • donwh66,

    Internet Sales dept of Bankston Honda in Lewisville sold me the CRV.
  • MSRP for a 12 CRV EX is about $25200 and this DOES NOT include dealer fees which can be between 300 and 600 depending on dealerships. If you want to get an OTD price below $25200, you should get a quote of $22700 or less. (at least in my area)

    Base Price :$22700
    Dealership fee: $400
    Tax (8%) : $1800
    Tag, Licensae and other small fees :$200


    Is there any dealership that offers a $22700 quote for a 12 CRV EX?

    Getting a low OTD price is what everyone is looking for. However, instigating unrealistic prices might intimidate others.
  • el0pookieel0pookie Posts: 8
    edited February 2012
    sounds like a great deal mchang413, can you give us the details of your deal?

    dealer fee, taxes paid & rate, tag fees, etc. Thanks.
  • In a few months he'll get his price. And paying MSRP for anything is always a rip off. You always want to pay below MSRP on any item you buy.

    This forum is about "reality" and what things are actually selling for in the real world. Unfortunately, demand, and in the case of cars, release dates, play a major role in how much things cost. Should we pay it, no we shouldn't. Do we have to pay it if we want to buy it now, yes, and in this forum we have the prices of what people are really paying. As time goes by the prices will get lower and lower.

    How much do you think folks were paying for 2012 CRV's in November of 2011? You need to go to the used car forum. They have great prices way below MSRP. Get a 2010 for thousands below what these are going for and with the same reliability. Just a few miles on them.
  • Selling price 23,538.81
    State sales tax 6.25% 1,471.14
    Dealer inventory tax 0.1786% 42.04
    Dealer Doc fee 122.50
    Inspection fee 23.75
    License/Title fee 85.75
    Road and Bridge/Deputy fee 11.50
    Buyer Tag fee 5.00
  • sdiegosdiego Posts: 19
    PT Cruiser sold above MSRP during it's first year
  • no dealer fee? awesome deal to be had!!! Congratulations buddy. Not sure how you did it, but it can be done.
  • Hello

    I have been in the market for a 2011 CRV since October. Came pretty close to buying but decided to hold off until the new year. I'm now back to thinking about purchasing one. A lot of dealerships in my area have leftovers 2011. I purchased a leftover 2003 Honda Accord in February 2004 and saved $5000 off of the MSRP.

    Has anyone purchased a leftover 2011? If so can you provide your OTD price? Also what model? I'm really interested in the Special Edition but if the EX's are cheap I would get one of those too!

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