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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What seems to be the OTD pricing you see or experienced yourself ?
  • I live in Cleveland, Ohio (CRV Birth place is East Liberty, OH!).
    I got 2012 CRV EX AWD with roof rails, racks and wheel locks for $25350 plus taxes(7.75%) and title fee = $27350 OTD. Its been 2 weeks since I closed my deal and picked up my car.

    Could some one please comment on my case?
    Do you think its a rip off?
  • hi Lu
    What is the dealer name in palm beach?
  • I bought my new 2012 honda crv exl 2wd with navigation 3 weeks ago and I had a great experience at Ourisman Honda of Laurel MD. The internet salesman JP was great. Here is the breakdown of the deal:

    SALE PRICE $26697.63
    Freight $810.00
    PROCESS FEES $200.00
    MD. TAXES 6% $1662.46
    MD. TAGS $324.00

    TOTAL OUT THE DOOR $29,694.09

    I talked to JP on the internet and gave him a price I thought was reasonable, He e-mailed me a breakdown and I was told they would throw in dealer installed accessories already on the vehicle for free if I come in and purchase the vehicle that day. They had pinstripe, splash guards, mats, rear cargo tray, rear tailgate spoiler. I went for a test drive and loved it. It was a great experience for the most part except dealing with the finance guy trying to upsell me the additional warranty. I did my own financing and they still wanted a credit report. I think that is totally unnecessary. For the most part it was a good experience and I would do it again. I think this was a great deal, Any thoughts? :D
  • georgebush1georgebush1 Posts: 22
    edited February 2012
    I'll point out a few things:

    1. You were taxed on the destination, tag, dealer fee....which should NOT happen. Tax should be on the vehicle alone. To give you an example of where I currently am in negotiations, here is how I calculated it. Keep in mind, mine is an EX, FWD model:

    Invoice Price - $22699
    Current Market - $200 (area market currently paying $200 above invoice)
    Sales Tax (6%)
    Title - $21
    Destination - $710
    Dealer Fee - $599
    $25,602.94 OTD price

    Im not willing to pay that price for the vehicle. I want to get it for $24,500 OTD. I see the dealer fee is bogus, but all the dealers are charging it. So, I will wait a month or 2 and get it for $24,500.

    On another note, be careful on trade-in's. States calculate it differently so look it up. But in my area here is how the dealer SHOULD be calculating trade-in's.

    New Car = 22,699
    Trade-In = $5,000
    $22,699 - $5,000 = $17,699
    $17,699 is what your tax SHOULD be based on

    However, some dealers will tax you on the $22,699. Be careful to look for this.

    Also, for those that care (me being one of them), if the VIN starts with a J it was manufactured in Japan. If it starts with a 5 it was manufactured in North America.
  • Sorry for the delay in my reply. I really liked my experience dealing with Honda of Poway internet sales. They offered me a good deal once I quoted them the KBB fair price for the vehicle.

    They didn't have the color/options combo we wanted however, but, I was able to use their quote with Fuller Honda in Chula Vista to match against, and they did have the color and options that I really wanted.

    Hope that helps. Let me know how it goes for you
  • Just picked up my new CR-V EXL in urban titanium from Valley Honda in Aurora, IL.....
    here's what I paid (no trade, 3% financing):
    $26610 car
    $150 splash guards (I know I over paid, but overall they were the cheapest place around)
    $161 doc fee
    $1885 tax (7%)
    $194 title and reg

    $29000 out the door.... of the 5 or so dealerships I talked with, they were the cheapest, nice place in and out in 2.5 hours. for this area, thats pretty low. Good luck!!! :)
  • Hi,
    It looks like a great deal....Is it a 2WD or 4WD?
  • Sorry, it is AWD...... MSRP $29105.
  • Thanks for the quick reply..
    I think that is the best deal you can get..I have been trying to get some quotes this price is atleast $500.xx less than all the other dealers..
    Enjoy your SUV
  • What is the Dealer fee on it? I am in Central Jersey so Planet Honda is not to far from me if I can get a good deal.
  • Give me a few and I'll look it up.

    I shopped around for a while and Planet Honda gave me the best price. If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you my salesman information - He was great!
    Plus I think if I refer you I get $200. :)
  • I just purchased a Honda CRV FWD EXL this afternoon. The car price is 300 over the invoice. I am living in South Bay areas. It is very hard to find one without RES option here..
    Thanks for everybody. I have collected much information in this forum. :)
  • Pete you can contact me at blake144 at aol.
  • Are the LXs in production yet? I visited one dealership yesterday, and they salesman said that they aren't in production, and won't know when they will be.

