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2013 and earlier-Honda CR-V Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • hank1724hank1724 Posts: 5
    Re: CR-V 2012 AWD EX trim....No trade, but it was a cash buy out, which doesn't make a difference as the dealer prefer you finance with them for obvious reasons.
  • supersundsupersund Posts: 12
    Hi lakerat83, did that $26,499 include the destination fee? The dealers I've talked to want to give me $26,547 plus an $810 destination charge, plus a 265 HDAG charge which totals $27,623. They are calling that price invoice.
  • for_carfor_car Posts: 2
    Is the price $26499 for 2012 Honda CRV EXL with Navigation. Who is the dealer?
  • for_carfor_car Posts: 2

    What is the best price I can pay for 2012 Honda CRV EXL with Nav in Texas? The least quote I have received so far is for $29100 (inclusive of everything) this a good price.
  • imp33imp33 Posts: 1
    This message board was pretty useful to read so I will contribute.

    I just bought the EX trim CRV for 24900 OTD from a dealer after calling numerous people.

    I'm not 100% happy with the price but I am okay with it. I think I could've done better if I had more time, but I needed the car right away.

    My one piece of advice: Just remember to try to get it in writing!! Quotes over the phone can be iffy. We agreed upon one price but when the print out was brought out for me to sign, it was HIGHER than what I thought it would be. Luckily I was able to pull up an email on my phone and showed it to the sales rep. He went back to his office and printed another print out with the price that was a couple of hundred cheaper.

    Good luck everyone! It was an okay experience and you gotta be adamant to catch "mistakes".
  • lexus600lexus600 Posts: 4
    2 mouths ago i got 23900( incl wheel locks, mud guard, winter met ) +doc fee+ title +tax , so it's not a great deal.
    now i am looking to spend 24500 to get a ex-l awd no nav,but i think that will only happen when there is incentives for the 2012 . plase update if anyone getting a close price
    thank you
  • w62w62 Posts: 27
    edited March 2012
    Hi, All

    I am looking for CRV-2012 EX-L 4wd with navigation in Seattle area. Any body knows a good dealer or what price you paid for, or what is the a good price for 4WD CRV with Navigation? any info about this is appreciated.

    Thank you!
  • pc1234pc1234 Posts: 2

    Bought my New 2012 CRV - EX-L with Navigation last week for $100 less than Invoice in Milwaukee,WI

    Paid $28500 (Includes Destination) + Taxes n Accessories.

    Did i overpay ?
  • jen76ricjen76ric Posts: 2
    Looking at the brushed metal EX-L with gray interior, no accessories for an out the door price of $26222. Has anyone in the VA area gotten a better deal?
  • In Jacksonville, FL, I just paid $24,500, plus tax & tag for a total of $26,910 out the door for my 2012 Twilight Blue with Grey Leather Honda CRV EXL (no nav or dvd). I financed with Navy Fed and got a 1.79% rate, so I think it was an excellent deal. What do you guys think? This had pinstripe, window tinting, nitrogen filled tires, 1 year road side assistance, mud guards, cargo tray and wheel locks included in the price.
  • graham766graham766 Posts: 12
    Does the $24,500 include the Destination charges? What was your Sales Tax in FL?
  • lexus600lexus600 Posts: 4
    IS 4 WD ? OR 2 WD?
  • You must meant $100 below MSRP. A 2WD EX-L w/nav has a sticker of $28545
  • How come that low? The invoice should be $25157
  • lakerat83lakerat83 Posts: 11
    As I mentioned previously, I paid $26,499(including rear cargo tray and mud guards) for a new (4 miles on the odometer) CRV-EX L w/Nav, and that included the destination charge (I had to add doc fee, tax , title, and lemon law fee to the $26,499). I live in the Atlanta area, so prices will vary wherever you live -the MSRP was $29,355, including the destination charge.

    So, if you paid $29,100, that is not necessarily a good price, but, again, that my be the on-going collusion price between dealers in TX - however, if that was the drive out price (including any add-ons, plus, dealer "doc" fee(anywhere from $400 - $700 here in Atlanta), sales tax, tag, title and lemon law fee, then that my not be a bad price.
  • lakerat83lakerat83 Posts: 11
    That is an excellent price - congratulations on a great deal...
  • graham766graham766 Posts: 12
    I'm looking for the exact same CR-V. Who was your Dealer and Contact?
  • robin58robin58 Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    I am planning to purchase a 2012 Honda CRV (LX AWD) this weekend.
    It must be preordered since they are not currently available on the lot.
    I will purchase the vehicle (without financing) in NJ.
    The best price I found was $20,833.00 (this includes all fees, taxes, etc..)
    This includes a trade in for a 2002 Buick Century (worth about $2,500)
    Is this a fair price or should I keep looking?
  • pc1234pc1234 Posts: 2
    its AWD EX_L with Nav for $28500(includes destination charge).. The MSRP is $29,790 with Destination($810)
  • iwu1974iwu1974 Posts: 2
    I may have missed the thread but can you relate the name of the dealership and salesman that assisted you? I am looking for exactly the same vehicle and am willing to buy anywhere on the east coast or midwest if I can get a price like you did. Congratulations on a great deal!
  • iwu1974iwu1974 Posts: 2
    Sorry for my earlier post. Just found your earlier post. Thanks for sharing!
  • russkiyrusskiy Posts: 3
    Can you please provide dealer's name and sales rep name?
  • I am looking for the same LX AWD. 2500 should cover all fees and tax in NJ. It means the base price is below 21k. The invoice should be 21911. Which dealership did you get the offer? Please keep us posted.

    Good Luck!
  • Yes, it included the destination charge. Our sales tax is 6.5% or maybe 7%
  • I bought my 2012 CRV EX-L at Coggin Honda in Jacksonville, FL. I also had another offer which was from Steve Lucas Honda for $24,900.00. I used the internet sales departments at both dealerships and negotiated. Good Luck to you all.
  • Coggin Honda in Jacksonville on Atlantic is where I bought mine. I also had a great offer from Steve Lucas Honda in Orange Park. Good luck.
  • Thanks I thought so too.
  • I couldn't tell you why it was such a good price, but it is a week old now and I am loving it so much!!
  • bhodge10bhodge10 Posts: 2
    Hello, if I can get a 2012 CR-V EL-RES with OEM remote starter installed and destination fee for $27,000, would that be a good price?
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