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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Sure...assuming Feb end would show some good deals
  • rabbitmanrabbitman Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    I just bought my 2012 Honda CRV EX 2WD in urban titanium for $23,800 + body side moldings, chrome exhaust, lifetime oil change and cargo mat, the OTD price was 26,000 even. According to my price is $300 above invoice so I think I did really well, thoughts?
  • Forget what you read on Edmunds, TrueCar, and CarsDirect about pricing and "true dealer cost", etc. On Feb. 11, 2012 I purchased a new CR-V, EX L w/Nav for $26,499, which included the mud flaps and the rubber cargo tray. - MSRP was $29,355, + about $302 for the flaps and the cargo tray, which the dealer already installed and said I could have for free - they also said I got the $895 add-on "appearance package" which walkin customers pay for (since it is already added tot he sticker price on the window), but since I was and"internet" customer I would not be charged for that...hmmmm...

    Based on Edumunds information I got it for about $900 UNDER invoice; based on CarsDirect I got it for about $1000 under invoice. And, "invoice" is not what the dealer pays. According to TrueCars I got it for about $800 under "what the true dealer cost" is - they say the "true" delaer cost is $27.072!

    The car is Alabaster Silver with black leather interior - so far, so good...
  • tnvol4tnvol4 Posts: 5
    edited February 2012
    Purchased 2012 crv ex-l, no nav, no RES $25,352. It was $23,000 OTD after $4,500 for my trade in memphis. This included wheel locks, nitro tires, mud flaps, and cargo tray.
  • Hi, we are looking for 2012 Honda CR-V LX FWD in San Jose area. I got a quote for OTD $24,200. Will appreciate all the inputs. Thanks.
  • Check "" for pricing. $400 over invoice + T+L is good.
  • sunbu95sunbu95 Posts: 17
    edited February 2012
    dealer don in marion ohio.

    MSRP 29105
    add cross bars 270
    total 29375

    doc 250, tax 1862, title 15, 30 day ohio tag 18.50

    my price otd 29478
  • what state are you in, that price just seems unobtainable. I am in Florida. Can you post anymore information. I am looking for and EXL Nav 2wd as well and would love to get anywhere close to that deal. Thanks.
  • Is this a FW or an AW drive EX-L?
  • It is a FW, it also included lifetime oil changes.
  • Got ours 2wd ex-l no nav at $25,352 before trade or taxes
  • Did your $25,352 include the Destination Charge? Who was your dealer?
  • Just bought a Honda CRV LX 2012 at showcase Honda in Downtown Phoenix for 24,500 OTD Included Nitro Tires, Mud Flaps, Trunk Mat, Accent Lining, Zaaktek Protection for Free.

    Added 6 years 75,000 miles of extended warranty and Maintenance package (includes Brake Pads and Oil Changes) for $1200 later (Started from $2600 but negotiated to $1200 finally ). This warranty is fully transferable and can be cancelled at any time.

    Planning to add Off the road Leather for $1100 (Showcase honda has a local dealer who they work with the leather they use is much better quality than the factory leather.)

    So my final total was $26,800 OTD all added into my loan for 4.5% Apr for 72 Months = $ 435 month.

    Not sure if got a good deal.
  • I understand your skepticism re: the price I paid, kapkanimd - if I hadn't been the one buying I probably would not have believed it either. I live in Atlanta and bought the CR V EX - L w/Nav for $26,499 - and if I am lying, then I am dying...
  • Please share which dealer in Atlanta gave you such a good price. Thanks.
  • doc3sdoc3s Posts: 1
    Just wondering as I also purchased 2012 CRV EXL AWD w/navi in Middletown, NY.
    Did you get a Anti Theft Identification Card (with navi and radio code numbers and serial numbers)?

    My dealer told me that it was not being sent with the new CRVs.
    I called Honda and they said the new CRVs do not need one.

    However, it is mentioned in the book.
    I just want to confirm with another owner.

