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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I just stopped by the dealer today in NY. I got the dealer to agree with $31,000 OTD for a 2012 Honda CR-V AWD EX-L w/ RES.
    So about $28,500 + TTL = $31,000. I want to know what other people paid for this car and if this is a good deal?
  • Supposedly if they do etching on all their cars, then they can do that.

    We bought the car from them. Some dealers would not give price over the phone/email and it is time consuming to drive and haggle over few hundred bucks.

    Btw, MSRP with destination is $29,105.
  • Similar to others, I too am interested in knowing which dealer you dealt with and particularly which sales associate. I'm looking for a 2012 CRV AWD EX-L and the best I can get in San Diego is $800 off MSRP. It seems like people on the east coast are getting these cars significantly below invoice.
  • chicago dealer quote 26800 +ttl, no nav, is that a good price?
  • I just bought a 2012 honda crv awd ex... for 24,400( russ darrow of milwaukee, WI) ...only option was the cargo tray...Your 24,238 seem like a great deal...
  • If you are willing to drive 100 miles, try Spreen Honda. Couple weeks ago, they quoted me $25,718 for 2012 CRV EX-L 2WD. Let me know how it goes.
  • I just got quote on CR-V FWD EX-L for $26,850 but the dealer does not have it onsite and need to pick it up at another lot.
    This is in the South Bay area.
    I am wondering why the dealers will not have them on the lot.
  • I just called a couple of dealers here. They did not give me quote for FWD EX-L instead they wanted to sell me EX-L with RES or AWD EX-L. They claimed I will get a better price for the additional options.
  • I gotta pay back everyone since this thread was so helpful to me.

    I just purchased a 2012 CR-V EXL AWD w/RES - OTD $30040.00, from Criswell Auto, Gaithersburg MD. This price INCLUDES mud guards, door visors and moonroof visor. Comparing offers from others I think I got a pretty good deal.

    Offer - $26995
    Dest - $810
    Tax $1364 (6% in MD)
    TagsTitleLicense - $272 (seems a bit high, oh well)
    Trade in (2005 Camry LE 102,000m) - $5650
  • I think you got a very good deal and I am going to email them to see if I can get the same. Was it a long negotiation or relatively painless? What color did you get?
  • cpan1cpan1 Posts: 3
    I just bought a 2012 CR-V EX AWD in Central NJ. The various posts in this forum were very useful in getting a feel for current prices. Here are the details:

    Internet Price: $25159 (including $810 destination)
    Sales Tax (7% NJ): $ 1761
    Doc Fee : $ 299
    Tags Transfer+Tire Tax: $75 (67.5 + 7.5)
    No additional options

    OTD: $27294
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    edited February 2012
    It's up to you to decide how many added accessories you want to have. If you are willing to buy a vehicle loaded with accessories, I would use bernardiparts (plus reasonable labor cost) to figure out how much you want to pay for those added items on top of your purchase price. I know Mission Valley Honda tends to do that to its cars which I personally hate. My preference would be agreeing on the purchase price of the car then negotiate for other items since dealers tend to give you a better deal to close the sale. In 2005 when I got my Pilot EX-L, the sale manager from Metro Honda asked me if his price was in line with other surrounding dealers what could he do for me to come in the same day? I told him the running board, he could not decide but he will call me back right away after he cleared with his manager. He called me back and the deal was done the same day. Be patient, don't let them force you to buy anything you don't want to buy. Check Spreen, they don't seem to add any thing to their cars, I also read somewhere, Norm Reeves would match Spreen as well. I hate matching (why didn't they give the lowest price in the first place) and only use it when the first guy didn't have the color I want. Good luck.
  • What dealer did you go to in Central Jersey?
  • All,

    What do you think of this pricing, debating on purchasing this vehicle.

    Price: 27,900
    Tax: 1,953 (7%)
    DMV Fees, etc: $748

    Total: 30,601 OTD
  • Where and from which dealer did you get that deal from?
  • Planet Honda located in Union, NJ.
  • That's a good deal. Was it difficult to negotiate?
  • Sorry for my delayed response.

    Yes, the negotiation process was long. We got to the dealership around 2:30pm (Super Bowl Sunday) and drove off with the car around 7:30pm. I hate the whole process.

    I got the Urban Titanium. I wanted red but my wife has a red Pilot so she didn't want us to match :) .
  • You got a little better deal than I did and I got the AWD EX-L RES in black. I leased my car at the same dealership and it took probably 4+ hours total to get everything done. The purchase price came out to 27700 and we got them to throw in a remote starter. Looking back we probably could have gotten it down a little more or got some more stuff thrown in if I really wanted to play the game more with them. Overall I thought this was still a good price for a very new to the market car. The only thing I did not like about the dealer was the appearance package that is on every car they have. It is just a nice way for them to jack up their price by 995 dollars(pinstriping, door edge guards, undercoating, yada yada).
  • cpan1cpan1 Posts: 3
    I got it from DCH Academy Honda in Old Bridge.
  • I am offered $24,155 (incl Honda Destination Charge) for a 2012 Honda AWD EX. Please share your inputs on how is this price?
  • Just pulled the trigger on this deal, I pick it up on Thursday.

    Price: 27,900
    Tax: 1,953 (7%)
    DMV Fees, etc: $748

    Total: 30,601 OTD

    Got them to throw in a free remote start as well :)
  • I just purchased 2012 CR-V EXL AWD w/RES for 30,800 OTD.
    I live in CT.
    It has remote start as well. Here is the break down.

    Price: 28,392
    Dealer Fee: 399
    Tax: 1828 (6.3%)
    Reg: 180

    I am going to get it this weekend. Hopefully, I got a good deal?
  • According to, $28392 is $327 over invoice price(28065). I think the market is cooling down now.
    I have got a quote for $26,437 for a CR-V 2WD EX-L and it is $200 over invoice. It is getting to a better price after a month's wait.
  • lu2012lu2012 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    make a deal already for 2012 crv ex $ 22,232.00 but the OTD is $ 25,870 I guest I reside in a expensive county (Palm Beach County Florida), however I not sing any paper yet because is only 1 white diamond pearl in the whole state reply if you can sales tax is 6 % in dealer fess is $ 699
  • cpan1cpan1 Posts: 3
    Is this for AWD or 2WD ? The dealer invoice price (including destination charge) for 2012 CR-V EX AWD is $24,924, so if you are being offered $24,155, it would be a very good below-invoice price.
  • Could you provide dealership name?
  • hi
    i am looking for a 2012 AWD EXL with no other options. the MSRP + destination comes to 29105. the best i have got is $500 off. to 28600. can some one post new purchases and how many percentages below the MSRP was paid in and around the area.. if Minneapolis, the dealership? i see east coast having around 2k off..
  • Its Liberty Honda
  • I just paid 27800 for the same exact setup so its very close to my deal which I thought was very good. I am in NJ.
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