    They had a few EXs, and plenty of EX-Ls but would only come down $500 from MSRP for the EX.

    I plan on visiting other dealerships next weekend, but are other people experiencing a resistance to budge on price? Also they said they don't do factory orders for a certain color, what they get from the manufacturer is what they get. That seemed a bit odd as well.

    I would really like the LX, but I don't want to wait if there isn't a definite rollout date for that model.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    LX trim should be reaching dealers soon -- dealers around Chicago are starting to get LX's in (based on inventory)
  • Hello Everyone,

    Can you please post CRV EXL 2WD price paid OTD. I am trying to find good deal, but looks like dealer do not want to reduce any price because they do not have more EXL in hands. Best deal i got so far is 28,750 OTD.
  • They have been arriving in the Philadelphia region for the last week or so. Currently 13 posted in inventory on the previously mentioned web site. I would avoid the salesman who said the LX's are not in production.
  • Any comments on my purchase of Honda CR-V
    $23,600 on road after trading my 99 Toyota Corolla (123 K miles)

    I got wheel locks, mudguard and trunk mat included in that price. The purchase is in CA where tax is at 8.25%

  • Do you mind sharing how much they lowered from the sticker price and what it the trade in that you got. I purchased mine from Poway about 2 weeks ago.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36
    Any cheap place to get the CR-V Accessories?

    I am particularly interested to get body side molding and all weather matts.

    any place who offer good prices as well as shipping?

    I am planing to install by myself.

  • caffycaffy Posts: 5
    We were told by Trickett Honda in Nashville that the LXs would begin arriving next week. However, Trickett gave us such an excellent deal on an EX that we completed the deal this morning (Urban Titanium w/beige interior). We got an EX 2WD for invoice plus $810 destination (23508.92), $299 dealer fee, tax & title. They offered us the car for invoice immediately - no haggling - after we contacted them via their website last Friday. Salesman: Bill Steed .... this has been about the best car purchase we've ever experienced.
  • Kumar,
    I had an offer of 28700 OTD for EXL 2WD yesterday, in an east bay dealer, but will need to wait for a few days swapping. So, I took one available with 28800 OTD from a different dealer and drove it home yesterday.
    They all said there will be another delivery in a couple weeks. I visited almost all the dealership in the south/east bay areas and it is true that FWD/EXL is short in supply this week.
  • Cant help you on the LX, but Im in Atlanta as well and shopping for an EX. Ive had contact with all the local dealers and $500 off MSRP is WAYYYY off. Im getting $200-$300 above invoice.
  • Thanks for the info. I am trying to see if here is any offer around $28K. I may need to wait till this month end.
  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    If you need all season mats right now then go for the OEM ones, but if you can wait a couple months then I recommend getting the WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiners (2012 CRV came out recently so it'll take them a little while to make the mats for them) -- they're expensive compared to OEM but these mats have raised sides so it protects your carpet better (have them in my Civic and they're great, worth the extra money if you plan on keeping your car for a long time). Another brand is Husky WeatherBeater Floor Liners which also have raised sides and are cheaper than WeatherTech, but never bought them so I don't know how they are

    For accessories you can check eBay for OEM ones -- here are some discounted online websites but you'll have to price things out on your own to see who's the cheapest with shipping: (they also have PDFs on how to install) (they also have PDFs on how to install) (they also have PDFs on how to install)
  • hi, we are looking for the 2012 Honda CR-V EX-L in San Diego area. I wanted to know whom did you contact at the Poway Internet sales dept. was there a lot of back and forth. Till date I contacted the Norm Reeves @ Cerritos where they quoted $27050 + Tax and fees Pacific where they quoted $31000 OTD. I was looking for a more reasonable offer on the EX-L. Will appreciate all the inputs. Thanks
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36

    Thank you very much.
  • Wow thats a great deal. The dealer I went to was offering $500 off MSRP PLUS the 810 destination fee.
  • I contacted Curry Honda, and they offered $500 off MSRP but they said that MSRP did NOT include the $810 destination charge. I don't think any of the dealerships have a shortage of CRVs... the other dealerships have 20+ CRVs in inventory. I'm waiting to hear back from other dealers I've contacted.
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