  • doc3,
    How much did you pay from NY for CRV EX-L with navi
  • Hi tnvol4,
    I'm guessing you're a TN Vol fan. Did you get this CR-V in TN? If so, which city?
  • Hi,

    If you're willing to travel that far up to LA, try Riverside Honda.
    My aunt got quoted 26795 for a CR-V EX-L 2WD with nav at Spreen. Once we got there, however, their manager pooh pooh the deal after 2 hours of paper work. They wanted to add either 5 - 7 years warranty or the teflon etched on coating for $975 each. 31K OTD was their computation. She turned them down. I bought my Odyssey from them 2 years back without problem, but this time it was. I don't know why, but it appeared they pick and choose their customers as to who got the deal.
    On the way back, we passed by Riverside Honda, and got the deal with 1 catch. They asked her to finance the whole amount at 4.5% or monthly payment of 471. No penalty for prepayment after 3 months. I recalled someone said they got $750 back from Honda for the financing (no current offer on CR-V for 0% or 0.9%). They did try to make her add the 5 - 7 years warranty and the teflon coating at 700 and 600 respectively. She also turned them down, but they did insisted on the finance to okay the deal. Her OTD price was 29281 I think. I haven't test drive the car, or looked at the final invoice to see what was included in the car (they did try to sell at least the coating as 'standard' of all the cars coming out of their lot). The car had 1.7 mile on the odometer and still has glue all over where the plastic shielding were (including the wheels), so I am doubtful that was the case.
    Spreen did say the RES models were not selling off their lot so you might have your choice of color and price there.
  • tnvol4tnvol4 Posts: 5
    Yes that included dest. charge/Wolfchase Honda
  • tnvol4tnvol4 Posts: 5
    Yes I am, and I got it in Memphis.
  • franklwfranklw Posts: 44
    Wow, I thought Spreen was better than that. I would write a review on Yelp to warn others (I think Spreen people read Yelp). I have not got my CRV yet but have been talking to Spreen internet person. I asked for Diamond Pearl but he said those were sold as soon as he got them (actually pre-sold). One thing he also told me that his manager would not sell those cars without adding warranty and dealer options. What they did to you and your aunt was wrong. I should have a solid back up plan before driving up there from San Diego. Gas price has made me less enthusiastic about getting another SUV. Thanks for the report.
  • lakerat83lakerat83 Posts: 11
    Honda Mall of GA - you have to get with the overall GM and deal with him and the internet sales team...
  • acura85acura85 Posts: 12
    Could you provide dealership name, city and state. Is your car AWD or FWD?
  • vr2012vr2012 Posts: 2
    where in NJ did you get this offer?
    Can you refer me to this same sales person for similar quote?
    and is Honda CRV EXL with navi right!!!

  • ahd3ahd3 Posts: 7
    I recently purchased a 2012 CRV-XL with Nav. The finance guy really pushed this security system as he said Honda is the #1 stolen car here in AZ. The cost of the Rockledge Security System was $750. Has anyone else purchased this? Is it really needed? They were supposed to install it at the time of purchase but didn't. I'm heading back today for tech training and am thinking about cancelling this. Any advice?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,725
    That's what insurance is for...

    Let me ask you... what do you do when you hear a car alarm?


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • raptor11raptor11 Posts: 5
    Hmmm...something doesn't seem right. Could you tell me how many miles were on the cars odo when you picked it up0? Usually dealerships try to get some demo cars out of their lot.

    Need less to say about demo cars, whoever gets their hands behind the wheel, beats the crap out of them. those dealership miles are a pain for them. When I was in dealership, a psychotic sales man slammed the door of a exl demo and told me, " This is honda, this is solid build quality". I was shocked to see what demo cars endure. For these raped cars with their disturbed childhood; they pay back its entire life, in terms of suffered mpg, engine idling problems, worn brake pads, body issues and so on.

    When I bought mine, I told the guy (a different dealership, not the door slamming guy) to get me an EX AWD under 10 miles. He got me one under 6 miles. (I waited for 2 weeks and got this one pulled fresh out of truck). Usually dealers try to clear out wasted demo cars, cars with blemishes when handling during shipment and so on, with some rebates. I think you may have got something like a demo.
  • kumar10kumar10 Posts: 6
    I have bought HONDA CRV 2WD EXL with 5 miles on odometer. The car so far drives excellent and i love it. I paid 26,200+ tax/lic etc., but other dealers ready to give for 26k but they did not have the color what i took almost 1 month to find the color what i want. I Hope in bay area the price i paid is good....
  • hobie1981hobie1981 Posts: 23
    Paid $27919.00 on 2/28. Urban Titanium with beige interior.

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